Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors) to premiere new work and arrangements of Béla Bartók at The Met in November a.k.a. just another weekend for that guy

Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors) to premiere new work and arrangements of Béla Bartók at The Met in November a.k.a. just another weekend for that guy http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1310/news-13-10-dave-longstreth-dirty-projectors.jpg

Flash TMT News Alert! Dave Longstreth from Dirty Projectors — you know, that guy who does all those awesome, complicated, annoying, simple, pretty, ugly, ambitious hi/low art/music things that the rest of us can’t ever even imagine doing? Yeah, he’ll be doing another one of those things again next week.

According to a recent post on Brooklyn Vegan, Longstreth will be premiering a new work of his, along with some fancy-shmancy string quartet arrangements of Dirty Projectors songs with the Calder Quartet, on Friday, November 1 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It’s part of this thing called the “Bartok Quartet Cycle Series”, which will also feature (no big deal or anything) “new arrangements by Longstreth of some of Bela Bartok’s music.” You know, because that kind of shit is no real hassle for that guy.

Tickets, which include general admission to the museum, are
on sale now at the Met’s website. So yeah. Jealousy aside, if you live nearby, get in there and culture-up, motherfuckers!

&bull: Dirty Projectors: http://dirtyprojectors.net
• The Met: http://www.metmuseum.org

A Tribe Called Quest announce dates opening for Kanye West, announce that these dates will be their final shows, announce that these shows will be on point all the time

GOODNIGHT, SWEET A TRIBE. Though A Tribe Called Quest haven’t put out a record since 1998’s The Love Movement, they’ve been active as a reunited touring act since 2006. But no longer! As reported by Complex, Tribe member Q-Tip recently said on Twitter that the group’s pair of shows opening for Kanye West this December would be their final performances. To be absolutely specific, those shows are on November 20 at Barclays Center and November 24 at Madison Square Garden.

“But… but… but… but… I live in California!” Well, tough luck. A Tribe Called Quest’s final California date has already come and gone. It happened this past August at Los Angeles’s H2O Music Festival. Were you there? Then, congratulations, you saw their last California show. If not, well, that’s just the scen… situation. That’s the situation in which you have found yourself.

• A Tribe Called Quest: http://atribecalledquest.com

Neneh Cherry works with Robyn and Four Tet, plans new album for 2014

Like a magical rainbow hung in a cloudless sky by two chubby baby angels, the words rang out across the blogosphere: “Neneh Cherry Announces First Solo Release Since 1996.” The creepy horny fauns swilling it up at the Elf Bar paused in their frolicking. The unicorns looked away momentarily from braiding one another’s hair. And lo! The voice spake once more: “Featuring production from Four Tet and a guest appearance by Robyn.” And then the entire world exploded in a horrible yet awesome catastrophe and that, boys and girls, is why we don’t have fauns or unicorns anymore. (We do have elves; check under your bed tonight.)

But, dear friends of the enchanted realm, it’s all true. The good people over at Smalltown Supersound are releasing Neneh Cherry’s upcoming 2014 album in collaboration with RocketNumberNine. Crafted over a five-day period, the as-yet-untitled project is the first since Cherry’s 1996 solo effort Man and is the follow-up of sorts to The Cherry Thing, her collabo with Scandinavian free jazz/noise group The Thing; revisit “Dream Baby Dream” from that one below, and expect more info soon.

• Neneh Cherry: https://www.facebook.com/nenehcherryofficial
• Smalltown Supersound: http://www.smalltownsupersound.com

[Photo: Kim Hiorthøy]

Oval considers a timeshare in South America, releases new album Voa

A reason for Oval’s avoiding my auditory acquaintance may lie in the surname of the now principal figure behind the project; Markus Popp’s variation on glitch is paradoxically just too damn accessible! — at least relative to the equally German folks over at Raster-Noton, who regularly inspire security in one’s aspirations to be an imperturbable cyborg. Contrarily, even before Popp assumed control over the project, when Sebastian Oschatz and Frank Metzger both offered equal support, there was seemingly nothing overtly uncomfortable or dissonant about their output, the newness of both their sound and their production methods aside. “Do While” is, simplified, an ambient track. Calidostópia!, released earlier this year, was recorded in Brazil and features seven guest vocalists from South America. I mean, it’s cool if you’re into the whole “melody” thing, I guess…

In fact, it’s probably an imperative if you’re awaiting Oval’s next release, which is actually his now release, and which is more or less an extension of Calidostópia!. Voa carries over the vocal presence, as it’s comprised mostly of previously unreleased “A-selection” recordings, which took place concurrent with the sessions that led to the preceding album. There’s also brand-new Oval material, though presumably in short supply, because only two tracks among the 18 exceed three minutes. Samples of mere glitch ornamentation, as well as the option to purchase, here.

I like the cover. It makes me think of an abstract rendition of a senior Smurfette.

