Danny Brown and Action Bronson announce 2 High 2 Die tour, become high enough to ascend from mortal plane

Danny Brown and Action Bronson announce 2 High 2 Die tour, become high enough to ascend from mortal plane http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1308/news-13-08-danny-brown-action-bronson.jpg

Danny Brown and Action Bronson are high. How high are they? 2 HIGH 2 DIE. Personally, I think that’s pretty darn high. That knight from The Seventh Seal had things all wrong. Instead of playing a dumb nerd game like chess, dude should have rolled a mega-blunt and spewed weed smoke in Death’s face. If you’re not a film buff, here’s a more contemporary example: take the movie Speed. Replace Keanu Reeves with Action Bronson and Danny Brown. Now, the movie is about two guys who must maintain a certain level of highness at all times, else a bus explodes. Also, I guess Action Bronson and Danny Brown are on the bus, smoking an endless supply of pot. Which is basically what they will probably be doing on their upcoming 2 HIGH 2 DIE tour.

Brown and Bronson will begin their trip during September in Calgary, then will proceed to flaunt their immortality to another dozen or so cities. “Spread your healing smoke upon us, the unwashed masses” the unwashed masses will say. The two rappers will look down and say “Naaaaaah, we will be the only immortals alive.” After they laugh about their endless existence, they will tell everyone about the new projects they’ve got on the horizon. Brown’s long-awaited album Old will be coming out this fall on Fool’s Gold, while Bronson and producer Party Supplies will soon be dropping Blue Chips 2, the sequel to last year’s acclaimed mixtape that has a title you can probably figure out. Take note: Action Bronson is an immortal, so soon could be many decades from now.

Danny Brown and Action Bronson dates:

09.10.13 - Calgary, AB - Republik
09.11.13 - Edmonton, AB - Union Hall
09.12.13 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
09.17.13 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
09.20.13 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave II
09.22.13 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
09.24.13 - Bloomington, IN - Bluebird Nightclub
09.25.13 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
09.27.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts
10.01.13 - Toronto, ON - The Danforth Music Hall
10.02.13 - Montreal, QC - Telus Theatre
10.03.13 - Boston, MA - Wilbur Theatre

• Danny Brown: https://www.facebook.com/xdannyxbrownx
• Action Bronson: http://www.actionbronson.com

RIP: Cowboy Jack Clement, country musician and producer

From Rolling Stone:

Cowboy Jack Clement, a legendary figure in Nashville as a producer, arranger, songwriter and performer, died this morning after battling liver cancer, The Tennessean reports. He was 82.

Elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this year, Clement leaves behind a remarkable legacy in country music. He was close friends with Johnny Cash, for whom he wrote “Guess Things Happen That Way” and arranged the horns on “Ring of Fire.” At Sun Records in the 1950s, he was the first producer to record Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. He helped integrate country music by introducing the singer Charley Pride, produced Waylon Jennings’ outlaw classic Dreaming My Dreams and co-produced several tracks on U2’s Rattle and Hum.

Clement, who was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1973, was the subject of a 2005 documentary, Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan. Most recently he was heard as a DJ on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Outlaw Country channel on Saturday afternoons.

“One of my favorite people on the planet,” Kris Kristofferson said recently of Clement. “An amazing character. Totally supportive of the right things in music, and funny on top of it.”

• Cowboy Jack Clement: http://www.cowboyjackclement.com

Pigs have flown: Grooveshark to pay a label for music

Hypebot reports that streaming stalwart Grooveshark continues to navigate the treacherous waters of the internet, this time by settling a longstanding lawsuit with EMI Publishing. There are still plenty of other record label predators actively attacking the service for copyright infringement, but the EMI deal is purported to lead to Grooveshark making royalty payments to EMI as early as this week.

How this will affect Grooveshark’s other ongoing legal battles is unclear. Since we don’t know the details of the deal struck with EMI, it’s hard to say if the other labels will want to take a similar settlement, or if Grooveshark will actually be able to make the promised payments given its track record of lying just to stay afloat. Not to mention the fact that their only revenue source is online advertising.

