Fennesz scores a soundtrack, probably only using one pinky while he worked on something else

Fennesz scores a soundtrack, probably only using one pinky while he worked on something else http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-04-fennesz.jpg

As FACT reported today, completely unaware that the content vultures at TMT would swoop in and pick the meat off that story’s bones and regurgitate it on our own page as bloodied info-carrion, Christian Fennesz and his array of sleek machinery have graced Edgar Honetschlager’s film AUN with a soundtrack. If preorders appearing at the usual online locations are to be believed, the soundtrack will be released separately on Ash International as a 15-track CD — a popular music format among the socially elite who have foresworn vinyl for a less-fashionable, less-crackly alternative.

AUN, subtitled The Beginning and End of All Things, tells the tale of a Japanese scientist who accidentally kills himself experimenting with alternative energy sources, leaving his little boy Aun an orphan. Then 20 years pass and a Brazilian mathematician realizes the key to the energy source is a sea snail Aun found a long time ago. Look, I’m here for the music, go somewhere else if you’re into this heady film stuff.

The point is, most of this is brand-new Fennesz material (with a few tracks re-appearing from his 2007 Cendre collab with Ryuichi Sakamoto), and that is something to get excited about, even if you’re still taking in the double-disc Flumina (TMT Review) from last year. By the way, no offense, but referring to yourself as “Fennesz” or “Sakamoto” with no first name is just tacky and pretentious. Squeo, signing out.

AUN: The Beginning and End of All Things tracklisting:

01. Kae
02. Aware (feat. Sakamoto)
03. Haru (feat. Sakamoto)
04. Sekai
05. Euclides
06. Sasazuka
07. Trace (feat. Sakamoto)
08. Mori
09. AUN40
10. Nemuru
11. Himitsu
12. AUN80
13. Nympha
14. Shinu
15. Hikari

• Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com
• Ash International: http://www.ashinternational.com

Liars title new LP WIXIW, announce tourdates and tracklist, get their own TMT section

Boy oh boy, sure is a lot of buzz about Liars’ new record, and since they keep releasing tiny bits of info at a time, we keep on talking about them like every damn day. So I’m officially making this a separate news section, called Liars Beat.

Today on Liars Beat: our investigative team was able to uncover the new album’s title, which will henceforth be called WIXIW (pronounced “wish you”). The title is explained by front man Angus Andrew as “a familiar and universal sentiment of longing and hope, but when misspelled becomes uniquely shrouded and difficult to interpret, which in many ways is representative of our music and the songs we wrote for this album.” Here’s a trailer for the album:

The 11-track album due out June 5 on Mute will be preceded by a single, “No.1 Against The Rush,” out May 29. You can listen to it here.

And lastly on Liars Beat, we have uncovered the first handful of shows in support of the new record, listed below along with the album’s tracklist. Stay tuned for all the latest. Next time, we’ll discuss possible rumors of a Vegas wedding involving Julian Gross and a camel.

WIXIW tracklist:

01. The Exact Colour of Doubt
02. Octagon
03. No.1 Against the Rush
04. A Ring on Every Finger
05. Ill Valley Prodigies
07. His and Mine Sensations
08. Flood to Flood
09. Who Is the Hunter
10. Brats
11. Annual Moon Words


06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day
06.07.12 - Paris, France - Nouveau Casino
06.08.12 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli De Helling
06.09.12 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Club
06.10.12 - Berlin, Germany - Roter Salon
06.12.12 - London, UK - XOYO
06.15.12 - Manchester, UK - Ruby Lounge
06.20.12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
06.22.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Music Box

• Liars: http://liarsliarsliars.com
• Mute: http://mute.com

Carrie Brownstein to write memoir; Eric Nagurney to read memoir

Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag/Portlandia/other good things fame will be releasing a memoir through Riverhead Books, a division of the Penguin publishing group. I will read that book. As of now, the book does not have a title or release date attached to it, so basically the entirety of information regarding this book is that it will exist, Riverhead is putting it out, and I will read it. If anybody at Riverhead needs a good quote for this book’s press sheet, you can quote that part about me reading it. I’ll even do the heavy-lifting for you. “I will read that book” — Eric Nagurney.

In other news in the general orbit of Carrie Brownstein books, she and Portlandia co-star Fred Armisen will release a parody travel book based on the very program they star in. It’s called A Guide for Visitors and it is coming out on November 20. I will probably also read that, too. By the way, Brownstein was just on WTF, Marc Maron’s excellent interview podcast. Listen to that, because it’s almost-certainly great.

• Wild Flag: http://wildflagmusic.com
Portlandia: http://www.ifc.com/shows/portlandia
• Riverhead Books: http://www.riverheadbooks.com

Ende Tymes Festival 2012 lineup revealed, Kickstarter kickstarted

Well, it’s 2012, and if the Mayans have anything to say about it, then this will be about it. Or maybe they just figured they could add to the calendar later. Either way, now’s as good a time as any to say your goodbyes when you see your pals at New York City’s second annual noise festival, Ende Tymes. Go watch the many performers wreak audible havoc through cathartic cacophonies as giant meteors hurdle toward Earth and volcanoes begin to quake.

