Kevin Drumm puts out two limited re-releases (one is a 5CD box set) of originally ultra-limited releases

Kevin Drumm puts out two limited re-releases (one is a 5CD box set) of originally ultra-limited releases

Kevin Drumm, widely considered one of the crown princes of harsh noise, has always had the almost unmatched ability to diversify the medium in which his music is created while expressing many of the same emotions. Through textural washed-out ambient to the aforementioned harsh noise, most of his past albums share the common aesthetic of grinding, bed-wetting noise, yet they have seem him helm everything from the six-string prepared electric guitar to dual pulse generators to acoustic organ. Much of his recorded history and album concepts have been built around what instrument happened to tickle Drumm’s fancy at the time. Prior to now, Drumm’s instrumental explorations have mostly been separated and limited to one album or extended piece at a time. Like I said, until now.

Available now via Lasse Marhaug’s Pica Disk label is a 5CD box set aptly titled Necro Acoustic, showcasing what Brainwashed’s Creaig Dunton appropriately called “the full repertoire of Drumm.” The box set contains two entirely new albums — one recorded between 2006-2008 displaying the set’s namesake, the other being guitar material recorded last year. Necro Acoustic also features a limited-edition double cassette that was originally released by Hospital Productions back in 2009, along with an extremely diverse repertoire of unreleased material from way back in the day — I’m talking 1996 back in the day. I’m gonna say that this is probably an essential grab for any Drumm fan or really anyone wanting an introduction to the guy… or really, to drone/noise in general. I’m also gonna go ahead and say that these are probably fairly limited as far as pressings go, even though it’s basically a re-release of originally ultra-limited material (hmmm). Yeah, snag ‘em while you can.

Also, along this same vein, Thin Wrist Recordings have released an expanded version of the long-out-of-print self-titled debut album from Drumm. Comprised entirely of solo improvised guitar and originally recorded directly to cassette tape, this is Drumm at his most sparse and stripped down. Available on 2x 180-gram vinyl. Again, snag while you can.

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Radiohead’s Greenwood gets down with Stravinksky in Manchester

Ever wonder why this website does so many Radiohead-related stories? I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s because, back in late 2006, Thom Yorke and secret fellow Leaders of the Free World Little League coach Dick Cheney bought TMT to use it as a mouthpiece for all things Radiohead and all things Republican baseball. That’s why I have a swimming pool with a retractable roof in my backyard, a personal chef, and a monkey butler dressed exclusively in Ralph Lauren all in the comfort of my own home.

JUST KIDDING! But this is, of course, another Radiohead-related story, this time about Jonny Greenwood. The Radiohead guitarist and Grammy-nominated composer will perform his white-noise-inspired piece “Popcorn Superhet Receiver” in Manchester, England on July 1 as part of an experimental night of music put on by ultra-hip indie promoter Eat Your Own Ears. So what can you expect, Lou Bega style? Well, how about a little bit of

• Avner Dorman in your life
• a little bit of Stravinsky by your side
• a little bit of Olafur Arnalds is all I need
• a little bit of Greenwood is all I see.

Yes! You can also expect Dorman and his Middle Eastern sounds, Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” and Arnalds’ new album And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness, plus performances by the RNCM Symphony Orchestra, the RNCM Concert Orchestra, André de Ridder, and the DYAD Percussion Duo. No Bega, though, sorry.

07.01.10 - Manchester, England - Bridgewater Hall

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[Photo: Michell Zappa]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce UK headlining shows

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the newly reunited band most well known for adding Weird Al Yankovic to their Nightmare Before Christmas lineup (Lift Your Skinny Dicks Like Antennas to Heaven?), have just announced four UK headlining shows post-ATP. Wanna go? Better act quick, as the tickets are on sale starting right now. “¡Ay, caramba!” as Efrim Menuck would say.

No word yet on the nine American shows promised in their cute reunion letter, but we’ll keep you updated.

12.03-05.10 - Minehead, UK - Butlins Holiday Centre *
12.07.10 - Manchester, UK - Academy
12.08.10 - Glasgow, UK - Barrowlands
12.12.10 - Bristol, UK - Ansom Rooms
12.13.10 - London, UK - Troxy

* ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas

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Les Savy Fav went into the studio and all I got was this new record, Root for Ruin

2007 was a year of wonders: It was the Year of the Dolphin for the UN, the Year of the Pig for the Chinese, and the Year of Highland Culture for Scotland. It was also the last time Les Savy Fav released a record, the delightful Let’s Stay Friends. And now, here we are, only three short years later, and there’s another Les Savy Fav record, this time called Root for Ruin. The album is due September 14 on Frenchkiss.

2010, to say the least, has been a little bit less awesome than the year devoted to Flipper, but perhaps this is a sign of better things to come.


01. Appetites
02. Dirty Knails
03. Sleepless in Silverlake
04. Let’s Get Out of Here
05. Lips n’ Stuff
06. Poltergeist
07. High and Unhinged
08. Excess Engergies
09. Dear Crutches
10. Calm Down
11. Clear Spirits

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RIP: Bill Dixon, jazz musician

From Bill Dixon’s estate:

Trumpeter and composer Bill Dixon died June 16th at his home in North Bennington, Vermont after a two-year illness. He was 84 years old.

Dixon was a revered and idiosyncratic figure in the avant-garde of Jazz music, and a creative force who strived at all times to place the music in ever more respectful circumstances. Dixon developed an often controversial profile as an outspoken and articulate defender of musicians’ rights as artists, and specifically the challenges to Black music as a contender in the culture and society of the United States. His music is known for a dark, poignant, pan-tonal abstraction that remains lyrical without relying on songs or the conventions of Jazz music-making. Through five decades as a recording artist, Dixon’s music has developed a loyal worldwide following.

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Major Organ and The Adding Machine CD/DVD reissue finally confirmed for September

I hated Major Organ and The Adding Machine’s self-titled debut when it was initially released in 2001, but having since learned to appreciate All Things Weird, I now fucking love itAND NOW YOU CAN “FUCKING LOVE IT” TOO! Actually, if you’re a regular TMT reader, chances are you’ve either heard the album or read us gushing about it (it made #63 on our favorite albums of the decade list), so if you want to either be reminded of its awesomeness or finally hear what we’ve been blabbering about, then you’re in luck.

As we reported many moons ago, Major Organ’s one and only album is getting the reissue treatment via Orange Twin. It was originally slated for release last year, but delays have now pushed it to its final, 100% confirmed release date: September 14, 2010. As a reminder, the reissue will feature the full album plus seven unreleased tracks recorded during the original Major Organ sessions. It’ll also feature a DVD, which will include the much-talked-about Major Organ short film, music videos, live footage, and more.

While the band’s identity was a mystery for quite while, we now know that Elephant 6ers Julian Koster (The Music Tapes), Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Kevin Barnes (of Montreal), Eric Harris (Olivia Tremor Control/Elf Power), and Will Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System) were the primary agents in the Major Organ and The Adding Machine mythology. Other musicians include John Fernandes, Bablicon, Dixie Blood Moustache, Peter Erchick, Heather McIntosh, Derek Almstead, Andrew Rieger, and Jill Carnes.

Here’s a trailer:

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