This seems more like a stopgap measure than anything else, much like Grooveshark’s attempt to create a tip-jar based revenue model. Grooveshark was recently added to Google’s black list of search terms to not auto-complete after they lost a different legal battle with Universal Music Group back in April. That’s like hacking off a shark’s fins for delicious soup and expecting it to go on swimming. In the real world, the shark is dead, but this is the INTERNET and things work differently out here. Unkillable web sites are a thing.

• Grooveshark: http://grooveshark.com

Jel and Serengeti tour together, form supergroup, title supergroup Serenjel, realize Serenjel is a terrible name, disband supergroup

Anticon powers, unite! Two of the label’s strongest rappers and producers, Jel and Serengeti, are getting together for a whole bunch of touring this fall. Soon, it will be as if the two entities have become one, fused together to create an unstoppable indie hip-hop force. From here on out, they will be known as Serenjel. Well, actually, that sounds terrible. From here on out, they will be known as Jelengeti. That sounds better, but still doesn’t quite sound good. Fine, from here on out, they’ll keep being Jel and Serengeti. Why be two entities when you can be one, right?

While the two are going to be spending a whole three months together, they will have plenty of company. These dates will find them teaming up with a number of like-minded compatriots, including Main Attrakionz, Sole, Mykki Blanco, and Doseone. Perhaps they’ll give another shot at this supergroup idea, provided they can find a not-terrible name. Jelengeti Blanco! Jel Attracengeti! Solengetjel! Oh my god, these are only getting more and more terrible. Focus on the dates these two are playing. Those will be less terrible.

Jel and Serengeti dates:

08.20.13 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish !
08.28.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Low End Theory
09.12.13 - Victoria, BC - Rifflandia Festival (Club 9One9) ~
09.14.13 - Missoula, MT - The VFW
09.15.13 - Bozeman, MT - Zebra Cocktail Lounge
09.16.13 - Billings, MT - The Railyard
09.18.13 - Fargo, ND - The Aquarium
09.19.13 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock ^
09.20.13 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon ^
09.22.13 - Detroit, MI - Waffle’s Penthouse
09.23.13 - Hamilton, ON - This Ain’t Hollywood *
09.25.13 - Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee’s *
09.27.13 - Ottawa, ON - Ritual *
09.28.13 - Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal (Il Motore) *
09.30.13 - Portland, ME - The Space &
10.01.13 - Boston, MA - Middle East &
10.03.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory +
10.05.13 - Middletown, CT - Wesleyan College &
10.06.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s &
10.08.13 - Washington, DC - DC9 &
10.09.13 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Vassar College &
10.10.13 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery &
10.11.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks &
10.12.13 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness
10.13.13 - Louisville, KY - Zanzibar
10.15.13 - Raleigh, NC - King’s Barcade
10.16.13 - Boone, NC - Black Cat Burrito
10.17.13 - Atlanta, GA - 529
10.21.13 - Savannah, GA - Graveface Records
10.23.13 - Orlando, FL - Will’s Pub @
10.24.13 - Tampa, FL - Crowbar @
10.25.13 - Miami, FL - The Stage @
10.26.13 - Tallahassee, FL - Retrofit Records @
10.28.13 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia @
10.29.13 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre (Rooftop) @
11.01.13 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon @
11.04.13 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean @
11.05.13 - St. Louis, MO - The Demo @
11.07.13 - Norman, OK - The Opolis @
11.09.13 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest @
11.11.13 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge #
11.13.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge #
11.14.13 - Boise, ID - Reef #
11.16.13 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre Lounge #
11.17.13 - Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt #
11.20.13 - Fresno, CA - Fulton 55 #
11.21.13 - San Diego, CA - Porter’s Pub #
11.22.13 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar #
11.23.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Bar #
11.25.13 - San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room #

! Main Attrakionz, Doseone, Odd Nosdom
~ Mykki Blanco
^ DJ Abilities, Sole
* Sole, Factor
& Sole, Open Mike Eagle
@ Matthewdavid
# DJ Abilities
+ Sole, Open Mike Eagle, Bomarr

• Jel: https://www.facebook.com/JELanticon
• Serengeti: https://www.facebook.com/serengetidave
• anticon.: http://www.anticon.com

[Photo: Fecal Face]

Julia Holter announces North American dates and new single

Julia Holter hasn’t been wasting time. Following last year’s breakthrough LP Ekstasis and her recent contributions to Mark So’s mesmeric Reading Illuminations tape, she’s just dropped a third cut from her new album Loud City Songs, out on Domino in just a couple weeks.

