Nobody is releasing Vivid Green on July 30, Nobody at all; I guess no news is good news?

Nobody is releasing Vivid Green on July 30, Nobody at all; I guess no news is good news?

Every year around the end of July somebody steps up to release a new record on Alpha Pup Records. This year Nobody is doing that. That’s right, Nobody is releasing an album on Alpha Pup, and Nobody is calling it Vivid Green. Why has Nobody stepped up to the plate? I guess because Nobody feels like he is capable. Apparently Nobody is interested in “bass heavy beats, electronic bangers and psychedelic rock,” because, if somebody had an album coming out at the end of the month that’s probably what it would have on it. Since Nobody is releasing an album, though, who knows what’ll happen as our verdant planet rolls into a new month.

If anybody was putting this album out, they’d probably get vocal collaborations with folks like Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Baths, Nocando, Anna Wise, and Teri Gender Bender. But again, Nobody. Nobody has put a single on SoundCloud, either. (Seems a little unbelievable, right? No one? No new tracks on SoundCloud? I’m sticking right with the press release, though.) If anybody, anybody at all really, had put something new up on SoundCloud, I would def post it below (it is my job after all, LOL!).

Nobody has been making music since back in 2000, when Nobody made an album called Soulmates. Honestly, that previous sentence seems like a huge overreach. Nobody’s made any new music in over 13 years?!?!?!?! For real? I just double checked the press release, though, and that’s what it says. I guess if anything, that’s the real news in this news-free post: all that music we thought we had been listening to? Turns out it’s all been fake.

Imagined tracklist for Vivid Green which Nobody is actually putting out:

01. Third Charm
02. Pentwater
03. Our Last Dance
04. Rhombus
05. Flat Black
06. Sleeping Alone
07. Iceplants
08. Rex
09. Spliff!
10. In Limbo
11. Vivid Green
12. Beaches

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Frank Ocean double LP rarities collection (unofficially) released; Frank Ocean faves your Doctor Who gifset on Tumblr

Last year, Frank Ocean broke barriers by becoming the first major recording artist to openly use Tumblr. “I thought Tumblr was only for people obsessed with Doctor Who or Sherlock or anything with gaunt British men, but I guess if Frank Ocean uses it, it must be okay” said the public. After Ocean revealed that he was a Tumblr user, Tumblr usage rose by 5000000000%, making the microblogging platform the most popular website in the history of the internet. But what does a man who has changed the face of the internet and put out the acclaimed record Channel Orange (TMT Review) do next? Well, as reported by FACT, he sits back and lets some bootlegger release a vinyl-only rarities collection by the title of unreleased, MISC.

Printed on clear vinyl, the double record is limited to only 750 copies. The release includes “Wise Man,” written for Django Unchained but previously unused, and OF Tape 2 track “Wise Man,” along with all sorts of other Tumblr-inspired tracks from Ocean. John Mayer’s even there on “White,” if that’s a factoid that you’re at all interested in knowing. Supposedly, you could buy the release from Rough Trade’s store, but the album seems to have mysteriously disappeared since FACT’s initial report. Did they sell all 750 copies already? Did the release disappear into the ether? Did Frank Ocean decide to sell it exclusively through Tumblr? These are all possibilities.

unrelated, MISC tracklist:

A1. Rocket Love
A2. Time Machine
A3. Heartbreak + Jet Lag
B1. Bedtime Story
B2. Voodoo
B3. White (ft. John Mayer)
B4. No Love
B5. 4 Tears
C1. Acura Integurl
C2. Analog 2 (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
C3. Whip Appeal
D1. Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)
D2. Scared of Beautiful
D3. Wise Man

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Move over Dr. Drew: Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood to host BBC 6 Music program

Radio is on its way out! Nobody listens to radio! How do we get teens to listen to radio? More LMFAO remixes of Justin Bieber songs? More creepy middle-aged shock jocks in sweatpants pushing the “boner noise” sound effect button? Shittier music? These are the questions/hysterical assertions that plague radio execs across the land. “More teenagers calling Dr. Drew to see if they can get pregnant while they’re in the hot tub! More commercials! More Early Morning Zoo Crew!” they cry, in between pounding their feet on their desks and throwing bananas at underlings. (All radio execs are wacky chimps in suits. I know. I used to work in radio.)

The situation is different over at England’s BBC 6, however, where the station’s popular “Sunday Service” program is run by a bunch of chimps with really good taste in music. Normally hosted by Jarvis Cocker, the show will be taken over by Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood whilst the erstwhile Pulp frontman goes on vacation for three weeks. (John Lydon previously did the honors last time Jarvis was on holiday.) But Greenwood’s not going it alone — he’ll have brother Jonny and comic/6 Music regular Adam Buxton along for the ride. The concept of the show (yes, it has a concept) is that the brothers Greenwood are reenacting their favorite post-concert tour bus musical listening moments… or something. According to FACT, “as they travel between concerts, each one takes it in turn to play an influential and much loved tune in the hope that it’s universally appreciated. And 6 Music regular Adam Buxton is along for the ride in the role of compere and tour manager.” The first wacky boner noise-filled romp took place yesterday, July 7, which you can preview and view the playlist for here.

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Sub Rosa’s 7th and final Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music glides down from the heavens on a golden beam of light

So, you could be an active listener of Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, Pan Sonic, and all of their off-shoots and justifiably consider yourself an enthusiast when it comes to noise or experimental electronic music. Unfortunately, Belgian label Sub Rosa has a different plan for your ego: that of rapid deflation, but in a way that simultaneously appeals to your masochism. Their Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music series garners your appreciation at the same time that it makes you keenly aware of unexplored corners, despite a diligence in keeping up with modern developments in the genre(s). First a-Chronology 1921-2001 arrived in 2002 with two discs (or three LPs) and a 52-page booklet inadvertently highlighting your ignorance. The five subsequent editions adhered to a similar, ambitious structure, and now, Sub Rosa will take things a step and a disc further with Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012, out… no time for anticipation-building! It’s out now, apparently.

In addition to the third disc in this final edition, the booklet is also about a third longer than previous editions, at 84 pages. Given the whole of this anthology series, which consists of 176 tracks and nearly 18 hours of sonic exhaustion, you might expect a little gloating on the part of its compilers — namely, Sub Rosa director Guy Marc Hinant. But that’s clearly not their style: “Our coverage is obviously incomplete, as there will be new emergences, through means unknown to us, from places we are unaware of.”

Get in touch with your own humility. Wait… who?

Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012 tracklisting:

Disc 1:

01. Henry Jacobs - Sonata for Loudspeakers (1953-4)
02. Tziga Vertov - Radio-ear Radio Pravda (1930)
03. Bebe & Louis Barron - Bells of Atlantis (1952)
04. Luciano Berio - Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) (1958)
05. Bülent Arel - Electronic Music (1961)
06. Don Preston - Analog Heaven #6 (1975)
07. Slawek Kwi + Siobhan McDonald - Lava Samples
08. Benjamin Thigpen - Thread0 (2011)
09. Helmut Schäfer - Infuse (2005-6)
10. Novi_sad - The insolence of a poppy (2011)
11. Saule - Paperfilm (2002)
12. E-L Scott de Martinville - Au clair de la lune (1860)

Disc 2:

01. John Oswald - Vertical Time
02. Israel Quellet Pour - percussion et saturation (2007)
03. Dennis Wong / Sin:Net - Decomposition
04. Alan Courtis - Mind Broncoespasmo
05. Fausto Romitelli - Trash TV Trance (2002)
06. Justin K. Broadrick - Guitar Three (1995)
07. Storm Bugs - Cash Wash/Eat good Beans (1980)
08. E.A.R. - Beyond the Pale (1992)
09. Henry Cow - From Trondheim (1976)
10. Osso Exotico - Rota de inverno (1994)

