Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it’s too cold to actually play in one

Giant Sand's Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it's too cold to actually play in one

Listen up, Old-man Claus! You might want to start feeding them-there reindeer of yours a little more growth hormone than usual, because my man Howe Gelb (a.k.a. the shambolic front-cowboy of that little-band-that-could named Giant Sand) is gearing up to release Little Sand Box — a box set on Fire Records just in time for Christmas on December 9! It’s an INTENSELY HEAVY son-of-a-bitch, featuring all six of his HIGH-OCTANE, commercially-released solo albums, as well as bonus tracks, alternative takes, the live album Sno Angel Winging It, and a selection of piano pieces entitled Some Piano (it also comes replete with EXTREME! liner notes from Gelb, a BLISTERING introduction from Sylvie Simmons, and “other Gelb Goodies,” according to the press release). So yeah, you’re counting it up right; that’s eight MAMMOTH discs altogether, St. Nick! Not to mention how heavy all the damn sand is gonna be. You been doing your Crossfit kettleball swings???

But enough from me. I should probably let the crazy-intense, highly outgoing, totally bull-by-the-horns Gelb speak for himself about this mammoth hunk of a release that’s gonna be bogging down your sleigh! Howwwwwweeeeee!

The solo albums came about as an afterthought, loving better the notion of hiding inside a band like Giant Sand for the rest of my life. When life demanded something else, then they began to happen.


Little underwhelming, Howe. Sorry, Santa. You’re good.

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Glasser announces new album Interiors, teases tracks on Instagram, throws the Amaro filter on everything

Stop Instagramming your collection of antique Pepsi cans right now! There’s important news afoot, namely that Glasser has a new album coming out. The electronic pop artist otherwise known as Cameron Mesirow is releasing Interiors, her follow-up t0 2010’s Ring (TMT Review), on October 8 through True Panther Sounds. This time around, the album was produced by Mesirow herself, alongside Van Rivers, producer for the likes of Fever Ray and Blonde Redhead. Listen to the album’s first song, “Shape,” over at Glasser’s website — or below!

If you’d like to hear more of Interiors but only in the form of short snippets, then have I got news for you. Every song on the album is being previewed through the hottest new music platform, Instagram. Oh, you thought Instagram was just some place for you to place old-timey filters over your antique Pepsi pictures? It mostly is, but previews of every track from Interiors have been spread across 12 Instagram accounts. Find them all in an exciting internet scavenger hunt. Or just click here to see them all organized under the #glasserinteriors tag. Hurry, though, before the internet starts attaching that tag to pictures of genitals. And if I’m the first to introduce that idea, I am very, very sorry.

Interiors tracklist:

01. Shape
02. Design
03. Landscape
04. Forge
05. Window I
06. Keam Theme
07. Exposure
08. Dissect
09. Window III
10. Window II
11. New Year
12. The Divide

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Someone named Calvin Johnson goes on a solo fall tour, as yet unclear which Calvin Johnson it is exactly

Calvin Johnson is going on a solo tour this fall! Which Calvin Johnson, you ask? I have no idea! I was actually hoping you could help me out with that. Okay, so I googled “Calvin Johnson,” and I’ve come up with two possibilities. It’s either Calvin Johnson, Jr., the wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, nicknamed Megatron, who is capable of running the 40 yard dash in 4.32 seconds, or Calvin Johnson, musician, for whom there is no extant 40 yard dash data. Apparently this musician Calvin Johnson also started K Records, as well as a bunch of bands like Beat Happening and The Halo Benders. He also keeps his garage clean as a whistle and engineers musical recordings for other bands; what a guy!

Context clues (the press release originated from K Records) do seem to indicate it’s probably the musician Calvin Johnson who is going on tour. But I’ve learned not to trust context clues. For several years, context clues tricked me into thinking the word “lugubrious” meant something very different from what it actually means.

Anyway, another point in favor of it probably being Calvin Johnson the musician going on tour is the fact that I do know musicians like to tour a lot. Like, it’s a thing they do pretty frequently, apparently. Not so much for football players, as far as I can tell. But then again, maybe Megatron née Johnson wants to see what a “football tour” would be like and is hoping to promote his touchdowns and muscles. I really can’t say. If you’re in the mood for some sleuthing, look below for the recently released video of The Hive Dwellers track “A Woman Named Trudy” off last year’s Hewn from the Wilderness (TMT Review). Since the video features a white dude summarily not playing football, I’m ever-so-slightly leaning toward saying it’s a musical Calvin Johnson tour, but honestly, your guess is as good as mine.


