Flying Lotus EP Pattern+Grid World to induce acid flashbacks

Flying Lotus EP Pattern+Grid World to induce acid flashbacks

Flying Lotus doesn’t belong in this world, or at least not in this particular dimension. His presence lies somewhere between the 13th and 14th dimensions, where the physical laws you and I take for granted are of no importance. I mean, just listen to 1983 (his best), Los Angeles, or his most recent, Cosmogramma (TMT Review).

Yet his psychic odysseys still manage to make the drift from his plane to ours, thus proven by his upcoming release on Warp. The EP Pattern + Grid World is set for release on September 21 and features seven new tracks of sheer joy and — with his track record — possibly a hint of terror. If the press release provides any indicator as to what to be expecting, I’d say if Cosmogramma was more of an organic expression of the Flying Lotus sound (string and orchestral arrangements and whatnot), then Pattern + Grid World is more of a mechanical-synth-and-drum-driven effort. ‘Nuff said.

More good news for you Canadians and West Coasters: Flying Lotus is stopping by a few towns leading up to the release of the new EP. Check it out:

09.22.10 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
09.23.10 - Seattle, WA - Decibel Festival
09.24.10 - San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine

Pattern + Grid World tracklisting:

01. Clay
02. Kill Your Co-Workers
03. PieFace
04. Time Vampires
05. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
06. Camera Day
07. Physics For Everyone!

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RIP: Mike Edwards, former member of the Electric Light Orchestra

From the Associated Press:

Police in southwestern England say a former member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed in a freak collision with a huge hay bale that rolled down a steep hill.

The victim was identified on Monday as 62-year-old Mike Edwards, who played cello in the British rock band between 1972 and 1975.

Sgt. Steve Walker of the Devon and Cornwall Police said Edwards was driving a van Friday when he collided with a 600-kilogram (1,300 pound) hay bale that had rolled down a hill to the road.

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Paste stops the presses

Sad news for periodical fans, as Georgia-based Paste magazine, despite awards and avid readers, has announced that it will be shutting down operations and ceasing publication, effective immediately. The pop culture and music journal had been struggling with financial problems for the last couple years, but news about closing down is still quite shocking to hear. Though, despite how shocked you and I as readers are, I doubt that the staffers, who were given two hours notice to clean out their desks, are much less shocked than us.

There’s a chance that Paste will return as web-based magazine (copy cats), but there has been no official word on any future plans for Paste. Now, I could sit here and urge you to keep buying print materials so that magazines, newspapers, comics, and books will stick around, but I know that you get all your music news right here on Tiny Mix Tapes, right? Good. You better.


Now that’s something you don’t see everyday: ol’ Aphex Twin announces a new record (sort of)

Whatever happened to Aphex Twin? Answer: he just didn’t put out any music for a while. BAM: Tiny Mix Tapes, giving you answers to your questions, just like that! Come back tomorrow, and I’ll tell you how you lost your bike when you were eight. But we’re getting off track here. The point is, Aphex Twin hasn’t released any music for some time. If you count compilations of previously released EP material, there have been no new full-lengths since 2006’s Chosen Lords. If you don’t count those, then well, no new full-lengths since 2001’s Drukqs. But, according to the folks at The Quietus, that’s a drought that should end with the release of a new Aphex Twin record via his long-term home Warp:

It’s time for celebration in The Quietus offices this afternoon, after news reaches us that a new album from warped genius Aphex Twin is in the works. No release date is as yet confirmed, but reports suggest that Warp have signed Mr Richard David James for another album…

Okay, so there isn’t much information yet, but Aphex Twin has been confirmed to play a DJ set at Ibiza on September 24 as part of the We Love Space series. Plus, I’ve got something special for you: the “Come to Daddy” video! Can’t have Aphex Twin without the “Come to Daddy” video, right? It’s still real scary, and I still feel awfully bad for that old lady.


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The War on Drugs to release new LP in and tour October, nicely filling that blurry, folky drone pop void we’ve all been noticing this year.

Okay, can we please just stop qualifying things as “druggy” for a little while? I mean, I’m feeling a little over-saturated here. Seems like anything the least bit unfocused or zoned-out qualifies these days. If Bob Dylan was zoned-out and Pavement was pretty unfocused, then my last shave was druggy as fuck. Heck, my damn ride to work this morning was pretty druggy, if you ask me.

So yeah, I’m done with it for a little while, I think. Even if the name of your band is The War on Drugs, I’ll be damned if i’m going to call you a druggy band. Something else will have to do. Even if your debut record was emphatically tagged as “drug-rock” by a transcendent (TMT Review), I ain’t falling for it this time. Even if your new mini LP, entitled Future Weather (dropping October 26 in the US via Secretly Canadian and TBD in the UK), is all about the “blurred edges” and “overexposed limitations” of analog tape and the “fucked-up” washes and drones and tones and textures of “the abyss,” I’m not gonna go there. I’ll call it spacey or experimental or expansive or something. Heck, I’ll even go so far as to call it “pop music.” I’ll call it that all day long, damnit. And you’ll sit there and like it. Hippies.

Check out the track “Comin’ Through” at the Chocolate Grinder.

Now let’s get to the tracklisting and the tourdates, already. I’m freakin’ tweaked.

Future Weather tracklist:

01. Come to the City
02. Baby Missles
03. Comin’ Through
04. A Pile of Tires
05. Comin’ Around
06. Brothers
07. Missles Reprise
08. The History of Plastic


09.07.10 - Charlottesville, VA - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
09.08.10 - Charlotte, VA - The Milestone
09.09.10 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival
09.14.10 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle

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Gayngs announce US fall tour, vow to be the best supergroup of all time

Vowing to be the best supergroup ever assembled, Gayngs have decided to take their show on the road this fall and bring their message to the masses. Ten of the twenty+ contributors from their debut Jagjaguwar album Relayted (TMT Review) will be in attendance on the tour, including Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce of Bon Iver, ringleader Ryan Olson, Zak Coulter and Adam Hurlburt of Solid Gold, Jake Luck of Leisure Birds, Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds, Brad Cook and Joe Westerlund of Megafaun, and Mike Lewis of Andrew Bird and Happy Apple. Ha! Take that, Chickenfoot, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, and Tinted Windows!


09.29.10 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall
09.30.10 - Chicago, IL - Metro
10.02.10 - Boston, MA - Paradise
10.03.10 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
10.04.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10.05.10 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
10.07.10 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
10.10.10 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival

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