Pulse Emitter and Panabrite release albums through Aguirre Records on Tuesday; let’s blow through this weekend fast!

Pulse Emitter and Panabrite release albums through Aguirre Records on Tuesday; let's blow through this weekend fast! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-02-pulse-emitter-panabrite.jpg

Has anyone else noticed things being a little more stressful than usual lately? I can’t put my finger on the specifics, but I just get this general sense that every little thing that happens to me is contributing to a larger inner tension that’s pulsing in some connected superbrain under the soil, faster and faster until finally it awakes from its centuries-long slumber and feasts on us, all of us, with ravenous glee. Like until somewhat recently, my regular morning ritual was to hit the snooze button a couple times, put the teapot on for my girlfriend, get in the shower, and get a sack lunch ready before I stepped out the door. Now I turn the alarm off entirely, sleep until noon, check the news on my phone, write furious comments under the articles, walk past my local coffee shop to find a Starbucks, use my phone while in line to send an angry email to the city planners for not installing a Starbucks closer to me, stumble over words and drop my money in front of the barista, curse out the homeless man on my way out, read about a celebrity death on Facebook walking home, take out my phone a second time to see that my mother “poked” me, start sprinting down the sidewalk without realizing it, and finally get back into bed in a thick sweat.

For people like us, there are a couple albums being released this upcoming Tuesday through Aguirre Records that might help slow our heart rates down a little: Pulse Emitter’s Aeons and Panabrite’s Sub-Aquatic Meditation. Both albums use a similar therapeutic technique as that used in Elvis Presley’s body of work, but where Presley healed teenagers’ hearts by gyrating their hips until they felt strong enough to face the world, Pulse Emitter and Panabrite have moved the point of gyration to the frontal lobe and slowed the oscillations down until those teenagers can feel every crinkle of their brain receiving a massage at the hands of experts.

Firstly: Pulse Emitter released one of my favorite LPs of last year, Spiritual Vistas, and if that album was a gradual zooming-out from “Tree Lined Asphalt” to a gorgeous “Nebula,” then follow-up Aeons both reaches further out and arcs back down to Earth, beaming achingly human melodies into cavernous space. Secondly: Panabrite lay it out for you right there in the title, but meditation can come in many forms, so don’t think this album is going to serve purely as a laxative for your sleep valve. Sub-Aquatic Meditation recalls the imagined chirping early electronic library music of Ursula Bogner over 12 short pieces, recasting Bogner as an ingenious but intensely private crustacean experimenting with all the abandoned synths that ended up on the ocean floor over the years. Finally, check the Chocolate Grinder for a new Panabrite video: “Octopus in Your Dreams.” Thanks, and continue to pray for our species.

Aeons tracklisting:

01. Hermits
02. Spaceship
03. Pangaea
04. Immortality

Sub-Aquatic Meditations tracklisting:

01. Slipping into the Deep
02. Atoll
03. Whirlpool
04. Fissures
05. Neptune Visions in the Cryst
06. These Are Barnacles
07. Octopus in Your Dreams
08. Sunlight Dive
09. Memory Tank
10. Acquario
11. Siphonophore
12. Lullaby of the Abyss

• Pulse Emitter: http://synthnoise.com
• Panabrite: http://panabritesounds.blogspot.com
• Aguirre: http://www.aguirrecords.com

Southpaw music venue owner “over Park Slope,” throws in proverbial towel

Brooklyn has lost another credible, vibrant music venue with the shuttering of Park Slope bar Southpaw. Owner and founder Mikey Palms credits Southpaw’s demise with the current trend in the bar’s neighborhood towards more family-friendly fare. “I’m kind of over Park Slope — it’s not a destination for nightlife anymore,” Palms told NY Eater last month. Southpaw had been a staple in the neighborhood since 2001. Past performers included Joan Jett, Roky Erikson, Bill Callahan, Cat Power, Built to Spill, Dave Chapelle, Frank Black, The Dirtbombs and many others.

The venue’s few remaining shows will take place next weekend with the “Brooklyn County Fair: 3 Nights of Great Country Music” event February 17-19 and a final closing event on February 2o. The final closing event is an early, free event entitled “Southpaw: End of an Era” and will feature a live interview and slide show, DJ sets, and “brief” performances by Artifacts, Jean Grae, Keith Murray and Masta Ace.

• Southpaw: http://spsounds.com

Lou Barlow answers the question “to rock or not to rock” with rad new reissue of Weed Forestin’

Several hundred years ago, when a fella by the name of William Shakespeare wrote the lines “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate blah blah blah,” he could’ve been referring to many things. Perhaps your English teachers will tell you, “This is a sonnet to a man, and that’s it! It’s not about a woman, it’s not about a cat, and it’s definitely not about a limited-edition Lou Barlow cassette release from the late 80s getting reissued as a self-released Sentridoh album!!!!” But they would be wrong. Because Will Shakespeare was a man who understood BEAUTY. And what could be more lovely than a limited-edition Lou Barlow cassette release from the late 80s getting reissued?

See, back in 1987-88, Lou Barlow’s first solo noodlin’s were released as Weed Forestin’ on two runs of cassettes, as new tracks were added. The total release consisted of a mere 100 tapes — some of which were sold, some of which were given away. (True fact: in Boston, several copies were given away for free with Barlow’s band Dinosaur Jr.’s masterpiece You’re Living All Over Me, which came out around the same time.) Barlow and drummer Eric Gaffney billed themselves as Sentridoh and a thing of beauty was born. In 1988, the band became Sebadoh, with the release of Freed Man. In 1989, Homestead Records signed Sebadoh and released a vinyl version of Weed Forestin’ under the group’s new name. The next year, the first Sebadoh record — a combo of Freed and a “clumsily-edited” (Lou’s words) version of Weed — was released on CD. In 2007, Domino put out a spiffed-up version of Freed, but Weed still languished… until 2012 when Barlow and pal Maxwell Wood decided to do a deluxe LP reissue of Weed Forestin’, complete with unreleased material and tape collages on a cassette called Child of the Apocalypse. Fans will also get a USB drive with both Weed and Child and short music-inspired films by British artist Daryl Waller.

