Deerhoof hoof it up on fall tour, release stop-motion docu short

Deerhoof hoof it up on fall tour, release stop-motion docu short

While there’s no news of a new album from the veteran Bay Area band, Deerhoof tour all the time, so it’s not all that surprising that they’ve announced a collection of dates in New York and all over the US West this fall. The announcement came via drummer (and occasional singer) Greg Saunier’s YouTube page, accompanied by a nifty stop-motion documentary of the band’s last tour (which happened earlier this year) assembled by their touring mate Liam Finn. The clip is set to the pluralized title track from 2012’s annual Deerhoof release, Breakup Song (TMT Review), and was recorded without the knowledge of the band. In addition to new tour dates, we’ve also learned today that you can still pull one over on the Hoof.

As mentioned above, TMT has no official news of new Deerhoof music, but using our highly sophisticated analytics systems and consulting with the official TMT psychic, we’re putting our money on a new album sometime soon. The band has released a new album or EP of some kind every year for the last 16 years, and while the lineup has changed gradually over that time, their output (and their initiative to support it via touring) hasn’t slowed down one bit.

If you go see them in November and they play new songs, then you’ll be validating the huge expense TMT undertakes to make these kind of prognostications, so please, dear reader, do your part.


11.01.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (Tinderbox Festival)
11.02.13 - Tucson, AZ - Old Tucson Studios (Night of the Living Fest)
11.03.13 - San Diego, CA - Irenic
11.04.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex
11.05.13 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
11.07.13 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
11.08.13 - Boise, ID - Neurolux
11.09.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
11.10.13 - Denver, CO - Hi-Dive
11.11.13 - Albuquerque, NM – Sister

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O’Snap! Jim O’Rourke starts a Bandcamp page to release eight unreleased/barely released albums!

Spit out your gross vegan lunches, you skinny-fat bastards! Jim O’Rourke just did something DIGITAL while you were picking your ass in the Whole Foods food court line. Apparently, he’s launched an awesome new Bandcamp page for himself, which he’s gone and populated the fuck out of with eight (count ‘em, 8) totally rare (if ever released at all) virtual Jim O’Rourke releases! O’Shit!

Yup, collected under the awesome titles of Steamroom 1—8, each obscure release can be yours for a modest $7 USD (which is probably cheaper than your dumb lunch was), and each comes with a tidy little description that details exactly where each release comes from. (For example, Steamroom 1 says: “Recorded 2012. Originally released as a tour cd for the Christoph Heemann / Will Long / Jim O’Rourke 2013 Japan Tour.”)

Each release also says “please download best possible quality,” so don’t fuck this up the same way you fucked up the gluten-free-ness of your tofu burger by putting mustard made from grain vinegar all over the top of it. O’Rourke will KNOW. And he will ruin you.

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Two-thirds of recently-reformed Bitch Magnet now blissing out as Bored Spies

After Bitch Magnet reformed for All Tomorrow’s Parties and a selective international tour in 2011 and 2012, not to mention the reissue of their three full-length LPs via Temporary Residence, it would be easy to assume one could die happy. Well, if you haven’t done the deed yet, hold on: bassist Sooyoung Park (alias Panther Lau) and drummer Orestes Morfin have a new project bubbling up for the slow-core heads to drool all over. Bored Spies joins Park and Morfin with guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Cherie Ko (Obedient Wives Club; Pastelpower), and they’re just now wrapping up a tour of the States, bringing chunky motion à la Bitch Magnet/early Seam in line with a breezy, shoegaze-like ethereality courtesy of Ko’s arid, breathy vocals. Ko and Park live in Singapore, and Ko met the Bitch Magnet frontman while the group was on tour in Asia during 2012. Park heard some of her music, and the rest is history — they began collaborating on songs shortly thereafter, while the Phoenix-based Morfin added drum tracks via post-Millennial technology (the internet).

While a recent seven-song gig at New York’s Cake Shop showed that, like a young fawn, Bored Spies still needed to find their legs as a live act, it shouldn’t take too much time to shore up any loose ends. Meanwhile, a 7-inch single is set to arrive later this year on the Damnably label with an LP to follow shortly thereafter. If you didn’t catch them in performance, a warm studio taste of their Brad Wood-helmed single — featuring the gorgeous, chugging indie-pop anthem “Summer 720” and the breathtaking “Shashu E” — is available at the Bored Spies page on Bandcamp.

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Gardland announce infectious debut LP Syndrome Syndrome on RVNG Intl.; spontaneous repetition just one of the symptoms

Everyday folk might see a 10-day excursion to the Australian Outback as a tremendous opportunity to be roasted alive and/or attacked by any number of poisonous species, but for Alex Murray and Mark Smith, the two members of Gardland (and owners of the recently incepted Hunter Gatherers label), the trip coincided with liberation from the poisonous qualities of civilization, that hampering of creativity that high population density can sometimes lead to.

As it happened, the trek away from their residence in Sydney coincided with the underpinnings for their debut full-length Syndrome Syndrome, set for physical and digital release on October 29 via RVNG Intl. Sure, stereotypes about the Ozzies might inspire you to assume didgeridoo inclusion at some point, but that assumption would be as wrong as me putting the assumption out there; the phrase used by the press release is “off-kilter electronic music,” bypassing the relative straightforwardness of much techno and house, without sacrificing rhythm or, I’m gathering, coherence. The album itself was recorded in a small room over a number of sessions, and an unfortunate synthesizer theft midway through the process only served to motivate the duo further — sort of like a less dark, musical version of the Batman tale.

