Radiohead to make surprise appearance at Glastonbury tonight; bands hope they make a surprise disappearance

Radiohead to make surprise appearance at Glastonbury tonight; bands hope they make a surprise disappearance

England’s ridiculously massive Glatonbury Festival starts tonight at Worthy Farm in Pilton (TMT News). Across 3,000 stages (Pyramid, Other Stage, West Holts, John Peel, The Park, Acoustic, Avalon Stage, G Stage, East Dance, Oxlyers In West, Wow!, Leftfield, Spirit Of 71, Circus Big Top, The Hub, Arcadia, Astro Dome Workshops, Astrolabe, Avalon Café, Bandstand, Bassline Circus, BBC Introducing, Beat Hotel, Bez’s Acid House, Bourbon Street, Bridgwater Reggae Soundystem Cabaret Tent, Campo Pequeno, Chai Wallahs, Club Dada, Croissant Neuf, Cubana Salsa Tent, Cubehenge, Cubehenge Hed’s Party, East Dance Hed’s Party, El Penol Cantina, Free University of Glastonbury, Glade Lounge, Greenpeace Stage, Magic Bubbles, Mandala Stage, NYC Downlow, Pilton Palais Cinema Tent, Poetry and Words, Porn Kiosk Daytime, Pussy Parlure, Sharkeys, Small World Stage, Spirit of 71 Café, Speakers Forum, Stonebridge Bar, Tadpole Stage, The Downlow Radio, The London Underground, The Meeting Point Bar, The Rabbit Hole, The West Holts Bar, Tripod Stage, Vogue Fabrics) and with over 15 million artists (from James Blake and Flogging Molly to Omar Souleyman and Caitlin Rose, TV On The Radio and Deacon Blue to the Wu-Tang Clan and Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs, Lee Scratch Perry and Danny & The Champions of the World to Kitty to Big Boi and Daisy & Lewis, Kool & The Gang and Noah and the Whale to Hercules And Love Affair and Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble, etc.), we at TMT are so insanely jealous that we can’t be there cuddling up with lucky festival goers at this sure-to-be intimate affair.

AND SHIT JUST GOT MORE INTIMATE. NME has just confirmed that The Park stage’s “Special Guest” tonight is none other than Radiohead, a.k.a. the “Oxford quintet.” As Morrissey described them years ago, “I don’t know why they don’t just call themselves The Edgar Broughton Band and get it over with.” It’s perhaps with this quote in mind that Radiohead will be performing at the exact same time that Morrissey will be performing, now to a crowd of 12 or so, on the Pyarmid stage. In fact, Radiohead’s set will surely effect the audience size of all the other bands performing at that time, including Mumford & Sons (Other Stage), Fleet Foxes (Other Stage), Chase and Status (West Holts), Dr Jimmy Cliff (West Holts), Example (John Peel), The Coral (John Peel), Raul Malo from The Mavericks (Acoustic), Eric Bibb (Acoustic), KT Tunstall (Avalon), Robert Babicz (G Stage), Ke$ha (East Dance), James Holden (Oxlyers in West), Greg Wilson (Wow!), The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (Spirit of 71), and many more (seriously). On the bright side, you’ve probably already seen Radiohead live, and if our assumptions are correct, seeing Ke$ha in a festival setting is second to none. You know what to do.

Tickets are long sold out, so if none of the 15 million artists performing had already convinced you to purchase tickets, then you’re kinda screwed. But hey, tickets for Glastonbury 2013 (FYI: there won’t be a 2012 fest) are already on sale. Buy now!!

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Ende Tymes Festival set for this weekend, with Phill Niblock, GX Jupitter-Larsen, C. Spencer Yeh, and delicious Country Time Lemonade

Starting this Friday, the people of Ridgewood, New York are in for the festival of a lifetime. Well, this is NYC, so I guess it’s more like the festival of the week. Fucking spoiled New York, man. Stop hogging all the good stuff. We’re parched for music out here in this non-NYC wasteland. Every time I try to go to a festival outside New York, it ends up being headlined by The Hood Internet. Get the hell out of here, The Hood Internet!

