Mysterious dumpster of wonders yields rare recordings from Joy Division and New Order

Mysterious dumpster of wonders yields rare recordings from Joy Division and New Order

Things you could find if you look through MY garbage: too many wine bottles, angrily torn-up credit card offers, assorted gross shit. Things you could find if you were the type of person to dig through legendary post-punk producer Martin Hannett’s garbage: a copy of the original master tapes for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, a box labeled “Joy Division Outtakes,” a couple simply labeled “New Order” and “Joy Division,” plus recordings from Magazine, Psychedelic Furs, The Durutti Column, Slaughter and the Dogs, and the always intriguing “and more.” Okay, so nobody is saying these tapes actually came straight outta Martin Hannett’s trash bin. In fact, nobody’s saying where they came from really at all. They were discovered by Julia Adamson, former sound engineer at Strawberry Studios in Manchester, where she worked with Hannett. Adamson also played in the Fall and What?Noise, the latter of which also had a tape or two discarded in this dumpster of wonders.

Adamson posted a photo of a few dozen of the tapes on her Facebook page, offering them up to any interested fans. Peter Hook ain’t interested. Are you? Says Adamson, “The digital copies will be available for all the artists and record companies … the tapes have always belonged to me, as I rescued them. I am keen for a collector to have them (the whole collection ideally) as they are very old and probably deteriorating and should be baked or whatever, nor do I really want to look after them anymore.” Also, $$$$.

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Bill Orcutt announces 16 fall tour dates, possibly giving 16 lucky fans the opportunity to have Bill Orcutt spend the night at their house!

You know, some people out there don’t respect the big pop idols like Bill “Babe Magnet” Orcutt. But here at TMT, we’re no chauvinists! We give artists the benefit of the doubt about that sorta thing, even if they seem on the surface to be pandering to the lowest common denominator like the handsome, winsome guitar-slinger Orcutt obviously does. I mean, heck, we’ve already been dutifully and unbiased-ly keeping you up to speed about Orcutt’s plans to release a new album, A History of Everyone, on September 30 via Editions Mego. And c’mon, let’s face it: a lot of other “indie” zines out there would have steered clear of covering such a potential shitstorm of overtly populist bullshit).

And damn, now we’re going to take our unparalleled benevolence even further and throw it out there that he’s playing more than a dozen tour dates this fall coinciding with the new album’s release! Seriously. No judgement. How? Nice? Are? We?

Hey, guess what, readers? I just totally SHIT my pants all over the TMT office.

“Does it stink?”

No. It doesn’t. Not at all.

Bill Tour-cutt:

09.27.13 - Louisville, KY - Cropped Out Festival (duo w/ Chris Corsano)
10.05.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Issue Project Room
10.12.13 - Oakland, CA - Stranded (A History of Everyone Record Release Party)
10.30.13 - London, UK - Cafe OTO
10.31.13 - Newcastle, UK - Star & Shadow Cinema
11.01.13 - Glasgow, UK - Glad Cafe
11.02.13 - Edinburgh, UK - Summerhall
11.03.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Molloy & Dowling Basement
11.04.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Kuudes Linja
11.05.13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fylkingen
11.06.13 - Malmo, Sweden - TBA
11.07.13 - Göteborg, Sweden - Nefertiti Jazz Club
11.08.13 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
11.09.13 - Oslo, Norway - Kunsthall Oslo
11.10.13 - Bergen, Norway - Landmark
11.11.13 - Berlin, Germany - Monarch

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Seefeel’s debut LP gets 20th anniversary reissue, still a useful soundtrack for giving birth

People (women) give birth all the time! In hospitals, in taxis, in those crazy pools where they do water births. But what do they listen to while enduring unthinkable agony to bring life, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, into this world? Is it the Black Eyed Peas? Björk? Jingle Cats singing a track from their classic album Meowy Christmas? No! Of course not! They listen to Seefeel, apparently — at least one or two of them. “I’ve had letters from people who’ve given birth to Quique,” said Seefeel guitarist Mark Clifford of the group’s 1993 debut. According to Clifford, the album has also helped in treating children with autism. Plus, it served as the missing ambient link (in case you were wondering) between the Cocteau Twins and Aphex Twin.

By now you’re saying, “What CAN’T this album do?” Am I right? You ask a lot of questions, pal. You better shut your trap before you ask the wrong one. (I’ve been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire today. Sorry.) So before you start in on me again, the answer is today! Now! You can order the first-time-ever-on-vinyl 20th anniversary reissue of Quique via Light in the Attic right now, which you probably should, if you’re into that sorta thing, because it’s limited to 1,000 copies. Originally released on the Too Pure label, the second coming of Quique is courtesy of Medical Records and Modern Classics Recordings.

