Jeffrey Lewis releasing new album in October on Rough Trade; for five seconds The Moldy Peaches’ popularity surges again

Jeffrey Lewis releasing new album in October on Rough Trade; for five seconds The Moldy Peaches' popularity surges again

Digital albums are great, but anti-folkster Jeffrey Lewis is neither Das Racist nor OFWGKTA, and the semi-self-released work he’s done apart from Rough Trade in the last couple years has largely flown under the radar. His last album, Come on Board, wasn’t even distributed to stores, and without some searching, casual fans of Lewis (Peter Stampfel) might not have even known about the download.

Now that Jeffrey Lewis has announced a new album with Rough Trade (his sixth with the label), the internet is once again a-buzz about the verbose singer who famously did LSD once and went a little crazy. The record, A Turn in the Dream-Songs, comes out on October 11, and while there’s no information released about the tracklisting or artwork (except that it’s by Jeffrey, of course), you can hear some new material in the very slim chance that you can attend any of these overseas shows. Despite single-handedly constituting, with Kimya Dawson, what’s left of New York’s anti-folk scene, the new album was recorded in Manchester, and features appearances from more than a few UK bands, including members of The Vaselines, The Wave Pictures, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit, and Misty’s Big Adventure. There are some Americans thrown in, too: folks from Au Revoir Simone, Dr. Dog, and Schwervon, to even things out.

Of course, there’s plenty more to read about Jeffrey Lewis and his projects, musical and artistic. Just go here to start feeling lazy in comparison.

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Superchunk slyly con those stuffed-shirt big wigs over at Merge to reissue Foolish in September

The long and sordid history between indie rock posterband Superchunk and their soulless label Merge Records is well documented. Superchunk members Mac McCaughan, Laura Ballance, Jon Wurster, and Jim Wilber were locked in a constant fight with the powers-that-be at Merge for literally hundreds of years before their landmark 1991 album Punk in Drublic was finally released unedited and in-full. Tensions with the label remained high throughout the band’s career, culminating in Merge founders Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward unethically releasing many of the band’s late 90s albums under the name Super-dooperchunk (and later “The Get Up Kids”) to increase sales.

Now, on the auspicious 10-year anniversary of that album’s release, Merge is fucking with the most hated band on its roster one last time by confusingly reissuing the band’s 1994 album Foolish instead. Fans may recall that Foolish was initially recorded with Brian Paulson in Minneapolis and mixed by the the band and Steve Albini in Chicago and was only intended to be released on the then-very popular format of 3.5” floppy disk. However, on September 13, Merge will go against the band’s wishes yet again by rolling out the Foolish reissue on CD, LP, and digital download. Just to add insult to injury, the label has gone ahead and had Bob Rock remaster the whole album. They also swapped in some different album art, shoehorned in some bonus material, and forced drummer Jon Wurster to write liner notes by forcing him to hang out with John Darnielle until he acquiesced.


09.08.11 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre
09.10.11 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival
12.01.11 - London, UK - Scala
12.02.11 - Minehead, UK - All Tomorrow’s Parties

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Björk is selling a special version of Biophilia for just a hair over $800

Biophilia is an ambitious album, distilling the shape, rhythm, and velocity of our entire universe into a 150x150-pixel clickable square, and to Björk it seemed like a shame to have the end result benignly stationed there between Words With Friends and that flashlight app that just shows a white screen. Sure, the bashfully wealthy were able to appreciate the entirety of existence on an iPad, but what about the revoltingly wealthy who already own prototypes of the iBrad personal robotic assistant? Well, all they have to do is think about clicking this link and iBrad will spring to life and start purchasing copies of Biophilia: The Ultimate Edition for all their grandkids.

Strictly limited to as many copies as people are actually going to fork over £500 (~$812) for by August 12, this special edition comes with all the bells and whistles: 10 chrome-plated tuning forks, each one set to the tone of a different Biophilia track, collectively forming a complete octave in a “non-conventional scale.” Next-level scale coming through, meatheads:

Moon: E 329.6 Hz
Thunderbolt: B 246.9 Hz
Crystalline: G 392 Hz
Cosmogony: F# 370 Hz
Dark Matter: Silent fork
Hollow: C 261.6 Hz
Virus: C# 277.2 Hz
Sacrifice: A 440 Hz
Mutual Core: Eb 311.1 Hz
Solstice: A 220 Hz

Yes, the “Dark Matter” fork will suck all sound from the room once it’s struck, including your screams. And that’s not all: these sound-making metal chunks will be beautifully arranged in a flocked tray within a lacquered, silkscreened oak box with a hinged lid — just like my No. 2 pencil box in fifth grade! Other things included in this oaken box that do not justify the price: a 48-page Biophilia Manual that is covered in cloth and sewn with thread; a ribbon to get the manual out of the box; essays about universe-y things by Nikki Dibben; a Certificate of Authenticity like you’re buying something on QVC. Oh, and the Biophilia album itself, with some extra recordings. Did I mention that the spine and back cover of the manual will be foil blocked?

This lovely, lavishly lacquered lenticular load of stuff is only being offered until next Friday (August 12), so buy it now or forever be edited out of Björk’s vision of the future.

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Jónsi of Sigur Rós to score Cameron Crowe-directed We Bought a Zoo; Cameron Crowe movies to keep on sucking

Cameron Crowe makes bad movies, Jónsi (of Sigur Rós) makes good music, and, like tuna fish and grape jelly, they might as well go together because why the fuck not. I mean, it is a well-known fact that Crowe’s 2000 film Almost Famous is what inspired Jónsi to join a band!

The movie, titled We Bought a Zoo, is based on a Hallmark card (actually a Benjamin Mee memoir) about a widowed father who fulfills his late wife’s wishes to renovate and re-open a down-on-its-luck zoo (how quirky!) and stars Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, and Elle Fanning. Trust me, you’re going to get roped into seeing this.

The movie is set for release on December 23 of this year and will most likely be lost in the shuffle of the last Christmas before the world ends in 2012, so enjoy this news for now.

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The Shins announce some tourdates and purchase the Discovery Space Shuttle! Wait, no… sign with Columbia Records. Boring!

ATTENTION FOOLS: The Shins (a.k.a. James Mercer and whomever-the-hell-else-besides Danger Mouse) are finally coming back from the plane of high pop consciousness for your uncatchy mortal souls. They trust that you will willingly pick up where you left off like four or five years ago and ADORE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM. Never mind where your pathetic and underdeveloped musical tastes have wandered in the interim. Mercer is great, and he knows and forgives your weaknesses. But please take the next few days to get these discretions back in line, or he will not hesitate to destroy you with one of his piercing, sullen, bearded half-glowers.

Your presence is required at the geographically and temporally nearest upcoming Shins performance. The performers will include singer/songwriter Richard Swift, Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer, Yuuki Matthews of Crystal Skulls, and singer/songwriter Jessica Dobson, and you will pretend that they have always been in The Shins, applauding them thoroughly (but not with more warmth than that with which you will applaud Mercer). You will bring the following items to your designated performance: your Mercer-approved earplugs so that you don’t miss any important frequencies; all of your hopes, dreams, and affections; enough money for a Shins t-shirt, vinyl copy of Oh, Inverted World, and Broken Bells tote bag. During the performance, you will not do any of the following things: exit the floor to obtain alcohol at the expense of missing a slow song; use the restroom; bring up a certain film from the early 2000s (or any popular lines from it) whose name we will not dignify by uttering here; sing along on top of Mercer with your own shrill, disagreeable voice.

Additionally, in conjunction with this tour, you are required to get re-excited about the news that Mercer has been working on a new Shins album for some time now with producer Greg Kurstin (yes, from Geggy Tah), a new Shins album that will be released next year on Mercer’s Aural Apothecary label and Columbia Records. Be advised that this album will ______ your life. That is all for now. Go in peace. So says I.


08.08.11 - Eugene, OR - W.O.W. Hall
08.09.11 - Bend, OR - The Domino Room
08.10.11 - Portland, OR - The Doug Fir Lounge
08.12.11 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Festival
09.22.11 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
09.23.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Popped! Festival
09.24.11 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
10.15.11 - Pensacola, FL - DeLuna Festival

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Yuck finish up tour of the West Coast, call their parents, get permission to tour East Coast in the fall

It’s happened before: a couple guys travel across the sea from England to America, and once they’ve touched land, exploited native peoples, and discovered that they can eat all the corn they want, they don’t want to leave. It happened again this year, when Yuck — a ragtag group of 20-year-old Londoners — came to the States with their old-world, Jesus & Mary Chain sound, to tour their debut album (TMT Review) on Fat Possum. They haven’t even left the West Coast when already they’re announcing another tour, this time of the East Coast, starting in September. Next they’ll be taking away our right to bear arms!

Along with the tour news, Yuck recently unveiled a new 7-inch, featuring “Shook Down” (from the self-titled album) backed with a new single, “Milkshake.” In case you were wondering, yeah, it still sounds like a composite of all the noisy old bands you liked in high school. Listen to “Milkshake” at Yuck’s Myspace, or stream the new video for “Shook Down” here. With full-frontal nudity and facial features done terrifyingly piecemeal, it’s about as uncomfortable viewing as the new Flaming Lips/Lightning Bolt video.


09.22.01 - Boston, MA - TT the Bears
09.23.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Popped Festival
09.24.11 - Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal
09.25.11 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
09.27.11 - Buffalo, NY - Ninth Ward
09.28.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox
09.29.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
09.30.11 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
10.01.11 - Indianapolis, IN - Radio Radio
10.03.11 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
10.04.11 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird
10.05.11 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
10.06.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10.07.11 - Tampa, FL - Crowbar
10.08.11 - Sunrise, FL - Langerado Festival
10.10.11 - Orlando, FL - The Social
10.12.11 - Washington, D.C. - Black Cat
10.13.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10.14.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg

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