Cody ChesnuTT may have a second album finished but only YOU can make it a tangible object

Cody ChesnuTT may have a second album finished but only YOU can make it a tangible object

Throwback soulman Cody ChesnuTT hasn’t released an album since 2002’s aptly-named The Headphone Masterpiece. Ten years, people. Ten years. That’s a long time to wait, but like Radiohead and creepy abstinence-before-marriage-dads say, true love waits. And that’s what ChesnuTT’s new song, “That’s Still Mama,” is about: love for your moms, the love you feel when ChesnuTT’s silken voice winds through your ears and into your left ventricle. You can check that one out below; it’s a teaser for dude’s new album, Landing on a Hundred, which you, yes YOU can make happen via the magical, wish-granting internet genie known as Kickstarter.

So, apart from the chance to make a new Cody ChesnuTT album a reality, what do you get, you greedy little lantern rubber? Well, Cody’s gotcha covered. Donors will receive tokens of appreciation ranging from copies of the album, lithographs of the album art, custom eco-friendly t-shirts, custom beaded bracelets, a grab bag featuring Mr. C’s favorite books/CDs/movies, tickets to a show, and dinner with ChesnuTT himself. ChesnuTT is currently about halfway toward his $20,000 goal. You can learn more about the project, the aforementioned “tokens of appreciation” and dig some ChesnuTT multimedia on his Kickstarter page. Landing on a Hundred is due in October.

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Sacred Bones to reissue Eraserhead OST; “Shut up!!” (baby continues to cry)

** Please adjust your screen’s brightness to very dim, where you can barely see this text, and have this playing in the background. **


Sacred Bones has acknowledged that the owls are not what they seem and has announced that it will be reissuing the original soundtrack to David Lynch’s iconic cult masterpiece Eraserhead. The reissues are the strangest damn things (they’re man made) and will consist of a 16-page booklet, three 11″ x 11″ prints, and a limited-edition Peter Ivers 7-inch, featuring “In Heaven” on the A-side and the newly discovered “Pete’s Boogie” as a B-side. The new track is from the original audio tapes, mixed by Lynch himself.

Eraserhead is due on August 6 and will be limited to 1500 copies, with a digital download option included. So grab a copy, open up a beer (Heineken? Fuck that shit!), and kick back to the horrifically unsettling noise of Eraserhead.

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Holy Other announces first North American tour EVER

Manchester’s Holy Other is coming to America. The spooky producer is tunneling his way deep within the summer festival circuit of Europe, but for those Yanks who have been thirsting for Mr. Other’s smooth, ghostly jams, get ready: dude’s touring the US in support of Brazilian electronica wizard Amon Tobin and his wild and wacky ISAM Live tour, which promises Tobin hanging out and rockin’ faces from deep within the depths of some kind of weirdo geometric cube that somehow (WITCHCRAFT) allows him to play with what Wired calls “real-time projection mapping, generative imagery and audio-reactive elements.” So basically, it’s like a stranger, more innovative, more aurally pleasurable version of getting beamed in to comment on the 2008 election coverage. Or something. I don’t know. You’ll have to see it live, I guess.

On his fall US dates, Holy Other will be showing off tracks from his forthcoming debut album, Held, due August 28 via Tri Angle. You can peep the first song from Held, “Love Some1,” via Holy Other’s SoundCloud, here:

Holy Other has more European dates lined up, with stops in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Brighton, Belfast, and Glasgow planned during the last week of August. The rest of his tour summer/fall tour itinerary is listed below.

