Leyland Kirby a.k.a. The Caretaker announces new album as The Stranger, but can he fit a cowboy hat over all those curls?

Leyland Kirby a.k.a. The Caretaker announces new album as The Stranger, but can he fit a cowboy hat over all those curls? http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1309/news-13-09-leyland-kirby-stranger.jpg

The general ethereality, transcendence, and depth of James Leyland Kirby’s oeuvre almost makes you wonder if his decision to sporadically assume The Stranger moniker has a certain literary, and thus, intellectual inspiration — specifically, from a certain French author who contributed mightily to a philosophy that says, in short, “Just like, live your life, man.” But just as soon as I had accepted this as the likely reference and nodded approvingly in my own head (omg, potential BFFs with mutual The Stranger appreciation), I delved into the interview that Kirby did with us a couple of years ago, in which he states, “I chose the name years ago after watching the Spaghetti Western High Plains Drifter. The main character is The Stranger, avenging all wrongs but never revealing his identity to people, just passing through with a hidden agenda.” Possibly cooler than what I had in mind, though not necessarily expected, speaking for myself.

And speaking of belying expectations, Kirby isn’t really doing that, because he alluded to it in the interview. But given the recent focus on his eponymous and Caretaker projects, consider it a disruption of pattern that he’s announced Watching Dead Empires in Decay, a new album as The Stranger, due out October 29 on Modern Love. His previous album under the name was 2008’s Bleaklow.

Meanwhile, Modern Love, the preeminent home of the similarly accomplished Andy Stott and Demdike Stare, might seem like a questionable sponsor, but the track below should allay any skepticism. You can actually tap your foot to this, but it’d be more fitting with the mood if your foot was a deformed, black-and-puke-green mass, and every time you tapped a bevy of spiders crawled out of your heel.

Watching Dead Empires in Decay tracklisting:

01. We Are Enemies But Not Here
02. So Pale It Shone in the Night
03. Spiral of Decline
04. We Scarcely See Sunlight
05. Providence or Fate
06. Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?
07. Grey Day Drift
08. Ill Fares the Land
09. About to Enter a Strange New Period

• Leyland Kirby: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leyland-Kirby/100602723328107
• Modern Love: http://www.modern-love.co.uk

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s long-lost debut, the limited-to-33 cassette All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling, reportedly surfaces on… Reddit

For all we know, it’s just another empty lead, where the audience gasps in anticipation, only to be let down as the curtain falls.

A single file posing as “Random Luvly Moncton Blue(s)” and “Dadmomdaddy,” the last two tracks from Side A of Godspeed You Black Emperor’s long-lost 27-track, limited-to-33 debut cassette from 1994 All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling, is apparently available to stream and download.

The source of the tracks comes from Reddit, where user Casketjack had this to say:

Okay, A little back story first. Sometime between 1990 and 1995 I was hanging out at this little place called Room 201 records in Moncton, New Brunswick. I always went there because I used to collect demo tapes from the local bands of every city I went to. Anyway, I was in there going through the tapes (Wow, Cassettes eh?) and I started talking to some guy, If I remember correctly he told me he wasn’t local but had a tape I should check out. I brought it home and listened to it, didn’t really like it, and stashed it away with all the other demos I had picked up. Fast forward to this week, I’m cleaning out my music room closet and I stumble across my bin of old demos. The tape I got from the guy in Moncton is sitting on top of the pile, I pull it out and decide to google the name. Anyway, this is it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Lights_Fucked_on_the_Hairy_Amp_Drooling According to wikipedia, it was limited to 33 copies and no copies are known to still exist. This is kind of cool. Anyway, I guess I’m just looking for some advice, what would you guys do with it?

Under pressure to release it, Casketjack recently ripped the last two tracks of Side A, and in an effort to further prove its authenticity, he posted images of the cassette artwork, which do in fact line up with images posted by Constellation Records. One of his last comments: “I’ve decided to look into my options as far as selling it goes. If it’s really worth something it would be nice to take my kids on vacation. I just wanted everyone to know this wasn’t in jest.”

