Dekorder announces special releases from Leyland Kirby, Pye Corner Audio, Excepter, and others in honor of 10 years of existence; apparently the 10th is the “picture-disc” anniversary (don’t tell my ex-wife!)

Dekorder announces special releases from Leyland Kirby, Pye Corner Audio, Excepter, and others in honor of 10 years of existence; apparently the 10th is the "picture-disc" anniversary (don't tell my ex-wife!)

Would ya believe me if I told you me and my ex-wife “parted ways” (her lawyer’s words) over a botched anniversary gift? Well ya better, because it’s the truth, pal. Who’da thought a “fine lady” (also her lawyer’s words) such as herself woulda been “deeply disappointed” (lawyer talk again) and led to question my capacity to “meaningfully engage with other adults” by my thoughtful gift of a handmade sex act coupon book? I really thought I had that shit on lock down.

Anyway, enough about me. Hamburg’s Dekorder has announced that they’re coming up on their 10-year anniversary as a label, and I really couldn’t be more happy for ‘em! I mean, 10 years? That’s the long haul if you ask me. Through sickness and through health, am I right folks? So they don’t end up in a fix like I did with a mess of legal fees hanging over them, they’ve decided to get the anniversary ball rolling. Not only are they going to wine and dine themselves and take themselves out to a nice show, but they’ve also announced a whole slew of special edition picture discs that they’ve gotten for themselves (and for anyone else who’s interested)! In point of fact, they’re hybrid-vinyl picture discs with an image on one side and audio on the other in order to preserve audio quality. But let’s not get bogged down in “facts,” we’re not my ex-wife are we? HA!

Dekorder says they’re planning to produce runs of 300 to 500 copies of each disc, and they have categorically stated that they will never be repressed — it’s more romantic that way, don’t ya know. They’ve released a partial list of confirmed artists, including Leyland Kirby and Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 (check out the full list below, and visit their website for more artists as they’re announced). Each release will be about 15 to 25 minutes long, and the first one, from Pye Corner Audio, is scheduled to ship some time in the next few days. The remaining nine confirmed releases will come in three sets of three in the coming months, and if you’re so inclined you can reserve all 10 of the already-confirmed discs for €150.00 ($199.60).

Confirmed contributors:

Pye Corner Audio
Bill Kouligas
sonic boom
Leyland Kirby
Black to Comm
Kemialliset Ystävät
Ensemble Economique
Alien Radio

• Dekorder:

Goldfrapp announces new album, Tales of Us; and for some reason, I write a full-on, turgid-as-balls news piece about it instead of just retweeting it

Man, it’s hot and grey outside where I am today. I could really go for a Goldfrappucino. Why the hell isn’t that a thing that exists??? If you ask me, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory (whom together comprise the synth-pop group Goldfrapp, don’t you know) are way too wrapped up in making lush, widescreen, sometimes-dancey electronic music and aren’t spending nearly enough time in the kitchen concocting delicious, frosty summery beverages.

Case in point: while the western world dries up for lack of a dome-lidded tub of frothy, creamy, caffeinated goodness, here comes another Goldfrapp album! It’s called Tales of Us and was written and produced by Alison and Will and recorded at their studio in the English countryside. It’s their sixth album to date and follows up 2010’s Head First. But okay, okay. Let’s hear them out really quick before we DIE of thirst and exhaustion. What’s so special about this new one? Enter: the press release!

Tales Of Us has been two years in the crafting and is their most narrative, cinematic and intimate recording to date.” Okay, cool adjectives. What else? “All the songs except for one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales, and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new.” Wait, is that a sentence?

Well anyway, Tales Of Us will be available from September 10 in the US (and September 9 in the UK) on CD, vinyl, and digital, as well as “a special limited edition box set that will contain an exclusive disc of bonus material and a hardback book compiled by Goldfrapp.” And jeez do I hope the bonus material is some sort of coffee drink! Meanwhile, it’s currently available to preorder at some flash-in-the-pan place called iTunes, and the band is also planning two special shows at the Manchester International Festival (notable for its distinction as the only festival to spell program as “programme”) on July 17 and 18, at which they will perform the entirety of Tales of Us live, accompanied by the Royal Northern College of Music string orchestra. More tour dates for Europe and the US this fall will be announced shortly. So you’d better head back to our homepage and keep hitting refresh until that happens. If you need me, I’ll be in the TMT kitchen inventing this Goldfrappucino thing all by myself.

Also, here’s a trailer:

Tales of Us Tracklisting:

01. Jo
02. Annabel
03. Drew
04. Ulla
05. Alvar
06. Thea
07. Simone
08. Stranger
09. Laurel
10. Clay

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Still Life Still announce new album Mourning Trance on Arts & Crafts, possibly planning extremely polite pop invasion

Leave it to a Canadian band to make emotionally impactful music that is also unerringly polite. Yes, that’s such a cliché thing to say about Canadians, and of course not all of them are constantly apologizing for things that are not their fault, but listening to Still Life Still, it’s hard not to be struck by its inoffensiveness.

Normally that would be a bad thing, but combined with their taste for wistful nostalgia and seemingly heartfelt lyrics, this all seems to be a plot to invade your brain space. Still Life Still’s first song off their new album Mourning Trance may also be the first step in their attempts at not only invading the lyric-storing centers of the brain (the lyricthalmus, for those who don’t know) but also a general invasion of the psychic space of pop music. Watch carefully for the hidden clues in the video for their first single off the album, “Burial Suit,” and you’ll see that this is not just paranoid ramblings.

It leaves so many questions unanswered. How do that many people come out of one room? What the hell kind of hula-hoops are those? Whose wedding is that? Seems like shady dealings, most certainly the kind that are spread by touring. Luckily, for now they have been confined to Canada and the East Coast. But who knows what the future holds. No doubt more will come to light when Mourning Trance is revealed by the Arts & Crafts label on August 20.

