Jon Hopkins announces world tour, boasts that he has more mercury than any man, living or dead

Jon Hopkins announces world tour, boasts that he has more mercury than any man, living or dead

From Coldplay to Cold Beats: The Jon Hopkins Story. Oh, don’t mind me, just engaging in my favorite activity: dreaming up fake biography titles for contemporary musicians. Currently, I’m focusing on producer Jon Hopkins, who, as you may have surmised, has worked as a producer for Coldplay and makes frosty electronic compositions in his own work. Now, I only dream up false biography titles, but let’s imagine what would be between those non-existent covers. Of course, it would cover Hopkins’s early years. The beginnings of his music career. His relationship with mentor Brian Eno. His rise to prominence as a solo artist. Somewhere in there, you’d have to mention his 2013 world tour. You’d have to mention it, because it is happening later this year. Look at those tour dates below if you don’t believe it is happening. If you know anything about biographies, you know they cover things that have happened.

Hopkins’s most recent album on Domino, Immunity, was recently nominated for Britain’s 2013 Mercury Prize. The prize honors the musical artist who: a) released a record within the past year, and b) possessed the most mercury. Last year, Alt-J won, because they released An Awesome Wave that year and because they had the most mercury.

Jon Hopkins dates:

09.18.13 - Toulouse, France - La Dynamo
09.19.13 - Nimes, France - Marsatac Festival
09.20.13 - Nantes, France - Scopitone
09.21.13 - London, UK - Koko
09.24.13 - Manchester, UK - Gorilla
09.27.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Leisure System
09.28.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Bozar Electronic Arts Festival
10.05.13 - Bologna, Italy - Robot Festival
10.12.13 - Bristol, UK - Simple Things Festival
10.23.13 - Graz, Austria - Elevate Festival
10.25.13 - Bergen, Norway - Ekko Festival
10.26.13 - Munich, Germany - Ritournelle
11.02.13 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves Festival
11.08.13 - Turin, Italy - Club to Club Festival
11.15.13 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall
11.16.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Verboten
11.18.13 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
11.21.13 - Toronto, ON - The Hoxton
11.23.13 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
11.25.13 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
11.26.13 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
11.27.13 - Portland, OR - Rotture
11.29.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
11.30.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
12.07.13 - Perth, Australia - The Bakery
12.12.13 - Melbourne, Australia - The HiFi
12.13.13 - Victoria, Australia - Meredith Festival
12.14.13 - Sydney, Australia - Oxford Art Factory
12.22.13 - London, UK - Oval

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RIP: Lindsay Cooper, member of Comus and Henry Cow collaborator

Lindsay Cooper, who was a composer, Henry Cow collaborator, and member of Comus, News From Babel, National Health, and more, died after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. From Henry Cow’s Chris Cutler (via Canterbury Sans Frontieres):

So sorry to pass on this unhappy news. Lindsay died this afternoon. She had contracted pneumonia and spent the last six days at home surrounded by a few old friends. She died very peacefully. The funeral will be next Wednesday 25 September at 4:30 PM at Golders Green crematorium.

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C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, and Lasse Marhaug slurp ‘n’ scrape in tandem for Software’s SSTUDIOS collab series

Ever since haters started hating in the early 00s, there’s been more than enough music to hate, from Funeral to King of the Beach to Random Access Memories. You name it, that album is terrible and I hate it. But today, a different kind of album has been announced; it may in fact be decent, and not something to trash in public. C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, and Lasse Marhaug announced an album called Wake Up Awesome, and with its crazy free-form collaborative energy there’s simply too much mental energy required to categorize and hate it properly. The album is the second release in Software’s SSTUDIOS series of collaborations, following up Daniel Lopatin and Tim Hecker’s Instrumental Tourist (TMT Review) last year, and it uses those same rules of improvisation to yield wholly unpredictable, cracked group-speak, interlocking micro-sounds… and belly laughs!

Yeh is best known for voice/violin, Lee for cello, and Marhaug for contact-mic noise, but all three are wide-open improvisers interested in trying anything out at least once (I own a Yeh/Marhaug 7-inch where they seem to just be smacking around wooden chairs), so expect a wide assortment of sounds and audio events, both off-the-top and pre-planned/cut-up. Listen to a little preview of album tracks “Throw Down the Fishcake” and “Anise Tongue and Durian Wet Dream” below, then check the tracklist, then get outta here before I kick yr ass.

Wake Up Awesome tracklist:

01. Wake Up Awesome
02. Hairslide
03. The Mermen of Poetry
04. Ophelia Gimme Shelter
05. The Mermaids of Extended Technique
06. Magic Seagull Lamp
07. Mission: Lazy
08. Mission: Nothing
09. Throw Down the Fishcake
10. Neutrons Whatever
11. Serious Cat’s Milk
12. Anise Tongue and Durian Wet Dream
13. Mission: Possible
14. RSVP Skunk
15. Tonight We Sleep Like Empty Hard Drives

Wake Up Awesome is out November 19 via Software and is up for preorder here.

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K reissues Girl Trouble’s 1988 debut LP; collectors of reissued late 80s LPs everywhere rejoice

K Records is reissuing Girl Trouble’s 1988 debut album, Hit It or Quit It, on December 3. A band too cool for its time (for most times, actually — they’re pretty damn cool) but not too cool for weird top hats, Girl Trouble are a Tacoma, WA four-piece with roots firmly in garage, punk, and mean surf (vs. non-mean, sunny poppy Beach Boysian surf). Now 25 years after its initial release, the band is still together and rockin’ the Pacific Northwest, practicing in the same shed behind certain band members’ parents’ house that they’ve been gathering in for several decades.

