Father Yod & The Source Family 2xLP arriving c/o Drag City next month, so keep your third eye open

Father Yod & The Source Family 2xLP arriving c/o Drag City next month, so keep your third eye open http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-04-father-yod-source-family.jpg

Once upon a time, in a magical time called the 60s, in a far-out land known as L.A., an aspiring Hollywood stuntman known as James Edward Baker discovered a higher calling and started dabbling in vegetarianism, yoga, and utopian spiritual practices. Before long, Baker had changed his name to Father Yod (or YaHoWha) and was living in the Hollywood Hills, serving as the spiritual guide to 13 wives and hundreds of other young believers. And yea (as they say in the Bible), he was ONE COOL DUDE. Father Yod ran a top notch vegetarian restaurant in Laurel Canyon called The Source (which was also the name of his family of spiritual practitioners); it was one of the first health food restaurants in the US, and frequented by the likes of John Lennon, Frank Zappa, and Warren Beatty. Father Yod was also the lead singer of his commune’s experimental psych rock band, Ya Ho Wa 13. So here was a guy who was about peace, love, and rockin’ out — and he lived it all to the fullest.

The records Father Yod and his people made have been underground classics for decades. Father Yod and The Source Family moved from L.A. to San Francisco to Hawaii during the 1970s, and over that period of wandering, they made nine albums. Fans could purchase records at The Source restaurant. Sadly, the daring and prolific Father Yod died in a hang-gliding accident in Hawaii in the mid-70s, leaving behind his wives, hundreds of true believers, and hours and hours of unreleased tracks. Fortunately for us, the good people over at Drag City began unearthing some of Father Yod and The Source Family’s material back in 2008 and releasing several albums of psychedelic bliss. Now, they’ve got another trip down the rabbit hole lined up, in the form of a double-LP set of epically grooving/epically informative bootleg jams, The Thought Adjusters. Coinciding with the release of a new, non-Drag City documentary film on The Source Family that’s running through the festival circuit this year, The Thought Adjusters will make you start recontextualizing reality once it drops May 22.


A1. Bells
A2. Seed of Yahowa
A3. The Goddess Earth (All My Sons Are Jesus)
B1. Sleepy Heads
C1. Osiris/Isis
C2. Spin Around Part 1
D1. Spin Around Part 2

• The Source Foundation: http://www.yahowha.org
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Hopscotch Fest 2012: what you get when Zola Jesus, Jesus & Mary Chain, Yo La Tengo & The Roots walk into a bar

If only every city had a Hopscotch. Raleigh, NC’s big-big music festival has gotten even bigger this year, with the addition of historical (and possibly haunted!!!) sounding venues like the Long View Center, Memorial Auditorium and the Contemporary Art Museum to its 15 venues strong festival map. There are 175 artists playing this thing, people, with everyone from the likes of Class Actress and Baroness to Liars and Mirel Wagner. This year is only Hopscotch’s third go-around, and already they’ve got swell headliners like Built to Spill, The Roots, and The Jesus and Mary Chain keyed in to grace downtown Raleigh’s City Plaza. The festival also gives props to the local scene, with Megafaun, The Mountain Goats, Corrosion of Conformity, Midtown Dickens, Heads on Sticks, Gross Ghost, Black Skies, Valient Thorr, and Whatever Brains all on board to rock out.

For the third Hopscotch, three-day wristbands went on sale back in December, even before the lineup was announced. VIP wristbands sold out quick, but $110 All-Show wristbands — which grant access to all of the clubs and the City Plaza headlining shows — are still available. Once July hits, single-day passes will be available, as will individual show tickets. All venues are located within an eight-block walking radius. But Hopscotch isn’t just about convenience! Oh no — they’ve got a brand-new feature called Improviser in Residence this year. The IiR is a nice lad named Chris Corsano, a drummer who has worked with Björk, Jim O’Rourke, Jandek, and many a similarly spangled name, and the hope is that he’ll just show up and jam out any damn time he feels like it. HE COULD EVEN GO TO AN OLIVE GARDEN AND IMPROVISE. You just don’t know. That’s the magic of Hopscotch. Of course, there are more surprises to come, like the return of the fest’s Edward McKay Used Books & More Cultural Series at Raleigh City Museum, where luminaries like Chuck D. and Wayne Coyne have sat down for a chat.