It’s called “Maxim’s I,” and it’s a psych-symphonic stunner. The piece — half of a dyad said to serve as Songs’ centerpiece — is a glistening sea of synth swells, glissando strings, and cymbals lightly brushed. It sounds a bit like Julianna Barwick with half the reverb, Brian Wilson just before his mid-SMiLE breakdown with twice the reverb, and Autolux at their dourest — but most of all, it sounds like the new Julia Holter.

Check below for the tune, its making-of dark room montage, and Holter’s many international tour dates.

08.08.13 - Haldern-Rees, Germany - Haldern Pop
08.09.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel Summerfest
08.10.13 - Goteborg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.11.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
08.13.13 - Ghent, Belgium - DOK
08.14.13 - Saint Malo, France - La Route Du Rock Festival
08.16.13 - Brecon Beacons, Wales - Green Man Festival
08.17.13 - Skipton, UK - Beacons Festival
08.20.13 - London, UK - Cecil Sharp House
09.11.13 - Los Angeles, CA - First Unitarian Church *
09.12.13 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
09.14.13 - Portland, OR - Holocene *
09.15.13 - Seattle, WA - Barboza *
09.16.13 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret *
09.20.13 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center *
09.21.13 - Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern *
09.24.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg *
09.26.13 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel *
11.12.13 - Brighton, UK - Komedia
11.13.13 - Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute
11.14.13 - Leeds, UK - Howard Assembly Hall
11.15.13 - Liverpool, UK - Leaf
11.16.13 - Bristol, UK - The Cube
11.17.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Unitarian Church
11.19.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Whelans
11.20.13 - Glasgow, UK - CCA

* Nedelle Torrisi

• Julia Holter: http://juliashammasholter.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Richard Youngs trades in birkenstocks for shit kickin’ boots, releases country album, tours US

Richard Youngs has done a whole lot of things, so it’s not often we get to bring you news of a “Richard Youngs First,” but here it is: Richard Youngs will be releasing his first album for Ba Da Bing! Records on September 3. Also a first — it’s a country record sure to top the charts at WPIG FM The Pig, one of America’s top country hits stations. Nothing like songs about pickups, whiskey, and the sweet love of a lonely woman to stir up the interest of the American public.

Just kidding — Ba Da Bing is selling the record as Youngs’ first country outing, but the album, titled Summer through My Mind, sounds very much in the vein of his shambling folk output, with long tracks of strummy guitars, strained, repetitive vocals, and wayward, indecipherable tales. Simon Joyner talks over a track with lyrics by Youngs’ six-year-old son based on a story Youngs the senior wrote as a boy. And it’s like 10+ minutes. Just needed to get that in there to clearly demonstrate that this isn’t “Jesus Take the Wheel, Pt. II”. Nice try, though, Ba Da Bing.

To support the album, Youngs will be making the rare hop across the pond, performing a very limited number of shows on the East Coast. The man is a legend, and unless you live in the UK (where you can probably see him whenever, bastards), it’ll be worth the price of admission. Tour dates and tracklisting below.

Summer through My Mind tracklisting:

01. Mountain of Doom
02. Misjudgement
03. Spin Me Endless in the Universe
04. Summer through my Mind
05. The Future is So Different Today
06. Story of Jhon
07. Binary Stars Over Venice
08. Goodbye Oslo Rose

Tour dates:

09.02.13 - Northampton, MA - Feeding Tube Records #
09.03.13 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
09.05.13 - Brooklyn, NY - ISSUE Project Room
09.07.13 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival $
09.10.13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat %
09.11.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Old First Reformed Church
09.13.13 - Montreal, QC – Casa Del Popolo

# Magik Markers, Ben Chasny
$ John Cale
% Terrence Hannum of Locrian

• Richard Youngs: http://nofansrecords.wordpress.com
• Ba Da Bing!: http://www.badabingrecords.com