The trailer for the new Neko Case LP is the most beautiful work of cinematography known to man; also, she’s on tour!

The trailer for the new Neko Case LP is the most beautiful work of cinematography known to man; also, she's on tour!

Remember a few years ago when you’d go to the movies and there’d always be this absolutely awe-inspiring short black-and-white film full of beautiful lovers cavorting in a field and fireworks and petals flying off a daisy in the wind, and in the midst of it all, you’d be like, “Goddammnit, I am PROUD to be an American, I am young and alive and free,” etc. And then, just as your heart was surging with the beauty of life, the screen went to black and it turned out it was actually a Levi’s commercial? And then you had to shove your heart back down your throat and pretend like, “Oh it was a commercial, whatever, it clearly didn’t make ME feel anything special”? Remember that?

Well, the trailer for the new Neko Case album is pretty much just like that wondrous jeans commercial disguised as an art film, except it actually has heart and soul and you don’t have to be embarrassed if you start crying at how glorious, just glorious, life is. Here it is!

Revel in its beauty and feel no shame! Warning: this thing includes a tantalizing 90 seconds of new music, but gives no release date. At least we know the title: The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love. Neko borrowed that one from Morrissey’s ol’ bag o’ titles, obviously. Fans can love Ms. Case more this summer as she tours the US and Canada, with a nice handful of summer festival dates for those of you who like sunburns and $10 PBRs.


06.22.13 - North Adams, MA - Solid Sound Festival
07.06.13 - Ottawa, ON - RBC Royal Bank Ottawa Bluesfest
07.07.13 - Toronto, ON - Toronto Urban Roots Fest
08.09.13 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Folk Festival
08.11.13 - Regina, SK - Regina Folk Festival
08.24-25.13 - Monterey, CA - First City Festival
09.06-07.13 - Chicago, IL - AV Fest/Hideout Block Party
09.08.13 - Portland, OR - Musicfest NW
09.16.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Red Butte Garden Amphitheater
10.04-06.13 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10.11-13.13 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival

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Andrew Cedermark tries to go home again this July with Home Life

Andrew Cedermark is a man with many homes. Splitting time between New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, the ex-Titus Andronicus guitarist has a reputation for putting out personal work. Fans are in luck as that’s not going to change with his new album, Home Life, dropping July 16 on the Underwater Peoples label.

The follow up to his debut LP Moon Deluxe (and that coming on the heels of a few singles and compilation appearances), Cedermark is once again hitting some reliable (and relatable) lyrical subjects such as alienation, falling in/out of love, and, as hinted at by the title, growing (and conversely not growing) up.

Appropriately, the album was recorded in a few different places. While New Paltz, NY was the home base for the album’s recording, Cedermark also found himself occupying studios in Charlottesville, VA and New York City, and includes Liquor Store’s Sarim Al-Rawi in the lineup for a few songs.

Be on the lookout for some live dates in the near future as the Andrew Cedermark Revue (Cedermark, Alex Tretiak on drums, Jacob Wolf on bass, and Evan Brody on guitar) are going to hit the road soonish.

That’s all I got for this one, so here is Home Life’s tracklist:

01. On Me
02. Tiller of Lawn
03. Canis Major
04. Canis Minor
05. Heap of Trash
06. Train Window Man
07. At Home
08. Come Back
09. Memories, Ah!
10. Men in Jail

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Pharmakon and Lust For Youth begin West Coast tour, whoopeee!!!

‘Round this here West Coast place, there just really ain’t much happening. From that there city of Seattle to the ol’ Los Angeles, there really hasn’t been much going on. Sometimes I sit on my porch (which has a nice view of the entire West Coast, mind you) and as I watch the tumbleweeds roll by I think to myself, “gee, wouldn’t it be great if a couple of Sacred Bones-related acts took a tour of this here podunk Pacific area? That would really be something, wouldn’t it Edna?” And then my wife Edna is all, “sure would be Ed, then maybe we could finally hear about this “power electronics” and “synth pop” thing the kids are always talking about.” Then Edna and I would reminisce about the time “exciting” things used to happen in places like San Francisco and Portland.

Well hol-ee sheeiit! Turns out that on this very day these two groups Pharmakon (TMT Review) and that there Lust For Youth will be bringing a little life back to this dull-ass Western place. In addition, that there Pharmakon will tour to really desolate places like Iowa and Buffalo, NY with that there Swans come this here July (but we already told you about that).

So goodbye to shooting gophers all day, and a big HEEELLLLOOOO to the good ol’ time we’ve all been waiting for!

Pharmakon/Lust For Youth tour dates:

06.21.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Lab #
06.22.13 - Portland, OR - Beacon Sound
06.23.13 - Seattle, WA - Narwal

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Califone return with Stitches LP, find themselves drenched in Kelsey Grammer

Who out there can resist the siren song of Kelsey Grammer? No man living can. Tim Rutili’s Califone has been up to a number of things since his band’s last album, 2009’s All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, including painting, writing scripts, and working on scores for films such as last year’s Beauty Is Embarrassing. He also just so happened to work on the score for the Starz series BOSS, starring a one Mr. Kelsey Grammer. This — in my mind and probably nowhere else — led to many late nights between the two, sharing wine and conversing about the foibles and misunderstands of the upper-middle class. When you’re in Grammer-land, it’s tough to return to the real world.