Hopscotch Festival 2012 lights up beautiful downtown Raleigh, NC this year from Sept. 6-8, and here’s the lineup: Airstrip, Altar of Plagues, Altos, Alvarius B, Amen Dunes, Arnold Dreyblatt & Megafaun, Balam Acab, Baroness, Big Troubles, Bill Orcutt, Bio Ritmo, Birds of Avalon, Black Skies, Boy Friend, Built to Spill, Burglar Fucker, Calico Haunts, Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan, Carlos Giffoni, Charlie Parr, Charles Latham, Cheater Slicks, Chelsea Crowell, Chris Corsano, Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp, Chuck Johnson, Cities Aviv, Class Actress, CO LA, Colin Stetson, Corrosion of Conformity, Curtis Eller,Damien Jurado, Dan Deacon, Danny Brown, David Pajo/Papa M, Death Grips, Deerhoof, Delicate Steve, Doldrums, Donovan Quinn, Dope Body, Drique London, Duchess Says, Ducktails, Elephant Micah, Escort, EXITmusic, feltbattery, Field Report, Flesh Wounds, Flosstradamus, Free Electric State, Frustrations, G-Side, Glenn Jones, Grohg, Gross Ghost, Guardian Alien, Guinea Worms, Hacienda, Heads on Sticks, High Wolf, Hiss Golden Messenger, Holograms, Hubble (Lag World Premiere), Hume, Hundred Waters, ITAL, J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Jacaszek, Jackie Chain, Jane Jane Pollock, Jason Kutchma & the 5 Fifths, Jenny Besetzt, Joint D≠, Jon Mueller’s Death Blues, Julia Holter, Kenny Roby, Kevin Drumm, Lambchop, Lazy Janes, Laurel Halo, Left Outlet, Liars, Lilac Shadows, Lizzy Ross Band, Little Hollow, Mac McCaughan, Marc McGuire, MAKE, Matthew E. White: One Incantation Under God, Mark Holland, Midtown Dickens, Minor Stars, Mirel Wagner, My Best Fiend, Nails, Naked Gods, Nerves Junior, Nests, Nick Catchdubs, No BS Brass Band, Nobunny, Odonis Odonis, Oneida, Oren Ambarchi, Paint Fumes, Pallbearer, Phil Cook & His Feat, Pipe, Pop. 1280, Quiet Evenings, Roman Candle, Roomrunner, Samantha Crain, Savage Knights, Say Brother, Screaming Females, Secret Cities, Secret Mountains, Shark Quest, Shirlette & the Dynamite Brothers, Shovels & Rope, Silver Swans, Sinful Savage Tigers, Sister Crayon, Some Army, STAG, Starlings, TN, Strand of Oaks, Sunn O))), Sutekh Hexen, T0W3RS, Tomas Phillips & Craig Hilton, Tom Maxwell, Tenement, Thee Oh Sees, The Atlas Moth, the band in Heaven, The Beast, The Beat Report, The Bronzed Chorus, The dB’s, The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Hot at Nights, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Mountain Goats, The Roots, The Spits, The Toddlers, Toon & The Real Laww, The Weather Station, Valient Thorr, Vattnet Viskar, Versus, Whatever Brains, White Hills, Withered, Wood Ear, Work Clothes, Wowser Bowser, Wye Oak, Wylie Hunter & the Cazadores, Yo La Tengo, Young and in the Way, Young Magic, Zack Mexico, Zammuto, Zeus, Zola Jesus.

• Hopscotch: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com

Los Campesinos! go on tour this June, wash it all down with a Bud bigger than all of us

Do you watch television? Perhaps you’ve seen that Budweiser commercial featuring Los Campesinos!’ “You! Me! Dancing!”? If not, let me recap. To the song’s swelling guitars, a man, age 24-28, walks into a seemingly popular bar. He catches the attention of the bartender, a burly man age 38-44. The bartender stares into the man’s eyes, before sinking his fingers into the presumed customer’s eye and mouth holes. From there, he pulls out an enormous Budweiser from the man’s inners. Glockenspiels go crazy nuts as he pours beer into the mouths of a thousand dead-eyed souls. It’s you! It’s me! And it’s dancing!

Bolstered by their millions of dollars, not to mention the nightmare points that run their dark hearts, the Los Campesinos! family band are going on a US tour this June. They will hit a series of East Coast and Midwest dates, in which they will play the immortal beer tributes from last year’s Hello Sadness (TMT Review). Some bands travel the world in a van or a bus, maybe even a plane. Los Campesinos! travel on top of the endless beer wave. Legend has it that the beer wave is made of pure Budweiser. The legend is wrong. There’s some Bud Light in there, too.

Los Campesinos! dates:

06.16.12 - St. Louis, MO - Plush
06.17.12 - Louisville, KY - Headliner’s
06.19.12 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
06.20.12 - Richmond, VA - The National
06.21.12 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s
06.22.12 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
06.23.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
06.24.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox
06.26.12 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
06.27.12 - Raleigh, NC - Cat’s Cradle
06.28.12 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
06.29.12 - Orlando, FL - Beachman Theatre
06.30.12 - Miami, FL - Bardot

• Los Campesinos!: http://www.loscampesinos.com
• Arts & Crafts: http://www.arts-crafts.ca

Laurel Halo has bought you a present and it’s European tourdates. Sorry to ruin the surprise.

Another year, another birthday. You’re getting older. It’s bittersweet, that’s for sure. But, chin up, a birthday is always a time to rejoice. All your friends are here, look at the presents pile up. There’s also a cake. No matter what, cake is tasty. Now, hey, look there. It’s Brooklyn-based electronic artist Laurel Halo. She has a debut album called Quarantine coming out through Hyperdub on May 28. She’s here with her friend Dummy Magazine. Just a tip, if you ever want some inside info on what Laurel’s up to, ask Dummy, they’ll know. Laurel Halo’s coming right over here and she’s got a big present for you. Why don’t you open it? But wait! Wait just a second. Look into my eyes real quick. I have something to tell you. You see that gift?

It’s European dates. That’s all.

Oh no! Now everybody’s crying and yelling at me. I ruined the surprise and I ruined the party. I ruined your party because I hate you. I hate you so much. Goodbye. Go see Laurel Halo on her European tour, because she does not hate you. Now that I mention it, I’m also going on tour. You should go to that one, too. I will spend 90 minutes on stage telling you how much I hate you.

Laurel Halo dates:

05.24.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB
o5.25.12 - Guimarães, Portugal - Centro Cultural Vila Flor
05.26.12 - Modena, Italy - May Day! Festival
05.27.12 - Athens, Greece - Bios
05.30.12 - Paris, France - Point Ephémère
05.31.12 - Glasgow, Scotland - The Arches
06.01.12 - Manchester, UK - Islington Mill
06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day Festival
06.05.12 - Liverpool, UK - Kazimier
06.06.12 - Stockholm, Sweden - Färgfabriken
06.07.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
06.09.12 - Luzern, Switzerland - Südpol
06.11.12 - Moscow, Russia - The Design Center Artplay
06.14.12 - Madrid, Spain - Picnic Sessions/CA2MESP
06.15.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Nitsa/Off Sonar

• Laurel Halo: http://www.laurelhalo.com
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

Grrrnd Zero, DIY French venue, calls for support after eviction

While Lyon may seem like a faraway place to many of TMT’s readers, France’s second city is home to an exciting DIY community that today is in danger of losing a home base. Grrrnd Zero, a collaborative multi-purpose arts space, has received an eviction notice from Lyon’s City Hall, giving them until the end of 2012 to find a new home for their diverse program, and putting a halt to all public activities in the meantime.

Why should someone who doesn’t live in Lyon care about the potential demise of Grrrnd Zero? If you care about the underground or DIY scene where you live, or lament the lack of one, it’s worth investing a little time to get to know Grrrnd Zero and what they do. Beyond just putting on the occasional show, GZ also provides office and studio space and in general keeps new, off-the-radar ideas percolating in the larger cultural landscape of Lyon. Given their current predicament, GZ has taken two courses of action: 1. Do everything in their power to work with the authorities while still staying true to their DIY roots, and 2. reach out to artists, musicians, organizations, and likeminded individuals to help influence that process.

Impose has an interesting piece on GZ and the issue of working with, instead of against, the metaphorical man when running an otherwise ‘underground’ arts space. The article asks whether it goes against the mandate of DIY organizations to work within the confines of government bureaucracy. When that’s the only viable option, and when the government in question is actually willing to work with, and not change, the end goal of DIY organizations, this new approach should probably be supported.

So what can you do? GZ is asking for friends of the space to write an old-fashioned letter or compose a new-fangled electronic mail to the mayor of Lyon and to the deputy in charge of cultural affairs in Lyon. From GZ’s online voice, the Amour-Discipline zine:

Send a mail to gerard.collomb@mairie-lyon.fr, georges.kepenekian@mairie-lyon.fr, (please include “Grrrnd Zero” somewhere in the mail subject). Or send a real letter to: Gérard Collomb, please be a cool dude – Mairie de Lyon – 1, place de la Comédie – 69205 Lyon cedex 01 – somewhere in France

To help stoke interest in their plight, GZ has put together two video compilations of performances that have taken place at the space over the last few years. GZ is encouraging any and all interested parties to “stream, download and share them as much as possible.” The impressive list of artists featured in the two videos includes Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Melt Banana, Lightning Bolt, and Black Dice. Additional support has already been drummed up by Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, who tweeted, “Are you a supporter of DIY music spaces? Please write a letter for our friends at Grrrnd Zero who are being evicted.” If you are a supporter of DIY music spaces, feel free to retweet and keep this DIY campaign moving along, and make sure and let GZ know by notifying them via email at grrrndzero@gmail.com — they’ll be compiling an activity log of all action taken by supporters to help their case with the city of Lyon.

Who knows, the DIY space in your hometown might need some help one day, and if this campaign is any indication, you’ll probably have some cool folks in Lyon to turn to for assistance if GZ is able to find a way to keep their doors open in the face of typical local government bureaucracy.

• Amour-Discipline: http://amour-discipline.org/zine/grrrnd-zero-call-for-support
• Grrrnd Zero [in French]: http://www.grrrndzero.org

Joey Ramone solo album …Ya Know? to be released posthumously on May 22; (joke about holograms)

Forget about that lame “Hologram” Tupac at Coachella, because today’s big news is “Recorded Before His Death But Released Posthumously” Joey Ramone.

BMG announced today, through the use of hologram, that it would release a new album by former Ramones frontman and former living person Joey Ramone, titled …Ya Know and set for consumption on May 22. The album will be preceded by a limted-edition 7-inch single for “Rock ‘N Roll Is the Answer,” which be available on April 22 a.k.a Record Store Day a.k.a. my cat’s birthday. The album features contributions from other not-quite-dead-but-definitely-irrelevant people like Joan Jett, Little Steven Van Zandt, former Ramones drummer Richie Ramone, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick, Dennis Diken of The Smithereens, Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, and members of The Ramones’ punk-era contemporaries The Dictators.

“Joey Ramone was one of the key figures in a musical revolution whose impact is still being felt today,” says BMG Chrysalis US Vice President Jason Hradil, who, after lugging his giant title around in a wheel-barrow, also had this to say: “We are honored that Joey’s brother Mickey (Ramone) and his estate have entrusted this album to BMG.

When asked for comment, “Hologram” Tupac responded with: “Yeahhh… you know what the fuck this is. What up, Joey? What up, Jimi? This the muthfuckin’ dead celebrity takeover!”

• Joey Ramone: http://www.joeyramone.com
• BMG: http://www.bmg.com