Jim O’Rourke and others contribute to album-length remix in support of Sohrab’s request for political asylum

Jim O’Rourke and others contribute to album-length remix in support of Sohrab's request for political asylum http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-04-sohrab-jim-orourke.jpg

Nearly a year ago, we let our readers know about Iranian ambient musician Sohrab’s stateless status following the Middle East protests that led him to leave his home in Tehran and seek political asylum in Germany. Sohrab had his request denied at the time, and since then he’s been gathering funds for lawyer’s fees and continuing to fight for legal status. Unfortunately, after all this time the situation has remained largely the same, so now Sohrab’s label Touch is rolling out the third in a series of benefit remix compilations called You Are Not Alone, pairing other sound artists with Sohrab’s raw material and letting them have at it.

Previous volumes (both still available to download) saw reworkings by Daniel Menche, JG Thirlwell, Philip Jeck, and Jóhann Jóhannsson, and the newest entry (all mixed together into one 45-minute track) features remixes by bearded man Jim O’Rourke and BJNilsen, to name a few. The digital release is available now and all £4.49 of it will go toward funding Sohrab’s ongoing appeal.

You Are Not Alone III tracklisting:

Maia Urstad, “Himmel über Bergen”
Zerocrop, “Susanna (Zerocrop remix)”
Sarah Nicolls, “Orshab”
Achim Mohné, “Syntactical audio observation of the apparatus”
BJNilsen, “Marg Bar (DUB)”
Jim O’Rourke, “Somebody”

• Sohrab: http://www.touchmusic.org.uk/sohrab
• Touch: http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

RIP: Dick Clark

From ABC News:

Dick Clark, the music industry maverick, longtime TV host and powerhouse producer who changed the way we listened to pop music with “American Bandstand,” and whose trademark “Rockin’ Eve” became a fixture of New Year’s celebrations, died today at the age of 82.

Clark’s agent Paul Shefrin said in statement that the veteran host died this morning following a “massive heart attack.”

Born in Mount Vernon, N.Y., on Nov. 30, 1929, Richard Wagstaff Clark began his lifelong career in show business began before he was even out of high school. He started working in the mailroom of WRUN, a radio station in upstate New York run by his father and uncle. It wasn’t long before the teenager was on the air, filling in for the weatherman and the announcer.

Clark pursued his passion at Syracuse University, working as a disc jockey at the student-run radio station while studying for his degree in business. After graduating in 1951, Clark went back to his family’s radio station, but within a year, a bigger city and bigger shows were calling.

Clark landed a gig as a DJ at WFIL in Philadelphia in 1952, spinning records for a show he called “Dick Clark’s Caravan of Music.” There he broke into the big time, hosting Bandstand, an afternoon dance show for teenagers.

Within five years, the whole country was watching. ABC took the show national, and “American Bandstand” was born.

• Dick Clark: https://www.dickclark.com

Daniel Johnston releases soundtrack to Space Ducks comic book/iPad app (ft. Eleanor Friedberger, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lavender Diamond, and a bunch of ducks from outer space)

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you all about how Daniel Johnston’s first studio album in three years was gonna be released in iPad app form as some sort of game in which you (presumably) do a bunch of Angry Birds stuff… but, you know, with ducks? And that it was all based around a comic book concept called Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness that was unveiled at SXSW last month? And then you were worried slightly, because you luuuuuurve (with u’s and a v) Daniel Johnston, but don’t own one of those crazy-expensive iPad things and hate the abominable task of reading words and then associating those words with accompanying, sequential illustrations???

Well, never mind all that, because just like with any good religion, you can just skip the parts you don’t like! The game’s “soundgrack,” (ya know, Space Ducks: Soundtrack) is also out NOW, along with the game and comic. According to Johnston’s peeps, it’s a “two part recording comprised of 7 new Daniel-penned songs including the title track ‘Space Ducks Theme Song,’ ‘Mask’ and tongue-in-cheek ‘Mean Girls Give Pleasure’, plus 5 new Space Ducks inspired songs written by Deer Tick, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Eleanor Friedberger, Fruit Bats and Lavender Diamond.” And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write your own song about the Space Ducks after listening to all this infinite musical greatness, just like Kurt Cobain did (he ended up calling it Dumb, for some reason)!

