Eleanor Friedberger releases video single on some music site, announces tour apart from The Fiery Furnaces

Eleanor Friedberger releases video single on some music site, announces tour apart from The Fiery Furnaces http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-06-eleanor-friedberger.jpg

Brothers and sisters are like any other kind of couple: they do well in a band, or they don’t. Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces are one example of a blood duo that works, and mostly works well. Since 2009’s I’m Going Away (TMT Review), The Fiery Furnaces have sort of faded from the limelight and Matthew has spent more time trying his hand at a solo career. This year alone, he’s releasing eight albums via the Thrill Jockey Solos subscription series (half of these albums are set to be shipped out in July, September, and November). You know how sibling rivalries go — Eleanor was not going to be left behind, and in April, we reported that she had plans of her own for a solo album, out July 12 on Merge. There may or not have been some competitive name-calling involved at the dinner table, but considering that Matt and Eleanor just finished a FF tour, I think they’re okay with each other.

The countdown to Last Summer still has some weeks to go, but to prove to us that the debut is worth it, Eleanor released a music video for her single “My Mistakes” on Pitchfork. The old-looking footage in the video (by Sara Magenheimer) is actually taken from a 14-year-old VHS tape of a college art project — there are no Urban Outfitters facsimile tricks here. It’s overall a smart, catchy track, and by the time you hear the sax solo at the end, you’ll be asking, Matthew who?

Now that you’re won over, you’ll be happy to know that Eleanor is planning a solo tour, coinciding with the July release date for Last Summer. We at TMT just hope that life for the Friedberger family won’t be anything like that Simpsons episode “Lisa on Ice” from now on.


06.18.11 - Brooklyn, NY - St. Cecilia’s Church
07.11.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
07.12.11 - Washington, D.C. - Black Cat Backstage
07.14.11 - Cambridge, MA - Lizard Lounge
07.16.11 - New York City, NY - South Street Seaport (Village Voice/4knots Festival)
07.19.11 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
07.20.11 - Chicago, IL - The Hideout
07.23.11 - Portland, OR - Neumo’s Crystal Ball (Capitol Hill Block Party)
07.24.11 - Seattle, WA - Doug Fir Lounge
07.26.11 - San Francisco, CA - Hotel Utah Saloon
07.27.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite

• The Fiery Furnaces: http://www.thefieryfurnaces.com
• Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com

Seefeel cancels June tour; will we ever see them on this side of the ocean?

Last October, we announced that Seefeel, the London electronic-semi-shoegaze-wtf-post-rock-pop band, were planning to release an album for the first time since 1996. In January, Seefeel came out on Warp, and this summer the group was all set to begin a brief tour in America — for the first time ever. If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, or New York, prepare to be disappointed: the tour’s been cancelled.

That’s right: no free show with Cave in Chicago’s Millennium Park, no appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl. Their official statement is as follows (best read with bleeps and bloops added):

Seefeel and Warp are extremely saddened to announce the cancellation of Seefeel’s US tour. Bureaucratic hoop-jumping beyond the band’s control is unfortunately to blame, and the fans will have to suffer for it. Again, we’re so very sorry to disappoint you all with this news and hopefully fans can bear with the band a while longer before the US tour (which they very much want to happen) can occur without any snags.

Bummer, man.

• Seefeel: http://www.myspace.com/seefeelmyspace
• Warp: http://www.warp.net

Sun Ra 30-CD box set coming soon! Need somewhere to store them? Space is the place.

During his brief time on this puny little planet, I presume that experimental jazz overlord Sun Ra had numerous mystical insights into the future, both of music media platforms and of non-recyclable waste disposal. These insights undoubtedly led him to two working predictions: 1) The Compact Disc is going to come back in a HUGE way in 2012. 2) In the future, rather than clutter our bloated landfills, we will simply blast all of our plastic waste products (such as those that result from mass production of physical media) into the heart of the sun on pollution-free rockets powered by “positive vibes.”

Well, hopefully those predictions play out well, because according to a recent post by The Wire, this summer will witness the ponderous release of a THIRTY-DISC CD box set (or perhaps a “crate set”?) of the jazz legend’s music. Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but the collection has been compiled by Michael D. Anderson, current director of the Sun Ra Music Archive, is currently slated for a July release, and is titled (get this) The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol. 1. That’s right: VOLUME ONE, people. Thirty discs is apparently not nearly enough room for you when the whole dang universe is your muse.

