Deerhunter cancel European tour dates; all Europeans now being encouraged to kill their own deer

Deerhunter cancel European tour dates; all Europeans now being encouraged to kill their own deer

It’s one of the greatest movie quotes of all time for a reason. “Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well… your band runs into multiple unforeseen issues within its members’ respective families and has to cancel large chunks of its 2013 European tour as a result.” Truth, folks.

Unfortunately, this is the circumstance in which our reluctant heroes in Deerhunter currently find themselves. According to a statement from the band posted by ATP yesterday (note: emoticons have been added for emphasis):

We are very disappointed to have to cancel our upcoming european tour due to unforeseen circumstances. [ :-( ] We were very excited for these shows, [ B-) ] but unfortunately family circumstances at home for multiple members of the band have made this unavoidable. [:-O] We will reschedule as soon as possible.[ :’-( ]

Dang. Really hits home with the facial expressions too, don’t you think? From what Consequence of Sound tells us, though, all of the band’s US dates are still happening as planned, and only the European dates have been affected. No word as of yet on a reschedule, but we’ll let you guys know. Promise. <3 In the meantime, though, I just kinda feel this for them right now:

:(    :(     :(

Deerhunter dates:

09.19.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
09.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09.21.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
09.22.13 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle

10.13.13 - Glasgow, UK - The Arches
10.15.13 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Academy 2
10.16.13 - Leeds, UK - Stylus
10.17.13 - Liverpool, UK - East Village Arts Club
10.18.13 - Cardiff, Wales - SWN Festival
10.19.13 - Brighton, UK - Concorde 2
10.21.13 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
10.22.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
10.23.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Übel and Gefährlich
10.24.13 - Berlin, Germany - Festaal Kreuzberg
10.25.13 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
10.26.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Meet Factory
10.27.13 - Vienna, Austria - WuK
10.29.13 - Zürich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
10.30.13 - Fribourg, Switzerland - Fri-Son
10.31.13 - Feyzin, France - L’Epicerie Moderne
11.01.13 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
11.02.13 - Tourcoing, France - Le Grand Mix
11.04.13 - Rouen, France - Le 106
11.06.13 - London, UK - The Roundhouse

11.16.13 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club ^
12.01.13 - Tokyo, Japan - Hostess Club Weekender
12.07.13 - Perth, Australia - Slanted & Enchanted Festival
12.09.13 - Brisbane, Australia - The Zoo
12.10.13 - Moore Park, Australia - The Hi-Fi Sydney
12.11.13 - Melbourne, Australia - The Hi-Fi
12.13.13 - Meredith, Australia - Meredith Music Festival

^ Elf Power

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Odd Nosdam announces the digital release of T R I S H, a musical tribute to Broadcast’s Trish Keenan

It’s been over two years since the sudden and (needless to say) tragic passing of Broadcast vocalist Trish Keenan, and at the time, there was plenty of public respect paid from fans, friends, and acquaintances alike, compelled as people were by the loss of delicacy epitomized, as well as one of the indie world’s foremost influences, to say nothing of the band as a whole.

Fortunately, a benefit of paying tribute to someone lies in the absence of an equivalent statute of limitations, which would otherwise bar people from expressing sympathy, poets from writing odes, musicians from creating tribute bands, and me from consuming an entire plate of meatloaf every Thursday night, after a certain amount of time has passed. Yes, I know the musician named after an entree is still very much alive, but it gives me an excuse to gorge on the weekly under a convincing guise of preliminary mourning. “Dude, you’re having meat loaf for dinner again?” “HAVE SOME RESPECT!” Regardless, unless the subject happens to be a criminal or a recognized terrible human being, tributes of whatever sort don’t seem to have any unwritten rules.

And with Keenan, by all accounts, being quite the opposite of a terrible human being, we more than welcome the announcement of T R I S H, a 25+ minute tribute release from producer and anticon. co-founder Odd Nosdam a.k.a. David Madson. Set for digital release on September 24 via Burnco (following a cassette release last month), T R I S H combines Nosdam’s distinct, sonically traversing, occasional hip-hop sound with, at least on the title track, samples of the lady herself. Liz Harris a.k.a. Grouper and the Oakland-based Bre’r also make appearances, though more than anything, the Nosdam aesthetic would appear to be quite complementary. And complimentary. Listen below.

