Important Records’ sister tape label Cassauna awakens from slumber full of vim, vigor, pep, oomph, and several other synonyms

Important Records' sister tape label Cassauna awakens from slumber full of vim, vigor, pep, oomph, and several other synonyms

Many things happened in the year 2011. To list them all would be absurd and take up a lot of space. Instead, let me list one totally random thing from that year and see where that gets us: Massachusetts-based Important Records formed a sister tape label called Cassauna. Huh, what a fortuitous, but like I said, totally random fact. You see, back in 2011, after a year of putting out a whole heap of tapes from folks like Arnold Dreyblatt, Aki Onda, and Pauline Oliveros, though, Cassauna anthropomorphically realized it was super-tired and wanted to take a nap for a couple of years, which is totally fine. Naps are cool and a lot of people like them. In that way they are like sandwiches and Matt Damon. But anyhow, now that it’s 2014, turns out Cassauna has anthropomorphically realized it slept a whole lot longer than it meant to and is maybe going to be late to hang out with its brother, Important Records. Oh no!

Haha, I hope that “Oh no” didn’t worry you too much. Important Records is anthropomorphically totally chill, so it’s no big deal. Now that Cassauna is up and moving again, though, it’s doing a whole lot of stuff. First off, there’s a brand-new Cassauna Bandcamp on which you can run grubby little internet fingers all over, oh, I don’t know, perhaps Richard Lainhart’s Lux? Or John Bischoff’s Field Transfer? Or maybe if you’re into things that TMT news writers describe as “free” and “brand-new” you might want to pick up Total Life’s Burner, which, as I hinted, is both free and brand-new.

In a totally not anthropomorphic way, Cassauna (or should I say, “the folks at Cassauna?”) also have two additional new releases available right now. First is Randy Gibson’s First Pillar Appearing in Supernova, which combines layers of individual vocal drones with the characteristics of tape itself into a “dense harmonic world from a simple intervallic source.” Order it here. There’s also Zachary James Watkins’ Moveable. Moveable is a piece written for the pianoforte that awesomely uses a tool called the Piano Monster which was “built by NYC artist Ranjit Bhatnagar,” and “uses 16 voltage controlled motors with attached objects that resonate piano strings.” That’s right folks, robot piano. Invite it into your home at this link. In addition to these two, Cassauna is already planning releases from Claudio Rochetti & Pietro Riparbelli as well as Sarah Davachi.

And finally, Important Records has also dedicated the entirety of the latest episode of their podcast to Cassauna’s awakening. The podcast features tracks from past, present, and future releases, and you can stream it below.

Randy Gibson - First Pillar Appearing in Supernova tracklisting:

01. The First Pillar Imploding the Principal Drone under the Addition of 9 in Melodic Counterpoint from Apparitions of the Four Pillars
02. The First Pillar Exploding the Upper Drone with the Violin Analogue, the Nestled Melodic 27, and the Apparition of the Eternal Tonic from Apparitions of The Four Pillars

Zachary James Watkins - Moveable tracklisting:

01. Moveable: Live Concert Recording At Maybeck Studio, Berkeley
02. Moveable: Majestic Star Tuning Remix

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Kelela vibrates yr ears and butt on new song “The High,” announces first-ever headlining shows

Abandon all presumptions of innocence. CUT 4 ME (TMT Review), the excellent debut release from Los Angeles-based and initial Night Slugs/Fade to Mind collaborator Kelela, has a connotation separate from a casual self-reverence manifested through music recording. Listening to the title track, the “cut” doesn’t refer to a “take” in the recording sense, but instead the depths of one’s dominant infatuation, as our narrator requests, “Cum 4 me. You’re all that I need.” Alternatively, things take a decidedly dark turn if you hear or choose to replace “cut” for “cum;” physical pain may be a precondition for emotional involvement with this particular sadist, or she’s just assuming the role of an elementary school teacher and proposing an insurmountable project involving safety scissors and a limitless supply of colored construction paper! No no, just look at those jagged edges. Cut it… mm, “tenderly.”

Let’s go back to the innocent interpretation though. If CUT 4 ME was a release aimed at self-satisfaction, then surely the fact that Kelela’s just announced her first-ever headlining shows is evidence of an imminent artistic selflessness. Come March, she’ll be performing at SXSW, and come April, she’ll take to the stage in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Oh! And she has a new song called “The High,” produced by Gifted & Blessed. Probably not the high that you’re thinking of:


03.12.14-03.14.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW
04.02.14 - Los Angeles - The Echo
04.03.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade NYC

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Jon Porras of Barn Owl to release new LP Light Divide this March on Thrill Jockey; meanwhile, I don’t even know what I’m doing for dinner later

Most people know Jon Porras as one half of the spooky desert-jam outfit Barn Owl. And yes, a select few fans are also aware of his far-more provocative career as the understudy-to-the-third-understudy for one of the Jonas Brothers (I’m not sure which one, exactly. I think all of them?). But it seems hardly anyone — outside of us consummate musical insiders here at TMT — really knows him as a solo artist.

