Erykah Badu releasing dance mixtape under new alias in the hopes that you’ll sweat ‘til you bleed

Erykah Badu releasing dance mixtape under new alias in the hopes that you'll sweat 'til you bleed

The inimitable Erykah Badu is adding another feather to her headwrap, as well as adding a new alias to her list of names. Born Erica Abi Wright, the lovely and talented Ms. Badu is now going by DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, at least when she’s behind the ones and twos. That’s right: Ms. Badu/Brown is now a DJ, and she’s on the verge of releasing her first mixtape. Details are scant so far, but who can blame her? Badu has been one busy lady lately.

Over the past few years, she has toured, released New Amerykah Vols. One and Two, and — get this — made an appearance on psychedelic kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba! Word on the street is that DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown did her own mixing and producing on the upcoming mixtape, which is rumored to be dance-oriented in nature. Earlier this year, Flying Lotus announced that he was producing for Badu, but there’s no word yet if this dream duo teamed up in some capacity for her mixtape or for an as-yet-unreleased project. Badu/Brown has done her DJ thang at shows around the USA lately, so keep your eyes peeled for a mysteriously familiar young lady rockin’ the decks at your local music venues/festivals.

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Justin Timberlake now part-owner of Myspace! Bring it on down to Bad Investmentville?

If you’re like me, then the mere mention of Myspace at the top of this article is probably serving as a good reminder that you still need to log in to your account there (if you can remember the password still) and deactivate it. Go ahead and do it now while you’re thinking about it. I’ll wait here….

If you’re not like me, than you’re probably a little more like Justin Timberlake, who Specific Media (Myspace’s official new owner as of yesterday) just revealed to be a stake-holder in the company! According to Billboard, Timberlake “will be playing a major role in developing the future strategy for Myspace.” Oh yes, folks. This thing won’t die. In fact, he and Specific Media have already declared their intentions to “unveil their vision” of Myspace v. 1,000.0 at an “exclusive press conference” they intend to hold later this summer after everyone forgets about Bad Teacher. No further details let loose, save for Specific Media’s assurance that they and JT plan on making Myspace a “premiere digital destination for original shows, video content and music.” In other words, they plan on using the internet.

It seems, then, that all the licensing stuff that allows Myspace to stream music and video for free will seemingly remain intact, with label sources with knowledge of the situation saying that Specific Media is simply taking on Myspace’s ownership stake in the Myspace Music division, and all music licensing hoo-ha will remain just as boring and difficult to report on excitingly as it was before. “There’s a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect,” Timberlake crooned in a soft R&B voice at a teen awards show he hosted recently. “Myspace has the potential to be that place. Art is inspired by people and vice versa, so there’s a natural social component to entertainment. I’m excited to help revitalize Myspace by using its social media platform to bring artists and fans together in one community.” Presumably their campaign will include Timberlake dressing in giant white gloves and a foam Myspace logo at some point, because that’s all I can remember him for at this point.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, your hunch is correct: it’s reported that Specific Media paid $35 million for the thing, as opposed to the $580 million that NewsCorp paid for it back in 2005. Myspace Tom is probably not smiling in his current profile pic.

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Beauty Pill reunite, decide to make up for lost time by recording new album in public

They may not be the Washington, DC band that everyone was hoping would get back together after a lengthy hiatus (coughFUGAZIcough), but Beauty Pill don’t care, they’re just psyched to be back. The group will not only be releasing a new album, but they’ll also be creating said new album in public, as an homage to the famous Abbey Road Studio Two window. Beauty Pill will embark on a summer residency from July 16 to August 2 and a winter installation in December/January at Arlington, VA’s Artisphere Black Box Theater, where the public can come and watch them create their new record live.

“The way that we make music involves a lot of stumbling in the dark,” said frontman Chad Clark, in a press release. “Making that process accessible and visible to the outside world will, if nothing else, be an exercise in vulnerability.” Artisphere is located at 1101 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.

