Julianna Barwick’s spring tour extravaganza: come one, come all!

Julianna Barwick's spring tour extravaganza: come one, come all! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-04-julianna-barwick.jpg

That Julianna Barwick, she is a one-woman, voice-looping, song-constructing machine! The towering monuments of reverb-soaked vocals she creates, they are something else. Now now, my friend, I know you’ve heard her new album on Asthmatic Kitty, The Magic Place (TMT Review). But have you seen Julianna Barwick live?

Well, here’s your chance! Ms. Barwick, ever the go-getter, is going on a rather extensive North American and European tour this spring, running all the way into the summer. Hold on a second! It won’t just be Julianna Barwick, it won’t just be her at all! Many of these dates will also feature the talents of Okkervil River and Titus Andronicus, two fine bands of musical troubadours. Barwick! Okkervil! Andronicus! It’s the deal of the century!

Julianna Barwick dates:

04.10.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Founders Festival (KXSC Festival)
04.14.11 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Vassar College
04.15.11 - New York, NY - Barnard College
04.16.11 - Madison, NJ - Drew University
05.18.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - De Duif *
05.19.11 - Glasgow, UK - Captain’s Rest
05.20.11 - Dublin, Ireland - TBA
05.22.11 - London, UK - Slaughtered Lamp
05.23.11 - Manchester, UK - Kraak Gallery
05.24.11 - London, UK - Rough Trade
05.25.11 - Paris, France - Espace B
05.27.11 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Kilbi Festival
05.28.11 - Pisa, Italy - Caracol
05.30.11 - Ravenna, Italy - Hana Bi
06.02.11 - Ljublijana, Slovenia - Trubarjeva Hisa Literatura
06.03.11 - Istanbul, Turkey - Arkaoda
06.06.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Astra Stube
06.07.11 - Dresden, Germany - Thalia
06.08.11 - Berlin, Germany - HBC
06.14.11 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
06.15.11 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater &
06.16.11 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge &
06.17.11 - Toronto, ON - NXNE
06.18.11 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre &
06.20.11 - Vancouver, BC - The Vogue Theatre &
06.21.11 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom &
06.22.11 - Berkeley, CA - Fox Theater &
06.23-25.11 - Calgary, AB - Sled Island
07.03.11 - Roskilde, DK - Roskilde Festival

* Bill Callahan
& Okkervil River and Titus Andronicus

• Julianna Barwick: http://www.juliannabarwick.com
• Asthmatic Kitty: http://asthmatickitty.com

Title Tracks release new LP In Blank on April 19, but with no title track!

Washington, DC’s Title Tracks, featuring John Davis (formerly of Q and Not U) and Georgia James, will release In Blank on April 19 on Ernest Jenning Record Co. To be sure, the irony is not lost on all of us; there is no “In Blank” track on the album. Yeah, no title track. It’s similar to the same pigeonholing that occurred with the bands The Skits, The Introductions, and The Backmaskers. Choose your band names wisely, folks.

Despite the dwindling expectations of a literalist, Title Tracks will tour Europe in an attempt to play music.

In Blank tracklisting:

01. Shaking Hands
02. Turn Your Face
03. Clench Your Fist (A Little Closer to Me)
04. Light Sleepers
05. I Can’t Hide
06. Forget the Ghost
07. All Tricks
08. Cain and the Twigs
09. No Air
10. It’s Wrong
11. Winners Cry

European tourdates:

04.05.11 - Aalborg, Denmark - 1000fryd
04.07.11 - Munster, Germany - Gleiss 22
04.08.11 - Luzern, Switzerland - Treibhaus
04.09.11 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Kraftfeld
04.10.11 - Munich, Germany - Orangehouse/Feierwerk
04.11.11 - Prague, Czech Republic - 007
04.12.11 - Nurnberg, Germany - K4
04.13.11 - Würzburg, Germany - TBA

• Title Tracks: http://titletracksdc.blogspot.com
• Ernest Jenning: http://ernestjenning.com

Ric Ocasek is back with The Cars for new album and tour; Moog stocks skyrocket on Wall Street

As we all know from his days as a solo artist before fronting the Ric Ocasek-less “The New Cars” that’ve been touring around and shilling Cars songs for the past several years, songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Todd Rundgren doesn’t want to work. He just wants to bang on the drum all day! Well, be careful what you wish for, Mr. Rundgren. You just might get it. According to Brooklyn Vegan, Ric Ocasek is back with his old band The Cars (the still-living ones, anyway) for a brand new album and US summer tour, thus rendering The New Cars kind of redundant and sending Rundgren back to his day job of MAKING GAZILLIONS ON LICENSING DEALS.

The sort-of-semi-reunion was conceived organically, according to Ocasek, who realized while he was writing new material in 2009 that all of his Cars-like songs would probably sound even better if they were played by The Cars. “It totally clicked immediately,” he says. “Everybody got right into it, as if we had never stopped playing. After two days I thought, ‘Oh yeah, this is going to be cool.’” The fruit of these ‘cool’ labors, entitled Move Like This, will mark the first official Cars album in 24 years and is due May 10 via Hear Music (duh) and Concord Music Group.

“We tried hard to keep it from just being a nostalgia thing,” Keyboardist Greg Hawkes says of the album. “We definitely wanted to bring a modern slant to it.” Translation: when the Cars tour this spring, you’re going to have to put up with a bunch of new shit while you’re waiting for “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight.” Fuck, I hope The New Cars reunite soon.


