Julian Koster charms the pants off of you with caroling tour and Music Tapes video; now you have no pants

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Julian Koster (he of The Music Tapes and Neutral Milk Hotel) has announced the dates and proposed route of his sixth annual caroling excursion! Specifics aren’t released yet, but Koster plans to travel the East Coast of the US and Canada with his saw in tow, bringing lucky revelers a bit of holiday joy from November 28 to December 12. But Koster won’t just be wandering up to random homes with a huge saw; interested parties must submit a request to have Koster and his Caroling Ambassadors come to their home. The most awesome (and, one supposes, most conveniently located) invitations will be selected as stops along the tour. If you want to be visited and hear some lovely holiday music played on a saw, start planning the party now and email musictapescaroling2011@gmail.com with your request.

In addition to the caroling trip, The Music Tapes have released a new video for the track “Nantasket” off their first EP released back in June titled Purim’s Shadows (The Dark Tours the World). The video is currently being featured in TMT’s Chocolate Grinder and includes footage from the Paragon Carousel, a historic landmark in the Boston area that Koster and friends helped restore a couple years ago.

Christmas carols and carousel restoration — could Koster be any more lovely?

• The Music Tapes: http://www.orbitinghumancircus.com
• Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com

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The Walkmen put even more distance between themselves and The Beatles by recording new album, planning retrospective shows, reissuing some vinyl, being a band still

Joke set-up: So, five Walkmen walk into a recording studio…

Joke punchline: There, they meet producer Phil Ek (of Fleet Foxes, Shins, and Built to Spill fame) to begin work on the follow-up to 2010’s extremely well-tolerated Lisbon, slated for a summer 2012 release via Fat Possum/Bella Union! (Ha! Get it? “The Shins”? “SLATED”?? “BELLA UNION”??? Ugh, well, if you can’t see what’s funny about it, then you obviously haven’t spent enough money on Insound trading cards.)

Anyway, speaking of 2012, let’s talk about 2012. 2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of The Walkmen’s first album, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone. And to celebrate their beating The Beatles paltry eight-year run to a bloody pulp with their decade of relatively breakup-free activity, The Walkmen are going to do something that The Fab Four only wish they’d thought of back in the day: release something on vinyl and hardly play any shows! To that end, three “Evening with The Walkmen” shows have been scheduled in Chicago and San Francisco. I predict that these shows will find the band revisiting their entire catalog, wearing blazers, and being variously really tall and kinda short. Tickets for San Fran go on sale November 11 and tickets for Chicago go on sale November 12.

In addition, like I kind of alluded to earlier, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone (which is 10 years old next year, remember) is being released on vinyl for the first time next year. Although, I’ve been told by my sources at Apple Corp. that this is probably just a complete coincidence. But whether it is or isn’t, the album, which has been lauded by some publications as “a thing that happened,” will be available exclusively from the band’s website and at those three, count ‘em, three shows that I mentioned before. Should I mention them again? I’ll mention them again.

01.14.11 - Chicago, IL - The Metro (Tomorrow Never Knows Fest)
01.20.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
01.21.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent

• The Walkmen: http://www.thewalkmen.com
• Fat Possum: http://www.fatpossum.com
• Bella Union: http://bellaunion.com

Sigur Rós to release new album in spring 2012… from a swimming pool in space!

“Introverted.” “Floaty and minimal.” “A slow takeoff toward something.”

Huh? What the fuck is that all about? Some fantasy coming-of-age film? Mute teenagers sprouting wings and flying around the rings of Saturn?

Yeah, actually. Almost. Sort of — it’s how the members of Sigur Rós have described their forthcoming sixth album, which will see a spring 2012 release. According to The Wall Street Journal, the band crawled out of their Icelandic hibernation after Jónsi wrapped up his 2010 solo tour, and they all set up camp in a space that was previously a swimming pool. You know, to record. A visitor to the pool/studio who heard a preliminary recording said that Jónsi’s voice “was surrounded by rich choral voices and what sounded like a pipe organ. The music was thrilling.” So, orchestral church music? From space? Who knows. Here’s hoping.

By the way, this announcement arrives just before the commercial release of Inni, the Sigur Rós concert documentary and live album. It comes out November 15, if you’re jónsing to know. Get it??

