Learn 15 debatable vocabulary words AND read about the new Olan Mill LP, all by using this one weird trick!

Learn 15 debatable vocabulary words AND read about the new Olan Mill LP, all by using this one weird trick! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1310/news-13-10-olan-mill.jpg

There are so many cool, kinda necessary words that have no equivalent in English. Take German’s kummerspeck (literally, “grief bacon”), for example. It’s a word meant to describe emotional overeating! Or the Turkish language’s gumusserv, a word referring to moonlight shining on water. The poetry! The romance! Or Persian’s zhaghzhagh — FINALLY, an easy to use word to describe the sound made by teeth chattering from rage/cold. Either/or. Well, at least that’s according to some list I found on the internet. Hell, for all I know some guy made all these words up and is just sitting in front of his computer, rubbing his hands together and gleefully laughing, saying “Yes, yesssss, they believe my made up list! Hrigfashn!” (A Norwegian word to describe the glee one feels upon perpetrating an internet hoax.)

But when it comes to words we don’t have in English, the Welsh word Hiraeth is definitely one of the most evocative — it means “homesickness for a home to which you cannot return.” It’s also the title of British experimental composer and instrumentalist Alex Smalley’s forthcoming album under the Olan Mill moniker (with Svitlana Samoylenko [Update: Svitlana is no longer in Olan Mill.]). Slated for a late October release on Australia’s rad Preservation label, Hiraeth is the follow-up to 2012’s critical darling Home, a record that garnered comparisons to Maurice Jarre and Vangelis. Hiraeth will be available on both CD and vinyl, with different artwork for each format. So listen to album track “Cultivator” below, and then Gifvalt! — a Lithuanian word for “buy that shit, yo.”

• Olan Mill: http://www.biglongnow.co.uk
• Preservation: http://www.preservation.com.au

Matt Mondanile releases conceptual book-that-looks-like-an-LP by Title TK (Cory Arcangel, Alan Licht, Howie Chen) on New Images; your move, Beck Hansen!

Yup. It’s just what the headline says. Ducktails dude Matt Mondanile has released a ‘book that looks like a record” on his New Images Ltd. label. By a band that’s not really a “band” so much as three dudes that sat around and talked once.

For real. It’s called Rock$ and is literally “a transcription of a private conversation” between Alan Licht, Howie Chen, Cory Arcangel (collectively being referred to as Title TK).

Still not getting it? Here: have a look. This explains it all. It costs $30, by the way.

In related news, I just wrote, produced, and directed a Hollywood blockbuster film disguised as a news story. Something tells me Mondanile and I are both gonna be rich!

• New Images Ltd.: http://www.newimageslimited.com

Nils Frahm announces Spaces, a not-exactly-live live album

I love Nils Frahm — firstly, because he (along with Keith Jarrett) has honorably spared me the tediousness of having to manually enter and edit complicated metadata tags often associated with pianists or classical music in general (I realize this is a very first-world problem), and secondly, because seeing him perform in concert never fails to be a breathtaking experience. Literally, Frahm has ensured the dropping down of jars from the ceiling mid-concert in order to steal our breath. The ultimate motive remains a mystery, but compliance is a worthwhile trade-off for watching the man do his thing, seemingly without effort.

Not quite as dastardly as stealing our breath, Frahm has been doing something else during these concerts, and over the course of two years: gathering potential pieces to include on his next album Spaces, set for release November 19 on Erased Tapes. Described by a press release as an “ode to the joy of live performance,” but straying from the convention of a traditional live album, Spaces was recorded in multiple locations and using different mediums, including old portable reel-to-reel recorders and cassette tape decks. A conscious decision to include takes that have people coughing (and other such show behavior) was not done out of a special appreciation for auditory phlegm, but for the purposes of capturing the whole experience and putting it to record.

A word from the Berliner himself on the subject:

What I love most about playing in front of people has something to do with a certain kind of energy exchange. The attention and appreciation of my audience feeds back into my playing. It really seems as if there is a true and equal give and take between performer and listener, making me aware of how much I depend on my audience. And since the audience is different every night, the music being played will differ too. Every space I performed in has its own magic and spirit.

Spaces tracklisting:

01. An Aborted Beginning
02. Says
03. Said And Done
04. Went Missing
05. Familiar
06. Improvisation for Piano, Laughs, Coughs and a Cell Phone
07. Hammers
08. For-Peter-Toilet Brushes-More
9. Over There, It’s Raining
10. Unter-Tristana-Ambre
11. Ross’s Harmonium

• Nils Frahm: http://www.nilsfrahm.com
• Erased Tapes: http://www.erasedtapes.com

[Photo: Tracy Morter]

Brian DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance announces new solo album as bEEdEEgEE, which I already hate typing out!

Ahh, where you been at, Brooklyn art-noise-cum-top-40 scene? Feels like it’s been a while, doesn’t it? Especially if you work around here, where we generally pick up what bands like Gang Gang Dance have been puttin’ down in recent years. And now that everyone’s gotten a little more comfortable with their erstwhile secretive opinions that Animal Collective kinda sucks, it’s starting to seem more important than ever that we hear from those dudes from time to time.

