Crystal Stilts prep new album and fall tour with Deerhunter, bring hot jams to a desperate nation

Crystal Stilts prep new album and fall tour with Deerhunter, bring hot jams to a desperate nation

The heat descended heavily across the land. The townspeople, clad all in black and wearing very fashionable sunglasses, languished in the sun, praying for relief, for an autumnal breeze, for a cool drink from the deep well of minor-key rock ‘n’ roll music. Then, what, ho? A trumpet sounded from the deepest reaches of the internet town square. An official announcement from the castle of Sacred Bones!

And so it was, gentlefolk of the not-so-merry kingdom of Postpunklandia, that a declaration rang out across the land: Crystal Stilts have a new album called Nature Noir, and it’s out September 17 via — naturally — Sacred Bones! Listen to first single “Star Crawl” NOW:

Formed in 2003, in the magical land known as New York City, Crystal Stilts is comprised of master songsmiths Brad Hargett (vocals), JB Townsend (guitar), Andy Adler (bass), Keegan Cooke (drums), and Kyle Forester (keyboards). Nature Noir is the band’s third studio LP, following up 2011’s In Love With Oblivion (TMT Review). To celebrate, they’ll be saddling their finest unicorns and touring this great nation of ours with Deerhunter in the fall.

Nature Noir tracklisting:

01. Spirit in Front of Me
02. Star Crawl
03. Future Folklore
04. Sticks and Stones
05. Memory Room
06. Worlds Gone Weird
07. Darken the Door
08. Electrons Rising
09. Nature Noir
10. Phases Forever


08.14.13 - Hamden, CT - BAR Nightclub
08.15.13 - Boston, MA - TT The Bear’s Place
08.16.13 - New Bedford, MA - No Problemo
08.17.13 - Kingston, NY - Chronogram Block Party
09.18.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *
09.19.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *
09.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *
09.21.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club *
09.22.13 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle *
10.07.13 - Albany, NY - Valentines
10.08.13 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
10.09.13 - Detroit, MI - Garden Bowl
10.10.13 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10.15.13 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
10.16.13 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
10.17.13 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studio
10.18.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
10.20.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
10.21.13 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
10.24.13 - Austin, TX - Red 7
10.25.13 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
10.26.13 - Oxford, MS - Lamar Lounge
10.27.13 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree
10.28.13 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10.29.13 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
10.30.13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat

* Deerhunter

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Kim Gordon and Bill Nace prep Body/Head tour and album on Matador; Kim Gordon does some art, too

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kim Gordon. I mean, she talked about the dissolution of her marriage to Elle a while back and that article bounced around the web. So there’s that, I guess. We also know she’s been working with avant garde dude Bill Nace for a project called Body/Head and that they’ve played some festival dates and put out a limited release or two but she most certainly kept a lower profile than (possibly) ex-bandmate Lee Ranaldo and (definitely) ex-husband Thurston Moore. Until this fall anyway.

Gordon and Nace have announced a debut album proper and an accompanying (short) US tour. Coming Apart is due out September 10 on 2xLP and CD from Matador (as were Moore’s and Ranaldo’s albums). The album represents a shift in the duo’s approach to music making. Initially started as an improvisational and instrumental project, Gordon slowly started to incorporate vocals into the mix. As time, the occasional live date, and studio sessions went on, vocals and some semblance of structure began to emerge. That isn’t to say there’s no room for long, jammy improvisations. There’s bound to be plenty of that.

In addition to the record release, Gordon will be opening an art exhibit at the White Columns Gallery in New York. The exhibition is titled Design Office with Kim Gordon since 1980 and runs from September 7 to October 19. A graduate of Otis College of Art and Design, Gordon’s Design Office is something of an experimental/psychological interior decoration project that she started in 1980 and if the title of the exhibition wasn’t a giveaway, it collects the work she’s done on the project over the past 30+ years.

