John Cale, fun-loving layabout, to release Extra Playful on Domino imprint

John Cale, fun-loving layabout, to release Extra Playful on Domino imprint

With roughly 50 years in the business of making music, it seems that by now John Cale would be nothing but straight-laced and serious. Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong and you’d be a fool. Cale’s as spry and whimsical as he’s ever been! “Why get a job when I can play jacks?” asked Cale. “Or push a hoop with a stick?” For what it’s worth, John Cale may be under the impression that he’s a circa-1920s street urchin.

Whatever Cale is or isn’t, he is definitely planning to show his fun-loving side with the Extra Playful EP, his first release since 2005’s blackAcetate. The EP will be Cale’s first release on Domino imprint and new best buddies for life Double Six. Between games of hopscotch and tiddlywinks, the two parties established that the new EP will be out digitally on September 19, with a 12-inch vinyl release following on September 27. According to Double Six’s press release, the record “[freewheels] through springy beats, snaking, shonky guitar lines and zones of exciting texture,” while the lyrics “veer from richly poetic to extra playful.”

As beautiful as this new friendship is, one has to wonder if it shall last forever. Good news: it shall! Or, at the very least, it will last through 2012, when Cale releases a full-length album through Double Six. But, hey, let’s not worry about the future, let’s have a snowball fight! (Snowball fight offer not valid until the oppressive heat of summer finally fades.)

Extra Playful tracklist:

01. Catastrofuk
02. Whaddya Mean by That?
03. Hey Ray
04. Pile a L’Heure
05. Perfection

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WHY? to answer the rest of the Five W’s on sit-down tour

WHY? — hip-hop act or not hip-hop act? It’s a debate that rages eternally/for a little while. While key member Yoni Wolf co-founded the Anticon label and served as member of abstract hip-hop outfit cLOUDDEAD, his main gig has been swimming in genre ambiguity for a while now. Here’s some evidence for the “not hip-hop” side of the debate: WHY? are going on a tour of seated venues this fall. Sitting? In hip-hop? Bwuuuuuuuuuuh?

If you really want to know why Wolf and company decided on touring exclusively seated venues, well, why don’t you ask them yourself? During each set (which will heavily feature new songs from WHY?’s forthcoming record), the group will give audience members the chance to ask questions. Once and for all, you can finally get that elusive answer to those most elusive questions: did you really, really fall asleep in a bath of hair? And how gross was it?

WHY? dates (all shows w/ Serengeti):

09.14.11 - Cincinnati, OH - Memorial Hall
09.15.11 - Carnegie, PA - Carnegie Music Hall of Carnegie
09.16.11 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
09.17.11 - Boston, MA - The Paramount
09.18.11 - Hartford, CT - Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
09.21.11 - New York, NY - Florence Gould Hall (early and late shows)
09.22.11 - Falls Church, VA - State Theatre
09.23.11 - Charlottesville, VA - UVA Chapel
09.24.11 - Carrboro, NC - Art’s Center
09.25.11 - Knoxville, TN - Relix Variety Theatre
09.26.11 - Atlanta, GA - Eddie’s Attic
09.27.11 - Nashville, TN - 3rd And Lindsley
09.29.11 - Oklahoma City, OK - ACM@UCO
09.30.11 - Dallas, TX - Sons of Hermann Hall
10.01.11 - Austin, TX - Central Presbyterian Church
10.04.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Largo at The Coronet
10.05.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Great American Music Hall
10.07.11 - Portland, OR - Alberta Rose Theatre
10.08.11 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project (early and late shows)
10.10.11 - Billings, MT - Visualite Theatre
10.12.11 - Englewood, CO - The Gothic
10.14.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
10.15.11 - Chicago, IL - Museum of Contemporary Art

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Fuck, shit, fuck: Silent Barn NYC robbed and needs your help

I’m having difficulty holding back my rage and sadness as I write this — The Silent Barn, one of NYC’s very finest DIY venues, was robbed and vandalized over the weekend, resulting in the loss of donated artwork, furniture, projects, tools, and over $15,000 in audio equipment, as well as extensive property damage. The space is utterly essential as an alternative venue for bands and artists that might not otherwise find such fantastic support in NYC, and serves as a locus for much of the city’s most adventurous new music. Attendees at any of its many wide-ranging, welcoming, and shockingly-reasonably-priced shows will undoubtedly feel as saddened as I do. The loss of this equipment coupled with the massive damage to the space is a huge blow for the city’s music community. You can read the venue’s statement about the robbery at their Facebook page here.

A portion of what was stolen (contact if you have any information):

- 2 powered QSC K8 speakers
- 2 powered behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO subwoofers
- 1 Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer
- 1 snake with 8 XLR inputs and 4 1/4”” inputs
- 2 Yamaha passive PA speakers (painted white)
- Peavey Bass Cab
- Two Peavy power amps
- Soundcraft Spirit 4 mixer
- Tape Decks
- Ampeg bass amp BA 115 bass combo
- Peavey bass combo amplifier
- Silver Stanton USB turntable
- behringer bcf2000 usb mixer

But while this is awful news, it shouldn’t have to signal the end of an era. DIY venues are nothing if not resilient, so now’s the time for you to help prove that that’s the case here as well and get this place up and running again. The Silent Barn is asking for donations to help put the place back together, and a Kickstarter is being set up right now to help speed the process, which we’ll provide a link for in this story as soon as it’s up [update (7/20): here’s the Kickstarter link]. If you’ve got anything to give, even if you don’t currently call NYC your home, it’s probably worth your while to send something their way, as their influence in providing an outlet for defiantly non-marketable music is probably felt the world over.

In summary: awesome venue robbed, let’s get them back on their feet.

