Indians sign to 4AD, get to hang out on a baller privately-owned island and film videos

Indians sign to 4AD, get to hang out on a baller privately-owned island and film videos

My aunt once told me a story about my grandmother, raising six kids in the rural Midwest during the 1950s, and how she would sometimes bundle all of them up in snowsuits, shove them outside, and say “Go make snowmen!!” And then she’d lock the door. The 4AD Sessions are kinda like that. Except instead of snotty-nosed farm children, our heroes are a well-dressed band of young Danish men. And instead of snowsuits, they have guitars and synths and stuff. Also, they’re not making snowmen, they’re making exquisitely-crafted northwoods indie pop. Plus there’s a camera crew. And our story is not set in the upper Midwest, it’s set on a privately-owned island called Osea in Essex. So yeah, it’s basically nothing like my aunt’s story.

But my, aren’t these 4AD Sessions a sight to behold! They’re like a travel ad for Scandinavian sadness. Filmed entirely outdoors in one day, the session shows the band, coats fluttering picturesquely in the wind as sailboats float serenely by, following the band’s day through songs recorded after high tide, late at night, and in the wee early hours of the morning. So who are these aforementioned natty Danes? Well, they’re called Indians, and they’re fronted by Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul. They’ve only been playing shows since February, but they self-released a debut single in April, and since then have been playing shows with heavy hitters like Beirut, Bear in Heaven, Lower Dens, Retribution Gospel Choir, Savages, and Weird Dreams. And then they fell into the loving arms of 4AD, who signed Indians instantly. The Indians installment of the 4AD Sessions marks the beginning of this beeee-yoo-ti-ful relationship. The debut album for Indians is expected in early 2013. Until then, the band is playing shows with Dan Deacon and Glass Animals, and then hooking up with Other Lives for their American tour.


09.19.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Ideal Bar
09.21.12 - Berlin, Germany - Bi Nuu
09.22.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Norway Exprt @ Reeperbahn
09.25.12 - Paris, France - Trabendo *
09.27.12 - London, UK - Sebright Arms #
10.19.12 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre $
10.20.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge $
10.22.12 - Jackson, WY - Pink Garter Theatre $
10.23.12 - Missoula, MT - Top Hat $
10.25.12 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre $
10.26.12 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl $
10.27.12 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom $
10.29.12 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow’s $
10.30.12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall $
11.01.12 - Felton, CA - Don Quixote’s International Music $
11.02.12 - Santa Barbara, CA - Soho Restaurant & Music Club $
11.03.12 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre $
11.04.12 - San Diego, CA - Casbah $
11.05.12 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom $
11.08.12 - Dallas, TX - Sons of Hermann Hall $
11.10.12 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s $
11.12.12 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree $
11.13.12 - Nashville, TN - 3rd & Lindsley $
11.15.12 - Iowa City, IA - Gabe’s Oasis $
11.16.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center $
11.17.12 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall $
11.19.12 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme $
11.20.12 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Lounge $
11.21.12 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern $
11.23.12 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern $
11.24.12 - Montreal, QC - Le Cabaret du Mile End $
11.26.12 - Portland, OR - Space $
11.27.12 - Boston, MA - Paradise $
11.28.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom $
11.29.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg $
11.30.12 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel $
12.01.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s $
12.03.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox $
12.04.12 - Columbus, OH - The Basement $
12.07.12 - Chicago, IL - Schubas $
12.08.12 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall $

* Dan Deacon
# Glass Animals
$ Other Lives

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Kevin Drumm will release Relief on November 5 via Editions Mego, after he gathers miscellaneous electronic devices and builds an instrument with them

Kevin Drumm found your hair dryer orbiting Mercury.

He found your clock-radio in a snowdrift in the woods.

He found your lawnmower in a tree near a cemetery.

He found your N64 at the bottom of a river.

He opens the door of Editions Mego, quietly.