The festival, organized by Bob Bellerue, has already announced its official lineup and has implemented a Kickstarter fundraiser to ensure a quality festival and proper artist reimbursement. And since certain donation increments award you with a weekend pass, then why the hell not chip in, you lazy fuck? It’s the end of the fucking world, anyways.


Sudden Infant (DE)
Cheapmachines (UK)
Joseph Hammer (CA)
Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
R. Jencks (CA)
Telecult Powers (NY/LA)
Sickness (CT)
Goat (TX)
Zaïmph (NY)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Maria Chavez (NY)
Hyena Hive (QC)
+DOG+ (CA)
Fatale (IL)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
work/death (RI)
Skin Graft (OH)
Mesa Ritual (NM)
Husere Grav (TX)
Terrors (MD)
Paranoid Time (MI)
Tar Pit (MI)
Nonhorse (NY)
Grasshopper (NY)
Beer Damage (NY)
Lussuria (NY)
Chaos Majik (NY)
Narcissister (NY)
Isa Christ (NY)
Diablo (NY)
The Second Sun (NY)

Film/Video performances by:

Phill Niblock /Katherine Liberovskaya (NY)
Joke Lanz (DE) / Shelley Hirsch
Sonya Stefan (QC)
Jean-Sébastien Truchy / Jean Bourbonnais (QC)
Katherine Kline / Leyla Majeri (QC)
Maussade J.B. (QC)
Erin Sexton (QC)
Alexander Wilson (QC)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Cory O’Brien / Mei Mei Chang (DC)
Jason Soliday / Jon Satrom (IL)
Jeff Donaldson (NY)
Phillip Stearns (NY)
Greg Fox (NY)

• Ende Tymes: http://halfnormal.com/endetymes
• Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/571305920/ende-tymes-festival-2012

Best Buy big-box stores to be burnt to the ground, Best Buy Mobile stores to rise from the ashes like a Hydra-Phoenix hybrid

Take a minute and try and visualize the inside of a Best Buy store. What comes to mind? For me, it’s rows and rows of CDs, DVDs, video games, and for some reason, appliances. In a world where the media that we consume is increasingly acquired directly through digital channels, is it any wonder that the need for retail outlets that house massive amounts of tangible media merchandise are going the way of the dinosaurs? Sure, they also sell home electronics, sound systems, and accessories, but when was the last time you actually went into a store to shop and compare prices instead of hitting the internet first?

Hence it was no surprise that Best Buy announced (by way of Billboard) the continuation of its transformation from a ‘big-box’ retailer to a smaller, more mobile-focused entity this week. By the fall of 2012, Best Buy will close 50 stores in the US and subsequently open 100 new Best Buy Mobile outlets, smaller storefronts and kiosks that specialize in servicing the growing demand for cell phones, tablets, and e-readers.

As we previously reported, Best Buy has already moved to close all of its big box stores in the UK. Poor sales in the both the US and European markets, coupled with high expenses relating to the buyout of Best Buy’s mobile partner in Europe, Carphone Warehouse, led to a reported $1.23 billion loss last year. Best Buy hopes to cut costs dramatically by not having to fork over huge rent payments for its large stores and through the reduced need for big-tickets inventory items. The company hopes to conversely raise revenues by selling a bunch of cheap mobile phones on street corners across the great US of A.

• Best Buy: http://www.bestbuy.com

Today in misleading band name news: Choir of Young Believers to release Rhine Gold on Ghostly International

Choir of Young Believers, the project of Danish multi-instrumentalist Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, are set to release their sophomore album on Ghostly International on April 10. Titled Rhine Gold, the album finds Makrigiannis expanding his eclectic bedroom pop sound by fleshing out the roster of musicians on the record. Now a full-fledged band, the album sounds like a sleepy Jens Lekman fronting The Notwist. Tinged with Eastern flourishes, well-paced melodies, and kitchen sink electronica, the album, while occasionally sounding a bit dated, is varied enough to keep the listener engaged for the full running time.

One thing definitively absent on the album: choirs of any ilk. Don’t be duped into thinking this is the newest gospel sensation, because it most definitely is not. You have been warned, believers in choir.

Rhine Gold tracklisting:

01. The Third Time
02. Patricia’s Thirst
03. Sedated
04. Paralyze
05. Have I Every Truly Been Here
06. Nye Nummer Et
07. Paint New Horrors
08. The Wind Is Blowing Needles
09. Rhine Gold

• Choir of Young Believers: http://www.myspace.com/choirofyoungbelievers
• Ghostly International: http://ghostly.com

[Photo: Tore Hallas]


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