Foot Village announce epic return to New Jersey for ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror event

Foot Village announce epic return to New Jersey for ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror event

The first — and only — time that Foot Village ever played in New Jersey, it was for an astounding crowd of six. Not content with their first try, the band has announced that they will be playing at the All Tomorrow’s Parties event I’ll Be Your Mirror (which is curated by Portishead and features The Ultramagnetic MCs, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and JEFF MANGUM)! To celebrate the occasion, the band has written a new song, “New Jersey,” which the band describes as a love song dedicated to the six people at their fateful first NJ gig.

Foot Village will also be heading out on a tour of the Western (and cooler) states of the continental US. The tour, while serving as a build-up to the ATP show, is primarily in support of the band’s new 7-inch single featuring the song “Totally Tween,” and will see release through How To Fight Records. The tour is called the Totally Tour Tour, which is being promoted with some bitchin’ artwork, and dates for the Eastern states WILL be added later.


03.15.11 - Tempe, AZ - Yobs
03.17.11 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.18.11 - Austin, TX - The Smell/KXLU SXSW Showcase
03.19.11 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.21.11 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis
03.22.11 - Grand Junction, CO - House Party
03.23.11 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Loft
03.24.11 - Boise, ID - Colorcube
03.25.11 - Seattle, WA - Cairo
03.26.11 - Portland, OR - House Party
03.27.11 - Oakland, CA - Sugar Mountain
03.28.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Pehrspace
09.30.11 - Asbury Park, NJ - ATP (I’ll Be Your Mirror)

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Pixies tour Doolittle, still hotter than Shaq’s Icy Hot patch

Let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we? The year is 1988. Hot babies Rihanna and Sasha Grey bunned out of their mothers’ ovens, El Niño was up to his sporadic poor weather shenanigans, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman was busy marrying 18-year-old Mandy Smith, his girlfriend for five years, and a band called the Pixies released their seminal album Doolittle. Ah, another time. A simpler time….

Whoa! “Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman was busy marrying 18-year-old Mandy Smith, his girlfriend of FIVE YEARS?” I’m no mathlete but the simple equation 18 - 5 = 13 looks a tad askew. There’s nothing simple about that! On to more sophisticated matters. Much like El Niño, the Pixies had already spent a few years devastating both coastline communities and land-locked towns with their brand of bizarre, clamoring pop, but Doolittle pushed the quartet into another sphere of popularity altogether. The Pixies have fully embraced the reunion concept over the last seven years or so, and over the past two, have toured the world playing their breakthrough record live.

The continuing Doolittle tour will now take the foursome to the US, but only for three dates. No sirees and madams, this particular tour is a gift to Canada, where “center” is spelled “centre,” and “theater” is spelled “theatre.” See? Look below! Hmm, two shows in Winnipeg? I smell a blackmail scheme afoot! Noo doot aboot it!

Gigantic, in concept at least:

04.09.11 - Halifax, NS - Halifax Metro Centre
04.10.11 - Moncton, NS - Centre Casino Moncton
04.12.11 - Quebec City, QC - Salle Albert Rousseau
04.13.11 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis
04.14.11 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis
04.16.11 - Ottawa, ON - Civic Centre
04.17.11 - Kitchener, ON - The Centre in the Square
04.18.11 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
04.19.11 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
04.20.11 - Hamilton, ON - Wentworth Room at Hamilton Convention Centre
04.22.11 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre
04.23.11 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom
04.24.11 - Saint Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium
04.26.11 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall
04.27.11 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall
04.29.11 - Saskatoon, SK - Tcu Place
04.30.11 - Calgary, AB - Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
05.01.11 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Centre
05.03.11 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
05.04.11 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
05.05.11 - Victoria, BC - Save on Foods Memorial Centre

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GZA and his publicist create TV show called Igotchaback for FX

Following (sorta, but not really) in the tradition of The Odd Couple, Twins, and My Blue Heaven, a new show called Igotchaback (tentatively titled) is set to feature the crazy antics of another interesting relationship: a rapper and his manager.