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Ryan Hemsworth announces new LP Guilt Trips; won’t you buy it for the sake of his hungry kittens?

Absent the full-fledged revival of R&B that contemporary artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have tearfully foreshadowed, we, as music listeners, are left with precious few options in terms of satisfying our collective desire for LP-empathy towards relationship turmoil. Well, just assume that’s the case; what are those options, or what should we hope for as we silently stroke the printed photographs of monogamy-since-dissolved? Oh yes, that’s right. You were totally wondering how your local drugstore picture center sustained itself after all these years.

Anyway, shockingly, mild fulfillment may come in an EMO form. No, not emo in the bastardized My Chemical Romance sense of the word, nor the influential and completely worthwhile Fugazi sense of word, but in the Ryan Hemsworth utilization of the word (while laughing, might I add) to describe his latest LP Guilt Trips, set for release on October 22 via the Toronto and Montreal-based Last Gang Records. To quote verbatim, referring to the album, “It was just like kind of a combination of flying around and not seeing certain people as much as I wish I could have… it’s more emo, I guess LOLOLOL.”

Well, the Canadian DJ/producer’s total embrace of the “different moods caused by love” on Guilt Trips would be be considered emo(tional) on its own, or especially in contrast with his otherwise shared affinity for “aggressive” rappers like Danny Brown, who shows up a couple of times on Hemsworth’s FACT mix 352. Regardless, why not take the revival into his own hands?

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Laneway Festival slow dances with Detroit this weekend: Sigur Rós, Dismemberment Plan, Run the Jewels, Ghostly Intl. stage

Good god. Anyone living beyond a reasonable distance from the Detroit area would be forgiven for being confused here. In an unscorched part of town there’s apparently a music venue called Meadow Brook Music Festival. You can see where this is going. Book a couple of artists at this venue on a particular evening, and we shouldn’t have any problems, but start talking about individual stages within festivals within this venue that sound like festivals themselves, and you have a perfect example of why I should’ve gotten more sleep last night. Also, why venue owners should become sufficiently acquainted with proximal dictionaries:

fes·ti·val [fes-tuh-vuh l]

a period or program of festive activities, cultural events, or entertainment: a music festival.

Damn it.

Anyway, until now, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival was geographically limited to countries within Oceania and spanned multiple dates during their summer, so around January and February. September 14 marks the debut of Laneway Festival: Detroit, featuring arguable headliners Sigur Rós, The National, Deerhunter, and The Dismemberment Plan. Others acts include Matthew Dear, ADULT., Shigeto, Heathered Pearls, and Beacon, all performing on the recently announced Movement Stage — a collaboration between the world renown Movement Electronic Music Festival and the Ann Arbor-based Ghostly International.

Michiganders unite! Preferably away from potholes, as their abundance can create unusually dangerous standing situations, but yes, unite! Here’s what Jason Huvaere, president of Paxahau (the producers of Movement) had to say on this intrastate joining of hands: “We are thrilled to be a part of this event and look forward to collaborating with Ghostly’s talent on an energizing showcase.”

Likewise, Jeff Owens, manager of Ghostly International and the Spectral Sound imprint: “Ghostly is honored to be a part of one of the best festivals in existence today… we’re especially excited it now exists in a city that heavily influenced the sound and feel of Ghostly.”

Tickets still available here, and learn more about Laneway in general here.

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Ducktails announces new EP Wish Hotel, shares new track, makes me think of race cars, lasers, airplanes…

Ah, the possibilities of a great Disney-cartoon-milking project like Ducktails! It might solve a mystery; it might re-write history; or it might announce a new EP and release a new track from it! Any of the above, really!

Rather disappointingly, though, Matt Mondanile is doing the third thing. In fact, his new Ducktails EP, Wish Hotel (which follows up this year’s The Flower Lane long-player) , does just about all the boring ol’ things you’d expect an EP to do! No, seriously; watch! It: consists of five songs; was recorded by him at home in Ridgewood, New Jersey; was all played by him and and mixed by Al Carson; has a press release that says it “finds Mondanile returning back to the blown out guitar and synthesizer work of his past releases”; blah blah blah! How much more EP-like does it get, folks?

It’s even available for preorder as a limited edition (of 100) translucent white vinyl 12-inch. Oh, and digitally on iTunes, where, surprise-surprise, all preorders come with the song “Honey Tiger Eyes” (streaming below). Jeez! Where’s the adventure? Where’s the intrigue? Where’s the panache? Where’s the talking ducks and dogs and pigs?!? Bah. These kids today and their dumb music!

Wish Hotel tracklisting:

01. Tie-Dye
02. Honey Tiger Eyes
03. Wish Hotel
04. Jazz
05. Naïve Music

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