Opposite of bollocks! Kickstarter UK to launch this month

Opposite of bollocks! Kickstarter UK to launch this month http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-10-kickstarter-uk.jpg

I was going to pepper this news story with pithy British slang, but after looking through a pretty long list of common words and phrases, I’ve come to the realization that almost everything stereotypically “British” in English means either toilet, vagina, dick, obesity, or masturbation. Given that this is a story about the expansion of Kickstarter into the United Kingdom, it’s a bit of a struggle to fit such vulgarities into the narrative. Taking a different approach…

Got a great idea for a Belle & Sebastian / Sex Pistols mash-up cover band composed completely of Welsh Corgis, but just don’t have the money to make your dream come true? Your very British creation now has a place to rally for funding.

Not much has changed now that UK-based projects can be listed on Kickstarter. Donors will still be assessed a percentage of their donation if a project is successfully funded, while no fees will be assessed if a project does not meet its funding goals. Donors can come from anywhere in the world, but unlike donations for US projects, UK project donations will be processed locally instead of through Amazon payments.

If you’re in the UK and have an idea you want to try and get funding for, you can list it now and then open the flood gates for the huge influx of money that’s out there just waiting for you anytime after the site goes live on October 31.

If Amanda Palmer pops up on Kickstarter with a phony British accent asking for your hard-earned dollars (or pounds), though, please feel free to give her a virtual kick in her proverbial quim.

• Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com

FORMA to materialize OFF/ON off, I mean on Spectrum Spools this November

If PLVS VLTRA was an “uncomfortably catchy” excursion for John Elliott’s Spectrum Spools label, then consider the Brooklyn-based synth trio FORMA a casual stroll down a familiar sidewalk, on a cool fall evening, in… I don’t know, let’s say, Germany, the birthplace of kosmische musik.

FORMA’s self-titled full-length debut (TMT Review), released last year, has all of the components that one might expect of an album promoted by an Emeralds member; specifically, there’s the prominent and exploratory use of analog synthesizers, complemented by, as a press release puts it, a “torrent of live drum machine programming.” It’s all very reminiscent of the synth escapades put forth during the late 70s and early 80s. The album cover for FORMA even reminds me of the one for Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. Okay, so they’re not that similar, but let’s not pretend that artists just coincidentally choose desert landscapes as their album covers. Clearly, there’s some kind of supernatural force connecting the two albums.

What about album art depicting lava flows? FORMA’s newest album OFF/ON, due out November 12, reportedly displays a “darker” and more “aggressive” musical approach on the part of the trio. At the risk of overwhelming you with geological metaphors, let’s just leave it at that. Preorder the album here.

OFF/ON tracklisting:

01. OFF
02. FORMA313
03. FORMA278
04. FORMA286B
05. FORMA306C
07. FORMA339/333
08. FORMA293
09. FORMA358
10. FORMA315

• FORMA: http://formasounds.com
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools

Ducktails announces new album on Domino, Domino’s pizza announces new duck meat topping

Ducktails started out as a solo project of Matt Mondanile, producing the chilliest of chillwave. I’ll step on a biased pedestal right now and come to say I’m a huge fan of Ducktails. I couldn’t be more stoked or psyched that the new Ducktails album The Flower Lane will be released by Domino on January 29, 2013. The fourth album follows last year’s Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (TMT Review) and was mixed and recorded by Al Carlson, who is probably above DuckTales jokes, and the title track featuring Future Shuttle’s Jessa Farkas is streaming via SoundCloud below:

Well, I’m going to call my mom to tell her this Ducktails news using an impression of Scrooge McDuck (similar to Bane from The Dark Knight Rises). Oh yeah, and Domino’s doesn’t have a new topping — that was a lie.

The Flower Lane tracklist:

01. Ivy Covered House
02. The Flower Lane
03. Under Cover
04. Timothy Shy
05. Planet Phrom
06. Assistant Director
07. Sedan Magic
08. International Date Line
09. Letter of Intent
10. Academy Avenue

• Ducktails: http://newimagesltd.tumblr.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Pussy Riot’s appeal successfully frees one member, making it seem just a little more confusing as to why the other two are still in jail

Alright, everyone. It’s Hyperlink time. So, Pussy Riot’s appeal against the two-year prison sentence they got slammed with following a guerrilla protest against president Vladimir “Fascism kinda works?” Putin in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral was, well, 33.333333% successful. As the BBC reports, the court that heard their case has freed one of the three convicted women.