The set covers the period 1924-1956, during which time he did everything from playing the piano sideman role to producing and coaching vocal groups to composing, arranging, and conducting his own stuff. In addition to all the music, the set will also contain interviews, audio excerpts, extensive (duh) liner notes, and rare recordings by bands that don’t even contain Sun Ra but that simply influenced the man in his own work. Man, who else is so crazy/influential that they get their favorite songs by other people included on their own career-spanning retrospectives? And again, if you’re worried about having like a thousand CDs cluttering up your life in 2011 like I am, keep in mind that there’s plenty of room for all of our refuse in outer fucking space, a.k.a. Sun’s place.

• Sun Ra Archive: http://sunraarchive.webstarts.com
• Sun Ra Arkestra: http://www.elrarecords.com

Daily dose of schadenfreude: guess how much money iTunes costs Apple per year?

The other day, I was a bit incensed when I went to the grocery store and found that nearly every item on my receipt was just about $3, be it a pound-and-a-half of grapes, a gallon of milk, or “health nut” bread on sale. Everything these days is expensive — but do you know just how expensive things are for Apple?

Recently, Apple released some data revealing the costs of programs like the iTunes store, iPad apps, and all those downloads that you (of course!) purchase legally. The total ran to $1.3 billion per year, not including pizza deliveries and comp’d beer runs for Apple tech staff (probably another couple grand, right?). Here are some more annual Apple statistics, c/o Asympco:

15 billion iTunes song downloads
130 million book downloads
14 billion app downloads
$2.5 billion paid to developers
225 million accounts
425k apps
90k iPad apps
100k game and entertainment titles
50 million game center accounts

Check out the chart of content margins over here (with an economics-for-dummies explanation). And I thought my life was expensive!

Lou Reed and Metallica teaming up for new record, because, okay, sure.

Lou Reed, who you may know from The Velvet Underground and his lengthy solo career, and Metallica, who you may know from Metallica, are making an album together. Now that that’s in everybody’s brain, let’s walk over to this gigantic chalkboard and scratch off “Lou Reed and Metallica making a record together” off the list of things we thought would never happen ever. Push the chalk hard, make it count. Lou Reed has a new record coming out and Metallica is his backing band and we will forever live in a universe in which this is true.

When this album will actually exist in this universe isn’t entirely certain. Right now, the record is reportedly 90% finished and there are no plans for a release date/potential label. Both Reed and Metallica are currently without a label, so anyone could pick up the ball. Gerard Cosloy, I believe you have some phone calls to make.

To an extent, this isn’t entirely unprecedented. Metallica did join Reed for a performance of “Sweet Jane” during a 2009 Rock Hall of Fame concert. But the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame runs on goofy collaborations like that. It’s catnip to them! Still, the two parties evidently hit it off, with Reed recently calling it a “marriage made in heaven” and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich stating that “[he doesn’t] think [they’ve] ever felt this free.” Look, I just hope this heavenly marriage of freedom just results in a record titled Metallica Machine Music.

• Lou Reed: http://www.loureed.com
• Metallica: http://www.metallica.com

Tim Kasher announces new tourdates and tour-only EP, tries and fails to not write about relationships

Whether he’s single, engaged, married, or divorced, Tim Kasher (or T. Kash as I refer to him in my head) looooves to write songs about the ladies. His new EP, Bigamy: More Songs from the Monogamy Sessions, is no exception. Recorded during the same period as his debut solo abum, The Game of Monogamy, the EP will only be available on T. Kash’s upcoming summer tour (…and online at the Saddle Creek webstore). The EP features several outtakes, as well as a cover of Azure Ray’s “Trees Keep Growing.”

Bigamy: More Songs from the Monogamy Sessions tracklisting:

01. No Harmony
02. Opening Night
03. A Bluer Sea
04. Lilybird and the Trust Fund Kid
05. Rabbit, Run
06. The Jessica
07. Trees Keep Growing

T. Kash on the road:

08.18.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
08.19.11 - Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot
08.21.11 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
08.22.11 - Rochester, NY - Bug Jar
08.23.11 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
08.24.11 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
08.25.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
08.26.11 - Washington, DC - Red Palace
08.27.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
08.29.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
08.30.11 - St. Augustine, FL - Cafe Eleven
08.31.11 - Orlando, FL - The Social
09.01.11 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Down Under
09.02.11 - Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
09.03.11 - Memphis, TN - Hi Tone
09.06.11 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
09.07.11 - Dallas, TX - The Loft
09.08.11 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Conservatory
09.09.11 - Lawrence, KS - Jackpot
09.10.11 - Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room

• Tim Kasher: http://www.timkasher.com
• Saddle Creek: http://www.saddle-creek.com


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