Implodes get kranky to the point of implosion from announcing new album on Kranky in April; sorry we brought it up

Implodes get kranky to the point of implosion from announcing new album on Kranky in April; sorry we brought it up

Implodes have been garnering attention here and there these last few months, and thus now is the time for the Chicago quartet to release their long-anticipated debut full-length on Kranky. The album, Black Earth, going by its press release (here’s one source out of many), sounds like a mystical journey into the lands of Tolkien, or at the very least into borderline black metal territory. There’s no mythology involved in the album, nor corpse paint in person. Not quite shoegaze, too rich for a diminutive fuzz/sludge/drone label — everyone is united in a hesitancy to classify Implodes as part of a particular genre (a cliché these days, maybe, but one to be thankful for). Whatever category Allmusic decides on, those acquainted with Implodes are unanimous about the appropriate and just decision that no other label than ambient/experimental aficionados Kranky should release this first official LP.

Implodes have been working together for a several years now, spearheaded by Matt Jencik and Ken Camden, and joined by Emily Elhaj (the face behind the cassette label Love Lion) and Justin Rathell. In 2009, the Chicago label Plustapes released Implodes’ first album on cassette; it quickly sold out, was repressed, and sold out for the second time. Don’t worry though — many of those now-obscure tracks were demos for tracks fully (and beautifully) realized on Black Earth. The album is officially out on April 20, but if you’re in the mood for a related primer in improvisational drone, check out Ken Camden’s solo (also Kranky) debut from last year, Lethargy & Repercussion (TMT Review).

Black Earth tracklisting:

01. Open the Door
02. Marker
03. White Window
04. Screech Owl
05. Oxblood
06. Meadowlands
07. Wendy
08. Experiential Report
09. Song for Fucking Damon II (Trap Door)
10. Down Time
11. Hands on the Rail

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Rose Quartz blog recruits Sun Araw, Thurston Moore, Grouper, and more for New Zealand earthquake fundraiser

On February 22, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch, causing billions in damages and at least 172 deaths. To raise money for quake relief and recovery efforts, partially New Zealand-based blog Rose Quartz has put together a digital compilation. Though much of the compilation consists of bands from the Christchurch area, it also features unreleased material from international acts like Thurston Moore, Grouper, Sun Araw, and Dolphins into the Future.

The compilation is free for download here, but listeners are urged to provide a donation. All donated funds will go to the New Zealand Red Cross.


01. Spelunks, “ba-DUNK”
02. Shocking Pinks, “Black Envelope”
03. Thurston Moore, “Circulation (1st Demo)”
04. Coasting, “Discovery”
05. Canterbury Rams, “Simple Mind”
06. Dolphins into the Future, “Armona”
07. Wet Wings, “Feeeel It”
08. Golden Axe, “Catmaster”
09. Secrets, “RMBR U”
10. Monopoly Child Star Searchers, “Winds Emotive Inner Key”
11. Mount Pleasant, “Florida”
12. Sun Araw, “Thrasher”
13. Grouper, “He Knows (Live at St. Lukes Cathedral, Christchurch)”
14. With Moths, “We All Sleep”

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Bert Jansch is back — with a vengeance and with Neil Young on tour

Everyone’s favorite acoustic guitar player — well, at least Neil Young’s favorite (and mine) — has announced that he will be returning to the US as Young’s “special guest” for a spring tour.

The British bombshell, who recently overcame lung cancer and released one of the best albums of his career, 2009’s The Black Swan, will be heading back to the states for a 15-date tour that starts in Durham and ends in the second-best city in America: Chicago. The guitarist will also quietly (and politely) ask you to buy his Charisma-era albums, 1974’s L.A. Turnaround, 75’s Santa Barbara Honeymoon, and 77’s A Rare Conundrum, which have all been reissued by Drag City on both CD and vinyl — and if you don’t own them, you are surely a loser.

“Bert Jansch is on the same level as Jimi [Hendrix],” says tour partner and train-afficionado Neil Young, who is supporting his latest album, Le Noise (TMT Review). “That first record of his is epic. Bert Jansch is the best acoustic guitarist. Except me.” Just joking Tiny Mix Tapers, Neil isn’t that full of himself.

