Neon Marshmallow Festival NYC begins this week, adds Thursday performances

Neon Marshmallow Festival NYC begins this week, adds Thursday performances

ATP what? CMJ who? There are plenty of festivals in New York City and Brooklyn this fall, and kids are starving themselves to save up for admissions as their arms become enveloped by multiple colorful wristbands, but as for me, there’s only one festival this autumn that perfectly caters to my elite and seemingly unachievable good taste. And that, curious lads, is New York’s first annual Neon Marshmallow Festival. We previously announced the coming of the festival, which originated in Chicago, and we now are dutifully reminding you that these phenomenal performances are nigh — this weekend, to be exact.

The majority of the festival will be held at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, and the venue sound will be expanded with the addition of the full-spectrum Bunker sound-system, in addition to the PA’s recent installation of Turbosound subs (so that drone can get right into your chest). And don’t forget that there will be an hour of open Reyka Vodka bar on Friday and Saturday, and open Asahi Beer bar on all three nights!

For those of you already anxiously clutching to your all-weekend passes with sweaty hands and bated breath, good news has descended from the neon-marshmallow-like clouds: the festivities are now beginning a day early, with a recently added early reception on Thursday, featuring performances by C. Spencer Yeh and Aaron Zarzutzki. Thursday’s kick-off event will be absolutely free but requires an RSVP.

The new lineup for the festival will be as follows:

Thursday, October 13:
- Audible Silence: Opening Reception at the Clocktower Gallery
- C. Spencer Yeh & Aaron Zarzutzki Duo
- C. Spencer Yeh
- Aaron Zarzutzki

Friday, October 14:
- Grouper
- Kevin Drumm
- The Men
- Phill Niblock
- James Ferraro
Soiree After Party:
- Veronica Vascika (DJ sets)
- Xeno & Oaklander (performance)

Saturday, October 15:
- Tim Hecker
- Mark Fell
- Phoenecia
- Tim Harrington
- Carlos Giffoni
Soiree After Party:
- Spinoza (DJ sets)
- Rene Hell (performance)

Sunday, October 16:
- Rhys Chatham
- Loren Connors
- Alan Licht
- Ryley Walker
Night Show:
- Mandelbrott & Sky
- La Big Vic
- Joe Lentini
- Date Palms
- DJ sets by Brian Turner, Emilie Friedlander, Ric Leichtung, & more
- Visuals by EyeBodega, Johnny Woods, Jon Williams, Rebecca Gaffney & Yr Friend Matthew

Important note: as we predicted, a corresponding cassette compilation has been released for this festival, which features rare recordings from the festival’s artists and can already be purchased here.

Would you like an additional important note? Here’s another important note: the Tim Harrington performance on Saturday will be Harrington’s first live experimental solo performance using modular synthesis. History: made. See you there.

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Patrick Wolf says hooray for winter with Brumalia EP

Come November 28, Patrick Wolf will raise a glass in celebration of the wine drinking merriment and ecstasy that is the Roman winter solstice, Brumalia. This year, as we dress ourselves in grapes and toast to what’s sure to be one prophetic revelation after another, we’ll be pleased as punch grapes to have musical accompaniment in the form of Wolf’s EP named after the ancient tradition, as we honor Bacchus and his ritualistic madness.

Featuring six new songs (including one written on his iPad), Brumalia also features photographs of Wolf taken by our modern day Athena, Patti Smith, on a freezing cold day. It encapsulates the bleakness and melancholy of England, which as Wolf explains, was an inspiration for the tracks featured on the EP that follows up his most recent, and also mythologically themed, full-length, Lupercalia (TMT Review). Check out some of the man’s tourdates below and raise a glass to wintery merriment.


10.22.11 - Edinburgh, UK - Liquid Room
10.23.11 - Belfast, UK - Speakeasy
10.24.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Academy
10.26.11 - Manchester, UK - Ritz
10.27.11 - Leeds, UK - Cockpit
10.28.11 - Sheffield, UK - Foundry
10.30.11 - Cardiff, UK - Millennium Music Hall
10.31.11 - Oxford, UK - O2 Academy 2
11.01.11 - Bournemouth, UK - The Old Firestation
11.03.11 - Brighton, UK - Komedia
11.04.11 - London, UK - Roundhouse

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Other-other Benz owner Kanye West pays a (hilarious) visit to Occupy Wall Street

Interested in finding new and innovative ways to increase his prestige, rapper mogul Kanye West decided to pay a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protests this Tuesday in hopes to carry on the torch of other multi-million dollar “revolutionary entertainers” such as M.C. Krazy Karl Marxxx and Lil’ Che Che. Accompanied by the even richer Russell Simmons, Mr. West brought a batch of custom made protest signs in order to help fan the flames of discontent. With classic protest mantras such as “So this is how broke people smell,” “Stop corporate greed/Start taking my picture,” and “My bank account might say I’m with the 1%, but 99% of 1% of me feels your pain,” Kanye West rallied up the masses at Wall Street in a temporary storm of confusion and “don’t know if I should be mad or amused.”

