Papa M tours Britain, joins a series of UK bands only to leave them moments later

Papa M tours Britain, joins a series of UK bands only to leave them moments later

David Pajo, best known for playing in every post-___ band to be formed in the 90s and early aughts, is about to embark on a jolly ol’ tour of the British Isles under his best-known personal moniker, Papa M. He’ll probably put on his Aerial M hat to make his way across the ocean, but once properly landed back on solid ground, it’s back to being Big Papa (as he likes to be called).

What’s Pajo going to play on this tour? No one knows, though don’t be surprised if he joins a different local band for each stop as part of their ‘touring group’ only to leave them for another, newer band as soon as the bus rolls out of the last venue’s parking lot. Interpol are still crying about being abandoned by Pajo in 2011, and we don’t even want to get into the emotional scars he left on Billy Corgan with that whole Zwan disaster. He’s a heartbreaker, but then again that’s what draws us to him, no? When will we learn…

Pajo will also make a single stop over in continental Europe for a show in Brussels with Dirty Three, and then he can be found in the wilds of the North Carolina Triangle area as a performer at the Hopscotch Festival in September. In between the European tour and the festival, expect Pajo to appear on at least four albums in some capacity.


05.26.12 - Cork, Ireland - The Crane Lane Theatre
05.27.12 - Dublin, Ireland - Workman’s Club
05.28.12 - Glasgow, UK - King Tuts
05.29.12 - Leeds, UK - Brundenell Social Club
05.30.12 - Colchester, UK - Colchester Arts Centre
05.31.12 - Bristol, UK - The Cube
06.01.12 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Centre
06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day
06.06.12 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Box #
09.06.12 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival

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Passion Pit passionately announce new album from the bottom of a bottomless pit of passion fruit pits, if they have those

The thing about “passion” is that exercising it is totally cool and everything (I mean, I think we all want to have dizzying sex with crazily-tattooed people and flip out at works of art that seem boring to our accountant friends and trash-talk Ayn Rand at parties and weep at Monsters Inc. from time to time). But, just like having dizzying sex with crazily-tattooed people, too much passion can be really annoying. Everything in moderation, right? So, instead of being all jazzed about the new Passion Pit album for you in accord with how pumped-up and anthemic and heart-of-sleeve and, well, “passionate” all that dude’s dance pop music always is; I’m going to cut the fat with some flat, disinterested facts. You’re welcome, motherfuckers. And no, in no way is this a cheap cover for how uncreative I’m feeling today. So shut up.

Passion Pit’s new record (yeah, okay, the follow-up to 2009’s Manners or whatever; like, whatever) is called Gossamer. Pretty wussy sounding title. But then again, so is “manners.” Oh well, whatever. Odds are it’ll be poppy. It’ll be dance-y. It’ll be cool. I feel nothing inside. Maybe I’ll eat a piece of toast. It’s out July 24 on Columbia. They’ll also tour in support of the album. Touring sounds difficult. But playing shows sounds interesting. That’s a weird dichotomy. But I’m over it. Anyway, yeah: July 24. Passion Pit. Gossamer. So bored right now; I think I’ll eat some cat shit. That sounds more exciting than toast. But then again, I don’t know.


05.01.12 - Geneva, NY - Smith Opera House
05.04.12 - West Palm Beach, FL - SunFest
06.02.12 - Dallas, TX - Meltdown Music Festival
06.22.12 - Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion
06.23.12 - New York, NY - The Governors Ball Music Festical
07.15.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Bunbury Music Festival
07.20.12 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival
08.03.12 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
08.05.12 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music Festival
08.07.12 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks #
08.10.12 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Music Festival
08.18.12 - Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic
08.19.12 - Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic
08.21.12 - Esplanade, Singapore - Esplanade Concert
08.24.12 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival
08.25.12 - Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival
09.09.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl *

* Hot Chip
# Justice

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Diamond Terrifier plans diamondly terrifying NY shows with Arrington de Dionyso and Weasel Walter

Diamond Terrifier fever is spreading like Mrs. Butterworth on my hotcakes. Sure, we here at TMT stained a number of our panties listening to ZS, but after Sam Hilmer put out Himalayan Appalachia and his LP’s predecessor Shrine Flu, we knew that <>T was the one and that we would save ourselves for the upcoming LP Kill the Self that Wants to Kill Yourself, due out on Northern Spy in August.

But we’re not spreading our legs for this sax man until we get some proper dates… tourdates, that is! And Hilmer’s inviting some friends since mama TMT only lets us date in groups. So experimental sound artist Arrington de Dionyso and free-assault drummer Weasel Walter will be joining in and likely turning the double date into a giant orgy, much to mom’s chagrin. The dates are listed below in case your freaky ass wants to join in.

DT has also put up a new download of “Shrine Flu” performed at Fairchild Chapel in Oberlin, OH as a sort of love letter to us.