09.05.13 - Madison, WI - Thorps
09.06.13 - Chicago, IL - Big Forever
09.07.13 - Iowa City, IA - PS-Z
09.08.13 - St. Louis, MO - Apop Records @
09.09.13 - Carbondale, IL - Big Muddy Independent Media Center #
09.10.13 - Evansville, IN - PG
09.11.13 - Bloomington, IN - Landlocked Music
09.11.13 - Indianapolis, IN - General Public Collective $
09.12.13 - Oberlin, OH - Cat in the Cream Coffee House, Oberlin College
09.13.13 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness
09.14.13 - Canton, OH - Deli Ohio
09.15.13 - York, PA - Sign of the Wagon %
09.16.13 - New York, NY - WBAR at Barnard College
09.17.13 - Purchase, NY - Whitson’s Memorial Hall, State University of New York, Purchase
09.18.13 - Cambridge, MA - TBA
09.21.13 - Providence, RI - TBA
09.22.13 - Baltimore, MD - Floristree ^
09.23.13 - Durham, NC - Cromwell Hall, Duke Coffee House
09.24.13 - Winston-Salem, NC - Krankie’s Coffee
09.25.13 - Frederick, MD - Trinity Chapel &
09.28.13 - Kansas City, MO - Front Space *
09.30.13 - Bakersfield, CA - Dagny’s Café
10.01.13 - Merced, CA - 522 Sunset Dr
10.02.13 - Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place @@
10.03.13 - San Francisco, CA - Cinecave, Lost Weekend Video
10.05.13 - Oakland, CA - Down at Lulu’s
10.06.13 - Chico, CA - Manas Gallery ##
10.07.13 - Eugene, OR - Wandering Goat Coffee Company $$

@ Raglani, Jake Leech
# Secondary Modern
$ Chris Barth, Jimmy Frezza
% Ronn Benway, The Thing with Two Heads
^ Wume, Daniel Clark
& Ballerine Nadiya
* Jametatone
@@ The Wild Ones, Fruit Stripe Band, Powers
## Fera, She Fetus
$$ Earring

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Chief Keef readies new mixtape Almighty So, following up his last mixtape, which followed up the mixtape before that

He may not be capable of handling his liquor, but Chief Keef can sure as hell stay busy. Within the last year, the controversial drill-hop artist has: been in and out legal trouble countless times (including suspicion of murder); authored innumerable threatening tweets (most notably a very public feud with Katy Perry); signed to a major label (Interscope); started his own record label (Glory Boyz Entertainment); released his major label debut (Finally Rich); collaborated with Kanye West on Yeezus; subsequently dissed Yeezus; signed to Gucci Mane’s record label 1017 Brick Squad Records; and most recently, on the day of his birthday, released the new mixtape Bang Pt. 2.

Well, add one more notch to the bedpost, because Keef has announced (via Twitter) the September 12 release date of a new newer mixtape: Almighty So. Since mixtape release dates are about as reliable as Chief Keef baking you a cake, I wouldn’t put too much stock in this, but what the hell do I know.

Get a taste for Almighty So with the leaked single “Round Da Rosey” below:

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Rene Hell announces new crowd-clearing album entitled Vanilla Call Option on PAN

If the name Rene Hell doesn’t jangle a brain bell, well, that’s probably because the aforementioned moniker of Jeff Witscher is secretly an allusion to his proximal upbringing with Beelzebub; supposedly outbound publicity is a hard thing to come by when the stairs are made of fire and email is only accessible following a forced reading of 30 articles documenting various celebrity “baby bumps.” That’s my personal vision of hell, anyway.

Less of an exaggeration: Witscher has had a leg in the underground (though not quite that “under”) for at least a few years now, so patrons of a particular abstract electronic scene will know him better than most, even if Porcelain Opera and The Terminal Symphony both justifiably served to enlarge his following a bit. Likewise, a recent split LP with Oneohtrix Point Never offered some unnecessary credence courtesy of affiliation, so certainly, proclamations of Hell’s newest LP Vanilla Call Option being his most “refined to date” don’t strike one as surprising or inappropriate. This is an artist on the incline.

A surface familiarity with Witscher’s work as Rene Hell is enough to suggest a disinclination toward being straightforward, and you can expect something similar with his newest album, which is due September 15 on PAN. Go ahead and presume a classical influence as well, because nothing says musical classicism like… esoteric financial terms? No idea, but travel is reportedly a central theme here. Maybe wandering stock brokers are deserving of a musical tribute…

Vanilla Call Option tracklisting:

01. 1
02. 2
03. 3
04. 4
05. 5.2
06. 6
07. 7
08. 8
09. 9&10
10. 11
11. 12

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VIA Festival 2013 continues tradition of warming TMT’s collective heart: Actress, Aaron Dilloway, Pharmakon, Raime, and more

If human beings were capable of literally birthing abstractions, you might say that TMT and the VIA Festival in Pittsburgh both slithered out in short, sequential order on the same succulent river of amniotic fluid from the same mother. Which isn’t to say that coordination exists between the two; the lineup for this year’s (not to mention last year’s) VIA just happens to read like our own journalistic to-splooge list, which may or may not exist, but is otherwise my way of saying… the artists whose music we’ve thoroughly enjoyed recently, or expect to enjoy in the near future, anticipating future releases. October 1-6 will coincide with the festival’s fourth edition, and from my 2500-mile vantage point, it appears as though VIA is steadfastly earning itself a reputation.

Though the festival prides itself on giving due attention to the visual aspect of things, here are a few of the musicians slated to perform for 2013: Raime, Aaron Dilloway, Unicorn Hard-On, John Elliott (of Emeralds/Outer Space and Spectrum Spools), Slava, Pharmakon, and Chief Keef. And then there’s Actress, whose Visa issues from around the same time last year look to have been overcome, much to the dismay of North American thespians. You may be an actress, but he’s the Actress. And so forth.

Not much else to add at the moment. I’d obviously go.

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