O’Death sign to Northern Spy for next release, plan tour, which is huge news if you happen to work for O’Death or Northern Spy!

O’Death sign to Northern Spy for next release, plan tour, which is huge news if you happen to work for O'Death or Northern Spy! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1404/news-14-04-odeath.jpg

Holy shit! Aren’t you in that one Appalachian folk-rock-roots-country-honk-sassafras-whatever-etc. band from New York called O’Death??

Then you’ll probably want to know that I just read on Tiny Mix Tapes that your Appalachian folk-rock-roots-country-honk-sassafras-whatever-etc. band (O’Death, remember) has just officially signed to Northern Spy Records for your next LP and follow-up to 2011’s “intensely personal” Outside! Were you up on that shit?

Wait, No? Fuck, good thing I ran into you then! So, yeah, and you probably don’t have any more details about the new album just yet, huh? Oh. You didn’t even know you were releasing one? Yeah, that’s weird. Well, I’d appreciate it if you took my email here and hit me up when stuff like titles and release dates are getting announced; I’ll totally work my music connections and get that stuff posted on the internet somewhere. Cool about Northern Spy though.

Oh, you’re playing these upcoming shows still though, right? You know, with O’Death??

05.14.14 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
05.15.14 - Grand Rapids, MI - Founders Brewing Co
05.16.14 - Lansing, MI - The Avenue
05.17.14 - Nashville, TN - Valley Branch Retreat
06.07.14 - Brooklyn, NY - The Wick

• O’Death: http://www.odeath.net
• Northern Spy: http://northern-spy.com

Beneath burrows out from underneath the home of Bill Kouligas, announces Vobes EP on PAN

“Beneath” may be an appropriate word to describe UK producer Ben Walker’s under-the-radar career so far — a necessary status for anyone who’s only just formally started releasing music — OR, it may be a subtle allusion to a previous life as a member of the Mole People. Barely noticeable to the discerning ear, my excursions on the DC underground were sometimes soundtracked by faint rhythmic thumps reminiscent of non-bastardized dubstep. Turns out the city hadn’t decided to stylize the robotic announcers warning us to “please stand clear of the door;” it was coming from somewhere deeper — somewhere farther as well. Excuse my lack of expertise on the subject, but I have reason to suspect that the tunes of Beneath had been traveling via unmapped sewer systems all the way across the Atlantic.

What an unfulfilling life it must’ve been! Thank goodness he’s decided to increase his sun exposure (well, as much as one can in the UK) with a few singles on Tectonic and his own No Symbols label, and mixes for both FACT and Resident Advisor. Making surgical use of sunblock, he now has an EP on the ever-distinct and envelope-pushing PAN, entitled Vobes and set for release May 8 in vinyl and digital formats. Listen to a track below, and don’t let the first minute or so fool you into thinking “simplicity.” Shades of Shackleton mixed with an electronic unorthodoxy undoubtedly foreshadow bigger things…

Vobes tracklisting:

01. Bored 2
02. Occupy
03. One Blings
04. Stress 1

• Beneath: https://soundcloud.com/beneath
• PAN: http://www.pan-act.com

Lust For Youth announce International LP on Sacred Bones, suggest sending gift baskets if you want some tour dates as well

A lot of people are into traveling, and justifiably so; provided you have the means to do something about it, who wants to spend their entire life driving on the same roads, seeing the same landmarks, and enduring an awkward familiarity with the 7-11 cashier who’s remembered your affinity for cherry Slurpees and 1/4-lb. Big Bites since you were a wee one? For my part, it’s contributed to a move roughly 3000 miles away and a likely perpetual desire for international travel, but with an important caveat: so long as the travel’s not work-related! Adult responsibility has the capacity to ruin anything. Jumping across the needless twin beds of your hotel room suddenly becomes a desperate attempt at salvaging fun.