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Awesome Canadians honored on Polaris Music Prize 2011 shortlist

You heard it here first: Canada is the new Portland/Williamsburg/Milton Bradley’s Candyland. You go to Canada and the place is just swimming with super-talented musicians. For real (NOTE: absolutely none of this is real), once I went to Toronto and there was one of those crazy McDonald’s where you can put vinegar on your fries and even order pizza, and it was literally staffed entirely by members of Arcade Fire. I was so amazed that I walked outside to breathe in their clean, northern air and savor my vinegar pizza™ and as I was sitting there, I was approached by a BLUEJAY who had been in a band with LESLIE FEIST. This was so astounding that I decided to see more of this beautiful country. I got on the highway and was halfway to Montreal before I realized that THE HIGHWAY CONSISTED OF A STRANGE CANADIAN MIXTURE OF ASPHALT AND HAIR FROM THE MEMBERS OF BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. So, everything in Canada is musical. And magical. It is a magical, musical land.

At least that’s the impression one might get from the shortlist for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize, set to be awarded on September 19. These people are puttin’ birds on EVERYTHING, and they’re making genre-bending or just straight up supremely well-rounded music while they’re at it. Now, it’s no surprise that Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs did extremely well at the Grammys, but check out some of these other honorees. Colin Stetson? Austra? The Weeknd? Braids? Destroyer? It really says something awesome about a nation when not only does it have a cool, supportive award like Polaris, but also a varied group of largely indie artists to choose from. You can catch live performances from the nominated artists during the awards gala via SiriusXM Satellite Radio 152 (North America), CBC Radio 3 (worldwide), or by streaming the webcast on

Polaris Music Prize shortlist:

• Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
• Austra, Feel It Break
• Braids, Native Speaker
• Destroyer, Kaputt
• Galaxie, Tigre et diesel
• Hey Rosetta!, Seeds
• Ron Sexsmith, Long Player Late Bloomer
• Colin Stetson, New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
• Timbre Timbre, Creep On Creepin’ On and
• The Weeknd, House of Balloons

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Hercules and Love Affair bring Blue Songs and pink dresses to America on tour this summer

Much like Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, New York house group Hercules and Love Affair brought disco back. A mere three years ago, producer Andy Butler dusted off the ol’ glitterball and debuted the outfit’s first, self-titled album, a glistening house creation with sultry guest vocalists, lush dance grooves, and nostalgia-tinged hedonism galore. Now Hercules and Love Affair are back, with a brand new album, a brand new tour and a brand new direction. In a step away from the first album’s NY club feel, the new album Blue Songs was conceived by Butler in Denver, recorded in Vienna with techno producer Patrick Pulsinger, and will be performed LIVE in concert venues from Dallas to Philly.

So, with all these crazy new places incorporated into the H&LA sound, what’s it gonna sound like when you’re sipping a $12 Bud Lite Lime at Washington, DC’s famed Jiffy Lube Live? Some kind of over-the-top hybrid of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club as fronted by Derrick May? Okay, so maybe it’s not that extreme, or even that “BRAND NEW.” According to Butler, the new album — which has already come out overseas — will still have those essential disco and house elements, but will stand apart from its predecessor because of the inclusion of “more experimental, softer music.” Vocalist Kim Ann Foxman returns, and new guest vocalists like Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot, Kele Okereke (Bloc Party), Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto), and Shaun Wright also appear on the album — although no word yet who’ll be swinging by on tour. Blue Songs comes out in the US on August 16 via Moshi Moshi. And to celebrate, two days later (August 18) Hercules and Love Affair head out to a concert hall near you, bringing glamour, hot beats, and cool times to fans of music venues with corporate names all across America.


08.18.11 - Washington DC - Jiffy Lube Live
08.19.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Susquehanna Bank Center
08.20.11 - Boston, MA - Comcast or Jiffy Lube Live
08.21.11 - New York, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach
08.23.11 - Atlanta, GA - LakeWood
08.24.11 -Tampa, FL - 1-800 Ask Gary Amphitheater
08.25.11 - Miami, FL - BayFront
08.27.11 - Houston, TX - Cynthia Wood Mitchel Pavilion
08.28.11 - Dallas, TX - Gexa Energy Pavilion
08.30.11 - Alburquerque, NM - The Pavilion
09.02.11 - San Diego, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
09.03.11 - San Francisco, CA - Shoreline Amphitheater
09.04.11 - Irvine Meadows, CA - Verizon Wireless

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Guided by Voices confirm an end to the reunion; could a re-reunion be next?

After a year of being back together, Guided by Voices have announced their last show as a reunited act. If you haven’t been lucky enough to see see GBV on one of their many (all too brief) reunion shows, you better start planning because Hopscotch Music Festival is reporting that the band’s set there, on September 9, will be the last for the band’s reunited “classic” lineup.

What this means is that the lineup of Robert Pollard on vocals, Tobin Sprout and Charles “Mitch” Mitchell on dueling guitars, Kevin Fennel on drums, and Greg Demos on bass will no longer be playing highly entertaining shows under the Guided by Voices banner with setlists that focus on fucking-awesome albums like Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. Which is really sad, because now I’ve lost one more desperate and nostalgic link to the 90s that will surely never be returned or sated by Roseanne DVDs or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin movies. But at least I can hope for Robert Pollard reuniting himself and some random other dudes as Guided by Voices, even if it’s not as “classic.”

Anyway, check out one of the shows below and revel in dated, scratchy, and pixelated memories of a decade long-lost to the unwavering march of time.

The Last Fucking Guided by Voices Tourdates Ever:

08.11.11 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08.13.11 - Omaha, NE - Maha Music Festival
09.03.11 - Los Angeles, CA - FYF Fest
09.09.11 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival

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