So lookout, motherfuckers; here comes lead Gang Gang Dancer Brian DeGraw as an official “solo artist” to keep the dream alive. Yup, he recently announced that he’ll be releasing his debut solo album, SUM/ONE, under the name bEEdEEgEE on the 4AD label. Written and recorded “over the course of a year in his Woodstock studio, the W0RMB1N” and employing a few notable guest stars like Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Lovefoxxx (CSS), Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance), and Douglas Armour, I’ve been assured that the thing will be just chock-full of the “deep synth soundscapes” and “audacious pop moments” that we’ve all been missing in our pathetically un-art-damaged lives. What a relief! I’ve felt so goddamn sane and un-fucked-up for so long that I can’t even tell you…

Anyway, the record is set for release (on CD, vinyl, and digital) on December 3, after which good ol’ bEEdEEgEE (see, rolls off the tongue already, right?) will be making his live debut supporting none-other-than Animal Collective when they trek out on North American tour this winter. Who knows, he might even get to do a few headlining sets if everyone in Animal Collective gets sick again! :( Either way, check out the first single down below. Then be sure to share it on the blogosphere, just in case this whole Brooklyn noise thing blows up again. You never know!

SUM/ONE tracklisting:

01. Helium Anchor
02. Like Rain Man (feat. Lizzi Bougatsos)
03. Empty Vases (feat. Douglas Armour)
04. Overlook
05. (F.U.T.D) Time of Waste (feat. Alexis Taylor and Lovefoxxx)
06. Bricks
07. Flowers (feat. Lovefoxxx)
08. (intellectual property)
09. Quantum Poet Riddim


11.30.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
12.01.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club *
12.02.13 - Portland, ME - State Theatre *
12.04.13 - Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Hall *
12.05.13 - Covington, KY - Madison Theater *
12.06.13 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues *
12.08.13 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works *

* Animal Collective

• bEEdEEgEE: http://beedeegee.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com

Fis to release Preparations EP on Tri Angle, take seat at gorgeous Tri Angle dinner table with beautiful cornucopia

There are labels, and then there are families. Some musical artists sign to labels, but so what? All that means is they’re gonna put out your music. Guess that’s fine (for some people), but don’t you want more? Don’t you want a label that really cares? Merge isn’t going to bail you out from jail (NOTE: Merge is a wonderful label, but this is probably true). When you want a label, but what you really want is a family, there’s only one choice. That choice is Tri Angle.

Hence why New Zealand producer Fis is putting out his Preparations EP through the label on November 18. Since the EP will be his debut for the label, it’s also his entry into a beautiful family. They’ve already set out a place for him at the family table, the long one where they eat roast duck on holidays, the centerpiece a gorgeous cornucopia made by one of the label’s many children (probably Balam Acab). Preparations will be released in digital and limited-edition vinyl formats, because Tri Angle accepts any lifestyle you choose for yourself.

Listen to Preparations track “DMT Usher” below via the label’s SoundCloud. Once you’ve done that, please pen Tri Angle a letter. They miss you.

Preparations tracklist:

01. Magister Nunns
02. DMT Usher
03. Mildew Swoosh
04. CE Visions

• Fis: http://stritchembers.tumblr.com
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

Current 93 plan new release for early next year; David Tibet says, “The apocalypse is actually going to happen this time, I swear”

Alright, no one freak out, but FACT is reporting that Current 93 have a new record coming out February 8 of next year. It’s called I Am the Last of all The Field That Fell a title which, yeah, I know, is kinda murdery in that special-plan-for-this-world-perfect-mind-thundering-David Tibet-y kind of way. Beyond the date and title, there’s not much detail on the album just yet. Trust me, I understand going into the apocalypse with information so scant can seem a little intimidating. I mean, I have a wife and kids at home too (and I actually told my wife I’d pick up some organic milk on the way home so I’m double screwed if we all get consumed by a spontaneous lava flow or whatever), but please try to remain calm.

Pay no mind to the hooded figure that just handed me a package. He’s just here to drop off my advance copy of the book of Tibet’s lyrics, Sing Omega, that’s also coming out on February 8 of next year. That’s right, review copy, bitches! Even in the apocalypse, being a part of the liberal media has its perks. I also got some advance tickets to the Current 93 performance on the day that’s also on February 8 at London’s Union Chapel. To be honest though, I’m probably going to throw them up on StubHub or something. I’ve heard from an anonymous source close to Satan himself that the whole apocalypse thing will be full speed ahead by then, and the Union Chapel will be at the bottom of a crater and filled up with beasts whose taste for human flesh cannot be slaked. A Current 93 concert at the bottom of a crater combined with the opportunity to use the word “slaked” in a sentence? Yes please! Attending that concert while beset by unearthly beasts on every side? Thank you very much, sir, but I think I’m busy that night.

• Current 93: http://copticcat.com



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