Mourning Trance tracklisting:

01. Burial Suit
02. Dancing Spines
03. Mourning Trance
04. Aim and React
05. Werewolves
06. In Enemies
07. Revolving Doors
08. Deer Hologram
09. Thinking About our Plans
10. Hanging With our Family

Live dates:

05.31.13 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
06.08.13 - Toronto, ON - Field Trip Festival
06.09.13 - St. Catharines, ON - SCENE Festival
06.11.13 - Hamilton, ON - Casbah
06.12.13 - Waterloo, ON - Starlight Room
06.13.13 - Montreal, QC - Club Lambi
06.14.13 - Toronto, ON - NXNE
06.20.13 - New York, NY - Pianos
06.21.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool

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• Arts & Crafts:

The Dead C announce new album Armed Courage on Ba Da Bing Records; guitars everywhere are suddenly “busy that night”

In case you didn’t know, guitars — unlike humans, some birds, and walls in historical buildings — cannot talk. They did not evolve throats like the rest of us, they do not have mouths, and they are not sentient. For the most part they are made of wood. But okay, stick with me for a second, I’m about to do something WILD. I’m going to propose a crazy what-if scenario: what if guitars could talk? That’s a crazy thought, right? It’s not that crazy, actually. With new inanimate objects learning to speak every day, a future in which guitars can yell at you whenever you mess up that sweet riff or play them out of tune is coming up faster than you think.

If that day were today, if guitars were suddenly able to utter whatever was on their tiny tuning peg bedecked minds, I’ve got a feeling I know what they’d be saying. Check it out, The Dead C just announced that they’ve got a new album coming out on Ba Da Bing Records on September 3 of this year, and it follows this year’s split with Rangda. It’s called Armed Courage, and it apparently consists of “two jarring side-long tracks.” Bands like The Dead C, bands that have been around for almost 26 years making raucous free-form experimental noisy guitar music are pretty much the scariest thing to guitars. As a guitar, getting played on a Dead C record is sorta like going to a dentist who actually does all his work on a roller coaster because he’s very inconsiderate and not interested in running a practical business.

Since I’m clearly not a guitar, I’ll go ahead and say I’m stoked about all this. Especially since you can pre-order the album today from the Ba Da Bing website! And there are special pre-order deals where you can get parts of the Dead C back catalog on the cheap! And Dead C guitarist Michael Morley is touring as Gate in September with Godspeed! You Black Emperor! And the band is on the cover of the latest issue of The Wire! Everything is happening all at once! The world feels like an incomprehensible series of lights and sounds!!! This must be what it feels like to be a guitar coming into sentience for the first time!!!!

Gate dates:

09.04.13 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre *
09.06.13 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater (Musicfest NW) *
09.09.13 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
09.12.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre *
09.14.13 - Pomona, CA - The Fox Theatre *
09.15.13 - Solana Becah, CA - Belly Up Tavern *
09.16.13 - Tuscon, AZ - Rialto Theatre *

* Godspeed! You Black Emperor

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Oozing Wound sign with Thrill Jockey and will ooze out a full album this October

Thrill Jockey’s roster just got a bit heavier as Windy City thrash dudes Oozing Wound are now a part of the family.

Relatively new to the scene, Oozing Wound features members of Cacaw, Zath, and Unmanned Ship and has slowly gained momentum and notoriety around Chicago, getting a major boost with the release of their Vape & Pillage cassette a little earlier this year (a few copies still available here). They parlayed that positive press into an opening gig for new labelmate Brian Chippendale’s equally grossly named Black Pus. Fast forward a bit and they’re on Thrill Jockey. See kids, the dream is still alive! You can expect a new album from them this fall, tentatively scheduled for October and titled Retrash. Retrash was recorded this past winter and features seven songs clocking in at a respectable 32 minutes.

In addition to all that, Oozing Wound will be playing Chicago’s Rotted Tooth Festival. Rotted Tooth Records, run by Oozing Wound’s own Kyle Reynolds, is putting on something of a counter protest to P4k’s festival the weekend of July 19th and 20th. Think of them as the metal heads to the ‘Fork’s Westboro Baptist Church. Details for the Rotted Tooth shows are still sketchy but you can expect to see Midwest noise/metal/punk acts like Wolf Eyes, Bitchin’ Bajas, Sewn Leather, and Shaved Women (among others) at the shows. Check back at Rotted Tooth’s website, or Permanent Records if you’re in Chicago, for advanced ticket info.

Hey! Here’s a clip of their set at Chicago’s Empty Bottle from the Black Pus show in May:

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Lustmord to release a new album on Blackest Ever Black July 8 a.k.a. the latest apocalypse

The Elder Gods have already smiled upon the musical landscape of 2013, but the cosmos are yet swirling and the planets have not aligned. For the next phase of unknowable horror that awaits mankind, the Old Ones have enlisted London-based record label and burgeoning cult Blackest Ever Black. They have, in turn, delegated the task of spreading madness to Lustmord, shepherd of the rumbling void. His newest offering is titled The Word As Power and is an “exploration of ritual music without dogma, centered around the human voice but with no words.” Samples of the album confirm the presence of otherworldly voices, reportedly belonging to the likes of Maynard James Keenan, Jarboe, Soriah and Aina Skinnes Olsen. The album is slated for a July 8 release, bringing the inky tendrils of evil and dreams of dark, cyclopean masonry with it.

Iä, Iä Lustmord fhtagn!

The Word As Power tracklist:

01. Babel
02. Goetia
03. Chorazin
04. Grigori
05. Andras Sodom
06. Abaddon
07. Y Gair

• Lustmord:
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