Again, this music is available right now at most digital music retailers (streaming at AOL Spinner, too), and the comic book is available on the Space Ducks app and at hihowareyou.com, as well as, umm, comic book shops. If you do have one of those giant iPhones, the app is free over in ye olde iTunes Store. Oh, and if you’re fed up with non-physical music entirely, a vinyl and CD version (with bonus tracks!) is coming this summer. Hey, does anyone else here remember Bucky O’Hare?

Space Ducks: Soundtrack tracklistin’:

01. Daniel Johnston, “Space Ducks Theme Song”
02. Daniel Johnston, “American Dream”
03. Daniel Johnston, “Sense of Humor”
04. Eleanor Friedberger, “Come Down”
05. Fruit Bats, “Evil Magic”
06. Daniel Johnston, “Mean Girls Give Pleasure”
07. Lavender Diamond, “Moment of Laughter”
08. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Satanic Planet”
09. Daniel Johnston, “Wanting You”
10. Daniel Johnston, “Mask”
11. Daniel Johnston, “Mountain”
12. Deer Tick, “Space Ducks”

Spring/summer dates:

04.16.12 - Brighton, UK – St Bartholomew’s Church
04.18.12 - Madrid, Spain – La Casa Encendida
04.19.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Bikini
04.20.12 - Valencia, Spain – Loco Club
04.21.12 - Valladolid, Spain – Laboratorio De Las Artes
04.23.12 - Rome, Italy – Piper Club
04.24.12 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
04.26.12 - Heidelberg, Germany - Karlstorbahnhof
05.10.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
05.12.12 - Rochester, NH - Rochester Opera House
07.14.12 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s Downstairs

• Daniel Johnston: http://www.hihowareyou.com
Space Ducks: http://spaceducks.com

Evan Caminiti (1/2 of Barn Owl) to release Night Dust on May 15. He’ll teach you how to fight vampires, too.

Remember a couple months back when I told you about Jon Porras’ solo LP? Let me tell you a bit about his partner-in-crime, Evan Caminiti. In addition to his work with Porras as Barn Owl, Caminiti has worked with Lisa McGee as Higuma and released three LPs under his own name — and on May 15 he’ll release another one on Immune Recordings called Night Dust, on limited LP and cassette. Immune tells me that, for this record, “Caminiti shifted the focus away from amplifier worship and the desert themes his work is often associated with to focus on texture, fractured dub techniques, and spacious electric guitar composition” and that “guitars moan like horns through empty city streets, vocal samples erode in devotional bliss, and webs of synthesizer float like mist.”

Not only is Night Dust Evan Caminiti’s Immune debut, but it could also be the title of a wild new vampire flick. After all, according to Immune, “smokey blue hues and washed out lights of some of the 80’s best vampire movies” inspired the album.

So, Night Dust, the movie, would be about a vampire who works as a street magician by day and preys only on people who have blue hair or blue eyes. He sends out an owl messenger to find out where the victims live, then he breaks into their houses at midnight and casts spells on them with enchanted dust. Only a blind banjo-player knows the truth, but no one bothers to listen to him. By the end of the movie, the vampire has destroyed the town! Coming to a theater near you May 15.

Night Dust tracklisting:

01. Near Dark

02. Returning Spirits

03. A Memory or a Mirage

04. Star Circle

05. The River

06. Red Sun Blues

07. Moon is the Hunter

08. Last Blue Moments

09. Slow Fade of Stars

10. First Light I

11. First Light II

• Evan Caminiti: http://www.electrictotem.com/?cat=15
• Immune: http://immunerecordings.net

Cadence Weapon announces Hope in Dirt City, hopes the crowd will move this time on tour

Poor Cadence Weapon. He can’t get no respect around here. There was once a time where he toured with Islands, back when Nick Thorburn was badass Nick Diamonds. Opening for them, he’d meet crowds not so much hostile as confused: “Hip-hop? At a rock show? We’renotpreparedaaaaaah” to the point that they did the shocked Standard Hipster Show Dance, also known as the Stand Still. The only time he got a rise out of them was when he did the rap bit from Return to the Sea’s “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Whalebone.” They just didn’t know.