05.01.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon Cafe *
05.07.12 - Brooklyn, NY - La Sala #
05.08.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon Cafe $
05.15.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon Cafe %
05.22.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon Cafe ^
05.29.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon Cafe &

* Diamond Terrifier/Kid Millions Duo, Mikael Jorgenson (Wilco), Silver Process, Robert Peterson w/ DJ Chouette, The Oracle DJs, Projections by Sleepy People
# Arrington de Dionyso/Melinda Ray Allen, Raft, Diamond Terrifier, US Girls
$ Arrington de Dionyso/Melinda Ray Allen, Weasel Walter/Paul Flaherty/Steve Swell/C. Spencer Yeh, Grasshopper, Eartheater w/ DJ Greg Fox, The Oracle DJs, Projections by Trouble
% Weasel Walter/Elliott Sharp duo, Water Towers (mem ZS/Metamatics), Ash Can Orchestra, Turner Williams w/ DJ Dutch E. Germ, The Oracle DJs, Projections by Sleepy People
^ HPMYN, Weasel Walter/Peter Evans/Matt Nelson/Tom Blancarte, Katie E (X young Peopl), Swarms w/ DJ Dutch E. Germ, The Oracle DJs, Projections by Sleepy People
& Dustin Wong, Sam Hillmer/Weasel Walter duo, Mike Wexler, Driphouse w/ DJ sets by Weasel Walter and the Oracle, Projections by Sleepy People

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Autechre release their rare debut EP on vinyl, I continue to pretend I know things about Autechre

You’re a Tiny Mix Tapes reader. You assume we know everything about all the music you’ve ever heard of, along with all the music you haven’t heard of. This is a pretty good assumption, so keep assuming it. I have to deflate it a little, though. While I’m sure there are multiple people on staff extremely knowledgeable about legendary electronic act Autechre, I am not that person. Really, I pretty much exhausted my entire knowledge about Autechre in that last sentence. Actually, I am fairly sure they released a record called Confield once and now I have officially exhausted my knowledge base.

To me, it doesn’t mean a ton that FACT reports that the group is reissuing their debut EP on vinyl. But it’s a big deal to Autechre fans! The 1991 EP was released under the name Lego Feet (which is a very, very good name for a musical group and why would anyone change) and is very sought-after among fans of the group. On June 4, Skam Records will put out a double-vinyl release of this first EP, in order to celebrate the record’s 20th anniversary. Word has it that, if you’re interested, you should probably pick one up quickly, since they should run out with swiftness. I wouldn’t know, though, as my mind is a blank slate of nothing.

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Destroyer adds Euro dates, just because he has, like, a ton of euros lying around and doesn’t want to exchange them

The other day, I found a British pence in my room. I thought it was strange, considering I haven’t been to Britain in five years. But, hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. Destroyer knows what I’m talking about, because me and Destroyer are best buddies. Last time Dan Bejar was in Europe, he came back to Canada with a whole ton of euros. Sure, he could go exchange them, but he’s a busy guy. Depending on lines, that can be a whole afternoon wasted. If getting money exchanged prevents “Bay of Pigs Part Deux: Even Baysier” from being recorded, then may that money never be exchanged.

Thankfully, we need not worry. Destroyer is heading to Europe this July, presumably just so he can get rid of those euros. Very reasonable of him. He’ll play some festivals, as well as some not festivals. Congratulations, you just read the least informative sentence of all time. P.S. If you still haven’t listened to Kaputt (TMT Review) by this point in history, then I hate you. Our review is still spot-on.

Destroyer dates:

07.11.12 - Paris, France - Colors Festival @ Nouveau Casino
07.12.12 - Brighton, UK - The Haubt
07.13.12 - Suffolk, UK - Latitude Festival
07.14.12 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07.15.12 - Graefenhainichen, Germany - MELT! Festival
07.17.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
07.18.12 - Vigo, Spain - Festival Sinsal
07.19.12 - Madrid, Spain - Teatro Lara
07.20.12 - San Sebastian, Spain - Jazzaldia
07.21.12 - Cartagena, Spain - Mar de la Musique @ Arabian Castle
07.23.12 - Bordeaux, France - Open Air
07.25.12 - Basel, Switzerland - Festival in Fluss
07.26.12 - Feldkirch, Austria - Poolbar Festival
07.27.12 - Bologna, Italy - Bolognetti on the Rocks
07.28.12 - Padova, Italy - Radar Festival

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Chris Forsyth signs to Northern Spy, announces tourdates, an album, a soundtrack to Cocksucker Blues, and French lessons for his two cats

Chris Forsyth. Damn son. I just can’t keep up with you. You’re releasing your experimental guitar jams left and right — from Paranoid Cat and a reissue of 2009’s Dreams (TMT Review) last year to this year’s Early Astral, a collaboration with Mountains’ Koen Holtkamp. And that’s just naming the most recent stuff. Now you’re telling me that you’ve signed to Northern Spy and that you’re releasing another LP called Kenzo Deluxe on July 10? And that you’ve got a teaser video for your soundtrack to Cocksucker Blues, the unreleased Rolling Stones documentary?

And that you’re working on a split cassette for Preservation with Loren Conners? And a collaboration with choreographer Meg Foley? AND that you were awarded a 2011 Pew Fellowship in the Arts?

Lemme know when you announce the rest of those tourdates and the tracklist, alright? I’ll just be over here, pretending that tweeting about conversations I overhear and people I see is productive and cool.


05.11.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s #
07.13.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio (NYC Record Release Show) $
07.14.12 - Philadelphia, PA - AUX (Philly Record Release Show) %
07.20.12 - Lafayette, IN - Foam City
07.21.12 - Milwaukee, WI - The Sugar Maple
07.22.12 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington ^
07.24.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Madame of the Arts
07.25.12 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill

# PG Six, Strapping Fieldhands
$ PG Six, Rhyton
% Spacin’ and Mary Lattimore/Jeff Zeigler
^ Mind Over Mirrors & Zelionople

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