Ah well. For all you overstuffed New Yorkers, here’s another heaping mouthful of culture: the Bob Bellerue-curated Ende Tymes Festival, running from June 24-26 at Silent Barn, which at first might look like just another performance by The Hood Internet, but on closer inspection you’ll see that the guy behind the laptop is none other than Phill Niblock, and your craziest mashup predictions will get liquidated the second he fires up another sound monument. Other noiseists and experimentalistas on the three-day bill include Damion Romero, C. Spencer Yeh, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Gen Ken Montgomery, Vertonen, Mike Shiflet, Crank Sturgeon, Andrew Coltrane, Work/Death, ID M Theftable, Sick Llama, Jason Soliday, Twisty Cat, and two tons more!

Each festival night starts at 8 PM, but for two hours beforehand over at Outpost there’ll be video screenings galore by the likes of Z’EV, Francisco López, William Basinski, Zach Layton, Volcano the Bear, and dozens of other video artists who are just waiting to become the next household name (I know my mother is a big Francisco López fan). Also at Outpost on Saturday, from 3-5 PM, is a series of artist discussions centered around the subject “Street-level experimental music and the evolution of technology and culture,” with chimings-in from Phill Niblock, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Al Margolis, Katherine Liberovskaya, AMK, Rat Bastard, Gen Ken Montgomery, and Damien Romero. It’s such a shame that Zack de la Rocha had a scheduling conflict and thus will not be showing up in camo cargo shorts with his trademark megaphone.

Everything going on at Outpost over the weekend is FREE, and tickets for the shows at Silent Barn are only $10 each or $25 for the whole weekend. Please look agog at the full schedule to see how much this is a steal. And also just to double-check that The Hood Internet won’t be making an appearance. I know, this is New York, it’s probably safe, but I really don’t want to get burned again. I promised myself I’d never be in a situation again where I’m staring at Alpha Chi Omega short shorts while listening to a Dead Prez/Grizzly Bear mashup.

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RIP: Jared Southwick of The Dream is Dead

From BrooklynVegan:

The Dream is Dead guitarist Jared Southwick passed away following more than a week in a Muncie, Indiana hospital with “a liver and kidney condition (and all the complications that come with it)”. The 34 year-old guitarist was a member of Harakiri and The Dream is Dead along with bassist Jason McCash who went on to form The Gates of Slumber. The Dream is Dead’s last long-player was the Escape Artist burner Hail The New Pawn.

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Random company sues BitTorrent for patent infringement; sounds awfully familiar…

Okay, stop me if you think you heard this one before. Some company that not a single person outside of a Texas courthouse has heard of sues a Very Important Company for infringing a patent that just happens to involve a Very Popular Technology that everyone uses. You heard of it? The same story, a thousand times before? Well, guess what? I don’t care! It’s time for another round of Patent Trolling!

Tonight on Patent Trolling, hosted by yours truly (filling in for Nat Towsen, who is busy hosting an actual show), our contestant is a complete newbie to the Patent Trolling scene. So new, they don’t even have a website! Please welcome, Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network! [Applause, someone screams “Nice Z!”]

Tranz-Send comes from… actually, we don’t know where they come from. Anyway, they are apparently in the business of internet streaming, where they “provide complete Internet broadcast technologies and services” to home and business customers, including “seismic data.” Fancy that! [Laughter]

Now, before we begin, the question is: “Troll or No?” And according to the one company profile we were able to find, Tranz-Send apparently offers its services through “licensing to partners.” And remember, the third sign of a troll is that their form of business is “licensing!” So we have a troll! [Applause]

So let’s find out what Tranz-Send’s target is today! Meet the company responsible for pissing off the movie and music industries for displaying how shallow and faulty their businesses are, and whose services everyone on this site has used. Say hello to BitTorrent! [Roaring applause, someone screams “BitTorrrrrennnt!” like a madman]