Bert Jansch/Neil Young tourdates:

04.15.11 - Durham, NC - Durham Performing Arts Center
04.17.11 - Richmond, VA - Landmark Theater
04.19.11 - Boston, MA - Wang Theatre
04.20.11 - Boston, MA - Wang Theatre
04.22.11 - Providence, RI - Providence Performing Arts Center
04.24.11 - New York, NY - Avery Fischer Hall
04.25.11 - New York, NY - Avery Fischer Hall
04.27.11 - Baltimore, MD - Hippodrome Theatre
04.28.11 - Baltimore, MD - Hippodrome Theatre
04.30.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theatre
05.01.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theatre
05.03.11 - Cincinnati, OH - Arnoff Center For The Arts
05.04.11 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre
05.06.11 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
05.07.11 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre

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Library of Congress adds 25 new musical recordings to the Posterity Party, including Captain Beefheart and De La Soul

It was announced yesterday that the Library of Congress has gone on a major shopping spree in record stores across Washington, DC, in an obvious attempt to impress the Senate and the Department of Agriculture, and has added 25 new recordings to its already bulging backstock of music.

The Library of Congress, which has spent the last couple years struggling with puberty and multiple attempts to ‘express itself,’ has added new music (by artists ranging from De La Soul to Captain Beefheart) to the ninth annual National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, which adds 25 new songs each year.

“Audio recordings have documented our lives and allowed us to share artistic expressions and entertainment. The salient question is not whether we should preserve these artifacts, but how best collectively to save this indispensable part of our history,” says LoC Librarian (and total nerd) James H. Billington.

Other recordings/musicians selected by the LoC this year include: Al Green, Edward Meeker’s 1908 sing-along “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” a 1970 recording of “Songs of a Humpback Whale,” Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man,” Steely Dan’s Aja, Nat King Cole, Les Paul, Lydia Mendoza, Kid Midnight, Blind Willie Johnson, The Sons of Pioneers, George Crumb, comedian Mort Sahl, and The Almanac Singers. Sorry, Justin Bieber. Keep the dream alive.

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Wildbirds & Peacedrums tour North America and support women simultaneously

Wildbirds & Peacedrums are all about gender equality. In fact, some of their early tourdates were supporting such lovely ladies as St. Vincent and Lykke Li. Now that they’ve made a bit of a name for themselves, Wildbirds will be back on the road this spring in support of Rivers on Leaf, a double-release of two different five-song EPs entitled Retina and Iris, the former of which features the Cantorum Reykjavík Chamber Choir, as used by another very famous woman — Björk — on her album Medúlla. Yes, it may be April and women’s history month may be over, but there’s just no stopping Wildbirds & Peacedrums’ rampant support.


05.30.11 - Toronto, ON - Drake Hotel
05.31.11 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa
06.01.11 - Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear’s
06.03.11 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
06.04.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
06.05.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
06.06.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat Backstage
06.07.11 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
06.09.11 - Seattle, WA - Triple Door
06.10.11 - Vancouver, BC - Waldorf Hotel
06.11.11 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
06.13.11 - San Francisco, CA - Café Du Nord
06.15.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite

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Kyle Bobby Dunn preps new album for May; confused fan accidentally orders Zakk Wylde album

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a boring guy. So boring because he makes drone music. So boring because he was born in Canada. So boring because he’s been making the same music since he was 14. So boring that… I have to make him sound boring just to position myself as less boring. So boring, in fact, that he’s not really boring at all.

Ways of Meaning, KBD’s first release since 2010’s compilation A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn, is sure to be a continuation of his “boring” aesthetic under the guise of some deep universal and philosophical understanding of something or another. The album will be dropping May 3 via Desire Path Recordings, this being his second release for the label. He also has a performance coming up on April 24 at the Manhattan venue Le Poisson Rouge.

Ways of Meaning tracklisting:

01. Dropping sandwiches (in Chester Lake)
02. Statuit
03. Canyon Meadows
04. New Pures
05. Movement for the Completely Fucked
06. Touhy’s Theme


04.24.11 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge

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