Apparently though, West must have had hundred dollar bills clogged in his lungs, because he refused to speak to the press, instead having Russell Simmons act as his spokesperson while he stood there looking slightly annoyed. “Kanye has been a big supporter spiritually for this movement,” said Simmons, who later tweeted “I love how sweet and tolerant he was to the crowd.” Shortly after the comment, West and Simmons left the protests leaving behind the fashion chic protest signs, most likely late for their tennis match on the Moon.

When asked by a tweeter about the goal of the duo’s trip to Wall Street, Simmons replied with hints that maybe West and other artists will organize a big rally (that is, if the price is right). You can watch the awkward video interview here, as well as all the signs West made for the protests here.

Kanye West and Russel Simmons weren’t the first celebrities to makes an appearance at Wall Street. Jeff Mangum played a set there and rapper Talib Kweli also performed at the protests. Future appearances by celebrities are rumored to include Tom Morello, who will be performing solo under his Nightwatchmen moniker.

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RIP: David Bedford, composer and musician

From The Wire:

David Bedford, the modern composer, teacher, performer and musical arranger died on 1 October of lung cancer.

Bedford’s musical education began with his family; his mother Lesley Duff was an opera singer, his grandmother Liza Lehmann an Edwardian songwriter and Bedford along with his two other brothers played musical instruments from an early age. Bedford attended the Royal Academy Of Music until 1961, and furthered his education in Venice studying under Italian avant garde composer Luigi Nono. Returning to the UK, he wrote various pieces of modern composition.

Partly through economic necessity, his career shifted track, and he became well known in the rock world. Working as an arranger for EMI he was approached to arrange the Kevin Ayers debut solo album Joy Of A Toy (1969). He toured with Ayers in the group The Whole World in 1970 along with Lol Coxhill and Mike Oldfield, all of whom he continued to work with outside the band. Around this time Bedford played a role in the development of Prog rock by using classical arrangements, evident in his contribution to the Roy Harper albums Stormcock and Valentine. He was also involved in arranging Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and music for Elvis Costello and Madness. […]

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Black Keys announce new record with help of Saul Go— Bob Odenkirk

Here’s a statistic for you: Tiny Mix Tapes is currently the only website on the internet to not contain a comment on the craziness of the Breaking Bad season finale. Really, we’re the only one! So, without further ado, that Breaking Bad finale was really crazy. Moving on from that, Pitchfork reports that The Black Keys have a new record coming out. To unveil this new release, they’ve put out the following video to explain everything:

There you go, now you understand everything, including the fact that The Black Keys have a new record called El Camino coming out on December 6. And that anytime Bob Odenkirk wears a cheap suit, he is basically Saul Goodman. Oh man, back to Breaking Bad already? This really is the internet. By the way, how crazy was it when that crazy thing happened? Or that other equally crazy thing?

If you’re looking for more comprehensive information about El Camino, you should check out You may not get a lot of new information about the album, but if you want some pictures of crappy vans, then oh man, you will be in crappy van heaven. There’s also a phone number there that leads to a message of Pat Carney trying to sell you a van. Or maybe he’s trying to sell you the album? Either way, he is a bad salesman at worst and a weirdly abstract one at best.

El Camino tracklisting:

01. Lonely Boy
02. Dead and Gone
03. Gold on the Ceiling
04. Little Black Submarines
05. Money Maker
06. Run Right Back
07. Sister
08. Hell of a Season
09. Stop Stop
10. Nova Baby
11. Mind Eraser

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Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland release solo recordings rarer than most breeds of unicorn

Hey, college freshmen! Ding dong ding dong! What’s that noise? Oh yes. It’s 2 o’clock today, [INSERT DATE HERE], which means it’s time for your first Economics quiz of the semester! Didn’t study? Don’t worry: it’s multiple choice, and for the purposes of this article, it’s only one question that really has nothing to do with Economics anyway.

Which of the following statements is true?

(a) Scarcity increases demand.
(b) The US economy, in its current state, is fucked.
(c) A band is mysterious. If said band members do not reveal their faces and/or names, the band’s mysteriousity can be directly linked to the band’s likelihood of releasing awesomely-named records.
(d) All of the above.

Nice work. Obviously the answer is (d) all of the above. Take, for example, Hype Williams, the band (not the director), which consists of two hazy like-minded individuals, Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt. This year Kode9’s Hyperdub label (also home to Burial, The Bug, and many more) released the group’s four-song debut, Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol.II. This summer, Copeland got a little help releasing her self-titled solo joint through Rush Hour, the fantastic Amsterdam house label. It’s available online. Now the man half of Hype Williams has his own solo thang available for your consumption.

Introducing Dean Blunt’s Jill Scott Herring OST! It’s a cassette. It’s a cassette release limited to 100 copies. It’s a cassette release limited to 100 copies through Mo Wax/Honest Jon’s artist Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes label that’s already sold out! A mere 100? Scarcity. DEMAND. Did I mention it’s already sold out? When the economy crashes once and for all, friends, limited cassette tape releases will be the new gold standard.

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