HEALTH drop out of tour with Crystal Castles; the internet shakes its fist at the sky and screams “WHY?!?!?!”

HEALTH drop out of tour with Crystal Castles; the internet shakes its fist at the sky and screams "WHY?!?!?!"

The internet is a place shrouded in mystery. What evil lurks in the heart of the local news website comment troll? Why does this sexy Russian 18-year-old want to talk to ME? Is that emoticon being sarcastic? Sometimes, like love, the internet brings up more questions than answers. And such is the case with HEALTH canceling their remaining dates with Crystal Castles. (Which was announced, appropriately enough on the internet. The band’s Facebook page to be exact.)

Why did they bow out before last night’s show in Portland? That’s a mystery not even the dozens of disappointed fans commenting on the post can solve. The band writes, “If it were up to us we’d absolutely love to play these last 9 dates. Unfortunately its beyond our control and that’s not possible. We wish our friends Crystal Castles safe travels and good shows.” Let the rampant, baseless speculation begin!


10.25.12 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Sodo
10.26.12 - Vancouver, BBC - Commodore
10.28.12 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall
10.29.12 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Event Centre
10.31.12 - Winnipeg, MB - Burton Cummings Theatre
11.01.12 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
11.02.12 - Chicago, IL - Congress
11.03.12 - Toronto, ON - Kool Haus
11.04.12 - Toronto, ON - Kool Haus

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sunn 0))) announce West Coast tour, traveling in a cloud of smoke and skulls and holiday cheer

Happy holidays everyone! There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by absorbing the world-shaking gloom of a sunn 0))) show. It’s just as Krampus intended when he created the holiday in a pit of blackness. That last part is not Krampus canon, so to speak, but you know what’s the god’s honest truth? sunn 0))) are going on a West Coast tour this December. The drone-metal duo will take their best friends Dead in the Dirt and Loincloth with them for a handful of dates along the most West-Coast of states. No states are more West-Coast than these.

If the Mayans are correct (and ugh I am sick of hearing about them), sunn 0))) are closing their West Coast run with one hell of an end-of-the-world party. On December 20, Southern Lord (the label run by sunn 0)))) will hold one of their Power of the Riff concerts at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre. sunn 0))), Dead in the Dirt, and Loincloth will all play the event, as will High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Breath, and Void Ov Voices. This is clearly an enormous amount of metal. Now that I think about it, they may be trying to summon the apocalypse themselves. Please do not summon the apocalypse, sunn 0))).

Dates (all w/ Dead in the Dirt, Loincloth):

12.14.12 - Portland, OR - Roseland/Peter’s Room
12.15.12 - Bellingham, WA - The Wild Buffalo *
12.16.12 - Seattle, WA - The Neptune Theatre
12.18.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Mezzanine
12.19.12 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Rio Theatre
12.20.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre &

* Black Breath
& High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Breath, Void Ov Voices

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Neil Michael Hagerty performing Royal Trux’s Twin Infinitives in December

[Ed. note: An earlier version of this story was published that implied a conflict between the members of Royal Trux. This was intended as a joke, but could easily have been taken for the real story. We regret the error and apologize to our readers, Royal Trux, and Drag City Records.]

Neil Michael Hagerty is planning on performing the rightly-heralded 1990 sophomore album by Royal Trux, Twin Infinitives, in its entirety on December 8 in Brooklyn, NY’s Saint Vitus space. Though Jennifer Herrema will not be on stage, the performance was the idea of both members and has her full support.

What will Twin Infinitives, an album that sounds like sloppy garage wastoids endlessly anti-jamming while being simultaneously pulled in two different directions (up and down, reportedly via speed and heroin), sound like in the full light of middle-aged sobriety? As with other such concerts, organized by people who weren’t old enough to be there in the first place, it’ll probably be a mix of weirdness and wonderment. An odd spectacle that you’ll probably want to get tickets to ASAP, given the draw for these kinds of deals, even when a spin of the original material could potentially be a better way to remember the piece in question.

Also, don’t miss today’s Pitchfork interview with Hagerty and Herrema on the story behind 1998’s Accelerator, just reissued by Drag City.

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Local Natives to release new album and tour in January, to the guffaws of Mayans everywhere

Confident-as-balls that the Mayans were wrong-as-balls and that the world isn’t going anywhere any time soon because the U.S.A. is the greatest-as-balls country on Earth, L.A.’s first (and best) Dodos cover band Local Natives have decided to throw down hard for next year in the most American way possible. Oh yeah, baby, I’m talking about the release of a super-sized new album, a big old deep-fried tour, and a whole gratuitous slew of Monster energy drink-sponsored pool parties, family barbecues, and backyard screenings of the movie Point Break. Suck it, country of Maya!