Disc 3:

01. Eugeniusz Rudnik - Collage (1965)
02. Eduardo Polonio - Transparencias (2011)
03. Cabaret Voltaire - Chance versus Causuality (1979)
04. Mika Vainio - Transformer in 7 (2011)
05. Alma Laprida + Juan Jose Calarco - Contorso (2011)
06. Klangkrieg - Korpus 1 (1996)
07. Gintas Kraptavicius - 4m (2011)
08. Warong Rachapreecha - Shambles (2012)
09. The New Blockaders - Blockade is Resistance (1983)
10. GX Jupitter-Larsen / The Haters - Fuechen (1985)
11. The Rita - Skate (2009)
12. To Die - Terhempas luka / Jurang nestapa (2011)
13. Agro / B. Spivey + R. Anderson - Only Those Who Attempt The Impossible Will Achieve The Absurd (1995)
14. Jamka - Wild Rosa Tree (2010)
15. Erin Sexton - Suspend / 2 Electromagnetic Amplifiers (2011)
16. Gustavo Serpa - Astro Metal (2008)
17. Anonymous - Untitled (unknown)

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James Ferraro provides another reason for fireworks: new album NYC, HELL 3:00 AM out in October on Hippos in Tanks

According to his until-now uncharacteristically quiet Facebook page (I seriously just checked it yesterday, thinking it’s been a minute since we’d heard from our Lil Icebunny), James Ferraro has a new album called NYC, HELL 3:00 AM. The album, which follows last year’s Sushi and this year’s Cold mixtape, is out October 15 on Hippos in Tanks and has an amazing trailer to go with it. Check it out here:

And why not sing along:

This world is dark. So dark. 40th floor. Marble floors. God is money. Money is god. This model is so gross. Coked-out and sloppy and looking out the window, feeling unbound. Love is shaded with hate. The dark heaven and the power of the buildings, sentinels, made us feel alone, pushing us to pretend humanity…

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Chris Corsano’s Hot Cars Warp label to release Byron Coley’s Dating Tips for Touring Bands on July 23

Byron Coley — author, music journalist, poet, and head of Ecstatic Yod Records — is releasing his first full-length spoken word LP on psycho-drummer Chris Corsano’s Hot Cars Warp label (the hot car thing happened to one of my LPs once and I was furious).

Byron Coley has been a part of your life, and some of you probably didn’t even realize it because you’re some tween millennial with his thumb up his ass talking about the new Kanye record when there is no reason you should give a shit about that. You see, Coley is one of the first music writers to really document indie rock from its inception to the present day, having written for Forced Exposure, NY Rocker, Boston Rock, Take It!, Spin, The Wire, and Arthur. His label, Ecstatic Yod (a.k.a. Father Yod), has put out music by Destroy All Monsters, Picks & Lighters (remember their record with the stovetop eye burned into a blank vinyl jacket? no? fuck you), Gang Wizard, and Nels Cline. He has contributed liner notes to records by Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, and the Flaherty/Corsano duo. When you watched those documentaries on Half Japanese and The Minutemen, Coley was one of those experts in there giving you the FACTS. You’ve also probably read his biography on Chuck fucking Norris.

Anyway, the record, titled Dating Tips for Touring Bands, is due out July 23, and it features, on the A-side, segments of underground cultural history done in verse, and then on the B-side, Coley reads an abridged chapter from his forthcoming novel, Dominoes.

Side A tracklist:

01. Beefheart
02. Club For Friars
03. Go! Tigers!
04. Dating Tips for Touring Bands
05. Superman 2
06. Kanada
07. Peter Cooper Village
08. Birds Poem
09. Birth Of A Nation
10. Living & Dining in the West
11. Fuck You Lew
12. Semiotics of Rock
13. One for Jack
14. Punk Day

Side B tracklist:

01. Closer (excerpt): from the forthcoming Byron Coley novel Dominoes

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