Whatever the outcome, that early recording maintains its status as the “holy grail of post rock,” as a coveted relic waiting to turn up in some “music room closet;” a dusty, degraded, 20-year-old cassette, which may or may not be the real McCoy.

For all we know, this is just another hoax. Listen to it here:

• Godspeed You Black Emperor!: http://cstrecords.com/gybe
• Constellation: http://cstrecords.com

Kranky celebrates its 20th birthday with shows by Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Grouper, is getting to be such a big boy but will no longer let you pinch its cheeks

20 years ago in 1993, on a dark stormy night, your fathers (Joel Leoschke and Bruce Adams) and I had a little too much to drink. We were on a business trip in Chicago, and when we stumbled back to our hotel room, well… let’s just say, nine months later, surprise surprise, you popped out all screaming, covered in goo, and holding Labradford’s Prazision LP! That’s right, Kranky, until we were already in the hospital, your fathers and I had no idea you were on your way! But, believe me, that doesn’t make us love you any less. That’s why we want to do something extra special on the occasion of your 20th!

You sure have made a lot of friends over the years, Kranky. How does bringing a bunch of them back together for one big four-night bash sound? Well I hope your calendar is open from December 12 through December 15, because that’s exactly what we’re planning, sweetheart. We’ll have your BFFs like Keith Fullerton Whitman, Grouper, and Tim Hecker in attendance. Topping it all off, your pals Stars of the Lid, who as Brooklyn Vegan notes, haven’t played in the US in five years, just let us know they could make it. They’ll be playing with their new buddies Wordless Music Orchestra. We know you’ve missed them pretty hard — don’t think we didn’t notice the fact that you re-issued their 1996 release The Ballasted Orchestra earlier this year. Now, our house is no Shea Stadium, honey, so remind your friends to buy their tickets from the mini-site early.

Maybe in the meantime you can look at some nice baby pictures of yourself (don’t worry, I’ll take out most of the bathtub ones before your friends get here). Or maybe you could finally take like one second and clean up your room… Tim Hecker is coming over for dinner in October, and that’s sooner than you think.

Kranky 20th Anniversary lineup:

Thursday, December 12 at The Empty Bottle

Friday, December 13 at Constellation
Benoît Poulard
Christopher Bissonnette
Justin Walter

Saturday, December 14 at Constellation
Tim Hecker
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Ken Camden

Sunday, December 15 at Lincoln Hall
Stars of the Lid (with Wordless Music Orchestra)

• Kranky: http://www.kranky.net

RIP: Ray Dolby, sound pioneer and inventor of noise reduction system Dolby NR

From the L.A. Times:

Ray Dolby, 80, died Thursday at his home in San Francisco. The company he founded, Dolby Laboratories, released a statement saying he had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in recent years and in July was found to have acute leukemia.

The Dolby Sound System was first used commercially in recording studios nearly 50 years ago and then adopted by the film industry.

“You could divide film sound in half: there is BD, before Dolby, and there is AD, after Dolby,” said Oscar-winning film and sound editor Walter Murch last year at the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards that honored Dolby.

Eliminating hiss, along with other sound enhancements invented by Dolby, allowed filmmakers to use far more sophisticated multi-track, surround-sound audio to transport audiences into fantasy worlds. […]

• Ray Dolby: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Dolby

Nat Baldwin plans Dome Branches: The MVP Demos for Western Vinyl, doesn’t need tickets to the gun show, has an all-access VIP pass

Last time I hung out with Nat Baldwin was kind of rough for me, I’ll admit. I mean, I don’t harbor any ill will toward him in particular, but I’d be lying if I said my feelings weren’t just a little hurt. The whole time he just kept flexing his biceps and saying, “Come on, just touch ‘em, you know you want to.” And I was all like, “Nah man, I don’t want to touch your biceps again. I thought we were meeting to talk about your plumbing.” And he was all like, “You’re not even a plumber.” I reminded him that yes, in fact, I am a plumber with a high Yelp rating and a great reputation. He said he doubted whether anyone “so averse to touching his ripe, young muscles” could actually call themselves a plumber in “this economy.”

