RIP: Brendan Mahoney, Tiny Mix Tapes writer

RIP: Brendan Mahoney, Tiny Mix Tapes writer

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to fellow TMT writer Brendan Mahoney, who passed away early Sunday morning in a train accident in Brooklyn, New York. He was 24.

Brendan, a graduate of Boston University, had been writing for TMT since 2008. While his tastes were steeped in Bob Dylan, The Fall, Werner Herzog, and Michelangelo Antonioni, Brendan’s critical reach was broad, revealing an intellectual complexity yet emotional palatability that in fact mirrored the very kinds of artists he admired. From his reviews of Glenn Branca’s The Ascension and Q-Tip’s Kammal The Abstract, to his mix of “darkwave” music and interview with Gang Gang Dance, Brendan’s writing gave us insight into the tensions (such as those between the body and the brain, the electronic and the organic, chaos and order, the imaginary and the real, content and form) that not only piqued his interest, but also were his critical targets.

But an analysis of his writing isn’t enough to get a full picture of the kind of person Brendan was. Affable, creative, and eager to try new things, Brendan proved in just a short time how passionate he was, always willing to take time out of his personal life to help TMT through tough times. Sure, his writing may leave the most visible mark on TMT, but it was our personal relationship with Brendan that deepens our appreciation for him. We will miss him tremendously.

Please check out Brendan’s writing here, including his last review for us — a blurb about our #5 album of 2010, Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foothere.

Tiny Mix Tapes will suspend posting new content today in remembrance of Brendan. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Will Oldham interviews R. Kelly, and it’s AWESOME

Yep, that’s right. Will Oldham, a.k.a. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, interviews R. Kelly for Interview magazine. Here’s the first question and answer:

WILL OLDHAM: Do you watch 30 Rock?

R. KELLY: No. What’s that?

Don’t be fooled though. This interview is amazing. As Drag City says, “The two singers sit together and muse philosophically about playing characters in song, conceptual parties, the influence of theatre on R.’s music, time-travel, the unknowability of the Id, and where it all began.”

My favorite part is when Kelly talks about some “white lady” on a boat who reminded him of the “lady from Titanic.” Check the interview here.

• Drag City:

Nobunny is a misunderstood Vietnam vet, and now he’s going on tour

John Nobunny (as portrayed by Nobunny, as portrayed by Justin Champlin) is a former member of a Special Forces unit that served in the Vietnam War. After learning that the only other living member of his unit has passed away, he enters the town of Hope, British Columbia. There, the overzealous sheriff (played by the scene-stealing Goner Records founder Eric Friedl) urges Nobunny to leave town, stating that he “hates drifters, especially ones wearing creepy bunny masks and lacking pants.” With that, Nobunny does the only things he knows how to do: he writes a record called First Blood (TMT Review) and tours every other city or, at least, all of the ones located on the Western half of North America.

On his next tour, Nobunny just kills everybody. He shoots every single person with a machine gun. And things blow up. Like, a lot of things blow up.

Nobunny tour:

02.02.11 - Olympia, WA - The Northern
02.03.11 - Vancouver, BC - The Railway Club
02.04.11 - Seattle, WA - Funhouse
02.05.11 - Portland, OR - Slabtown Bar
02.09.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Knock-Out
02.10.11 - Sacramento, CA - The Hub
02.11.11 - Los Angeles, CA - 6th Street Warehouse
02.12.11 - San Diego, CA - Til-Two Club
02.13.11 - Tucson, AZ - Solar Culture
02.15.11 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
02.16.11 - Houston, TX - Rudyard’s
02.17.11 - Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves
02.18.11 - Tulsa, OK - The Eclipse
02.20.11 - Santa Fe, NM - Corazon
02.22.11 - Phoenix, AZ - Sound Kontrol
02.23.11 - Chino, CA - Warehouse @ 12th & G
02.25.11 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill (Noise Pop)

• Nobunny:

Yoink! Citigroup plucks EMI from Guy Hands’ buttery fingers

Whoa. As The New York Times reported like 20 damn minutes ago, giant banking company-thing Citigroup has just wrestled EMI (you know, that big old music company that was home to the Beatles and the Stones and Coldplay and Radiohead, etc. that has been crashing and burning spectacularly for some time now?) from the grip of Guy Hands, the awesomely quixotic leader of British private equity firm Terra Firma, who bought the debt-laden company back in 2007. See, Citigroup had lent Terra Firma some £2.7 billion (about $5.5 billion in 2007) to finance their acquisition of EMI. But, um, yeah. Then all that financial stuff that your dad’s always talking about happened, leaving Terra Firma unable to make debt payments on that loan.