The digital version is out now via Bandcamp. Fans can cop handmade double CDs and cassettes on March 6. The deluxe LP and regular LP hit stores March 27.


01. Temporary Dream
02. New Worship
03. Subtle Holy Gift
04. My Own Religion
05. Ride the Darker Wave
06. More Simple
07. Jealous of Jesus
08. Mr. Genius Eyes
09. Perfect Power
10. Feeding Evil
11. Sexual Confusion
12. Three Times a Dog
13. Gate to Hell
14. Broken
15. Whitney Peach
16. I Can’t See
17. Take My Hand
18. Pound My Skinny Head
19. I Believe in Fate
20. Waited Forever
21. Slightest Suggestion
22. It’s So Hard to Fall in Love
23. Brand New Love

• Lou Barlow: http://www.loobiecore.com
• Sentridoh: http://sentridoh.bandcamp.com

Paid Dues Festival inspires epic blunt-off between Wu-Tang Clan, Odd Future, Three 6 Mafia, Brother Ali, and Mac Miller

Three stages + 50 hip-hop artists = 89 billion kazillion blunts in the air. You owe it to hip-hop to partake in such a high-flying good time if you’re in the San Bernadino area on April 7, where Wu-Tang and Odd Future are sure to incite mosh pits aplenty amid a Supreme-wearing crowd who know a thing or two about throwing their W’s up. Three 6 Mafia, Brother Ali, and that wee little white boy Mac Miller have just been added to the line-up, for those of you who like your hip-hop a little more underground, or in the case of the Mac, a little more Pittsburgh-y.

Co-founder and dreads-tastic emcee MURS assures us, “With 50 artists spread out across three stages, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.” As you can see from the full line-up listed below, he is continuing the Paid Dues tradish of keepin’ it trill as fuck.

Tickets are on sale for the Paid Dues Independent Hip-Hop Festival. Head to Ticketfly to cop that shit, mane… and maybe start upping your stash of the sticky icky now, so you’re ready to smoke screen the NOS Event Center on April 7.


Paid Dues Stage
Wu Tang Clan
Odd Future
Living Legends
Boot Camp Click
LA Symphony (Reunion)
Swim Team (Open Mike Eagle, DFD, VerBS, Alpha MC)
Old Dominion
Surf Club (Kent Money, Chase N Cashe, Hit Boy SC)
Hosted by DJ Bizzy and Hollywood Holt

Dues Paid Stage
Kendrick Lamar
DJ Quik
Dilated Peoples
Psycho Realm
Crooked I
Rass Kass
Self Scientific
Los Rakas
Trek Life
Tiron & Ayomari
Tay F 3rd
K- Flay
Moe Green
Curtiss King

Monster Energy Stage
Mac Miller
Brother Ali
Three 6 Mafia
Alchemist and Oh No are Gangrene
Mac Lethal
Rah Digga
RA the Rugged Man
Psalm One
Alexander Spit
Kosha Dillz
Grind Time Battles:
Dirtbag Dan v. Isaac
Jonny Storm v. Real Talk

• Paid Dues Festival: http://www.paidduesfestival.com

Flying Lotus to live score Heaven and Earth Magic for the second time; as if a giant animated fish making out with a dog isn’t weird enough without an accompaniment

I’m hardly an authority when it comes to film, and I’m even less of an authority when it comes to animated film, excepting any discussion that revolves around the social and political commentary present in that mid-90s example of comedic versatility, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. Certainly, this isn’t indicative of an inherent disinterest on my part — just that I can’t be bothered to immerse myself in a new art form when I’m already preoccupied by other, more intellectual forms of creative expression. Kitten videos! Can there ever be too many?

It takes a Pixar sponsorship, or an event like the one that occurred at the 48th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, to really spur my interest in animated film. It was at the latter where Flying Lotus first performed his live score of Harry Smith’s acclaimed 66-minute animated collage Heaven and Earth Magic, which was completed in 1962. On February 28, he’ll be reprising that performance at The Cinefamily in Los Angeles.

For those who are geographically fortunate enough to be able to experience this event, expect a complete diversion from the hip-hop-tinged sound characterizing his formal albums; while the usual instruments (laptop, drum machine, turntables, synthesizer) are all incorporated, the sound (from what I’ve gathered watching amateur video on YouTube) more accurately reflects the abstract nature of its film counterpart. In any case, unless Mr. Lotus decides to commit this performance to record, this will, in all likelihood, be one of the only chances you have of hearing this side of his musical self. Go on Steven, tell us how you feel.

• Flying Lotus: http://flying-lotus.com
• The Cinefamily: http://www.cinefamily.org

Public Image Ltd “drop” a new one after two decades of staying off PiLs

Are you stoked to hear there will be lots more John Lydon in your life soon? Well, you probably don’t have much else going on, so you might as well buy into it and give this day’s version of PiL a chance when they release their first album in 20 years this May or June. But, before you can get your grubby, fat fingers to press play in the cloud, you can get a preview of what’s to come with “One Drop”. Go ahead, take a listen. I’ll wait…

Yes, you heard him right. Lydon is a self-proclaimed “ageless” teenager. So, now you know what’s in store. “One Drop” will appear on a Record Store Day EP ahead of the new full-length, This Is PiL.

• Public Image Ltd.: http://www.pilofficial.com