But return Rutili has and he’s brought Califone with him. On September 3, the band will release their new album Stitches through Dead Oceans. This album’s creation came after a year of absolutely no Califone activity, which ended when Rutili simply woke up one day and started writing Califone songs again. Listen to the record’s title track below; see if you can pick out the Frasier references, then sigh when you realize that there are no Frasier references.

If you’re a person of strange ideas, you might have noticed that the aforementioned title-track lacks “that Chicago sound.” Good reason for that: Stitches is the first record of Rutili’s in which none of it was recorded in Chicago. Instead, the band recorded with Griffin Rodriguez in Los Angeles, Michael Krassner in Phoenix, and Craig Ross in Austin. Also: Frasier Crane in Seattle.

Stitches tracklist:

01. Movie Music Kills a Kiss
02. Stitches
03. Frosted Tips
04. Magdalene
05. Bells Break Arms
06. moonbath.brainsalt.a.holy.fool
07. Moses
08. A Thin Skin of Bullfight Dust
09. We are a Payphone
10. turtle eggs/an optimist

Califone dates:

06.28.13 - Chicago, IL - Big Star’s Third @ The Vic Theatre
09.07.13 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival
09.08.13 - Richmond, VA - Capital Ale House
09.09.13 - Charlottesville, VA - The Southern
09.11.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
09.12.13 - Wilmington, DE - World Cafe Live at The Queen
09.14.13 - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live Upstairs
09.15.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield
09.17.13 - New Haven, CT - Cafe nine
09.19.13 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall
09.20.13 - Boston, MA - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Factory Floor are cooler than you and have a cooler new album than you, too

Factory Floor are a London-based three-piece that are super into no wave, weirdo dance music, and basically just being those people who make you feel bad about your own/your band’s own level of coolness. I mean, this band supported Throbbing Gristle’s Chris & Cosey for a performance at London’s prestigious Institute of Contemporary Art back in 2011, and then later had Chris Carter performing with them at various European summer festivals. They’re so cool, they’re like cartoon dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt and reflective shades riding a skateboard COOL. And from now til September 8, they’re curating a residency sorta thing at the ICA. That’s like, cartoon dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt and reflective shades riding a skateboard WHILE SLAMMING A MOUNTAIN DEW cool.

And now the trio of Gabe Gurnsey, Dominic Butler, and Nik Colk Void are finally releasing their debut album. After a series of buzzworthy singles for Optimo and Blast First Petite, the group is releasing their self-titled debut full-length on DFA Records on September 9. It took nearly two years to record, but the band has big plans this fall, including a slew of summer festival dates, and a tour to regions as-yet-unknown. Album #2 is already in the cauldron, being stirred by several art witches till it’s ready to be unleashed onto the world.

Factory Floor tracklisting:

01. Turn It Up
02. Here Again
03. One
04. Fall Back
05. Two
06. How You Say
07. Two Different Ways
08. Three
09. Work Out
10. Breathe I

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Pirate Bay founder sentenced to two years for hacking, would most definitely hack in to a car if he could

According to Torrent Freak, Pirate Bay founder and notorious car-downloader Gottfrid Svartholm has been sentenced to two years in a Swedish prison after a hacking conviction. Hacking, of course, is a very serious crime. Contrary to popular belief, it is neither easy nor glamorous. From personal experience, I can say it often takes me as long as three grueling hours to figure out my roommate’s Facebook password so I can make all of his friends think he’s actually a woman who is gearing up for a short-notice trip to India. The media’s reckless portrayal of hacking has surely contributed to Svartholm’s current plight, who cites Lisbeth Salander (of the popular Millenium trilogy) and the “edgy chick” from CBS’ NCIS as his primary inspirations.

With the help of accomplice Matthias Gustafsson (who has been sentenced to probation), Svartholm reportedly hacked into the Swedish IT company Logica. Logica apparently worked closely with local bank Nordea. Details are scant on what exactly the two did while hacking into Logica’s computer systems, but many have speculated that they spent most of their time changing people’s screen savers so they bore threatening messages, e.g. “Anders, I have become sentient and I will use my infinite computing powers to wreak havoc on your small family.”

Svartholm’s sentence comes in addition to his current jail time for copyright infringement committed during his time at The Pirate Bay. Additionally, Svartholm is expected to be extradited to Denmark soon to face charges for doing basically the exact same thing there: hacking into the mainframes of CSC, a Danish IT company that worked with the government, and making employees there think that they were on the verge of the robotic apocalypse.

The Pirate Bay, of course, is an online torrent repository, most commonly known as “the place where you can download the thingies that let you watch Game of Thrones without having HBO.” Back in February, Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose released the film The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard, a documentary about the origins of the site, which reportedly contains detailed instructions on how to actually download a car.