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Lil B’s I’m Gay is out now, really still has that title (sort of)

By now, it’s obvious that Lil B is the walking personification of the internet. The man is like a LOLCat surfing on a Twitter feed while eating a YouTube pizza and high-fiving the “O RLY?” owl. Or something like that, fill in your own memes. Lil B does as the internet does and the internet releases its albums by just making them appear out of thin air. As such, Lil B releases his albums the same way. With no prior announcement whatsoever, Lil B’s new record I’m Gay (I’m Happy) was released on iTunes on Wednesday night.

Considering that Lil B is in the habit of dropping songs and records whenever he damn well pleases, which tends to be every waking second, this sudden release isn’t that surprising. But due to its somewhat surprising title (and significantly less interesting addendum to said title), I’m Gay has boasted a higher profile than the other dozen albums Lil B has released/will release this year. What you must understand, though, is that the internet does what it pleases and Lil B is the internet. With that established, you can purchase I’m Gay through iTunes right now, because it is a real thing.

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Zola Jesus releases details on new album for Sacred Bones, continues to convert Xiu Xiu fans jaded by Jamie Stewart

Since the band’s inception, Zola Jesus — a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova — has always treaded the thin line between card-carrying goth and bleak synth enthusiast: if you’re not quite into that whole hair gel and eyeliner thing, you extol her opera-trained voice. If you are a fan of the darker side of things and you’re still conflicted about whether The Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus is the best band ever, then the reasons for loving Zola Jesus are pretty obvious. Just last year, she made best-of lists across the web with multiple EPs (Stridulum, Valusia, L.A. Vampires Meets Zola Jesus), and some compellingly gooey artworkin addition to opening for The xx nationwide. Well, la-di-da, you say; but what’s she doing this year for neu mall goths?

The answer is enough to make your cheeks a bit red. Besides the summer festival circuit (Pitchfork, the UK, Sweden, Portugal), Zola Jesus has announced a new album, Conatus, out October 4 on Sacred Bones. Listen to the new single at our Chocolate Grinder, or go to Sacred Bones’ website to download it. Fans of Zola Jesus won’t be disappointed, and fans of Mercury Rev may have a problem ignoring the piano keys reminiscent of the opening credits for House.

Conatus tracklisting:

01. Swords
02. Avalanche
03. Vessel
04. Hikikomori
05. Ixode
06. Seekir
07. In Your Nature
08. Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake
09. Shivers 
10. Skin 
11. Collapse


07.16.11 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
08.04.11 - Herefordshire, UK - Big Chill
08.06.11 - London, UK - Field Day
08.07.11 - Zambujeira Do Mar, Portugal - Sudoeste
08.11.11 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser
08.12.11 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.13.11 - Moscow, Russia - Strelka
08.14.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Dockville
09.03.11 - North Dorset, UK - End of the Road
09.04.11 - County Louis, Ireland - Electric Picnic
09.11.11 - Isle of Wight, UK - Bestival

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Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon

Well, it was bound to happen. As LulzSec, after hitting company after company after government after gazebo, sailed off into the sunset, leaving behind a massive data dump involving the Arizona Department of Public Security, it felt like a tactical retreat. And it was. Temporary partners AnonymousIRC took over the fight under the banner (or sails, in their terminology) of previously announced Operation AntiSec, and began their run with new data dumps, posted on The Pirate Bay as antisec01 (or Anti-Sec 001).

Alongside some government shenanigans, AntiSec busted open two dumps from Universal Music Group, containing both usernames and passwords, as well as “other data.” Viacom was also hit, though the damage remain limited to a server mapping that might be more useful to actual hackers. As of press time, no confirmation from UMG or Viacom has been received regarding the validity of the dumps.

While the dump seems minor at the moment, AntiSec promises more dumps, perhaps hinting at a deeper hack for some of these groups:

And keep in mind: #AntiSec vessels have a very large cache of valuable goods aboard; the crews are currently working hard to sort the loot in a way that even the lousy media sailboats are able to just grab it and sail away for the horizon. You will hear from us very soon.

Not that we at Tiny Mix Tapes condone such hacking, but on the off chance that it means actual info regarding UMG’s relationship with the government (perhaps via the RIAA), maybe that could be sent our way? We’ve got a bit of an axe to grind with a certain Joe, and while our dinghy is lousy and small, we are rigging it with some anti-gravity machinery so that it can fly in the air and cut through the crap.