Prinzhorn Dance School (of DFA fame) show off shiny new video for “I Want You,” release single EP

Prinzhorn Dance School (of DFA fame) show off shiny new video for "I Want You," release single EP

After the release of their sophomore effort, Clay Class earlier this year, England’s Prinzhorn Dance School are back with a new single EP called I Want You, and an understated video to accompany it. The minimalist post-punk duo of bassist/vocalist Suzi Horn and drummer/vocalist Tobin Prinz have let their melodies shine on this one, and taken a step back from the icy thud-thud-thud of their 2007 self-titled debut — which isn’t to say the lyrics on this alleged love song aren’t just as brutal. The band is definitely the least neon-inflected of the bunch on James Murphy’s DFA Records; their color palette is more akin to the sepia browns and factory smoke greys of Thatcherite England.

DFA is slated to release the I Want You EP digitally on April 10, and with the lead track come four shiny new B-sides. Originals “Promise” and”Love in the Ground” lead into Prinzhorn Dance School’s reworking of “Green Worms” by Brian James of The Damned (and the Brian James Gang, and the Lords of the New Church and he was on a Saints record AND he played with Iggy Pop… some people, huh?) Then Mr. James does his own lo-fi take on Prinzhorn’s track “Usurper” as the EP closer. The video for “I Want You” is available for your viewing pleasure below:

I Want YouTracklisting:

01. I Want You (LP version)
02. Promise
03. Love in the Ground
04. Green Worms
05. Usurper (Brian James Gang Version)

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LCD Soundsystem film to hit select theaters this summer (but I heard it’s a total rip-off cuz there’s not even any new songs in it)

By now, everyone knows the story of how LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, utterly dismayed with frustrating illegibility of the cathode ray tube displays and plasma displays he encountered at every venue’s PA system on tour, decided to disband his wildly popular project last year so that he could, in my estimation of what his words may well have been, “concentrate more fully on perfecting a liquid mercury immortality potion and inventing a sound system that is literally covered in liquid crystals!” But before losing his shit completely, Murphy agreed to put on one final, career-spanning show at Madison Square Garden, ensuring that he’d be able to milk the disco ball-pierced tits of the defunct project for years to come. Afterwards, the epic funeral show quickly passed into legend. Legend has since passed into myth, and the privileged few who were there that night struggle to this day to put into words the immensity of that singular, transcendent, once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated… oh, wait. Never mind, everyone; no one’s special. There’s a movie.

Oscilloscope Laboratories, the film production and theatrical distribution entity headed by Beastie Boy Adam “MCA Soundsystem” Yauch, announced this week that they’ve “acquired North American rights to Shut Up and Play the Hits,” the LCD Soundsystem film — produced by Pulse Films and directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace — that documents the final days of LCD and their final show at MSG. LCD devotees may recall that the movie had its world premiere at Sundance earlier this year, followed by an encore presentation at South by Southwest last month, where fans and critics gave such rave reviews as “I thought it was cool how you could hear and see everything,” “Jesus, I had no idea that guy was so old,” and of course, “I was happy that there were no new songs that I didn’t know.”

Oscilloscope will be releasing the film in special “one-night-only engagements” in theaters nationwide this summer, and then possibly doing some other stuff with it after that. More details will presumably follow shortly. Or heck, maybe they won’t! Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

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Dischord to resurrect Lungfish’s A.C.R. LP whether you want them to or not

Lungfish may be a permanent fixture on the Dischord defunct list (their last LP under the Lungfish moniker was 2005’s intriguing Feral Hymns) but they garnered enough attention and acclaim (lead vocalist Daniel Higgs is still a thundering force of nature) during their two decade plus career as a band to warrant an upcoming re-release of an LP that never was. 1999’s A.C.R. was recorded with current(ly defunct) members Higgs, Nathan Bell, Michael Feldstein, and Asa Osborne. The original recording sessions were recorded and mixed in Baltimore with Craig Bowen (Growing, Oranges Band, Slow Jets) but never officially released. The band nixed the sessions soon after recording was done and tackled what would later become 2000’s Necrophones. Six of the 10 songs on A.C.R. were re-recorded and re-released for Necrophones but the other four are now available for the very first time.

It may not be a totally essential re-release and may amount to a stray fart on the subway, when all you’re really trying to do is finish the last chapter of that new Rachel Maddow book so you can feel a real sense of accomplishment and brag to your friends about how she writes like she talks and boy, wasn’t she just super on Fresh Air last week… but Lungfish completists should be pleased. A.C.R. 1999 is due May 14.