Wasting no time after taking 100% ownership, Citi has promptly rolled-up its sleeves and reduced EMI’s debt by 65%, from £3.4 billion ($5.4 billion) down to an adorable little £1.2 billion (about $1.9 billion). The turnover will likely lead to a quick flip of EMI at Citi’s next yard sale, with rival music companies like the Warner Music Group and the new BMG Rights Management expected to be among the possible bidders. But EMI actually consists of several small parts (e.g., its recorded music division and its publishing division), and it’s currently unclear whether Citi will try to pass the company off as one unit or chop it into pieces first. For now, Citigroup is denying that it has been soliciting buyers, but don’t be surprised when you see Citigroup show up on the next episode of Pawn Stars.

And now, this:

• EMI:
• Citigroup:

Gold Panda will tour anywhere in the world as long as there’s bamboo to chew on.

Hey, what are you doing this Friday night, bro? Hanging out with some buds at the roller rink? Dinner with one of those friends you feel out of touch with but continue to hang out with anyway? Faking the feeling of productivity by making “real headway” on your Netflix queue? Nice, nice. Yeah, I got some of that kinda stuff planned, too. Meanwhile, wanna know what hot-stuff London electronic-music producer Gold Panda is doing this Friday? TOURING THE DAMN WORLD.

Continuing to support his little-record-that-could, 2010’s Lucky Shiner (TMT Review), the other panda-themed DJ guy whose not Noah Lennox will hit the road for his first headlining tour starting Friday in Berlin. From there, he’ll continue on for what press releases often refer to as a nonstop whirlwind of worldwide tour dates “with no stopping in sight.” Although I’m reasonably sure that he’s actually going to be stopping lots of times. For instance, he’ll stop in Belgium for Artefact Festival, in Austin for SXSW, in Spain for Primavera… yup, all kinds of stoppin’ be going on. Speaking of stopping: I’m getting a sandwich. Later.

02.04.11 - Berlin, DE - Club Maria (Transmediale Festival)
02.16.11 - Kortrijk, BE - De Kreun
02.17.11 - Leuven, BE - Gilke Vanuytsel (Artefact Festival)
02.18.11 - Luxenbourg, LU - Exit07
02.24.11 - Praha, CZ - Palac Akropolis
03.01.11 - London, UK - Xoyo
03.02.11 - Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg (5 Days Off Festival)
03.15-19.11 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.22.11 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
03.23.11 - Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge
03.24.11 - Portland, OR - Rotture
03.25.11 - San Francisco, CA - 103 Harriet
03.27.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
03.29.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
03.30.11 - Toronto, ON - Tba
03.31.11 - Philadelphia, PA - The Arch
04.01.11 - Washington, DC - Red Palace
04.02.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Public Assembly
04.20.11 - Laval, FR - Le 6 Par 4
04.21.11 - Lille, FR - Le Grand Mix (Les Paradis Artificiels Festival)
04.22.11 - Nancy, FR - L’autre Canal
04.23.11 - Paris, FR - Point Ephemere
05.28.11 - Barcelona, ES - Primavera Festival (Pitchfork Stage)

• Gold Panda:
• Notown/Ghostly International:

Rivers Cuomo continues to milk Pinkerton — you know, the album that he used to hate

Do you wonder what Rivers Cuomo was thinking about during the creation of Weezer’s Pinkerton? Do you find yourself curious about what types of papers Cuomo wrote while in school between 94-97? Are you such a freak about Weezer’s landmark sophomore album that you’ll buy anything with the word “Pinkerton” on it? Then Cuomo has the book for you.

Hot on the heels of last year’s reissue of 1996’s Pinkerton, a new book, titled The Pinkerton Diaries, has now been confirmed by Cuomo himself (via video) to finally see release in March. The book, announced last fall and originally scheduled for consumption in January, is described by Cuomo as “a collection of all my journals, emails, letters, photos, school papers — everything from those years ‘94-‘97, so you get an inside look as to exactly what I was thinking.”

Cuomo also has a new album, Alone 3 scheduled for March release. This volume of the Alone series will focus on outtakes from the Pinkerton sessions, because, you know, timing is everything.

• Weezer: