Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds drive off on 2014 tour, leaving behind a trail of delicate rhododendron petals

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds drive off on 2014 tour, leaving behind a trail of delicate rhododendron petals

Hello, bozos. Despite your placement in the not-so-proud tribe of bozos, I can assume you, at least, know about Nick Cave. So let’s not waste our time bio-graphing this legendary Australian post-punk musician, let’s just get to the point. Nick Cave, who doesn’t just tour America every day, is bringing himself and his Bad Seeds to our fair nation this coming summer. They’ll be supporting their 2013 release, Push the Sky Away, an album acclaimed by those relevant. Look below for the dates, then buy tickets, you bozo. “When?” cries a bozo. November 20, if you can get them on pre-sale, November 22 for general on-sale. That’s when.

Since he is nearly a saint among men, Nick Cave has something special planned for the Black Friday (November 29) edition of Record Store Day. Participating stores will be offering Live from KCRW, a new live record from the band available on CD and vinyl. “B-b-b-but what if I don’t live near a participating store,” cries the bozo once again. Don’t worry, poor dumb-dumb, the album will receive a digital release on December 3. See, don’t waste your tears, everything is fine. Bozo.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds dates:

06.16.14 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Palace Theatre
06.18.14 - Kansas City, MO - Midland Theatre
06.20.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Theatre
06.21.14 - Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre
06.24.14 - Denver, Co - Buell Theatre
06.27.14 - Calgary, AB - Southern Albert Jubilee Auditorium
06.28.14 - Edmonton, AB - Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
06.30.14 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
07.02.14 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
07.05.14 - Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
07.07.14 - San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theatre
07.11.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium
07.19.14 - Austin, TX - ACL Live @ Moody Theater
07.21.14 - New Orleans, LA - Mahalia Jackson Theater
07.23.14 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
07.25.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center
07.26.14 - New York, NY - Prospect Park
07.29.14 - Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple Theatre
07.31.14 - Toronto, ON - Sony Centre

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Liars swear to return with new album in March; unless they’re, you know, not being truthful?

Alright, so. Liars! Who here’s a fan? We usually are. But then again, maybe we’ve just been fucking with you all this time? You never can tell with Liars!

Speaking of lying, Liars (I mean THE BAND; you know, Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill, and Julian Gross?) have announced that they’ll release their new album, the follow up to 2012’s artsy-fartsy foray into “electronica,” WIXIW (TMT Review), in March 2014. But then again, maybe they’re kinda pulling our legs about that? You never can tell with Liars.

Seems legit though. After all, they’ve been performing tracks from the (as-yet-untitled) album at some recent-enough gigs around town (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur, MoMA PS1, Primavera Sound and Sónar Music Festivals), and they’ve started teasing the record in adorable little cryptic trailers that you can’t watch. Just kidding. You totally can. Or can you? You never can tell with Liars.

Anyway, not too many more details as of now, other than the band’s assurance that they are “currently finishing the album at their studio in Los Angeles.” Oh, well I guess that and the fact that Angus Andrew says that work on the new album was “almost the exact opposite experience” of making WIXIW. “Instead of being doubtful, work on the new album has been immediate, fun, instinctual and confident.” Fun? Confident? Eww, I don’t know…

Oh wait. Duh! They might not be serious! You never can tell with Liars.

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Xiu Xiu announce new album Angel Guts: Red Classroom, ensure delivery of Xiu Xiu-iest album ever

“They’re just being Xiu Xiu”
— Miley Cyrus

Xiu Xiu cannot help but be Xiu Xiu. Every Xiu Xiu album is the most Xiu Xiu album possible, yet every Xiu Xiu album is more Xiu Xiu than the one preceding it. As previously reported, Xiu Xiu will be releasing Nina, an album of Nina Simone covers, on December 2 through Graveface. Obviously, this is the most Xiu Xiu idea of all time and, logically, that makes it the most Xiu Xiu album ever released. Its reign shall be brief. On February 4, Polyvinyl will release Xiu Xiu’s new album Angel Guts: Red Classroom, the new champion in the never-ending tournament of Xiu Xiu.

Listeners to previous Xiu Xiu albums may have thought they were splashing around in a pool of darkness. DEAD WRONG. As the press release states, “Angel Guts: Red Classroom is the beginning of Xiu Xiu’s descent from grayness into the deepest blackness endurable.” It goes on to say that it’s the sound of Xiu Xiu’s death, so RIP Xiu Xiu. The album was informed by Jamie Stewart’s recent relocation from North Carolina to a dangerous neighborhood in Los Angeles, as well as by the Japanese erotic noir film from which it takes its title. These facts are among the most Xiu Xiu facts on the planet.

Listen to the first single “Stupid in the Dark” below via SoundCloud and make sure to keep an ear out for the aforementioned sounds of deepest blackness. Angel Guts: Red Classroom will be available on CD, digital formats, 180-gram clear vinyl, and a 500-copy, limited-edition 180 gram red vinyl available through Polyvinyl’s website. Yes, of all the records not to be put out on traditional black vinyl, it’s this one.