Tranz-Send claims that BitTorrent is infringing on Patent #7,301,944, or the ‘944 for short. The patent calls for “Media File Distribution With Adaptive Transmission Protocols.” Basically, the patent describes every file-sharing protocol as though it were suddenly divined on this… (what’s his name?)… Scott D. Redmond in 1999. Uncanny! [Gasps]

However, it seems like Tranz-Send already performed a foul! [Trombone plays, booing] Instead of suing in the Eastern District Court of Texas, where the patent trolls party, Tranz-Send decided to sue in BitTorrent’s home field of the Northern District Court of California. So it will take this company real audacity and cunning to not have this case laughed out of court! Sorry, Tranz-Send! However, as a consolation prize, we offer Tranz-Send a portion of the Beatles copyrights, now on sale at Citibank and EMI! [Wild applause]

Anyway, it’s time to go, so join us next time on Patent Trolling, when someone tries to sue Apple. Again. See you next time! [Applause, credits roll, production company logo shows for two seconds, cut to T-Mobile commercial]

Nirvana’s Nevermind gets 20th anniversary deluxe reissue, is still spelled incorrectly.

Want some circumstantial proof that Nevermind was a landmark release by a game-changing band? In 1991, when it was released, I was eight years old. And when I heard older kids talking about “Nirvana,” I thought that word sounded like some US state that was too far west for me to have heard of. By 1995, I was the 12-year-old kid in an XL Kurt Cobain memorial t-shirt who went around telling all his friends that Nevermind “was actually Nirvana’s weakest album” because it was “too glossy and radio-friendly” and that In Utero was “much cooler.”

Unfortunately for my 12-year-old self, we’ll probably have to wait until 2013 to get excited about an In Utero reissue. But on September 19, my hairless preteen lips can kiss my shaggy adult ass, because Universal is issuing a “Super Deluxe” edition of Nevermind to commemorate its China Jubilee, and I plan on consuming the shit out of it, Butch Vig’s controversial snare samples and all.

The anniversary reissue will consist of a 4CD/1DVD set containing previously unreleased tracks, rarities, B-sides, alternate mixes, rare live recordings, and BBC sessions, as well as an entire previously released Nirvana concert (on the DVD). The BBC shows are, according to Spin, most likely from between 1989 and 1991, and as such, they presumably have “something to say” about the live evolution of certain Nevermind tracks. And according to a statement from Universal, they plan on marking the 20th anniversary of the album with various piddly, unit-moving crap (“events and releases”) throughout the year. Suck it, 12-year-old me! (Seriously though, In Utero is totally the better record.)

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Dirty Projectors hit the studio this summer, rumors fly about reinterpretation of The Descendents’ ALL album

All eyes have been on Dirty Projectors since releasing their 2009 opus Bitte Orca (TMT Review). You hear that, Dave Longstreth? I am looking at you now, perhaps even looking inside you, right into your very soul. Spooky, I know! Yet with all those eyes looking at Dirty Projectors, there’s been little to see or hear concerning a proper follow-up to Bitte Orca. That changes now-ish, due to the following quote posted by the band on their Facebook page (via onethirtybpm):

hey all, dave longstreth has been working on new songs since january, and we are all getting really psyched! the band is getting together later this month to hang, listen and prepare. recording this summer. so excited for the next chapter! thanks so much for all your support ♥

♥, indeed! If all goes as planned, Dirty Projectors will be heading into the studio sometime this summer, presumably to work on their next full-length record. Let’s get the rumor mill started this very second. From what I’ve been hearing, the band, much as they did on 2007’s Rise Above (a reinterpretation from memory of Black Flag’s Damaged), are returning to the inspiration pool of SST Records. Specifically, I have reason to believe, based on absolutely no evidence, that their new record will be a track-by-track tribute to The Descendents’ ALL, in which the one-second title track is transformed into a nine-minute art-rock epic.

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