The show, recently purchased by FX, is expected to be a half-hour, single-camera fictional comedy about an aging rap star’s relationship with his music industry manager. GZA (of Wu-Tang fame, of course) and his publicist Heathcliff Berru (Life or Death PR & Management) have been developing the show for the last couple years with actor David Krumholtz (of Harold & Kumar, Numb3rs, and upcoming new show Playboy). No word yet on who will play these fictional characters, but the show is expected to pull from Berru’s personal experiences in the industry. It will also feature music that goes beyond hip-hop, including artists like Odd Future and Little Dragon, according to Berru.

So when does it air? Well, keep your fingers crossed, your minds open, and your eyes on the prize and you might just see something sooner rather than later. In other words, we have no fucking clue since it’s not an “official” show yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear something.

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Mi Ami tour the US in March, Europe in April, and scrapbook the memories in May

It was another cold, late night at the office. News had been coming in fast at Tiny Mix Tapes all week, and I was desperate for a relaxing weekend. February was my month for janitorial duties, and my body ached from clearing beer cans off Nobodaddy’s desk for the last two hours. I grabbed my coat and keys and rushed to the exit, praying that this would be the day I made it home before sunset. As I stepped into the lobby, a cardboard box full of Erstwhile promotional material tumbled off a shelf, spilling Taku Sugimoto stickers everywhere.

“You missed a spot!” cackled Mr P, overturning a second box and slamming the door behind him. I stooped over and peeled each sticker off the carpet, my kneecaps creaking with fatigue.

It was pitch black when I finally got to the car. No other vehicles were left in the parking lot, except for the company Toyota Scion Rockmobile. As I went to put my key in the lock, I noticed a rustling in the bushes, and suddenly a sharp pain shot through my spine. My hands scraped along the pavement as I fell forward, and as I struggled to turn over I saw the hulking form of Mi Ami drummer Damon Palermo descend upon my ribcage with a horrible crunch.

“URRRRGH,” my body cried out, but guitarist Daniel Martin-McCormick stared back at me with dead eyes. I was in Mi Ami’s world now. Palermo pinned my shoulders to the ground as Martin-McCormick gave me a “neo-dub” right in the windpipe. I gasped for oxygen and begged them to stop. Beating after beating commenced.

“L… listen. We didn’t want it this way, alright?!” Palermo shouted, shaken by the sight of my disfigured face. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way!”

“It’s the label, man. It’s Thrill Jockey…” Martin-McCormick whispered. “Said we needed more press… said we had to bring our tourdates ‘straight to their doorsteps.’ There was no other way.”

“But we’….ve… we’ve given you…p-press…” I choked out, teeth clenched and gums a mess. “We…. urgh… wrote n-nice reviews of… oh god, the pain… Steal Your Face (TMT Review) and… urgh… Watersports (TMT Review). Last m-month, E. Nagurney… he… he wrote about your Dolphins 12-in…ch… and—”

Both musicians silenced me with a barrage of punches, and then, turning me over, swung at my back over four hundred more times. There was no reasoning with Mi Ami. They were spooked, but only became more aggressive as the night went on. Just before I blacked out, the sun started to rise in the distance. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had to start typing up those Mi Ami tourdates.

US dates:

03.11.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Pianos
03.12.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Danger Danger Gallery
03.13.11 - Baltimore, MD - Floristree
03.14.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Nightlight
03.16.11 - New Orleans, LA - The Pearl
03.17.11 - Atlanta, GA - 529
03.18.11 - Charlottesville, VA - Magnolia
03.19.11 - Washington, DC - Subterranean A
03.20.11 - Swarthmore, PA - Olde Club (Swarthmore College)
03.21.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Lounge
03.22.11 - Chicago, IL - Reuben’s Palace
03.23.11 - Ann Arbor, MI - Yellow Barn
03.26.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands #
03.27.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Public Assembly (DJ set)