• Sigur Rós: www.sigur-ros.co.uk

Boredoms continue their series of numerical drum circles with 111 Boadrum on 11.11.11

According to a report on Patchfurk, Japanese noisesmiths Boredoms will once again be celebrating the numerical happenstance and coincidence of calendars and dates by putting together another massive drum circle. This year, because it’s 2011, there will be 111 drummers (including Hella’s Zach Hill, Hisham Bharoocha of Soft Circle, Jeremy Hyman formerly of Ponytail, Butchy Fuego of Pit Er Pat, and Mat Watson) arranged in a boa-shaped circle constricting around the majesty and power of Boredoms and Yamantaka Eye.

As all faithful readers of TMT know, this will be the fifth time that Boredoms have celebrated numerical destiny with a Boadrum: 77 Boadrum on 07.07.07, 88 Boadrum on 08.08.08, Boadrum 9 on 09.09.09, and last, but certainly not least, Boadrum 10 on 10.10.10.

So, if want to see Boredoms play with over a hundred other drummers, just head to Island Quarry in Byron Bay, Australia and you’ll get to see all the boa-shaped drumming that your brain can take. Or, if you’re more of the adventurous type, fill out the application and you too can be one of the many links that make up the majestic snake of 111 Boadrum.

• Boredoms: http://www.boredoms.jp
• 111 Boadrum: http://www.contrarede.com/boadrum.html

Brian Eno to appear on The Colbert Report tomorrow, then disappear from there and reappear at Long John Silver’s for a lonely fish plank dinner

Hey, so you know how Brian Eno’s leftovers EP with poet Rick Holland, Panic of Looking came out this week? Oh, wait, what’s that? You didn’t know that because we haven’t reviewed it yet, and you get 100% of your arts & entertainment news and opinions from Tiny Mix Tapes? Good answer. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that either. And my personal opinion is that Drums Between the Bells, the album that this EP’s tracks are left over from, was only totally a “three-and-a-half-red-circles kind of album” anyway. It’s kinda my own unique aesthetic grading system.

Well, turns out that the only reason TMT hasn’t broken the news about whether the EP is bad-good or great-good just yet is because Eno personally asked us not to, citing the fact that he is currently trying to lay low from this “creepy anglophile Stephen Colbert” who just can’t stop having British musicians on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report so that he can harass them (he recently had both Coldplay and Radiohead on, and I’m told he expanded the Radiohead show to a full hour so he could adequately make fun of Thom’s current Garth Algar haircut). Needless to say, if Colbert found out about this new EP of Eno and Holland’s, he’d probably insist on having him on the show, oh, say, tomorrow, November 10, at 11:30 PM EST/10:30 PM CST. Again, that’s tomorrow, November 10, at 11:30 PM EST/10:30 PM CST. But don’t worry, Mr. Eno, we’ll do our part to make sure that you’re not discovered and put on The Colbert Report tomorrow, November 10, at 11:30 PM EST/10:30 PM CST.

• Brian Eno: http://brian-eno.net
• Warp: http://www.warp.net
The Colbert Report: http://www.colbertnation.com

Best Buy closes all stores in the UK; the UK rejoices

Apparently the United Kingdom has no interest in buying incredibly cheap CDs, DVDs, video games, and other electronics, as Best Buy has announced (via a report on Billboard) that it will be closing all 11 of its UK stores by the end of the year, even though none of the stores had even been open for more than two years.

Best Buy began its European Expansion in 2008 when it partnered with Carphone Warehouse (a UK cellphone company) to form Best Buy Europe and opened its first British store in 2010 in Thurrock, Essex. Best Buy is projecting to lose as much as $144 - $160 million in store closure and operating losses and is anticipating nearly 1,000 layoffs.

“The eleven Best Buy U.K. ‘Big Box’ stores have performed exceptionally at the level of customer satisfaction, but they do not have the national reach to achieve scale and brand economies,” said Carphone Warehouse CEO Roger Taylor before returning to his giant carphone-filled warehouse-home.

However, Best Buy, who doesn’t like to lose money, has also announced that they will be buying full control of Best Buy Mobile (from Carphone Warehouse) for $1.3 billion so that they can “focus on emerging mobile phone markets” and continue to make plenty of money off UK citizens, even if they refuse to go into the physical stores.

• Best Buy: http://www.bestbuy.co.uk