Voa tracklisting:

01. Drift (feat. Agustín Albrieu)
02. Stop Motion I (feat. Dandara)
03. -ada
04. Emocor (feat. Hana Kobayashi)
05. Mersey (feat. Aiace)
06. -dor
07. Hmmm (feat. Maité Gadea)
08. Credit Line (feat. Andrés Gualdrón)
09. -ejo
10. Heroic (feat. Dandara)
11. Oslo (feat. Hana Kobayashi)
12. -eza
13. Sediment (feat. Agustín Albrieu)
14. Flageo (feat. Aiace)
15. -ismo
16. Latvia (feat. Andrés Gualdrón)
17. Habitat (feat. Maité Gadea)
18. -oso

• Oval: http://markuspopp.me

Compound Eye (Coil’s Drew McDowall and Psychic Ills’ Tres Warren) intend to confuse the hell out of travel agents, release 2xLP Journey from Anywhere

Silly me for not appreciating the fact that a “compound eye” is actually the technical term for those bulbous protrusions commonly found on flies and other insects. First Far-Out Fangtooth deliberately (read: unintentionally) trick me into becoming aware of deep-sea Devil descendants, and now, Tres Warren (of Psychic Ills) and Drew McDowall (formerly of Coil) have me seeing, to personal fright, compound eyes in nearly every spherical object. Fucking Epcot isn’t a fabulous display of technology and the gateway to a Disney form of cultural exploration; it’s a giant FLY half stuck in the Earth. What was Walt thinking, building an amusement ride in a goddamn giant insect?? This will be the end of us!

Compound Eye, the somewhat unpredictable collaboration between McDowall and Warren, have a new album out, and it’s called Journey from Anywhere, released on Editions Mego. The aforementioned associations shouldn’t necessarily be a draw, because really, at least judging by the track below, the project sounds harsher than “The Sea Priestess,” and is a far cry from the structured psychedelia of Ills. Electronic improvisation is the unstated goal here, and Warren refers to it as an ongoing “recording project,” buoyed by a lack of formula and an impulse to add things as the creative mind warrants. “Journey” is aptly used, in other words.

This mutual interview gives some good insight into the two figures, so I’d suggest giving it a read, if you’re interested. And McDowall’s into cicadas. Naturally.

Journey from Anywhere tracklisting:

01. Foehn
02. Archaic Atmosphere
03. The Hydraulic Regime Vibrates from Within
04. Journey into Anywhere
05. Open Interval 1
06. Cosmic Exhaust: The Selector (Cut-up composition)
07. Open Interval 2
08. The Outer Sphere

• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

[Photo: Benedict Brink]

Rhys Chatham announces release of Harmonie du soir, plans debut West Coast performance of “A Secret Rose,” continues to evade simple questions like, “Where’s a guy like you get all those guitars?”

I have but one question for the inimitable Rhys Chatham: “Mr. Chatham, just where did you get all of those guitars?” For years, Chatham has hidden behind layers of press handlers, interviewers too starstruck to ask the tough questions, and his status as master composer and probable father of noise rock (imagine that episode of Maury), but no longer. The people demand to know, and I won’t write this news post about your new Northern Spy release Harmonie du soir until you answer us!

Okay, so it’s 30 minutes later now, and I just got off the horn with Squeo, the news editor over here. He says we’re “not in the business of holding the news hostage,” which I think is bullshit and makes me wonder exactly what business we are in. I’m up for my pension soon, though, and I don’t want to rock the boat. Harmonie du soir is out November 12 from Northern Spy on both CD and LP. The release features three pieces, the first of which, “Harmonie du soir,” is Chatham’s first recorded composition for six guitars, bass, and drums since 1986’s Die Donnergötter. The second is another new composition for 70-piece brass band entitled “Harmonie de Pontarlier: The Dream of Rhonabwy,” and the final is a “burning re-imagination” of 1982’s “Drastic Classicism” (this final track is only available on the CD version and the bonus download with the vinyl edition). You can preorder the record from Northern Spy right now.

What’s more, in what feels like a targeted attack against those of us brave enough to ask the real questions, Chatham is also planning the first West Coast performance of “A Secret Rose,” a piece written for an orchestra of 100 electric guitars. The performance is on November 17 at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. You can grab tickets right now if you’re the type of nerd who “plans ahead for events.” He’s also got a few other dates coming up, including a solo trumpet performance at the Hunters Moon festival in Ireland, and a collaboration with Charlemagne Palestine in the United Kingdom.

Harmonie du soir tracklisting:

01. Harmonie du soir
02. Harmonie de Pontarlier: The Dream of Rhonabwy
03. Drastic Classicism Revisited


10.27.13 - Carrick on Shannon, Ireland - Hunters Moon Festival
11.02.13 - Birmington, UK - Library of Birmingham *
11.17.13 - Richmond, CA - Craneway Pavilion

* Charlemagne Palestine

• Rhys Chatham: http://www.rhyschatham.net
• Northern Spy: http://northernspyrecords.com