Anyway, back to the music. Here are the upcoming tourdates:

09.10.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
09.12.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
09.13.13 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
09.14.13 - San Diego, CA - San Diego Music Thing *
09.21.13 - Lexington, KY - Boomslang Festival
09.24.13 - Chicago, IL - Museum of Contemporary Art
09.25.13 - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
10.02.13 - Augusta GA - Sacred Heart Cultural Center at Westobou Festival

* (also features a speaking engagement from Gordon)

• Matador:

[Photo: Samantha Marble]

Lil B (#BasedGod) has inspired a senior fashion thesis collection (#BasedGod), and now you can preorder some of these items online (#BasedGod)

“They look at me and see a black man? I feel like a white woman” - Lil B

“Fuck a Maserati I pull up in a minivan swaggin’ like a mommy” - Lil B

“Nikki Minaj I’m the finest bitch out, ya feel me?” - Lil B

“20 on my dick because I look like Miss America” - Lil B

“I’m Miley Cyrus” - Lil B

“I look like Paris Hilton” - Lil B

“Suck my dick because I look like JK Rowling” - Lil B

Maybe we should have seen this coming; the combination of Lil B’s “swag to the maximum” and women’s fashion seems like a natural thing, it just feels right, right? He has always been comfortably in touch with his feminine side, errr… or at least comfortable claiming to look like famous white female celebrities. Luckily (phew) that vision is one step closer now that anyone (Lil B included) can snag some ladies’ threads with The BasedGod’s image not-so-subtly emblazoned about them.

The Fader has hipped us to the fact that a senior thesis clothing collection inspired by Lil B’s swagger recently showcased at the Parson’s school graduation fashion show. Aptly entitled “BASED,” the collection includes a bomber jacket, custom Timberland boots, a fishnet skirt, and even full-length dresses. All of these, of course (duh), are drenched in the deliciously BASED image of Bay Area rapper and free-form genius Lil B. Some of designer Isabel Simpson-Kirsch’s handmade pieces can be pre-ordered here, but only for a very limited time, so hit it quick. If you ever wanted to counter Lil B lyrics like “you’re on my dick” with a pair of boxers with his face literally ON your dick, this is your golden opportunity. And for those in need of a serious Lil B refresher course, or a fitting introduction to this amorphous rapper’s work, I defer you to the writings of resident BasedGod expert C Monster, cuz he BASED AS FUCK!

• Lil B:
• Isabel Simpson-Kirsch:

Wooden Wand plans new album for Three Lobed Recordings, out in October, does so very sneakily (better check your cabinets)

You might have lost track of Wooden Wand some years back.

Well, Mr. Press Release, some might have, but I certainly didn’t. He’s right… ugh! That rascal! Where did he go??

No one would blame you.

I blame me! He, James Jackson Toth, the fella at the center of Wooden Wand was right here a minute ago. I saw him!

But even those that couldn’t hope to keep up with the endlessly prolific Mr. Toth took notice of 2011’s ragged glorious Briarwood album.

Now you’re really starting to hurt my feelings, Press Release. Are you just looking for a reason to fire me as Toth’s babysitter? I need that money! Don’t you think I’m capable of telling the people about Briarwood? Remember when we talked about that re-issued version with the demo tracks? I’m totally aware of this year’s Blood Oaths of the New Blues (TMT Review). I’d describe it as sorta, I don’t know, spookier, and maybe a little more languid than Briarwood

The languid and spooky 2013 follow-up, Blood Oaths of the New Blues


Like its two predecessors, Wooden Wand & the World War IV was…

Okay, Press Release, are you gonna let me do the heavy lifting here or not? I mean, I did read you after all. Maybe I get a little distracted sometimes, but I can certainly inform these nice folks about the new release, Wooden Wand & the World War IV. I know it was recorded with the same group of folks that worked with Toth on Briarwood and Blood Oaths of the New Blues down in Homewood, Alabama. I am also well aware of the fact that it’s out on Three Lobed recordings on October 15, and that you can pre-order it now. It’s also part of a limited release (1000 copies), so we should all act fast, especially since, as we’ve seen, Toth is feisty and mysterious.

