Julianna Barwick is on an autumn tour, because I guess some of you deserve beauty

Julianna Barwick is on an autumn tour, because I guess some of you deserve beauty http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1311/news-13-11-julianna-barwick.jpg

Before you read this story, stand outside and listen to the simple rustling of the autumn leaves. Stand there for no less than 15 minutes. If it’s cold, put on a scarf, sweater, cardigan, peacoat, hoody, whatever you prefer to keep warm. Now you are in the right mindset for this story. Hi. How are you? Perhaps you’d be interested in knowing that Julianna Barwick, the ambient artist who recently released her new record Nepenthe (TMT Review), is going on tour this fall. On certain dates, she’ll be sharing the stage with Hannah Epperson and ex-Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire. This is all very pleasant news.

Sit down for some tea. Would you like to watch something? As it turns out, Barwick has a new video for her song “The Harbinger,” directed by Derrick Belcham. Just sit and watch it below for just a moment. Barwick and Belcham work so well together, don’t you think? They must think so, too, since Belcham, along with E. Lee Smith, recorded Barwick performing “Crystal Lake” at New York’s Judson Churhc on August 20. That performance featured assistance from very nice people like guitarist Scott Bell, violinist Rose Nelis, and vocalists Sharon Van Etten, Kate McGuire, and Prince Rama’s Taraka and Nimai Larson. Watch that video and reflect on how nice it is when nice people get together.

This was lovely. Have a wonderful day.

Julianna Barwick dates:

11.22.13 - Seattle, WA - Fremont Abbey *
11.23.13 - Portland, OR - Old Church *
11.26.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel ^
11.27.13 - Visalia, CA - The Cellar Door
11.29.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Church on York ^
11.30.13 - San Diego, CA - Luce Loft ^
12.01.13 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
12.02.13 - Albuquerque, NM - Immanuel Presbyterian Church
12.03.13 - Marfa, TX - Ballroom Marfa
12.05.13 - Austin, TX - The Parish
12.06.13 - Dallas, TX - Old Bowling Alley of Sons of Hermann Hall
12.07.13 - Oklahoma City, OK - Womb Gallery

* Hannah Epperson
^ Mark McGuire

• Julianna Barwick: http://www.juliannabarwick.com
• Dead Oceans: http://www.deadoceans.com

Damien Jurado’s new album gets a music video and a frankly kinda moving essay by Father John Misty that makes me want to slurp down a milkshake at a dingy roadside diner ASAP

On his 11th studio album, Seattle-based Damien Jurado is all about turning expectations on their head. For example, the album is called Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, but it’s not about a cult! And it was recorded at a place (a recording studio, to be exact, but maybe you guessed that already) in Cottage Grove, Oregon called National Freedom, but that’s not a weird death cult either! Or even a weird death militia! To give fans a little taste of what the album’s all about, Spin has an essay about said album by Father John Misty, but that’s not about a cult either ohhhhhh who are we kidding, it’s Father John Misty, let’s all just don white robes and run off into the wilderness with him and Damien Jurado.

Which, for denizens of the majority of Western Civilization, shouldn’t be too hard, since Damien Jurado’s upcoming winter tour is leaving no corner of Europe or the United States untouched. You can preview the work Jurado did with producer Richard Swift below via the music video for album track “Silver Timothy,” which again, denies all expectations:

Father John preaches:

Abandoned motels, barren highways, magazine killers, Chevrolets backing out of driveways in the middle of the night, wedding photos, intoxicated hands, bleary-eyed circus clowns, barstool salvation, yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it: “America.” We’d all like to live there, but we don’t. No one does. We’re stuck with Jamba Juice and the internet, occasionally a charming, aesthetically pleasing dilapidated monument of the pre-Air Conditioned Nightmare on the side of the road. For a minute we can marvel and say “Wow, there’s nothing out here!” Nothing except a huge fucking interstate freeway and a massive telecommunication network on which we can Instagram bucolic isolation.

If you see Father John, give him a hug and take him to a Bob’s Big Boy, preferably one that still has the giant fiberglass Big Boy outside. Maybe he can find happiness there. Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son is out January 21.

Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son tracklisting:

01. Magic Number
02. Silver Timothy
03. Return to Maraqopa
04. Metallic Cloud
05. Jericho Road
06. Silver Donna
07. Silver Malcolm
08. Silver Katherine
09. Silver Joy
10. Suns in Our Mind


12.01.13 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who?
12.03.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Huis 23
12.04.13 - London, UK - St. Pancras Old Church
12.05.13 - Paris, France - La Loge
12.06.13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Soedra Teatern
12.08.13 - Madrid, Spain - Teatro Del Arte
12.11.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Red Cinema Sessions @ Roode Bioscoop
01.17.14 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theater
01.22.14 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse
01.23.14 - Allston, MA - Brighton Hall
01.24.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
01.25.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot and Saddle
01.26.14 - Washington, DC - DC9
01.28.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Warhol Arts
01.29.14 - Louisville, KY - Headliners
01.30.14 - Madison, WI - Frequency
01.31.14 - St. Paul, MN - Turf Club
02.01.14 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
02.18.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - De Duif
02.19.14 - Gent, Belgium - Handelsbeurs
02.20.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
02.21.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
02.22.14 - Berlin, Germany - Heimathafen
02.23.14 - Cologne, Germany - Gebaeude 9
02.25.14 - Munich, Germany - Milla
02.26.14 - Ravenna, Italy - Bronson
02.27.14 - Rome, Italy - Lanifico 159
02.28.14 - Milan, Italy - Bellezza
03.01.14 - Zurich, Switzerland - El Lokal
03.03.14 - London, UK - Village Underground
03.05.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Whelan’s

• Damien Jurado: http://damienjurado.com
• Secretly Canadian: http://secretlycanadian.com

Mark McGuire announces new album, Along the Way, making me ashamed to admit that I just wondered what Sammy Sosa is up to :(

God, here we go again: more music…. It’s like, how many damn records do we have to own, anyway? Who really “needs” another one floating around his or her computer, taking up another couple hundred precious megabytes of lifespace? I mean, if I want to listen to some awesome guitar and tape loop experiment kinda stuff, can’t I just listen to, like “Revolution 9” or whatever? Is there any point at which enough is really… too much?

Well, former Emeralds dude Mark McGuire has an answer to that question, and it’s “shut the fuck up motherucker and check-out my prolific-ass’s newest album of guitar and tape loops called Along the Way that’s coming out on February 4 via the Dead Oceans label. It’s fucking awesome and it totally details some heavy inner-journey-toward-enlightenment shit that you probably aren’t even smart enough to understand but should probably pretend to go along with anyway, you pathetic loser.”

Don’t believe him? Well, maybe that’s because he definitely didn’t really say that (though he does say in the liner notes that the album is “an odyssey through the vast, unknown regions of the mind [and] the endless unfolding of psychological landscapes, leading to perpetual discoveries and expansions, in a genuinely emergent and infinite world of worlds,” which is kind of the same thing, when you think about it). Still, you could also just check out the videos for the first single, “The Instinct” — as well as its remix by Norwegian producer and Lindstrøm collaborator Prins Thomas — for yourself down below and judge for yourself.

Along the Way tracklisting:

01. Awakening
02. Wonderland of Living Things
03. In Search of the Miraculous
04. To the Macrobes (Where Do I Go?)
05. Astray
06. Silent Weapons (The Architects of Manipulation)
07. The Instinct
08. The Human Condition (Song for My Father)
09. For the Friendships (Along the Way)
10. Arrival Begins the Next Departure
11. The War on Consciousness
12. The Lonelier Way
13. Turiya (The Same Way)

Tour dates:

11.26.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel^
11.29.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Church on York^
11.30.13 - San Diego, CA - Luce Loft^

^ Julianna Barwick

• Mark McGuire: http://mcguiremusic.blogspot.com
• Dead Oceans: http://www.deadoceans.com

Swans drifter Michael Gira wanders into solo European 2014 trek

Michael Gira is a worldly man, no doubt. He spent his youth hitchhiking around Europe, had a stint in India, and turned 16 while serving time in an Israeli prison for selling drugs in Jerusalem. What did you do, you suburbanite fuck? Played Sega Dreamcast while your mom cut off the crusts on your tuna sandwich? Not Gira; he’s the shit Kerouac dreamed about. And he’s still at it, all over the place. Gira just announced he’ll be embarking on a solo tour throughout Europe, because why not and we’re all going to die anyway.

The Swans and Angels of Light frontman will be performing material from both bands, as well as solo work, around Germany, Spain, Russia, and some other Caucasian areas.

As we previously informed you, Gira intends for there to be another Swans studio album to be released in 2014, funded by the sales of the last live album release, Not Here / Not Now. So if you didn’t pick up that record, you are putting the next album at risk. Go ahead and buy it. Seize the day. Live life to the fullest — Gira-style.

