Mos Def to Release Two Versions of Tru3 Magic, One with Altered Tracklist!!

Congratulations, U.S. government! You've managed to show that you've got bigger control issues than freaking Russia. Jesus Chri— I mean, Unspecified Denomination's Hailed Figure (one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more Politically Correct).

So Russia's trying to play nice and join the WTO, and the U.S. government's all (in a Bill Lumberg voice), "Hey Russia... what's happening. We need to talk about this website you've got... yeah, it's yeah, about that. We're going to have to ask you to go ahead and uh... get rid of it... yeah."

Although AllofMp3 is totally legit in the motherland paying royalties to Russia's music licensing company, ROMS, its copyright laws are a tad lax compared to ours. I know, can you believe it? Anyway, this all went down in November after the sweethearts over at Visa gave AllofMP3 the "fuck all y'all" and stopped processing their credit card transactions. And it gets juicier

Enter the RIAA, a name we all know and love. Somehow they managed to take a break from suing soccer moms and wallowing in a sea of denial about the changing structure of the music industry long enough to get in on the AllofMp3 action by introducing a nice little lawsuit. Check these fightin' words: According to the lawsuit, AllofMp3's "pretense of legitimacy makes its enterprise potentially even more damaging than the shadowy pirate operations that cater only to those users willing to engage in intentional copyright infringement." SLICE!

The website's chances don't look so hot, what with losing tons of money to credit card transactions and other economic pressures — but hey, they've got some fangirls and boys right here on this new-fangled doohickey they call a "blog." It contains an "official" statement from AllofMp3, which reminds us that they are located in Russia and also reminds us that Russia is in fact, not located in New York, and therefore not subject to U.S. copyright laws. Choice comments include: "Fuck the american Comercialfreaks. shoot down and break necks" from "c-ra," which, weirdly enough, appears to be the only username commenting on the blog.

So, what now, AllofMp3? "Stick it to the man," as your supporter(s?) so cleverly suggest? Your website is still pretty bangin'. That 20% off sale looks pretty sexy. How about this... give me your digs and we'll keep everyone updated on your "status," okay? 'Cause this could get interesting, kna'mean?

Commission Says Black Employees Discriminated Against by Sony BMG, Society

In late 2006, Sony BMG dismantled its Sony Urban Music label. Artists Wyclef Jean, Three 6 Mafia, and Beyoncé were then shifted to subsidiary Columbia. In case you didn't notice, these artists are all black, which just so happens to be the same skin color of all the employees who were laid off from a Manhattan sales office, according to a story in the New York Post.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that a Sony BMG office "overwhelmingly" targeted black employees during the merger restructuring of 2004. The office consisted of seven black workers, eight white, and one Asian (gong would sound here if I were racist). After the restructuring, however, six employees were laid off -- and they were all black.

Predictably, the EEOC ruling provides ex-employees a good opportunity to sue. But of course! Now claiming she "was the victim of race discrimination," ex-employee Tamieka Blair initially accepted the layoff, until the ex-employees called each other and "realized it was all the black people." (That's like getting laid off from a job, but only getting pissed after finding out it was due to your skin color -- oh wait, that's exactly what this is! Funny.)

Thanks to an insider, who looks kinda Native American, TMT was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the Manhattan office's restructuring plan:

Of course, Sony BMG claims its layoff decisions were based on job performance, while the EEOC said Sony BMG "no documented procedure for determining who the best players were" and "lacked performance standards." Either way, I can't stop laughing!

In more PR disaster news, Sony BMG recently announced rootkit settlements with 41 states and the District of Columbia to the tune of $5.75 million and erected a new, fancy website that allows customers to file claims. Meanwhile, the EU is still re-examining the Sony BMG merger and is expected to make a decision on its fate soonish.

That break was too long wasn't it?

Jesus Comes Down To Earth To Return The Deserving To The Holy Father; Kinda Overshadowed By Talib Kweli/Madlib Collab Being Released For Free Online

UPDATE (01/09/07): Unfortunately, the files are no longer available. But please still read the story.

Christ, you know what, it's been days since I've read a decent best-of list. It's such a shame when it comes to this time of year and, try as you might, you can hardly find any socially frustrated cultural studies students with a perverse desire to delineate what albums made them nod seriously and say "Yah, yah, that's really important" in 2006. So I thought I'd make a couple of lists of my own. To tide you over, you know. Yeah, thank me later.

Best Album Released For Free So Far In January 2007:

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Best Album Available In A Zip File At at this web address

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Best Album That I Am Listening To Right Now:

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Best Album With Cameos From Consequence, Strong Arm Steady And Candice Anderson:

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Best Collaboration Between Talib Kweli & Madlib:

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Best Album With More Information Available At Rappcats

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Alright, I think I'm pretty much done. Wasn't that fun? Right. Now go grab the album already.

Uh, uh, it's a tracklisting, uh, yeah:

TV On the Radio Tour the U.S.; Ironically Ignore the Prudes Up in Cookie Mountain

Ever since I saw the music video for TV On The Radio's single "Wolf Like Me" I haven't been able to stop thinking about the preeminent masterpiece we all know as Teen Wolf. I cannot focus on anything except the sheer enjoyment I get from Michael J. Fox's impassioned characterization of a teenage boy trapped in a werewolf's body. Wow, just thinking about all of this right now is giving me the jitters.

