Frog Eyes’ Mercer releases Blackout Beach live LP, a recording of the only show that Blackout Beach has ever played

Frog Eyes' Mercer releases Blackout Beach live LP, a recording of the only show that Blackout Beach has ever played

Carey Mercer is a cool guy. He once came into the record store that I worked at (after he played a Frog Eyes show at First Avenue the night before) and we chatted for a while about the music he was buying and if I lived in Canada, I would totally be his friend. Mercer is also a member of Frog Eyes (who are awesome) and Swan Lake (who are also awesome), and if you didn’t know it, he has an awesome solo project called Blackout Beach.

What’s not awesome is that, because Mercer is just so darn busy with his teaching career, Blackout Beach have only played one show… ever. To offset this lack of live gigs, Mercer has announced that he will be releasing Live at the Orange Hall, a 2010 recording of the band’s only live show. I’ve listened to it, and it’s great. Maybe I’m biased because we’re, like, best friends now, but I think it’s a cool little record, and if YOU want it, then you can get it at Blackout Beach’s bandcamp page and judge for yourself.

Frog Eyes:
Blackout Beach:

AEG creates ticketing company to rival Ticketmaster in ultimate Godzilla vs Mothra style showdown

I know what you’re thinking. “God, I wish there was another company just like Ticketmaster that’s not Ticketmaster, per se, but still totally has the Ticketmaster thing kinda going on, but really just isn’t Ticketmaster.” Because we all love Ticketmaster, AMIRIGHT?

Well, guess what? Former Ticketmaster client AEG has teamed up with technology start-up Outbox Technology to build a brand new ticketing company to compete with our Ticketmaster overlords. The master has become the servant. The hunter has become the hunted. The Police has become Sting. Whatever. Last year, AEG accounted for almost 10% of T-master’s revenue, so this is kind of a big deal. You get the point. That’s about $55 million in AEG-related service fees for Ticketmaster, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By the time 2011 is halfway through, Outbox will sell tickets to 105 arenas and theatres across the USA. AEG is hoping that once other venues’ contracts with Big T expire, they’ll sign on with Outbox. No word yet on whether additional fees with Outbox will be less or greater than T-master’s, or just require a pint of human blood with each ticket purchase.

• Ticketmaster:
• AEG:

RIP: Gary Moore, former Thin Lizzy guitarist

From the BBC:

The renowned rock guitarist Gary Moore has died in a hotel room while on holiday in Spain.

Moore, 58, originally from Belfast, was a former member of the legendary Irish group Thin Lizzy.

Thin Lizzy manager Adam Parsons told the BBC he was found early on Sunday.

Moore was originally drafted into Thin Lizzy by its late frontman Phil Lynott. He later gained acclaim for his solo work and was a former member of the Irish group Skid Row.


“Don’t Believe a Word” (live):

• Gary Moore:
• Thin Lizzy:

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Important Records gives birth to Cassauna, the bastard tape child; plans Keith Fullerton Whitman, Tashi Wada releases

The evolution of record labels can be strange. Remember the old days of early digital when labels were migrating from LP to CD? Or a handful of years later when we were going from CD to MP3? Of course not. You’re like 12 years old. But trust me, this all started just a few decades ago, and now, interestingly enough, mirco-labels, and even the lager indie powerhouses, are adopting what some would see as a sort of de-evolution in format, or at least an obscuring of the idea of technological “advancement,” by releasing music on cassette tape (did you order your Deerhoof vs. Evil cassette yet?).

Just take Important Records’ new sister imprint Cassauna for example. Important, which is currently celebrating 10 years of mind-blowing existence (now with a shopping cart — finally!), has developed a subsidiary label whose sole purpose is to release music on cassette. In fact, Cassauna has already released six tapes — one being a collaboration between Pauline Oliveros & Michael T Bullock, another being a new release by Aki Onda — and have plans to release more later this year by the likes of Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ezra Buchla, Tashi Wada, Richard Lainhart, Gaspar Claus, Zachary Watkins, and Deceh 3.