He will release Relief on November 5, “a 36 minute hypnotic roller coaster ride through the terrain of his unique vision. A haunted melody pinned to a bed of nails. A spinning ride through aural spaces.”

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Refused refuse to confuse you by refusing to refuse to keep playing Refused reunion shows; but confusingly, they also refuse to refuse playing final US reunion show in LA this November! Confused?

That tears it. Refused have freaking had it, you guys! Regardless of what their legions of (aging) fans want, they just cannot go on like this: playing sweaty, awesome, punk-charged reunion shows night after grueling night and ping-ponging back and forth from the US to Europe like a bunch of… I don’t know, things that ping-pong well but are also sentient enough to be existential about it! Which I guess probably don’t really exist. But either way! It’s for the birds. Or maybe The Byrds. Look, I don’t know.

What I do know is this: the band (say it with me, now) absolutely, positively REFUSES to overstay their re-welcome and has just announced their final US reunion show. It’s scheduled for November 5 at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles (which is in California, USA, IMO). Needless to say, the farewell show follows a whole shitload of wildly successful performances across North America and Europe this past summer (actually, if you’re in Europe of Australia, there’s still a relative shitload to go), at which many-a-30-something got drunker than he/she/I have been in a while.

Since we’re all so underground and punk and damn-the-man around here, I can also let you US fans in on the secret that the pre-sale for this auspicious show kicked off yesterday at noon and includes some nifty “limited edition bundles” available for purchase (bundles will include a VIP ticket and a “limited edition t-shirt with show date” with all fees and proceeds going to Syrentha Savio Endowment and Shirts for a Cure). You can access the pre-sale by refusing not to click here when your boss is out of the room or you have a break or something. There’s a good rebel.

Remaining Refused reunion dates:

09.29.12 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
09.30.12 - Prague, Czech Rep - Lucerna Music Hall
10.01.12 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
10.02.12 - Munich, Germany - Kesselhaus
10.04.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
10.05.12 - Madrid, Spain - Riveria
10.07.12 - Bologna, Italy - Estragon
10.08.12 - Zurich, Switzerland - Komplex
10.09.12 - Paris, France - Bataclan
10.10.12 - Luxembourg - Rockhal
10.11.12 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
11.02-04.12 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.05.12 - Los Angeles, CA - the Fonda Theater
11.09.12 - Fremantle, Australia - Metro
11.11.12 - Brisbane, Australia - Eatons Hill Hotel
11.13.12 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore
11.15.12 - Melbourne, Australia - The Palace (SOLD OUT)
11.16.12 - Melbourne, Australia -The Palace (JUST ADDED)
11.17.12 - Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton

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El Perro Del Mar announces The Pale Fire for November, while I stand here burning up from the orange fire

Don’t let the cool kids tell you otherwise: being on fire stinks. Take it from me, I am currently on fire and, really, it stinks. It hurts and it’s too hot and my skin is falling off my bones. Yuck. What are you going to do, though? When you’re on fire, probably nothing. Too late to stop drop and roll, too late to not be on fire. Sigh. Might as well use my last moments in this life to tell you about El Perro Del Mar’s new album. Hey, it’s called The Pale Fire! What a coincidence.

As you may well know, El Perro Del Mar is the indie pop project of Swedish songwriter Sarah Assbring. Last seen in the world of recording in 2009, the year she released Love Is Not Pop, Assbring has been busy, well, not putting out records since. Look, I’m being burned alive right now, I can’t be counted on for these details. Regardless, El Perro Del Mar is back with a new record called The Pale Fire. It will be coming out on November 13 through The Control Group. It will be considerably more enjoyable than having your entire body covered in hot, hot flames. This may seem faint praise; even the worst record is better than being on fire. But there is an important distinction. You see, the worst record is only a little better than being on fire. This record will be a lot better than being on fire. I assure you this.

I really hate being on fire.

