Jack White to release his first solo album on April 24. Just kidding, all of his albums are solo albums.

Jack White to release his first solo album on April 24. Just kidding, all of his albums are solo albums. http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-02-jack-white.jpg

Enigmatic longhair John Anthony “Jack White” Gillis set the internet ablaze this past Tuesday with the digital release of his new single, “Love Interruption.” White is set to release an LP of solo recordings on Third Man Records, an exclusive deal that he secured by being said record company’s owner and only employee. The album, titled Blunderbuss, will mark his debut as a solo artist, unless one chooses to consider White’s contributions to the Cold Mountain soundtrack, the single “Fly Farm Blues,” his recording of the unfinished Hank Williams song “You Know That I Know,” and all six White Stripes albums.

Even The Raconteurs, a supposed collaboration between Jack White and an assortment of lesser-known musicians, was actually the result of a double-booked recording studio time slot. According to a Rolling Stone interview, White had intended to “lay down some hot riffs” and “vamp all night” at a rented jam space in Detroit. When he walked into the room to discover some soft-faced Midwesterners rehearsing, White allegedly told them that they could play “next to [him].” As the session was completed, Brendan Benson is said to have asked White for his thoughts on their new tracks, to which White replied “La la la! I can’t hear you!” This is why the band is known as The Saboteurs in Australia.

Young TMT readers should be reminded that Love Interruption has a failure rate of 15%-28%, though “streaming” between uses can greatly increase its efficacy. More effective methods can be obtained free of charge at your local Planned Parenthood.

• Third Man: http://www.thirdmanrecords.com

Swans release limited edition two-disc live album, which consequently sells out faster than the speed of our typing

Swans were dead, and we give our eternal thanks to the inimitable Michael Gira for resurrecting them in a manner as miraculous and significant as the one depicted in the Bible, though with considerably less brain-gorging. Swans Are Dead, released in 1998, symbolized what Gira believed to be the band’s permanent disintegration, but luckily for us, the release of We Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head (also a two-disc live album) signals the complete opposite. Unluckily for us, we’re reporting on this somewhat belatedly, so that album — which came in a limited edition of 1000 — has completely sold out. Luckily for us, all of the revenue earned from the sale of those handmade and personalized (as the disappointment sets in…) albums reportedly “CONTRIBUTES DIRECTLY” to the recording cost of an entirely new Swans album, The Seer, which is already in progress.

If you’re thinking that an album selling out isn’t something to bat an eye at, considering you just download all of your music illegally through fantastically stocked private trackers, it’s worth noting that Gira personally advises against this, on an implied penalty of death: “By the way, these are for YOU only. Please, please, please do not “share” these, or any of the other recordings on the goddamn internet or anywhere else. Would really appreciate your attention to this request!” I guess you can’t blame him for trying.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creation We Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head despite the fact that it’s most definitely sold out, click here. And don’t forget to scan the list of solo tourdates if you’re intent on catching Michael Gira live in the coming months. Wait… isn’t he supposed to be working on a new Swans album? Shenanigans!

• Swans: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swans/13879391977
• Young God: http://www.younggodrecords.com

Neil Young officially confirms TWO new albums with Crazy Horse; fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah

Neil Young a.k.a. Our Messiah (disagree and I’ll strangle ya in front of all your coworkers and they won’t even shed tears when they hear what the fight was about) has just confirmed (via a video at Rolling Stone) the rumors swirling around ever since he put up a 37-minute Crazy Horse jam of unknown origin the other day: Crazy Horse reunion is happening!! In fact, it’s already happened behind closed doors and they’ve finished an album called Americana that is going to feature a “very young choir of children” assisting the Horse as they run through “songs we all know from kindergarten,” such as “Oh Susanna” and “This Land Is Your Land.” Hmm. Okay. Starting to get visions of Old Ways and This Note’s for You, but maybe it’ll be fuckin’ Trans-level great in the end. After all, 2010’s Le Noise was damn good.

Perhaps anticipating a nation-wide groan at the concept of Americana, Neil also confirmed that the group are already at work on a second album, presumably less concept-driven and more scorching-ass-rock-centric. Young spoke about both albums over coffee with Jonathan Demme as a promotional event for Journeys, the third movie in Demme’s trilogy that started with Heart of Gold and blew the roof off with Trunk Show.

Finally, a single performance of Neil Young with Crazy Horse (eight years after their last one) is scheduled for February 10 as part of a MusiCares Person of the Year Gala honoring Paul McCartney. On that note, let’s finish up this story with a video of President Young covering “A Day in the Life,” with a little help from McCartney himself. (P.S. — this version rules.)

• Neil Young: http://www.neilyoung.com

Jim O’Rourke to perform Eureka at ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror Japan; Tiny Mix Tapes editors’ heads collectively implode then explode AGAIN

Last week, we reported that Jim O’Rourke will not only be curating ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival in Japan, but that he’ll also be performing in it. Hold onto your hats, stop the presses and all that jazz, because according to FACT, O’Rourke will be joined by a 12-piece band to play his 1999 album Eureka on the second day of the festival. TMT loves O’Rourke and this album with such passion that we named our whole favorite new albums section after it.

Other confirmed additions to the lineup include The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Codeine, Factory Floor, Nisennenmondai, Michael Rother, The Necks, and Borbetomagus, along with many more still to be confirmed. I’ll Be Your Mirror Japan will take place April 14-15 in Studio Coast, Tokyo, and tickets go on sale February 11.

• Jim O’Rourke: http://tisue.net/orourke
• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com

Western Vinyl signs Lushlife, not to be confused with jazz standard “Lush Life”

East Coast bedroom emcee Lushlife has signed to Western Vinyl! The label features a veritable dreamcoat of outsiders and should provide a nice comfortable home for Lush. Nothing extravagant, but a good, cozy fit nonetheless. So what’s this Lushlife all about, anyway?

Well, he’s based in South Philly and in 2009 he put out an album called Cassette City that featured Greg Saunier of Deerhoof on a track. Pretty lush, indeed. In 2011 he brought us his self-released mixtape, No More Golden Days, a fun mix of J Dilla-style samples and indie-darling contemplativeness underneath some pretty smooth emceeing by Lush and friends. It’s well-produced, low-key hip-hop that in one verse features a Zola Jesus shout-out. What else do you need to know? Go on, download it, get to know the guy, it’s free. Take your time, we’ll be right here.

Interest piqued? If so, you’re in luck, as Western Vinyl is promising a new Lush LP, Plateau Vision, for April 27. Expect more enjoyable, sample-heavy tracks with rhymes that include references you might actually relate to! The album will presumably be released in digital formats in addition to the label’s namesake gramophone discs, not that you have anything to worry about seeing as you already own a fancy vintage record player. Oh, the lush life.

• Lushlife: http://www.myspace.com/lushlifemedia
• Western Vinyl: http://westernvinyl.com

Chicago Underground Duo sign with Northern Spy, provide sneak peek of Age of Energy

Chicago Underground Duo founding members Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor have apparently decided the “thrill” is gone. Celebrating their 15th year of existence, Mazurek and Taylor have decided to make the jump from their long-standing relationship with Chicago’s Thrill Jockey for Brooklyn’s Northern Spy. The label, ably run by Tom Abbs, Adam Downey, and crew, is home to such luminaries as Bird Names, Extra Life, the Charles Gayle Trio, Haunted House, and ZS.

The Duo’s debut for Northern Spy, their sixth LP overall, is titled Age of Energy and is due March 13. Northern Spy tattles that the new LP, “recorded live in the studio with very few overdubs,” was conceived during live shows a couple years ago. Mazurek and Taylor, who are certainly no slouches, play everything you’ll hear on the new LP, which features both nods to traditional Zimbabwean music and “overdriven electronics.” Tasty.

The Duo’s only announced tourdate so far is a record release party on March 15 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. Check out the LP’s final track, “Moon Debris,” here:

Age of Energy tracklist:

01. Wind Sweeping Pines
02. It’s Alright
03. Castle In Your Heart
04. My Wife
05. Moon Debris

• Chicago Underground Duo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Underground_Duo
• Northern Spy: http://northern-spy.com