Yekaterina Samutsevich, age 30, got her two-year jail term suspended today, on the grounds that she had been “thrown out of the cathedral by guards before she could remove her guitar from its case for the band’s ‘punk prayer’ back in February.” As for the other two members of the band — Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22 — they are still on the hook for the remainder of their sentences in a Russian prison colony. In their final statements to the court, Alyokhina warned that they “won’t stay silent” no matter where they are sent to prison, and Tolokonnikova urged the court to “quash this sentence” on the grounds that it’s “as clear as daylight that this was a political act, not anti-religious…” “We’re all innocent,” Alyokhina also told the court earlier in the hearing. “The verdict should be overturned. The Russian justice system looks discredited.” Yeah, kinda?

“We’re glad that Yekaterina Samutsevich has been freed, but we think the other two girls should also be released,” said defense lawyer Mark Feigin following the results of this latest less-than-satisfying plot point in the Pussy Riot saga. He then vowed that the appeal process would continue. Sigh. Buckle up, kids. Looks like there’ll be at least a few more non-jokey news stories from TMT.

• Free Pussy Riot: http://freepussyriot.org

Jim O’Rourke’s ATP festival in Tokyo cancelled; Wayne’s theory of “if you book them, they will come” immediately called into question

Much to the capitalized disappointment of the staff here at TMT, ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror Tokyo, which was originally set to be curated by Jim O’Rourke, has finally been euthanized, after months of being in a coma due to low ticket sales. As my colleague Jared Micah astutely pointed out back in March, “All Tomorrow’s Parties fancies itself a less-commercial festival, but you better book some bands that put asses in seats or the whole thing’s off, goddammit.”

Officially, however, the cancellation had less do with the draw of certain artists than the draw of the event for certain artists; a statement from ATP specifically points to venue availability, as well as “scheduling problems with artists” as the primary reasons for the event’s scrubbing. There’s no comment on whether ticket sales improved since the original postponement, but if O’Rourke performing Eureka with a 12-piece band wasn’t attractive enough before, I can’t imagine what would’ve motivated the public since then. Another opportunity to offer free ice cream frustratingly missed.

ATP are now working on an “exciting” event for 2013. In the meantime, check out our recently-posted overview of the I’ll Be Your Mirror event in New York here.

• All Tomorrow’s Parties: http://www.atpfestival.com
• Jim O’Rourke: http://tisue.net/orourke

C. Spencer Yeh releases full-on POP album Transitions on De Stijl

Sometimes I just want to listen to some good ol’ pop melodies. A fella can’t just listen to noise and free jazz all the time. But when I’m turning on the radio in the Taco Bell drive-thru, I can’t help but feel unsatisfied. I just wish intelligent people would make pop music, an artist with some goddamned self-awareness that can still write a hook. Well I must still be in a drive-thru, because someone just took that order!

Experimental composer, violinist, noisist, and Burning Star Core persona C. Spencer Yeh has established himself as a key figure in the avant scene and is now making his way over to pop music. Yeh has always dabbled with indie rock compositions, with a collection titled Songs 2002 recently reissued on cassette and a 7-inch, In the Blink of an Eye, both through De Stijl Records. Now Yeh’s first full-length pop record, Transitions, is available through the same De Stijl later this month.

The album’s single, “Whose Life,” can be heard below (via SoundCloud). And the whole damn album can be heard on the street (34 East 1st Street, NYC, to be exact) at the Silver Sound Box outside of Audio Visual Arts until October 13. Visitors are welcome to plug their headphones into the box at any hour of the day.

C. Spencer Yeh will debut Transitions to the world in a live setting at De Stijl’s CMJ event on October 19 at Death by Audio in Brooklyn. He’s put together The CS Yeh Band with Daren Ho and Ryan Sawyer, who has an improv quartet record coming soon with Yeh, Colin Stetson, and Nate Wooley.

So please pull around to the second window and receive your Transitions.

• C. Spencer Yeh: http://www.dronedisco.com
• De Stijl: http://www.destijlrecs.com