A.C.R. 1999 tracklist:

01. Eternal Nightfall (version)
02. Symbiosis
03. Screams Of Joy
04. Occult Vibrations (version)
05. I Will Walk Between You
06. Aesop
07. Sex War (version)
08. Infinite Daybreak (version)
09. Hanging Bird (version)
10. Shapes in Space (version)

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OM announce Advaitic Songs 2xLP for Drag City; melodic chants of enthusiasm encouraged

Despite his insistence that he’s not “really” a drummer, drummer (no offense) Emil Amos seems to be engaging in some kind of longstanding drum-off with Zach Hill to see who can drum their way through the most side-projects and ultimately plant a flag at the top of Mount Snare. While the latter might be winning in terms of sheer numbers, it’s the former who’s exhibited more dedication to his respective projects.

In addition to the ongoing reunion of Sleep, and the recent news that Southern Lord is reissuing a deluxe edition of their album Dopesmoker, OM (which consists of Sleep’s Al Cisneros and Grails’ Emil Amos) have just announced the release of the band’s fifth proper album Advaitic Songs, due July 24 on Drag City as a double LP. Have you ever wanted to experience a Middle Eastern summer, but were too put off by the prohibition of alcohol and the possibility of kidnappings? Well, this seems to be your chance.

“Advaitic,” for the record, is a reference to a specific branch of Hindu philosophy that, among other things, rejects any separation between the self and the contents of the Universe. Supposedly, everything is an illllllussssssioooooonn, so feel free to check out the preview at the Chocolate Grinder, but be aware that you’re not actually checking it out.

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Kool Keith’s upcoming album will be his last, if believing the things that Kool Keith says is something you do

First, the good news! Kool Keith’s latest album Love & Danger is set to hit the Earth planet on June 5 via Junkadelic! Now here’s the bad news: the album could potentially be Keith’s last. The veteran weird crazy rap man has laid out his plans rather plainly in a press statement. “This is probably my last project. You just got the last of the vocals of me. I’m quitting the game. Goodbye, rap,” Keith presumably dictated to a goat in a spacesuit with a Fischer-Price tape recorder strapped to its horns.

On the one hand, Kool Keith has been at this hip-hop thing since the 1980s, and his musical achievements go well beyond his widely acknowledged work with Ultramagnetic MCs and Dr. Octagon. Why wouldn’t he want to bow out after such a long and, dare I say, unique career? At the same time, this is Kool Keith we’re talking about. It’s hard to believe that the man who once demanded that wack rappers everywhere “shut the fuck up, put your buck up, look at the dicks you suck up” could just leave all this magic behind. Hopefully more info on Keith’s alleged retirement will pop up as we get closer to the album’s drop date. In the meantime, feel free to make up your mind about this situation on your own. Perhaps you can even find the time to check out a track from Love & Danger embedded below. After all, this could be your last chance to listen to a new Kool Keith joint… or, you know, not.

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Fennesz scores a soundtrack, probably only using one pinky while he worked on something else

As FACT reported today, completely unaware that the content vultures at TMT would swoop in and pick the meat off that story’s bones and regurgitate it on our own page as bloodied info-carrion, Christian Fennesz and his array of sleek machinery have graced Edgar Honetschlager’s film AUN with a soundtrack. If preorders appearing at the usual online locations are to be believed, the soundtrack will be released separately on Ash International as a 15-track CD — a popular music format among the socially elite who have foresworn vinyl for a less-fashionable, less-crackly alternative.

AUN, subtitled The Beginning and End of All Things, tells the tale of a Japanese scientist who accidentally kills himself experimenting with alternative energy sources, leaving his little boy Aun an orphan. Then 20 years pass and a Brazilian mathematician realizes the key to the energy source is a sea snail Aun found a long time ago. Look, I’m here for the music, go somewhere else if you’re into this heady film stuff.

The point is, most of this is brand-new Fennesz material (with a few tracks re-appearing from his 2007 Cendre collab with Ryuichi Sakamoto), and that is something to get excited about, even if you’re still taking in the double-disc Flumina (TMT Review) from last year. By the way, no offense, but referring to yourself as “Fennesz” or “Sakamoto” with no first name is just tacky and pretentious. Squeo, signing out.

AUN: The Beginning and End of All Things tracklisting:

01. Kae
02. Aware (feat. Sakamoto)
03. Haru (feat. Sakamoto)
04. Sekai
05. Euclides
06. Sasazuka
07. Trace (feat. Sakamoto)
08. Mori
09. AUN40
10. Nemuru
11. Himitsu
12. AUN80
13. Nympha
14. Shinu
15. Hikari

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