To be fair, the dude is mad fit, his muscles made ginormous from toting that double bass around all these years. He’s also got a new release out soon on Western Vinyl called Dome Branches: The MVP Demos. You don’t have to do much mental “heavy lifting” to sort out that the record is made up of demos for the 2009 release Most Valuable Player (TMT Review); the tracks were recorded in 2005 and 2006. And though all the iron pumping Baldwin does is not exactly what you’d call a team sport, these demos definitely are. They feature David Longstreth on guitar and electronics, Djim Reynolds on guitar, Nathan Horton on drums, Tim Keiper on drums, Matt Bauder on clarinets, and Jessica Pavone on viola. Baldwin said that while all those folks are great musicians (for instance, apparently Longstreth’s guitar parts were improvised on the spot for most of the recordings), none of them would stand a “blue slushie’s chance in hell” against him in a good old arm wrestling match.

Want to touch Nat Baldwin’s muscles in real life, or maybe hear what they sound like when they’re flexing right next to your face? As we’ve previously reported, he’s going on tour this fall, so you’ll have your chance. That is, unless of course your muscles are so withered that you can’t even walk. In that event, I’d say maybe stay home and listen to “Look She Said” instead (over on the Western Vinyl SoundCloud) instead.

Dome Branches: The MVP Demos tracklisting:

01. Lake Erie
02. Only to Find
03. Dome Branches
04. Black Square
05. De-Attached
06. One Two Three
07. The Felled Trees
08. Look She Said
09. Mask I Wear


09.20.13 - Jamaica Plains, MA - Deep Thoughts !
09.21.13 - Hudson, NY - The Spotty Dog Books & Ale
09.22.13 - Buffalo, NY - Perot Grain Silos at Silo City
09.24.13 - Toronto, ON - Monarch Tavern #
09.25.13 - Oberlin, OH - Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse #
09.26.13 - Cincinnati, OH - Midpoint Music Festival
09.28.13 - Champaign, IL - Pygmalion Music Festival
09.29.13 - Chicago, IL - Hideout #
10.01.13 - Youngstown, PA - Cedar’s Lounge
10.02.13 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Chapel
10.03.13 - The Gates - Ithaca, NY - The Gates @
10.30.13 - Mechanicsburg, PA - Messiah College
12.16.13 - Portsmouth, NH - The Press Room

! Sophie Dickinson and Chris North
# Justin Walter
@ Keir Neuringer

• Nat Baldwin: http://westernvinyl.com/artists/natbaldwin.html
• Western Vinyl: http://westernvinyl.com

U.S. Girls releasing new Motown-tinged, acid-tinged EP in September

White wine. Pinterest. Classic girl groups. Posting about drinking white wine while listening to classic girl groups on Pinterest. Adele Adele Adele!!! Have you heard of Adele? Everybody’s into pseudo-soul these days, it seems, and they want you to know it. Even Meg Remy of U.S. Girls is feeling a soul vibe lately, it seems. Except, of course, that Meg Remy’s take on Motown sounds nothing like a $9.99 Starbucks soul sampler and way more like, say, a scratched 45 recorded when a Motown producer and a bouffant-sporting Hollywood hopeful took too much acid (or just enough acid?) and started jamming with a talking lizard and a super stoned tree frog, both of whom were heavily informed by the North American garage rock and lo-fi traditions.

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll see! You’ll see when U.S. Girls releases a new EP called Free Advice Column on September 24 via Bad Actors, following up last year’s GEM (TMT Review) on FatCat. Remy worked with Canadian hip-hop producer Onakabazien on this one, having previously paired up for a version of the Brandy and Monica classic, “The Boy Is Mine,” available on the U.S. Girls on Kraak LP. You can check out the new track “Overtime” below, via The Fader:

Free Advice Column tracklisting:

01. Overtime
02. 28 Days
03. Incidental Boogie
04. Onakabazien, “Disco 2012” (feat. U.S. Girls)

• U.S. Girls: http://yousgirls.blogspot.com
• Onakabazien: http://onakabazien.blogspot.com
• Bad Actors: http://www.badactorsinc.com