Tour dates:

03.06.14 - Madrid, Spain - El Sol
03.07.14 - San Sebastian, Spain - Andia Kuxta
03.08.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo
03.10.14 - Paris, France - TBD
03.11.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - MC Theater
03.12.14 - London, UK - Church of St John at Hackney
03.14.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Hofteatret
03.15.14 - Oslo, Norway - Blå
03.16.14 - Oslo, Norway - Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum Museum
03.18.14 - Warsaw, Poland - Pardon, To Tu
03.19.14 - Warsaw, Poland - Pardon, To Tu
03.21.14 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Dada
03.22.14 - Moscow, Russia - Teatr Club
03.24.14 - Odessa, Ukraine - Bernardazzi Wine Club
03.26.14 - Bucharest, Romania - Control Club
03.27.14 - Bologna, Italy - Locomotiv
03.28.14 - Milan, Italy - Teatro Dal Verme
03.29.14 - Berlin, Germany - Kantine @ Berghain

• Swans/Michael Gira: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swans/13879391977
• Young God: http://younggodrecords.com

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds drive off on 2014 tour, leaving behind a trail of delicate rhododendron petals

Hello, bozos. Despite your placement in the not-so-proud tribe of bozos, I can assume you, at least, know about Nick Cave. So let’s not waste our time bio-graphing this legendary Australian post-punk musician, let’s just get to the point. Nick Cave, who doesn’t just tour America every day, is bringing himself and his Bad Seeds to our fair nation this coming summer. They’ll be supporting their 2013 release, Push the Sky Away, an album acclaimed by those relevant. Look below for the dates, then buy tickets, you bozo. “When?” cries a bozo. November 20, if you can get them on pre-sale, November 22 for general on-sale. That’s when.

Since he is nearly a saint among men, Nick Cave has something special planned for the Black Friday (November 29) edition of Record Store Day. Participating stores will be offering Live from KCRW, a new live record from the band available on CD and vinyl. “B-b-b-but what if I don’t live near a participating store,” cries the bozo once again. Don’t worry, poor dumb-dumb, the album will receive a digital release on December 3. See, don’t waste your tears, everything is fine. Bozo.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds dates:

06.16.14 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Palace Theatre
06.18.14 - Kansas City, MO - Midland Theatre
06.20.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Theatre
06.21.14 - Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre
06.24.14 - Denver, Co - Buell Theatre
06.27.14 - Calgary, AB - Southern Albert Jubilee Auditorium
06.28.14 - Edmonton, AB - Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
06.30.14 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
07.02.14 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
07.05.14 - Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
07.07.14 - San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theatre
07.11.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium
07.19.14 - Austin, TX - ACL Live @ Moody Theater
07.21.14 - New Orleans, LA - Mahalia Jackson Theater
07.23.14 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
07.25.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center
07.26.14 - New York, NY - Prospect Park
07.29.14 - Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple Theatre
07.31.14 - Toronto, ON - Sony Centre

• Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: http://www.nickcave.com

Liars swear to return with new album in March; unless they’re, you know, not being truthful?

Alright, so. Liars! Who here’s a fan? We usually are. But then again, maybe we’ve just been fucking with you all this time? You never can tell with Liars!

Speaking of lying, Liars (I mean THE BAND; you know, Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill, and Julian Gross?) have announced that they’ll release their new album, the follow up to 2012’s artsy-fartsy foray into “electronica,” WIXIW (TMT Review), in March 2014. But then again, maybe they’re kinda pulling our legs about that? You never can tell with Liars.

Seems legit though. After all, they’ve been performing tracks from the (as-yet-untitled) album at some recent-enough gigs around town (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur, MoMA PS1, Primavera Sound and Sónar Music Festivals), and they’ve started teasing the record in adorable little cryptic trailers that you can’t watch. Just kidding. You totally can. Or can you? You never can tell with Liars.

Anyway, not too many more details as of now, other than the band’s assurance that they are “currently finishing the album at their studio in Los Angeles.” Oh, well I guess that and the fact that Angus Andrew says that work on the new album was “almost the exact opposite experience” of making WIXIW. “Instead of being doubtful, work on the new album has been immediate, fun, instinctual and confident.” Fun? Confident? Eww, I don’t know…

Oh wait. Duh! They might not be serious! You never can tell with Liars.

• Liars: http://www.liarsliarsliars.com
• Mute: http://mute.com