Even after two phenomenal albums, Breaking Kayfabe and Afterparty Babies (TMT Review), he still isn’t getting props, with fellow Canuck rapper Drake using his Degrassi sparkle to front that joke The Weeknd, and Buck 65 being… Buck 65. Also, crowds were still confused. Buddy Claire Boucher (a.k.a. Grimes) noted recently that the label was giving him trouble. But now the matter seems settled, after he began leaking out new tracks left and right. Hope in Dirty City, his next album, is due out May 29 on Upper Class Recordings. Expect more of what Mos Def should have done instead of taking up an acting career: messing around with psychedelic and disco, and a calm yet provocative form of lyricism, among other things. He even got a tour with Japandroids happening. Though the question must be begged: Maybe !!! or Aesop Rock would be better? Or even Atmosphere? At least he can be sure the crowd’s in a dancing mood. It’s tricky with hipsters: either they do the Stand Still, or they turn into an orgy of dancing, moshing, making out, and awkward groping. I mean, really.

Hope in Dirt City tracklisting:

01. Get On Down
02. Conditioning
03. Jukebox
04. Cheval
05. (You Can’t Stop) The Machine
06. No More Names (Aditi)
07. Small Deaths
08. Hype Man
09. There We Go
10. Crash Course for the Ravers
11. Hope in Dirt City

Dirt City not included on tour:

06.11.12 - Seattle, WA - Neumos *
06.12.12 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge *
06.14.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent *
06.15.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex *
06.16.12 - San Diego, CA - Casbah *
06.19.12 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge *
06.21.12 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall *
06.22.12 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop *
06.23.12 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern *
06.25.12 - Montreal, QC- La Sala Rossa *
06.26.12 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall *
06.27.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom *
06.29.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s *
06.30.12 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel *
07.03.12 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry *

* Japandroids

• Cadence Weapon: http://www.cadenceweaponmusic.com
• Upper Class: http://www.upperclassrecordings.com

Mike Watt, Deerhoof’s John Dietrich, some other fellows start Hand to Man Band, which is like a group of superheroes or something, I don’t know, I only scanned the press release

Mike Watt’s doing something, I guess. I don’t know what, I can hardly be bothered to find out. That guy’s always doing stuff, like being in the Minutemen years ago and then being in fIREHOSE years ago and then being in The Stooges for a while and recording a Kelly Clarkson song, I think? Not that I’ll ever check up on this stuff. I’m kind of the Mike Watt of not doing things, which means I’m kind of the Mike Watt of not being like Mike Watt.

Right now, Exclaim! (or somebody, who knows) is reporting that Watt is teaming up with Deerhoof guitarist John Dietrich, Silver Jews drummer Tim Barnes, and Tsigoti pianist Thollem McDonas to form some kind of group called The Hand to Man Band. Guess it’s probably a band. This new group of super guys has a debut called You Are Always On Our Minds coming out May 22 through Post-Consumer Records. The band’s members describe it as “psychotropic jazz to konked-out funk to skronked-out dirges to alien transmissions to plaintive nocturnal pleas,” but I’d probably describe it as, um, rock, maybe? Whatever. Listen to a track from it (“First Shallows”) below. As it turns out, the album was recorded in Austin back in 2010, but I guess they just couldn’t be bothered to release it until now. And now, they can’t even be bothered to release a full track list. Hey, these guys are more like me than I thought. I’m lazy.

• The Hand to Man Band: http://www.thollem.com/THTMB.html
• Post-Consumer Records: http://www.post-consumer.com