The Copenhagen-based Lust For Youth know what I’m talking about. Their new album International, set for release on June 10 via Sacred Bones, concerns itself with the “impossibility of living a regular life” while touring and traveling, according to live collaborator and newfound official member Loke Rahbek. What’s more, it seems their expeditions might’ve rubbed off creatively, because the music represents a striking throwback to a combination of British new wave bands — Depeche Mode, at least, being one of them.

It’s not quite a wholesale change in style from their last album, but it is a considerable departure from the noisy synth meanderings of early LFY. The addition of Rahbek and producer/guitarist Malthe Fisher to this otherwise project of Hannes Norrvide has corresponded with a clear increase in the production value, while Norrvide’s vocals still sound identifiable and weary. But the hooks! Those are seemingly new.

Here’s the opening track:

International tracklisting:

01. Epoetin Alfa
02. Illume
03. Ultras
04. New Boys
05. Lungomare
06. Armida
07. After Touch
08. Basorexia
09. Running
10. International

• Lust For Youth: https://www.facebook.com/LustForYouth.Official
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

[Photo: Rasmus Jensen]

Downloading pirated music and films is no longer legal in the Netherlands… can recreational drug use be far behind?!

Damn, just when you thought it was safe to chill in the Netherlands, cook up a little heroin, and watch your illegal download bar graphic for Pulp Fiction light-the-fuck-up: our friends at rt.com have reported that The European Court of Justice has bummed everyone out with the recent ruling that that citizens in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to download copyright-protected movies and music and such without, you know, doing that thing where they pay for them first.

Okay, wait, what?

Right. First, a little background: See, just like in America, downloading pirated movies and music is pretty cool all over the world, and lots of European countries are particularly good at it! So good, in fact, that the Dutch had to introduce something called a “piracy levy,” wherein anyone who buys a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other such cool device with storage capacity out the wazoo “pays a 5 euro charge to cover the cost of home copying.”

But, like, SO NOW: the European Court of Justice has decided that this groovy pay-now-steal-later system is illegal (basically because of successful lobbying efforts on the part of various electronics companies who were pissed that their products were more expensive as a result of the levy).

“The objective of proper support for the dissemination of culture may not be achieved by sacrificing strict protection of copyright or by tolerating illegal forms of distribution of counterfeited or pirated works,” the ruling declared, further concluding that the levy system seems to… kinda, sorta, maybe a little bit… encourage piracy a li’l? They also seemed to think that this seemingly groovy non-illegal-ness of pirating stuff left and right also unfairly punished those who bought their films and music from authorized retailers, since they are paying double to record media onto their goody-goody devices.

Oh well. Fine. So yeah; apparently The Dutch government has confirmed the court’s ruling, issuing their own statement (people love issuing those) saying that “downloading copyrighted material for personal use is banned with immediate effect.” And, like, FURTHERMORE or some shit, this-here specific ruling will probably affect what goes down in other European countries where downloading copyrighted works is still allowed (hint: like Switzerland; go to Switzerland).

ALSO, just how all this shit will affect the actual artists (copyright holders) themselves has yet to be seen as well. And, like rt.com suggests, many may actually be worse off as a result of this, as millions of euros worth of revenue that they formally got through that good ol’ piracy levy thing will probably be lost when people, you know, continue to download things illegally without paying a tax for it first. (so, yeah, again: Switzerland! Go to Switzerland!).

• The Netherlands: http://www.government.nl

DJ Rashad to release We On 1 EP digitally and on LP via Wheez-ie’s new Southern Belle imprint

It’s Double Cup Tuesday, which means it’s time for another post about DJ Rashad! Houston producer Wheez-ie (a.k.a. Matt Mauldin) has just started up a new label called Southern Belle, and Rashad’s newest EP, We On 1, serves as its inaugural release. The four-track EP is one of Rashad’s more interesting takes on footwork, with a classic battle approach (“We On 1”) meeting up with some ghetto house-influenced explicitness (“Come on Girl,” “Do It Again”) and a refreshingly fun, bumped-up BPM angle on its Chaka Khan-flipping final track, “Somethin’ Bout The Things U Do.” DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, and Gant-Man assist throughout too, ensuring all that high-grade studio kush gets properly translated into the recordings.