Well, all that shit’s about to change on March 25, when ol’ whats-his-name releases his new full-length album, entitled Light Divide, on the Thrill Jockey label! For once, it’ll be HIS NAME out there, all alone in that typically very crowded spooky drone-rock spotlight! And don’t look now, but I’ve even got some juicy press release hyperbole to get the accolade-ball rolling:

Light Divide showcases Porras as “shifting his focus entirely to electronic synthesis, using a wide array of analog and digital systems to exponentially expand his sonic palate.” Can you believe it? The results are “silhouettes of distant rhythms, abstracted traces of techno wastelands that come in and out of focus like an urban, post-industrial sprawl being overtaken by fog.” Hell yes. And the results of that are billions of dollars, a couple of entourages, and a Maserati truck full of Mercury Prizes!

Ha. For real though, Porras is also totally playing a set at this year’s Austin Psych Fest in April, and you can pre-order the album (LP + download) from the Thrill Jockey website right-the-heck now. And both of those things make him a hell of a lot cooler and more famous than I am! So I’ll just shut up now.

Light Divide tracklisting:

01. Apeiron
02. Recollection
03. Divide
04. New Monument
05. Pleiades

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Hangout Music Fest announces lineup feat. Outkast, Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, friends spending time with other friends

Modern music festivals book some of today’s biggest and brightest stars. But the brightest star of them all? Friendship. Awwwwwwwww. The organizers of Gulf Shores, Alabama’s annual Hangout Music Fest clearly understand this, having given the concept of music second billing to the concept of hanging out. Set on a stretch of sandy beach from May 16-18, the festival has positioned itself as an experience of friendship, one to build lasting memories with your closest friends. That said, they’ve also booked Outkast. Friendship is over, you don’t need friends.

In addition to Outkast, Hangout Fest has also booked The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Le1f, Tegan and Sara, Chance the Rapper, Black Lips, Andrew W.K., Diarrhea Planet, The Killers, The Avett Brothers, and more. A full lineup can be viewed here. You may have noticed that I did not mention one of the festival’s headliners, a one Mr. Jack Johnson. If you are both a Tiny Mix Tapes reader and a Jack Johnson fan, I apologize for this oversight. I would also genuinely like to converse with you, because your pool of interests sound fascinating. Anyway, three-day tickets for the festival are available now.

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Trail of Dead announce Source Tags & Codes tour, begin work on new album tentatively titled Source Tags II: The Klumps

Don’t you wish it could be 2002 all the time? You probably shouldn’t! Some awful stuff was happening! Then again: awful stuff is generally happening all the time and good stuff tends to happen concurrently with awful stuff. If you were in …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead in 2002, certain things were going pretty darn well for you. Your band just released their third album, Source Tags and Codes, which made people lose their damn minds. It’s not 2002 anymore (it’s 2014 FYI), but Source Tags remains Trail of Dead’s most acclaimed work. As such, the band has announced a string of dates this spring in which they will play the album from beginning to end. They are doing this because some things just make sense. Though you know what else would make sense? You guys just officially changing your name to Trail of Dead, because that’s what everybody calls you these days, unless they’re independently wealthy and just have all the time in the world to drop 10-word band names in regular conversation. Just a thought there.

Since time marches forward (get out of here if you think all time is happening simultaneously), so must Trail of Dead. Before leaving on tour, they’re entering Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas with longtime producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith to record their ninth album. Take a moment to realize how much time has passed in our collective lives when you accept that Trail of Dead will soon be six albums removed from Source Tags and Codes. Time really does fly, et cetera, et cetera.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead dates:

03.26.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
03.27.14 - Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel
03.28.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
03.29.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
03.30.14 - Boston, MA - T.T. The Bear’s
03.31.14 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
04.01.14 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle (2 shows)
04.03.14 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall

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Ai Aso plans new record album on Ideologic Organ; fans of record albums and the releasing thereof, rejoice!

I just love record albums. They’re great! I listen to ‘em sometimes, and other times I just hang their artworks up on my wall. And sometimes I even go to internet sites and talk about them with other folks who also like them, although there’s always one or two folks who play “devil’s advocate” and say things like “I don’t much care for that particular record album,” or “why do you have such terrible taste you idiotic ingrate?” which sometimes hurts my feelings because I am very sensitive.

Anyhow, speaking of record albums (which I love) and announcing them to friendly folks (which, by extension I also love) Tokyo-based psychedelic folk singer Asi Aso just announced a new one of her own, to be released by the Editions Mego imprint Ideologic Organ. Entitled Lone, the full-length is out on March 31 of this year. In addition to collaborating with members of the Japanese psych-rock group White Heaven (on 2007’s Chamomile Pool) as well Boris (on the 2007 split 7-inch She’s So Heavy), Aso has had a string of solo releases since her 2000 debut Record, Amaihibiki, Iswy, though Lone will be her first solo full-length in nearly five years (the last one was 2009’s あいだ [Aida]). You see how I went buckwild with discography information there? That’s just a symptom of caring a whole lot about record albums. If you also care, maybe pre-order the album, or give “Date” from the album a listen below.

Lone tracklisting:

01. Agenda
02. Kamitsure no ookina mizutamari
03. Most children do
04. Date
05. Colchicum
06. Komish…
07. Land

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