T R I S H tracklisting:

01. T a i k a i r
02. L o n j a e
03. L a d d e r s
04. O l y n n
05. E q u a l
06. T r i s h

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Natural Snow Buildings reissue Daughter of Darkness with Ba Da Bing!, pioneer new “giant record pile” audio format

Confirming that they are in fact attempting to hoard all the remaining vinyl in the world, Ba Da Bing! Records has teamed up yet again with the grandmasters of long-form droney folk, Natural Snow Buildings, to release a big giant pile of a record. You’ll recall last year’s 4xLP reissue of Night Coercion in the Company of Witches (TMT Review), which was followed by the 2xLP The Snowbringer Cult earlier this year. That’s a whole lot of vinyl, sure, but I don’t think anyone would quite call it a full-fledged “pile.”

Enter Daughter of Darkness. Originally released in 2009 on six cassettes and limited to 150 copies, Ba Da Bing! and Natural Snow Buildings have announced plans to reissue the beast across eight whole LPs. That, my friends, is what I call a pile. A mighty fine pile, indeed. And, get this, it’s not just a pile on its own, but a pile in a big fancy box. There are stickers in that box, too! For your skateboard I think! And there are two hand-painted covers with every set! And there’s even an insert drawn by Solange Gularte (a.k.a. 50% of Natural Snow Buildings). That’s a lot of conjunctions and exclamation points for just one new post! And I’m not even finished!

There’s also a six-CD version of the album available for those of you who prefer music piles that you can play in your car stereo, and the CD version has two tracks that aren’t available on the LPs. Both come in limited editions (328 for the LP set and 500 for the CD set) and will be available October 15, though you can preorder now over here.

Daughter of Darkness tracklisting:

01. Daughter of Darkness
02. Satanic Demona Part 1
03. Satanic Demona Part 2
04. Curare
05. Carnal Flowers
06. Her Face Is Not Her Real Face
07. Body Double
08. The Source
09. Santa Sangre Part 1
10. Santa Sangre Part 2
11. A Thousand Demons Invocation
12. Slaves for the Afterlife
13. Black Pastures
14. Will You Die For Me?
15. Devil’s Fork
16. Blood in the Ground Linking Us All (CD only)
17. The Invisibles
18. Psychic Navigation (CD only)

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra release new acoustic EP, but it’s not like, emo or jam band-y or anything like that, it’s still COOL ha ha, right guys?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra want you to know that they ain’t no acoustic guitar hippies, ‘k, guys? Just so you know before they announce the release of their forthcoming acoustic EP, Blue Record. It’s cool, okay? It’s not a bunch of campfire songs, or yearning sentimental dudes running through the halls of their high schools trying to put their creepy hands all over you by whipping out on acoustic guitar on a fire escape at 3 AM. IT’S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. Says singer and guitarist Ruban Nielson:

I only started playing the acoustic guitar last year. I’d always preferred the idea that the guitar converts a sound into voltage and then becomes really loud. I thought the acoustic guitar was a little bit too twee for me or something. But after being offered some opportunities to play various acoustic sessions to promote the new record, in situations where it wasn’t possible to record the whole band, I decided to treat it like a challenge to try and play acoustic and not have it be lame.

And as luck would have it, people dug the acoustic Unknown Mortal Orchestra stuff. So the band decided to release some acoustic versions of previously released tracks, plus some covers. Everything was recorded in Nielson’s basement with a one microphone, direct-to-tape, DIY punk as fuck aesthetic. DEAL WITH IT. Covers include reworkings of Beck’s “Puttin It Down” and Dirty Projectors’ “Swing Lo Magellan.” The EP comes out October 29 on Jagjaguwar, and a multitude of travel envy-inducing tour dates are listed below.

Blue Record tracklisting:

01. Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark) (Acoustic Version)
02. Faded in the Morning (Acoustic Version)
03. So Good at Being in Trouble (Acoustic Version)
04. Swing Lo Magellan
05. Puttin’ It Down

Tour dates:

09.25.13 - Sacramento, CA - Harlowe’s
09.26.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
09.27.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
09.28.13 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
09.29.13 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
10.02.13 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
10.03.13 - Little Rock, AR - Stickyz RocknRoll Chicken Shack
10.04.13 - Nashville, TN - Exit In
10.05.13 - Atlanta, GA - Terminal West
10.06.13 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
10.08.13 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
10.09.13 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
10.11.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10.14.13 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
10.15.13 - Montreal, Canada - Cabaret Mile End
10.16.13 - Toronto, Canada - Lee’s Palace
10.17.13 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Lounge
10.18.13 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
10.19.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar
10.21.13 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
10.22.13 - Madison, WI - The Frequency
11.07.13 - London, UK - Electric Ballroom
11.08.13 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
11.10.13 - Poitiers, France - Le Confort Moderne
11.11.13 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere
11.12.13 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli Oudegracht
11.13.13 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Club
11.15.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Chapeau Rouge
11.16.13 - Vienna, Austria - B72
11.18.13 - Budapest, Hungary - A38 Ship
11.20.13 - Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
11.21.13 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn
11.22.13 - Carpi, Italy - Mattatoio
11.23.13 - Rome, Italy - Blackout
11.25.13 - Montpellier, France - Rockstore
11.26.13 - Barcelona, Spain - La 2
11.27.13 - Madrid, Spain - El Sol
01.15.14 - Shanghai, China - Yuyintang
01.16.14 - Beijing, China - Mao Livehouse
01.18.14 - Seoul, South Korea - Rolling Hall
01.19.14 - Busan, South Korea - Vinyl Underground
01.21.14 - Hong Kong - Grappas Cellar
01.22.14 - Bangkok, Thailand - Sonic
01.23.14 - Taipei, Taiwan - The Wall

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Frog Eyes announce Carey’s Cold Spring, out October 7, just in time for the beginning of “cold spring,” which is more commonly known as “fall”

Did you know that some sources say we are never more than six feet from the nearest frog? This means that all around us are frogs and twice as many frog eyes, all of which are watching us at all times. Just a second ago, when I made that factoid up, I thought to myself, “That would make a great lead for a news post on a Frog Eyes album whenever that happens,” which is a crazy coincidence because not only is there a brand new Frog Eyes album coming out October 7, but I was already working on the news post for it at that exact second! Crazy!

The album is called Carey’s Cold Spring and the band is self-releasing it through their Bandcamp. Mercer says there’s no over-arching theme for Carey’s Cold Spring, though it does bring together the things he’s seen and experienced over the three years he’s been working on it, including the unfortunate death of his father. And though Mercer has been far from lazy — earlier this year he put out Blues Trip (TMT Review) under the Blackout Beach moniker, a re-recorded version of 2011’s Fuck Death (TMT Review) — this is the first Frog Eyes release since 2010’s Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph (TMT Review). If you’re in need of a Frog Eyes fix and can’t wait until the seventh, listen to the album’s closing track below, or maybe check out our interview with Mercer from 2006, a time before the terrible internet font-size inflation wars of the late aughts, a time when fonts were tiny, and our dreams were only limited by our kerning.

Carey’s Cold Spring tracklisting:

01. The Road is Long
02. The Country Child
03. Your Holiday Treat
04. Don’t Give Up Your Dreams
05. A Needle in the Sun
06. Noni’s got a taste for the Bright Red Air Jordans
07. A Duration of Starts and Lines that Form Code
08. Seven Daughters
09. Claxxon’s Lament

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Bill Callahan to perform Dream River live on a (presumably?) very real boat this Sunday!

Hey reader, did you notice how today’s review of scampy folk-meister Bill “Can Do” Callahan’s new album Dream River was missing one-and-a-half stars or so? Me too! Bullshit, right? But! But… to be fair, I totally asked Alex Griffin about that, and — wouldn’t you know it — he totally copped to having, specifically, NOT listened to the album unfolding live in its entirety while sipping a mint julep on an old time-y boat as it chugs around some pretty water at sunset deep in the heart of Texas! Typical of that guy, right?

But don’t worry; Callahan’s label, Drag City, has stepped in to remedy the problem. According to their website, a boat cruise featuring Callahan is totally happening this Sunday, September 22! For real. Just watch! Take it away, plucky Drag City copywriter:

[On] Sunday, September 22nd, cruise down Lady Bird’s Lake with Bill and the band as they showboat the Dream River album in it’s entirety live, and in concert for an elite group of 80 lucky schmucks. And you! Expertly timed to coincide with the magic hour, aka sunset—breathe the freshest air in Austin on the top deck of a sweet boat in motion while the light—and your life—change forever.

Sweet, right? Well, except for all the fine print. Tickets for this magical excursion are on sale EXCLUSIVELY by walking your personal self into the fine Austin establishments Waterloo Records and End of an Ear, so you’ve kinda gotta live in Austin; and you have to actually buy a physical copy of Dream River first (who does that, Drag City!?)—, oh, there’s a limit of one ticket per customer, so you can’t impress a cool indie-girl this way or anything (unless you buy her a copy of the record too, which is creepy).

But, still. It’s for real. The boat boards at 6:30 PM and departs at 7:00 from behind the Four Seasons Hotel Austin on Lady Bird Lake at 98 San Jacinto Blvd. And I assume that Callahan’s performance will retroactively be awarded five stars (or dots or whatever the hell we use) as a consequence.

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[Photo: Hanly Banks]