Angel Cuts: Red Classroom tracklist:

01. Angel Guts:
02. Archie’s Fades
03. Stupid in the Dark
04. Lawrence Liquors
05. Black Dick
06. New Life Immigration
07. EL Naco
08. Adult Friends
09. The Silver Platter
10. Bitter Melon
11. A Knife in the Sun
12. Cinthya’s Unisex
13. Botanica de Los Angeles
14. :Red Classroom

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Thee Oh Sees ready Singles Collection Volume 3, ask that you please not obsess over their gravity-defying funeral capabilities

Who even needs a singles collection from Thee Oh Sees? Go ahead and acknowledge alternative definitions (which would certainly apply here), but within the realm of the mainstream, this typically represents a planned and additional source of revenue for the Big Four — collections of songs defined by their catchiness, just in case they weren’t able to lure you into purchasing the shallow and unrewarding LP at the time of its release. I’m generalizing, but that’s pretty much the case for every Top 40 artist within the last 500 years, prior to when Billboard was a thing, and when the Founders spent their downtime gossiping and then formally compiling all the latest tunes of utmost esteem. Who wants to bet William Ellery had a ton of guilty pleasures?

In fact, who wants to bet that the inimitable Thomas Paine would’ve liked Thee Oh Sees? As a contrast, their LPs continue to regularly get us… rockin’? God no. Forget I ever verged on phrasing it that way, but appreciate what I’m getting at; they consistently churn out quality, to the point where the butter has grown sexual organs and is begging to be pushed to climax. So no, we don’t need a singles collection from the consistent San Franciscans, but we’ll certainly accept the one that they’re offering: Singles Collection Volume 3, due out next Tuesday (11/26). It follows the joint Singles Collection Volumes 1 and 2, released in 2011, and takes from a variety of non-LP sources, including an Adult Swim compilation of garage rock (“Devil Again”) and the David Shrigley installment for the Edition Fieber 7-inch series (“Ugly Man” and “Girls Who Smile”). Supplemental, perhaps. So what?

Singles Collection Volume 3 tracklisting

01. Ugly Man
02. Girls Who Smile
03. Crushed Grass
04. Burning Spear
05. What You Need
06. FBI2
07. Wait Let’s Go
08. Always Flying
09. Devil Again
10. Block of Ice (Live at the SF Eagle)
11. Destroyed Fortress/No Spell (Live at Death By Audio) (CD only)

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Terry Riley’s In C remastered from original 1968 tapes, restored to its original length of “still-going-on”

Here at TMT, we must be at least kinda highbrow, because that rascally minimalist composer-guy Terry Riley tends to pop up around our pages kind of a lot! Usually, though, it’s because something or other new is happening regarding some new incarnation of his most famous work, In C. Today, however, is a completely different story!

Ha! Just kidding. Of course it’s not, you dummy! In C is the only piece of cool classical music ever. And I’m just here to tell you that, according to The Vinyl Factory, the original 1968 recording of that good ol’ “semi-aleatoric sequence of 53 short musical phrases, played an repeated
an arbitrary number of times” has been remastered and is being returned to glorious, glorious vinyl on the Pure Pleasure label. What kind of vinyl? The 180 gram kind, dummy!

Look for it on December 9. In the mean time, go over here to preorder it for yourself or the hip, “downtown” art-lover in your life, and check out some typical music-site-style embedded internet BS below. Maybe while you pet your cat or eat your lunch or something? I don’t care. Whatever you do, though, DO NOT click on videos for any of the man’s other music after you’re done watching this one though. You only like In C.

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Aaron Dilloway decides he’s finally tired of people trying to sneak in to his house, opens Hanson Records store in Oberlin, Ohio

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Man, all of these reasonably priced downloads from Hanson Records’ Bandcamp are great and all, but I really wish I could have touched my palms to the rough skin of Aaron Dilloway’s creepy monkey mask thing while I bought them.” Oh my god, you too?! Good news then, as FACT reports, on Tuesday, November 26, Dilloway’s Hanson Records will open its first-ever brick and mortar record shop in Oberlin, Ohio, so we’ll both be able to touch our palms to Dilloway’s rough skin (masked or not) all we want! More like Woahberlin, Ohio, am I right? Because, this is definitely something that would make me exclaim “Woah!” if I hadn’t lost my vocal chords in that freak accident during the 2004 Summer Olympics.

After running the label for almost 20 years, the once-and-right-now-and-also-future-noise-king decided he’s tired of scuzzy dudes with french fries in their beards climbing through his basement window looking for tapes. Now those scuzzy dudes are going to have to climb up to the second floor of the building at 25 1/2 West College Street in Oberlin (above Smiths Home Furnishings) if they want to break in and root through tape stacks. Honestly, that seems like it’s for the best. What I’m saying is that dudes with french fries in their beards could probably benefit from a little cardio now and again, and three out of five doctors agree that using a baseball bat to hit metal doo-dads with contact mics attached to them does not count. On December 5, the store will host a grand-opening party from 5-8 PM featuring live performances and DJ sets from as-yet-unannounced folks from the local scene. If I can get my mom to drive me, I’ll totally be there.

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