Here’s a previously released song of theirs, and following that, the teaser for their new album.

Syndrome Syndrome tracklisting:

01. Grrone
02. Syndrome Syndrome
03. Katarakt
04. One in None
05. Ode to Ode
06. Trepan Heke
07. Magicville
08. Ride Wid Me
09. Success in Circuit
10. Nothing But Not Zero
11. Hell Flur

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Sleigh Bells announce new album Bitter Rivals, share new title track, detail new tour dates; you know, all that new-album-cycle crap

Ah, autumn: the perfect time of year for loud bangs, giddy shrieks, and the sweet sounds of your audiophile friends complaining about “overstressed compressors” or whatever. In other words, ‘tis the season for a new offering from Sleigh Bells, the world’s premier hyper-real bubble-gum metal non-band!

According to a press release I didn’t write but read most of, the adorably hardcore duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller are fixin’ to release their third album (and follow-up to last-year’s Reign of Terror) on October 8 via the Mom + Pop label.

What does it sound like? Well, let me answer that question by saying all this stuff instead: it’s called Bitter Rivals and was produced by Derek Miller and mixed by Andrew Dawson (Yeezus, Wolf, Watch the Throne, 4, and Teflon Don). It’s also available for pre-order as I type this, and the title track can be downloaded via iTunes right now. But then again, why download something when you can just watch the embedded video (directed by the band in collaboration with The Creators Project) of that something here at good ol’ Tiny Mix Tapes dot com? That’s what I’d do. Especially if I wasn’t all that unsure about what the new Sleigh Bells could possibly sound like.

Bitter Rivals tracklisting:

01. Bitter Rivals
02. Sugarcane
03. Minnie
04. Sing Like a Wire
05. Young Legends
06. Tiger Kit
07. You Don’t Get Me Twice
08. To Hell With You
09. 24
10. Love Sick

OH SHIT, THERE’S ALSO A TOUR (guess I should have read that whole article after all):

10.04.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls
10.10.13 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore *
10.11.13 - Portland, OR - Roseland *
10.12.13 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at Market *
10.15.13 - Santa Ana, CA - Observatory *
10.18.13 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey *
10.20.13 - San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Music Festival
10.22.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Grand *
10.23.13 - Denver, CO - Bluebird *
10.25.13 - Tulsa, OK - Cain’s Ballroom *
10.26.13 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater *
10.27.13 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s *
10.29.13 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage *
10.30.13 - Jacksonville, FL - Freebird Live *
11.01.13 - St. Petesburg, FL - State Theatre *
11.02.13 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room *
11.04.13 - Orlando, FL - Firestone *
11.05.13 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre
11.06.13 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre *
11.08.13 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works *
11.09.13 - Columbus, OH - Newport *
11.10.13 - Chicago, IL - Metro *
11.12.13 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrews *
11.13.13 - Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix *
11.14.13 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom *
11.16.13 - Boston, MA - Royale *
11.17.13 - Albany, NY - Upstate Concert Hall *
11.19.13 - Washington, DC - Upstate Concert Hall *
11.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *
11.22.13 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 +

* Doldrums
+ Danny Brown

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Mount Eerie announces new record of auto-tuned songs in desperate pop move

We all love Mount Eerie. This isn’t conjecture, this is fact. As per Tiny Mix Tapes’ advanced coding, any who feel less than love and adoration toward Mount Eerie are booted from the site upon entry, their browser redirecting to a website about baskets. Web 2.0 and all that. But as much as we all love Mount Eerie, Phil Elverum and his band aren’t exactly heating up the pop charts. Fairly certain the group’s highest charting single (“Through the Trees”) only made it to #98. If Elverum ever wants to be the pop star we all know he can be, drastic moves are needed.

And here’s that drastic move itself: a new LP called Pre-Human Ideas. While the songs on Pre-Human Ideas aren’t new — they’re all pulled from last year’s Clear Moon and Ocean Roar — but, buddy, the attitude sure is. Gone are those old-fashioned analog recordings, in are computer-recorded tracks with new sets of lyrics and digitally garbled synthetic vocals. Just like the kids of today love! These songs started as digitally recorded versions meant to teach Mount Eerie touring lineups the tracks, but Elverum knew these tracks were just TOO DAMN HOT. Listen to future Billboard #1 “Lone Bell” now, before you hear it blaring from every passing car:

While this plan seems foolproof to send Mount Eerie to the top of the pops, there is one little quirk. For some reason, Phil Elverum is choosing to release these HOT POP TRACKS only on vinyl, which, as you may have noticed, is not the preferred format for the average pop listener. On the other hand, the two different vinyl versions being offered both have teen idol Elverum’s face on them, so they should move some units. Yum! On that note, Mount Eerie will also be playing a handful of shows with fellow pop dreamboat Bonnie “Prince” Billy this very week. Too dreamy!

Pre-Human Ideas tracklist:

01. Organs (from Pale Lights)
02. No Inside, No Out
03. I Say “No”
04. The Hidden Stone
05. The Place Lives
06. The Place I Live
07. Lone Bell
08. House Shape
09. Clear Moon
10. Yawning Sky
11. Ocean Roar
12. Organs (from the Place Lives)

Mount Eerie dates (all w/ Bonnie “Prince” Billy):

09.04.13 - Yakima, WA - The Seasons
09.05-06.13 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
09.07.13 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theater

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