07.17.12 – Ghent, Belgium – 10 Days Off
07.19.12 – Stockholm, Sweden – Trädgården
07.20.12 – Porto, Portugal – Milhões de Festa
08.10.12 – Oslo, Norway – Sukkerbiten
08.11.12 – Hamburg, Germany – Dockville
08.17.12 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Exit07
08.19.12 – Biddinghulzen, Netherlands – Lowlands
09.01.12 – Seattle, WA – WaMu Theatre at Qwest Field *
09.02.12 – New York, NY – Roseland Theater *
09.04.12 – Denver, CO – Ellie Caulkins Opera House *
09.06.12 – Minneapolis, MN – Orpheum Theatre*
09.07.12 – Chicago, IL – Congress Theater *
09.08.12 – Long Island City, NY – MoMA PS1
09.09.12 – St. Louis, MO – Royal Oak Music Hall *
09.10.12 – Toronto, ON – Kool Haus
09.12.12 – Boston, MA – House of Blues *
09.13.12 – Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theatre *
09.14.12 – New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom *
09.17.12 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory *
09.20.12 – Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle *
09.21.12 – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues Orlando *
09.22.12 – Miami Beach, FL – The Fillmore *
09.24.12 – Dallas, TX – Palladium Ballroom *
09.25.12 – Austin, TX – Austin Music Hall *
09.27.12 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues *
10.05.12 – Berkeley, CA – Greek Theatre *
10.12.12 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre *

*Amon Tobin

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The Dismemberment Plan schedule two reunion shows, better snag tix ASAP if you wanna go

Alright, I’m about to skip town, so I’m gonna make this one quick. Just rattle off the basics and scuttle off: The Dismemberment Plan just scheduled two reunion shows. Only two, and they’re pretty damn close to each other. Two hours, I think. Tickets are on sale right now. If you’re itchin’ for more shows, maybe try tweeting at them? That’s how they announced they shows, so who knows?


08.10.12 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery

08.11.12 - Fredericksburg, VA - Fredericksburg All Ages at Eyeclopes

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Christian Marclay’s f*&#(@! (fucking) awesome exhibit The Clock opens at Lincoln Center

The Mayans weren’t the only ones obsessed with time. Everybody’s favorite punk-attitude visual collage artist Christian Marclay has crafted another epic work dealing with our years/minutes/days fascination, this time called simply The Clock. (Side note: 2012, the year where lazy music “journalists” the world over used Mayans/2012/THE END OF TIME as a lede for everything. I’m sorry, everyone. Just not sorry enough not to do it.) The Clock has been ticking (sorry, again) its way across the world, with recent appearances at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, and the Hayward Gallery at London’s Southbank Centre. And now, as of Friday, July 13, The Clock is doing its thang at New York’s Lincoln Center.

The Clock is a 24-hour video piece by Mr. Marclay, featuring thousands and thousands of film clips, from the silent era to today, that features an exact time on a clock/watch/sundial mentioned in dialogue. And here’s the rub: it tells accurate time. So at, say, 2:22 AM, the film clip onscreen will say, “Giancarlo, can you believe it’s 2:22 AM?” or what have you. Isn’t that CRAAAAAAAAAZY? Yep, according to Lincoln Center, it is “both a work of art and literally a working timepiece.” Marclay also composed a soundtrack for this puppy, so you can revel in his genius on multi levels of multimedia.

Admission is free, but major crowds are expected and ya gotta wait outside, so pack sunscreen. Or booze. Or snacks or whatever.

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Finalization of Sony’s takeover of EMI Publishing brings EMI bloodbath

Remember when we reported on Sony’s purchase of EMI’s publishing rights back in November? Well, it would seem that the time has come to clean EMI’s house. It’s like Game of Thrones all up in there! Sony has sacked the castle of fair Los Angeles, toppled the guards at Nashvilleshire, and is setting ablaze the towers of New York. Ceremonial public offings have been made to keep the new populace in check (you can get the specific names of the now-jobless execs over at Billboard), and though the two companies will be kept separate on paper, they will be managed by a single, Sony-led staff.

The new King to rule them all, Sony/ATV Chairman Martin Bender, was quoted as saying, “At end of the day we are going to be one homogeneous company with one person — myself — running it,” Bandier told The New York Times last month.” Just imagine him saying that with a sword in one hand and the head of EMI’s former Chariman in the other.

Apparently the same is happening overseas in EMI’s international offices, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to check in on that storyline.

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