Specifically, the new album, which follows 2010’s Gorilla Manor (TMT Review), is called Hummingbird, and it’s dropping un-a-fucking-pologetically on January 29, 2013 on Frenchkiss/Infectious (and it’s actually coming out on January 28 in Europe, but Europe is not the U.S.A., so I’m only going to mention that parenthetically). According to Pitchfork, the band used the brilliant system known as American Capitalism to their advantage and constructed their own studio space in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles to woodshed tracks for the record, which they subsequently recorded in Brooklyn, America and Montreal, America with The National’s Aaron Dessner co-producing. Check out the first track, “Breakers,” below and brace yourselves for some upcoming Local Natives tourdates, candy-apple-pie-sandwich-eating contests, and some even funnier third thing! BEST 2013 EVER!

Hummingbird tracklisting:

01. You & I
02. Heavy Feet
03. Ceilings
04. Black Spot
05. Breakers
06. Three Months
07. Black Balloons
08. Wooly Mammoth
09. Mt. Washington
10. Colombia
11. Bowery


11.04.12 - Tokyo, Japan - Zepp
11.28.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Molotov
11.29.12 - Berlin, Germany - Comet
12.01.12 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere
12.04.12 - Amsterdam, Holland - Bitterzoet
12.05.12 - Brussels, Belgium - Rotunde
12.06.12 - London, UK - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
12.08.12 - Camber Sands, UK - All Tomorrow’s Parties
01.29.13 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
01.30.13 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre
02.01.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
02.02-03.13 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
03.18..13 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works
03.19.13 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
03.22.13 -Milwaukee, WI - Turner Ballroom
03.23.13 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
03.25.13 - Covington, KY - Madison Theatre
03.26.13 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
03.30.13 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
04.01.13 - Providence, RI - Fete
04.04.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
04.05.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
04.25.13 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
04.26.13 - Seattle, WA - Neptune
04.27.13 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Theatre

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James Ferraro to release Rainstick Fizz Plus (or Shoop2DaDoop) Sushi in November via Hippos in Tanks

Making music in high definition also means living the high life for James Ferraro: Sphnyx cats in L’OREAL bubble baths, Polo neck tats, Neti Pot with Smart water, IHOP delivery, and apparently making eco-themed music. While we recently announced a new album called Rainstick Fizz Plus as James Ferraro, then updated the story to include possible album title Shoop2DaDoop and possible moniker ☣ NEW AGE PLAYBOY ☣, we’re now happy to report that the new album is actually called Sushi and will in fact be released as James Ferraro.

Who knows, maybe there’s more to come from the man hopped up on hi-speed mind candy and who measures his serotonin peaks per minute — several tracks released this year aren’t in the tracklist, unless he’s renamed those too — but for now, we’ve got Sushi, and it’s out November 7 digitally and December 10 physically. Pre-order from Hippos In Tanks now and listen to the album’s first single, “SO N2U”:

Sushi tracklist:

01. Powder
02. Jumpshot Earth
03. Flamboyant
04. Playin Ya Self
05. Baby Mitsubishi
06. Lovesick
07. E 7
08. Jet Skis & Sushi
09. SO N2U
10. Condom
11. Booty Call

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ISPs to implement Copyright Alert System within weeks, may or may not come with deafening sirens

The Center for Copyright Information (CCI) — it almost sounds like an official, non-partisan, harmless government agency, doesn’t it? I was immediately disabused of my naivety as soon as I checked out the organization’s Wikipedia page; on the very first line, it talks about how the CCI was started by Satan, with the apparently all-too-publicized goal of utilizing copyright laws to bring about social unrest, and ultimately, geological hellfire. I’m paraphrasing of course. What it actually says is: “The Center for Copyright Information (CCI) is an American organization created by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)… ” Really, what else do you need to know?

Well, now that I’ve effectively preconditioned you for outrage at the following news, let’s begin: in a blog post last Thursday, the CCI announced that, “over the course of the next two months,” participating ISPs (according to Billboard, this includes Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, and Cablevision) will begin implementing what’s known as the Copyright Alert System (CAS).

The CAS is basically a series of alerts (six in total, which you can review here) designed to inform (some would say terrorize) supposed copyright infringers of their nefarious online, peer-to-peer activities. The alerts range in severity, from the first and second, which are a combination of online notifications and educational material about how to “avoid copyright infringement,” to the fifth and sixth, which include “Mitigation Measures” — euphemistically named, but you active web users out there will know this as throttling — the deliberate reduction of internet speed.

One thing that the blog post flatly denies is the possibility of an ISP outright terminating your connection, as a kind of Final Solution, shall we say, to a person’s refusal to comply. So that’s nice.

As to how the CAS goes about identifying infringed material with any degree of accuracy, MarkMonitor handles that. According to the CCI, the brand protection and anti-piracy company “uses both trained professionals and automated processes to identify illegal downloading of whole movies, TV shows and musical recordings, and the system is designed to eliminate false positives.” And if it turns out that MarkMonitor’s methodology isn’t as foolproof as the CCI would like you to believe, guess what? According to The Verge, if you believe that you were wrongfully targeted by the CAS, you only have to pay a $35 billing fee in order to request an independent review of your network behavior.

Already, those with superior technical knowledge are talking about using VPNs as a workaround, so it’s unclear what, if any, effect the CAS will have on persistent file-sharers. It does introduce a slew of new privacy concerns, however…

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