Visit our Bandcamp site to listen to a sample track, “I Hate the Nightlife.”

Dude, I was seriously about to say that. I was just trying to get the embed code right. You know how bad I am with HTML!

Wooden Wand & the World War IV tracklist:

01. Someday This Child Will Die
02. Directions to Debbie Harry’s House
03. Complain Dept.
04. I Hate the Nightlife
05. Our Father the Monster
06. Human Instrument
07. McDonald’s on the Moon

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Björk announces release of Android for Biophilia! … Oops, I mean: Biophilia for Android

Because the world was turning Icelandic-fucking-blue holding its breath waiting for this Biophilia app/album thingy (TMT Review) to come out for devices other than those snooty Apple ones that like nobody owns or likes or uses or even really knows much about, famed singer-songwriter Björk Hansen (best known for her Karaoke classic hit “It’s Oh So Quiet”) announced today that, though a collaboration with San Francisco-based company Apportable, she is officially releasing the apps/album (or maybe “appalbum”?) for Android tablets and phones.

As we all know (because the thing came out like two years ago), the 10 Biophilia apps were created to correlate to a corresponding song from the album. What many of us kind of ignored because we’re jerks, though, is that the apps were/are meant to serve mostly as “the cornerstone of the Biophilia Educational Program, which incorporates the apps in a series of interactive workshops to bring science and music instruction to students around the world.” So, now that they’re coming out for Android, they will be able to serve a much wider market of students and educators around the world. Or, in Björk’s words (don’t worry, they’re English words):

The Biophilia Educational Program is a new way to teach children about science and music. It has met with success in many cities, sparking interest from kids and educators from all over the world, from South America to East Asia to Africa. The most interest has come from students from low-income households and schools with underfunded art budgets, and the only way to bring the project to those people is to have Biophilia reprogrammed for Android and Windows 8.

As for Apportable, they’re all, you know, “honored that Björk has chosen Apportable’s technology to power Biophilia’s much-anticipated arrival on Android” and stuff, according to CEO Collin Jackson. “Just as it broke new ground for interactive music apps with its original iOS release, Biophilia is breaking the boundaries of cross-platform mobile development as the first-ever Objective-C music app on Android.” And yeah, those boundaries can now be broken for the low, low download price of $12.99 in the Android Market. So hop it it, music educators of the world!!! What are you waiting for? Leonard Bernstein is fucking dead! Björk and some tablets are what you’ve got to work with now.

• Björk:
• One Little Indian:
• Apportable:

Dean Blunt shows Europe a little (touring) love; Europe genuinely unsure how to respond

Like that new neighbor who likes to kiss your wife on the mouth and who follows you to work even though he works on the other side of town, Dean Blunt is in the mood to show Europe a little bit of difficult-to-respond-to love. He calls it “redeeming” but we all know what he really means. He’s going to stalk Europe to its car; he’s going to send it flowers and chocolates with cryptic notes; he’s probably going to make some more music while living inside of it.

He’s also going to hit the road (2 redemption), touring Europe starting in September and stretching into December. He’ll be looking for more people to gaze upon longingly from the shadows. For those of you in Europe, my recommendation is that you take a flashlight with you everywhere you go, but I think we all know that won’t do much good.


09.11.13 - London, UK - 100 Club
10.11.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Cccb
11.07.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - Teatro Maria Matos
11.21.13 - Brussels, Belgium - AB
11.22.13 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
11.23.13 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
11.25.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Bimhuis
11.26.13 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere
11.29.13 - Bristol, UK - Arnolfini
11.30.13 - Liverpool, UK - Blade Factory
12.01.13 - Glasgow, UK - The Arches

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