We On 1 is out on vinyl April 28 and digitally May 13. Listen to the full EP courtesy of FACT and Southern Belle:

Meanwhile, DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and Taso give Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk the TEKLIFE treatment on their 7 Days of Funk track, “Do My Thang.” You can check that one here.

• DJ Rashad: https://soundcloud.com/djrashadteklife
• Southern Belle: http://www.southernbellerecordings.com
• Wheez-ie: https://soundcloud.com/wheez-ie

Chrome announce new studio album to be released in August, tour Europe; [web browser pun redacted because it was not funny]

If you’ve spent any time with the Nurse With Wound list, or with music writers who think it’s okay to use the word “seminal” unironically, you’re probably at least passingly familiar with the San Francisco-based avant-punk/industrial/psychedelic group Chrome. A little-known fact about the band is that Google actually named their popular web browser after them because of how influential their dissonant sound collages and sort-of unsettling album artwork were throughout the early development stages of Gmail and Google Plus. Thanks, Google, for introducing a whole new generation to the mind-bending sounds of one of the coolest bands that ever existed!

The group was formed by the late Damon Edge in 1975, and was throughout its history joined by a wide array of collaborators, perhaps most notably the guitarist Helios Creed, who joined the band just in time to contribute heavily to the classics Alien Soundtracks and Half Machine Lip Moves in 1978 and 1979, respectively. Throughout the 80s, Chrome morphed back into a Damon Edge solo project, however upon Edge’s passing in 1995, Creed again took charge of the music made under the Chrome name.

Now it’s 2014, and Creed has put together a whole new Chrome lineup and recorded a brand-new full-length. Entitled Feel It Like a Scientist (a name inspired by a popular book of pick-up lines for physics grad students) the album began coming together back in 2012 with the addition of guitarist Lou Minatti (a.k.a. Keith Thompson, who also engineered the album), drummer Aleph Omega, and vocalist Anne Dromeda (a.k.a. Monet Clark). The album was composed by Chrome’s current iteration, featuring Creed, Minatti, Dromeda, Aleph Omega, and Tommy Grenas. One track features lyrics by Damon Edge. About the current lineup Creed says, “I have the best band put together, finally. The album coming out… it’s how I’ve always wanted Chrome to sound.” The album is out August 5 on King of Spades Records, and the band is going on a European tour starting in May. For Creed, but one question remains: can you take him higher?


05.17.14 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - RockStage (Virada Cultural)
05.21.14 - Munich, Germany - Strom
05.22.14 - Torino, Italy - Magazzino Sul Po
05.23.14 - Bologna, Italy - Freekout
05.24.14 - Milano, Italy - TBA
05.25.14 - Bern, Switzerland - Reitschule
05.29.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Festival
05.31.14 - Marsaille, France - L’Embobineuse
06.01.14 - Paris, France - Le Point Ephemere
06.02.14 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Cine Palace
06.03.14 - Frankfurt, Germany - Das Bett
06.04.14 - Cologne, Germany - Underground
06.06.14 - Ebensee, Austria - Kino
06.08.14 - Berlin, Germany - Babylon
06.09.14 - Prague, Czech Republic - Lucerna Music Hall
06.11.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
06.12.14 - Oslo, Norway - Bla
06.14.14 - Helsinki, Finland - Äänivalli Fight the Night Festival
06.16.14 - Stockholm, Sweden - TBA
06.17.14 - Gothenburg, Sweden - TBA
06.18.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Markhalle
06.19.14 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Vibes
06.20.14 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OCCII
06.21.14 - London, UK - Electrowerz

• Chrome: https://www.facebook.com/chromechronicles
• King of Spades: http://www.forcedexposure.com/labels/king.of.spades.html