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European dates:

04.09.11 - Rome, Italy - Init Roma
04.10.11 - Paris, France - La Java
04.12.11 - Lille, France - Aeronef %
04.13.11 - Brighton, UK - The Green Door Store
04.14.11 - London, UK - Corsica Studios
04.15.11 - Liverpool, UK - Mello Mello
04.16.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
04.17.11 - Cork, Ireland - Crane Lane
04.19.11 - Manchester, UK - Islington Mill
04.20.11 - Glasgow, UK - Arts School
04.22.11 - Den Haag, Netherlands - Paard
04.23.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCII
04.24.11 - Koln, Germany - Genau
04.25.11 - Trier, Germany - Exhaus
04.26.11 - Leipzig, Germany - Conne Island
04.27.11 - Berlin, Germany - Levee

% Battles

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RIP: Clare Amory of Excepter

From SSPS’s blog:

Yesterday, the Space Shuttle Discovery departed Earth on it’s final mission. Among the cargo aboard, was one astronaut who’s name was not publicly announced. My beautiful friend, and band mate- Clare Armory has left our Planet Earth. Her soul has been set free to bless this mad universe that we all live in. I know how difficult that it is to lose a loved one to cancer. I lost my mother nine years ago to the same ravaging disease. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with in my life. My mother was 57 when she lost her 29 year battle with cancer. Clare was 35. Any age is too young to be taken from us. It hurts so much.

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Captain Ahab tour, pursuant to white whale jokes

I’ve heard it said that riotous acts like Captain Ahab (the “noise techno” duo featuring Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson that came up alongside such acts as No Age, The Mae Shi, Abe Vigoda, High Places, and other peeps at downtown L.A.’s all-ages punk club The Smell) have a sound that really “defies categorization” and “speaks for itself” and stuff like that.

Gee, I wonder if that’s really true? I guess I’ll have a listen and find out. Hang on a second. Where’s the damn… oh here it is… okay, here we go:

Uh. Yup. I’ve got nothing.


04.01.11 - Oakland, CA - Church of the Buzzard
04.02.11 - Sacramento, CA - The Hub
04.03.11 - Reno, NV - TBA
04.04.11 - Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court
04.05.11 - Grand Junction, CO - House Show
04.06.11 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis
04.07.11 - Manhattan, KS - Ghost Parlor
04.08.11 - Iowa City, IA - The Wherehouse
04.09.11 - Minneapolis, MN - TBA
04.10.11 - Madison, WI - TBA
04.11.11 - Chicago, IL - Pancho’s
04.12.11 - Cincinnati, OH - Mockbee
04.14.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
04.15.11 - Philladelphia, PA - TBA
04.16.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio
04.17.11 - Manhattan, NY - Santo’s Party House
04.18.11 - Providence, RI - TBA
04.20.11 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
04.21.11 - Greensboro, NC - CFBG
04.22.11 - Johnson City, TN - Hideaway
04.23.11 - Atlanta, GA - 529atl
04.24.11 - Nashville, TN - Betty’s
04.25.11 - St Louis, MO - Apop (in-store)
04.25.11 - St Louis, MO - Way Out Club
04.26.11 - Hot Springs, AR - The Exchange
04.27.11 - Dallas, TX - TBA
04.28.11 - Santa Fe, NM - High Mayhem
04.29.11 - Tucson, AZ - Hangart (The Real Coachella Fest)
04.30.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
05.11.11 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
05.12.11 - Portland, OR - TBA
05.13.11 - Seattle, WA - Cairo
05.14.11 - Vancouver, BC - TBA
05.15.11 - Portland, OR - TBA
05.17.11 - Boise, ID - TBA
05.18.11 - Salt Lake City, UT- The Loft
05.19.11 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis
05.20.11 - Santa Fe, NM - TBA
05.21.11 - Phoenix, AZ - TBA
05.22.11 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA

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