So why the cassette label? According to John from Important:

About 12 years ago, I “released” two cassettes while working at a record shop. When I started Important, I had planned on starting a lathe label, but the lathe was quite daunting to learn. I recently sold the lathe and bought a small letterpress and a couple stacks of refurbished Nakamichi two-headed decks that were once part of a professional dubbing rig in Vermont.

Important’s place in modern experimental music can’t be overstated, which means this is something to wet the bed over, readers. And hell, Important itself continues to release some fantastic shit, too. What’s on schedule for the first quarter of the year? No less than albums by Arnold Dreyblatt, Vampillia, Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez, and Julia Kent. Also look for releases by Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Ellen Fullman, Asva, Christina Kubisch, Larsen, Eliane Radigue, and other “important” records later this year.

• Cassauna:
• Important:

Max Tundra unites the world by opening for Girl Talk

Let’s say you hate Girl Talk. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I understand you. For lots of folks, his hyperactive brand of pop megamix is the thing aural nightmares are made of. But I have three excellent reasons why you should definitely go to a Girl Talk show in the next few months.

• Reason #1: Bouncy bedroom electro king Max Tundra is opening.
• Reason #2: Max Tundra is awesome, particularly live, as he becomes a spazzy, unpredictable being of pure charm.
• Reason #3: Max Tundra doesn’t tour North America that often, so seeing him is akin to seeing a way more fun Bigfoot or Nessie.

Basically, if you love Girl Talk and Max Tundra, great, you just won the lottery. If you hate Girl Talk and love Max Tundra, well, you can leave after Max Tundra and still feel like you got your money’s worth. If you love Girl Talk and hate Max Tundra, you are making me cry a little bit right now.

Max Tundra dates (all with Girl Talk, except 02.23):

02.23.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands Gallery
02.24.11 - New York, NY - Terminal 5
02.25.11 - Providence, RI - Lupo’s
02.26.11 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
02.28.11 - Portland, ME - State Theater
03.01.11 - Montreal, Quebec - Metropolis
03.03.11 - Royal Oak, MI - Compuware Sports Arena
03.04-05.11 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theater
03.07.11 - Madison, WI - Orpheum
03.08-09.11 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave
03.11-12.11 - Denver, CO - Ogden
03.14.11 - Missoula, MT - Wilma Theater
03.15.11 - Seattle, WA - Showbox SoDo
03.17.11 - Portland, OR - Roseland
03.18.11 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
03.19.11 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theater
03.21.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Palladium
03.22.11 - San Diego, CA - SOMA
03.23.11 - Phoenix, AZ - Marquee
03.25.11 - Las Vegas, NV - Cosmopolitan

• Max Tundra:
• Girl Talk:

Death From Above 1979 offer the most dramatic reunion statement of all-time; awesome

I can’t tell for sure, but this official statement seems to indicate that Death From Above 1979 are saying “YES” to a reunion.


It’s been 5 years since Death From Above 1979 played a show, 10 years since Jesse played me the first demos & 11 years since we sat in his parents basement and played so loud we knocked the china off the shelves upstairs. 11 seems to be a YES number for me. Though I am usually a pretty rational guy, if I have something on my mind and I see an 11 somewhere, I know I’m on the right path. It’s one of my last remaining superstitions. 2011 has a nice ring to it & if you’re so inclined, it may be the last year ever! So why not say YES? Why not say YES to Coachella? Why not say YES to playing the music we designed to be an undeniable source of power? Why not say YES to stirring up a writhing pit of sweaty humans? YES to riots! YES to heavy music! YES instead of maybe, and YES to make death your adviser and remind yourself always, that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is the big show.

Jesse and I have decided that what we can do together should not be denied.
Together again, as was always the intention, as a collaboration.
The collision of two different worlds.
As this all takes shape, we will reveal it to you.
All of it happening, as it always has, in our own way.
Thank you all for sharing in our excitement!


Is anyone else weeping with me in excitement?

• Death From Above 1979:



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