The reissue has 11 glorious original songs, a cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ classic “Steppin’ Out,” plus two, previously unreleased bonus tracks. The album was recorded on only the finest in sound engineering equipment: a $70 Sears surplus store drum kit and the band’s plywood speaker cabinets, for that raucous, pseudo “live” sound. Fun fact: Hit It or Quit It was originally a co-release between K and Sub Pop, and Sub Pop’s first ever LP release.

Hit It or Quit It tracklisting:

01. Wreckin’ Ball
02. Primeval
03. Hot Monkey Love
04. Riverbed
05. Hurt Your Heart
06. Old Time Religion
07. Steppin’ Out
08. Follow Me Down
09. She No Rattle My Cage
10. The Skin
11. My Baby’s Gone
12. Where’s The Loser?
13. White Lightning [Previously unreleased]
14. Shakin’ All Over [Previously unreleased]

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Deerhunter cancel European tour dates; all Europeans now being encouraged to kill their own deer

It’s one of the greatest movie quotes of all time for a reason. “Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well… your band runs into multiple unforeseen issues within its members’ respective families and has to cancel large chunks of its 2013 European tour as a result.” Truth, folks.

Unfortunately, this is the circumstance in which our reluctant heroes in Deerhunter currently find themselves. According to a statement from the band posted by ATP yesterday (note: emoticons have been added for emphasis):

We are very disappointed to have to cancel our upcoming european tour due to unforeseen circumstances. [ :-( ] We were very excited for these shows, [ B-) ] but unfortunately family circumstances at home for multiple members of the band have made this unavoidable. [:-O] We will reschedule as soon as possible.[ :’-( ]

Dang. Really hits home with the facial expressions too, don’t you think? From what Consequence of Sound tells us, though, all of the band’s US dates are still happening as planned, and only the European dates have been affected. No word as of yet on a reschedule, but we’ll let you guys know. Promise. <3 In the meantime, though, I just kinda feel this for them right now:

:(    :(     :(

Deerhunter dates:

09.19.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
09.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09.21.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
09.22.13 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle

10.13.13 - Glasgow, UK - The Arches
10.15.13 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Academy 2
10.16.13 - Leeds, UK - Stylus
10.17.13 - Liverpool, UK - East Village Arts Club
10.18.13 - Cardiff, Wales - SWN Festival
10.19.13 - Brighton, UK - Concorde 2
10.21.13 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
10.22.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
10.23.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Übel and Gefährlich
10.24.13 - Berlin, Germany - Festaal Kreuzberg
10.25.13 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
10.26.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Meet Factory
10.27.13 - Vienna, Austria - WuK
10.29.13 - Zürich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
10.30.13 - Fribourg, Switzerland - Fri-Son
10.31.13 - Feyzin, France - L’Epicerie Moderne
11.01.13 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
11.02.13 - Tourcoing, France - Le Grand Mix
11.04.13 - Rouen, France - Le 106
11.06.13 - London, UK - The Roundhouse

11.16.13 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club ^
12.01.13 - Tokyo, Japan - Hostess Club Weekender
12.07.13 - Perth, Australia - Slanted & Enchanted Festival
12.09.13 - Brisbane, Australia - The Zoo
12.10.13 - Moore Park, Australia - The Hi-Fi Sydney
12.11.13 - Melbourne, Australia - The Hi-Fi
12.13.13 - Meredith, Australia - Meredith Music Festival

^ Elf Power

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Odd Nosdam announces the digital release of T R I S H, a musical tribute to Broadcast’s Trish Keenan

It’s been over two years since the sudden and (needless to say) tragic passing of Broadcast vocalist Trish Keenan, and at the time, there was plenty of public respect paid from fans, friends, and acquaintances alike, compelled as people were by the loss of delicacy epitomized, as well as one of the indie world’s foremost influences, to say nothing of the band as a whole.

Fortunately, a benefit of paying tribute to someone lies in the absence of an equivalent statute of limitations, which would otherwise bar people from expressing sympathy, poets from writing odes, musicians from creating tribute bands, and me from consuming an entire plate of meatloaf every Thursday night, after a certain amount of time has passed. Yes, I know the musician named after an entree is still very much alive, but it gives me an excuse to gorge on the weekly under a convincing guise of preliminary mourning. “Dude, you’re having meat loaf for dinner again?” “HAVE SOME RESPECT!” Regardless, unless the subject happens to be a criminal or a recognized terrible human being, tributes of whatever sort don’t seem to have any unwritten rules.

And with Keenan, by all accounts, being quite the opposite of a terrible human being, we more than welcome the announcement of T R I S H, a 25+ minute tribute release from producer and anticon. co-founder Odd Nosdam a.k.a. David Madson. Set for digital release on September 24 via Burnco (following a cassette release last month), T R I S H combines Nosdam’s distinct, sonically traversing, occasional hip-hop sound with, at least on the title track, samples of the lady herself. Liz Harris a.k.a. Grouper and the Oakland-based Bre’r also make appearances, though more than anything, the Nosdam aesthetic would appear to be quite complementary. And complimentary. Listen below.

T R I S H tracklisting:

01. T a i k a i r
02. L o n j a e
03. L a d d e r s
04. O l y n n
05. E q u a l
06. T r i s h

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