The Pale Fire tracklist:

01. Pale Fire
02. Hold Off the Dawn
03. Home Is to Feel Like That
04. I Carry the Fire
05. Love Confusion
06. Walk on By
07. Love in Vain
08. To the Beat of a Dying World
09. I Was a Boy
10. Dark Knight

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Emeralds quartz new listeners with long-awaited Editions Mego album of a vitreous lustre

Emeralds released Does It Look Like I’m Here? (TMT Review) back in 2010, and it got plenty of acclaim, even from people who normally only listen to The Avett Brothers. In spite of the publicity boost, the synth/guitar trio has remained unusually silent in the following years — though “silent” for them means the release of Living With Yourself, Get Lost, Trouble Books & Mark McGuire, Certain Circumstances, Nightshade, A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire, Inner Tube, Tragedy & Geometry, Sunshine Units, House, The Path of Spectrolite, Last Vacuum Demos, Vol. 1, II, Akashic Record (Events: 1986 - 1990), some splits, and 18 other albums picked by John Elliott for the Mego imprint Spectrum Spools. Enough Emeralds-related vinyl to crush a toddler, sure, but not nearly enough to slash deep into the heart of a full-sized human.

So Emeralds are back with the announcement of (and preorder link for) a new group album called Just to Feel Anything, out on vinyl and CD November 5 via Editions Mego. The album was written, recorded, mixed, and gently cradled late at night in Akron, Ohio this past June, with mastering by James Plotkin (the man), artwork by Mark Fell (the myth), and vinyl cutting by Rashad Becker (the mensch). Mego describes the album as “a sophisticated progression in both sound and structure,” managing to “shine a laser-sharp light into the future, while preserving their uniquely intelligent historical perspective,” much like Seth and Scott Avett shine a sepia-dull light into the past, while preserving their uniquely ahistorical old-timey vests and washboards and stuff. Head to the album page if you want a track-by-track rundown on what to expect. I can already say I’m surprised at the way the sounds on this album jump out of the speakers.

Just to Feel Anything tracklist:

01. Before Your Eyes
02. Adrenochrome
03. Through & Through
04. Everything Is Inverted
05. The Loser Keeps America Clean
06. Just to Feel Anything
07. Search For Me in the Wasteland

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Shearwater go to Europe in November to play some shows, see A TON of birds

Jonathan Meiburg is well-known as the leader of Shearwater, a former member of Okkervil River, and a former sideman to Bill Callahan. He is also well-known as an ornithologist. Actually, I’m not sure how well-known it is that he’s an ornithologist. I learned that fact from a friend who is also an ornithologist. But it makes sense! He named an album Rook (TMT Review), which just happens to be a bird. Granted, he also named recent albums Animal Joy (TMT Review) and The Golden Archipelago (TMT Review), neither of which have anything to do with birds. Whatever. Fact is, he’s a bird man.

The bird man’s band Shearwater are touring Europe this November. While they’re there, they’ll play shows, but you know what else I bet they’ll do? Look at birds. What kind of birds does Iceland have? Germany? Austria? The UK? Netherlands? I have no idea, but I bet Meiburg knows. I bet he’ll try to see all of them on this tour. I bet this, because he loves birds.

Shearwater dates:

11.02.12 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves
11.04.12 - Berlin, Germany - Katine am Berghaim
11.05.12 - Leipzig, Germany - UT Connewitz
11.06.12 - Prague, Czech Republic - Lucerna Music Bar
11.07.12 - Vienna, Austria - Fluc
11.08.12 - Budapest, Hungary - Akvarium Klub
11.10.12 - Bologna, Italy - Covo Club
11.11.12 - Zurich, Switzerland - Vladukt
11.24.12 - London, UK - The Garage
11.25.12 - Bristol, UK - The Fleece
11.26.12 - Manchester, UK - St. Philips Church
11.27.12 - Glasgow, UK - Art School
11.29.12 - Liverpool, UK - Eric’s
11.30.12 - Brighton, UK - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
12.02.12 - Middelburg, Netherlands - De Spot

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