05.10.11 - Seattle, WA - Showbox @SODO
05.12.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hollywood Palladium
05.13.11 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre
05.15.11 - Denver, CO - The Fillmore
05.17.11 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
05.18.11 - Chicago, IL - The Riviera Theatre
05.20.11 - Toronto, ON - The Sound Academy
05.23.11 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
05.25.11 - New York City, NY - Roseland
05.26.11 - Boston, MA - The House of Blues

• The Cars: http://www.myspace.com/thecarsunlocked
• Hear Music: http://www.hearmusic.com
• Concord Music Group: http://www.concordmusicgroup.com

Destroyer announces five-star European tour, Dead Oceans releases five-star Kaputt internationally

Here in North America, we enjoy certain privileges. Privileges like the ability to enjoy five-star-caliber records as declared by us here at Tiny Mix Tapes. Records like Destroyer’s Kaputt (TMT Review). Click on that review, gaze at those filled-in red circles. Savor them for a moment. There are five of them.

We can’t forget our friends in the rest of the world, though, friends who haven’t access to physical copies of Kaputt. Sure, they’ve got digital copies, but when it comes to a release like Destroyer’s latest, that’s just not enough. Fear not, however, as the sweetest angels of Dead Oceans have come forth to bless the UK, Europe, and Japan with physical copies of the record on June 13. Bless you, Dead Oceans, for you are now the king of the recording industry.

Mere days after Kaputt’s international physical release, Destroyer will head to Europe for their first-ever European headlining tour. Not sure why Destroyer have never headlined a European tour before, but I think we can credit this to the confidence accrued from getting a perfect score from Tiny Mix Tapes. So hey, you’re welcome, Dan.

Destroyer dates:

06.19.11 - Madrid, Spain - Dia De La Musica Festival
06.21.11 - Barcelona, Spain - Dia De La Musica Festival
06.24.11 - Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
06.25.11 - Evreux, France - Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats
06.27.11 - Paris, France - La Maroquinerie
06.28.11 - London, UK - Heaven
06.29.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso Presents At Tolhuistuin
07.01.11 - Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
08.04.11 - Zambujeira Do Mar, Portugal - Festival Sudoeste
08.06.11 - Katowice, Poland - Off Festival
08.10.11 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08.11.11 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.12.11 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
08.13.11 - Haldern, Germany - Haldern Pop Festival

• Destroyer: http://www.myspace.com/destroyer
• Dead Oceans: http://www.deadoceans.com

Sons and Daughters release new album on Domino, and Moms and Dads couldn’t be more proud

Glasgow’s finest country-rockin’ four-piece Sons and Daughters are back at it. After a few years of silence, the Arab Strap-affiliated Adele Bethel and Co. have a new album in the works for Domino. Mirror Mirror is the follow-up to 2008’s well-received This Gift (TMT Review), but lest you think they’ve been slackin’ for the past three years, know this: they’ve toured with Morrissey, bassist Ailidh Lennon had a baby, and um, I don’t know, maybe they all got together and watched the Lost finale together. (There aren’t a lot of details to riff on here, people.)

Mirror Mirror is due June 14 and promises to be a little bit different in terms of the band’s earlier sound (Scottish cumbia? Indie rap metal? There are so many unlikely possibilities!), with production by JD Twitch of Glasgow’s famed Optimo club nights, and mixing by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, These New Puritans). Okay, so probably the album will not have too much Scottish cumbia or indie rap metal. But at least with all that Glaswegian star power behind it, looking into the Mirror might finally become a positive experience.

A few dates:

05.13.11 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape Festival
05.21.11 - Glasgow, UK - Stag and Dagger (The Art School)
06.09.11 - London, UK - The Lexington
06.11.11 - Inverness, UK - Rockness

• Sons & Daughters: http://www.sonsanddaughtersloveyou.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Newport Folk Festival to feature The Decemberists, M. Ward, and Elvis Costello (Eminem still pending)

Ahhhh, summer festivals. I love when those come up in the news queue! Not because writing about them makes me feel all fun-in-the-sunny inside or because I have any great personal affinity for the blissfully unhygienic culture of weekend-long, bum-around-and-jam-outs. Nope, I love them because they always tell you everything you need to know about themselves on one bold, colorful, well-maintained, and easy-to-click-over-to website! Thus making my job as your humble newswriter as easy and fun as the cakewalk I’m gonna take over to Check Into Cash when I clock out today.

Take, for example, this year’s Newport Folk Festival, which just announced its 2011 lineup this past weekend. Sure, I could stress out my cuticles, eponychiums, lunulas, lateral nail folds, nail plates, periosteums, and hyponychiums (not to mention flexor AND extensor tendons) typing out a bunch of “humor-laced” bullshit about how the fest is going down July 30-31 at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Or about how tickets are on sale now for $125 for a two-day pass and $69 for a single-day pass. Or about how The Decemberists, Gogol Bordello, Tegan and Sara, Mavis Staples, Emilou Harris, Elvis Costello, M. Ward, and Wanda Jackson feature near the top of the large list of acts.

OR! I could just tell you to go here: http://www.newportfolkfest.net.

Ah, simplicity. It’s what folk music’s all about anyway, isn’t it?

• Newport Folk Festival: http://www.newportfolkfest.net
• Newport Folk Festival: http://www.newportfolkfest.net
• Newport Folk Festival: http://www.newportfolkfest.net


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