I'm sure right now that YOU, the regular and attractive TMT reader, are wondering, "How the hee-haw is this horrible writer going to connect the brilliant film Teen Wolf with the innovative TV On The Radio??" Well, reader, you better go get a mop and bucket, because I am about to blow your mind out the back of your skull.

1. TV On The Radio unveiled their first self-released album OK Calculator in 2002. Michael J. Fox had an interview about his battle with Parkinson's disease on NPR in April of 2002. I'm guessing that TVOTR, along with Michael J. Fox, disliked diseases in 2002, which makes them all "blood brothers." And Michael J. Fox became Tunde Adebimpe's guardian angel fo' life.
2. When TVOTR's album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes was released on March 9, 2004 on Touch & Go Records, I am going to go ahead and assume that on that same exact day somebody, somewhere was watching or at least owned Teen Wolf.
3. Recently, the Greek mythical manifestation that is Tiny Mix Tapes named TVOTR's Return to Cookie Mountain the third best album of 2006. I am also going to go out on a limb and say that many TMT writers and readers enjoyed the short-lived Arrested Development. Justin Bateman was the star of Arrested Development, as well as a multi-thrillion dollar epic, aptly-titled Teen Wolf Too. Coincidence?
4. Teen Wolf Too was fucking awesome. Consider your mind blown.

In closing, I advocate seeing TVOTR on one of their many U.S. tourdates. Forget what all the playa haters may have said about their live shows, because I know for a fact that just staring at and finding objects in Kip Malone's beard is as fun as those hidden-picture activities in Highlights.

Now I present you with a long list of tourdates with intermissions featuring Teen Wolf Too taglines. Enjoy.

The Shins’ Narcissism Is Frighteningly Awesome; Malcolm in the Middle is Not

Garden State, Garden State, Garden State. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to keep reminding everyone that The Shins were name-dropped in Garden State, the super-duper INDIE movie that hoisted The Shins' popularity to such great heights. But there's more: Zach Braff, the director and lead dude of INDIE movie Garden State, has joined The Shins. Yes, Braff and his teeth will be replacing Mercer, who evidently decided to date Natalie Portman to blur the line between reality, film-reality, and absurdity... weird!

With Braff and his fans in tow, The Shins are poised to have the best month of all-time. The group is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live (January 13), CBS's Late Show with David Letterman (January 23), KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic (January 26), and in Virgin (January 22) and Amoeba (January 26) -- and oh yeah, they're releasing a new album. Titled Wincing the Night Away, the new LP is set for release on January 23 via Sub Pop, though you can stream it in its entirety on MySpace starting January 18.

"You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big. Life is unfaiiiiiiir":

Neko Case to Tour with Merle Haggard; Haggard Voted “Sexiest Babe of Country” in Playboy’s 2006 Poll

So, Merle, how goes it? Oh, I'm doing pretty good man. Pretty fucking good. BURP] Hey, good to hear that! I'm also doing good. Hey, TMT's website is looking pretty sweet. Shitty you have to do ads, but what can you do, right? Yeah, exactly. Anyway, so what is it that you want? Well, Merle, I kinda have a beef with you. BEEF? WHAT BEEF? BEEF? THERE'S NO BEEF. Merle, stop doing that Seinfeld impression; I'm serious here. I just want to know... What? What is it Mango? Well, Merle, Neko is kinda mad at you. Uh oh, because of that fire joke? It was just a fuckin' -- No, no. Then why is she mad at me? Okay, let me show you an excerpt from her [official website, Merle:




You see, Merle, Neko is excited about her tour with you. Look at all them exclamation points! ... Merle? MERLE!!! Stop looking at my crotch and look at them exclamation points! Alright, you see, the problem is Neko thinks you don't give a shit about her. But, but why? Well, for starters, you don't even mention her on your website!! You'd rather muscle some Haggard fan to relinquish a MySpace address than even mention her in both your news section and tour section. Merle? Merle!! Seriously, stop staring at my fucking crotch and listen to me! You're being weird. Sorry Mango. It's quite the crotch. Um, I'll pretend I didn't hear that... okay Merle, if you want to make up with Neko, here's what you have to mention on your website:

- Neko just finished an Australian tour with The New Pornographers but is going back to Australia with a 6-piece band in January.
- New West Records released Neko's Austin City Limits performance on DVD.
- Neko will be part of New York's American Songbook Series at the Lincoln Center. She'll play two shows.

Think you can handle that, Merle? I think I can. As long as I get a taste... A taste of what, Merle? I'm really craving mango, if you know what I mean. Hmm, you want a mango? I can run to the store and grab you one. No, no, Mango.. I want your... you know... Oh, my mango drink that's in the fridge? Shit's pretty good if you want to try some. Here let me -- No, no, no... just forget it. No, c'mon, tell me. Hey, forget it alright? Are you sure? Yeah. I think I hear Neko coming anyway.

Neko Case tourdates:

Oh snap, he meant my penis!



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