RIP: Chris Sievey, a.k.a. Frank Sidebottom

RIP: Chris Sievey, a.k.a. Frank Sidebottom

From the BBC:

The man who played comedian, musician and North West showbiz legend Frank Sidebottom has died.

It is understood entertainer Chris Sievey collapsed at his home in Hale, Greater Manchester, in the early hours.

The 54-year-old was pronounced dead at Wythenshawe Hospital, a spokeswoman confirmed.

Known for his over-sized, papier-mache head, he found fame through a series of TV appearances in the 1980s and remained a popular cult comedy figure.

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Mountain Man announce release date for debut LP Made the Harbor; tour non-mountainous areas

You’re well-versed enough these days that you know not to expect much truth from a name. Little Girls share nary a female part among them; same with Women, Girls, and any number of distaff-named bands without a corresponding soprano. In keeping with this fad for erroneous appellation, Mountain Man consist not so much of one woodsy, Jedediah Smith-type, but a lineup more along the lines of a mountain man’s three daughters.

Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, and Amelia Randall Meath are not sisters, but their harmonies evoke the image of a trio of beautiful, homespun girls in gingham, singing to the open frontier from a dusty front porch – even when they play on a street in New York (video). Made the Harbor, Mountain Man’s debut full-length, is slated for release July 20 on Partisan Records, the same day as a 10-inch release (Sun Dog) from Underwater Peoples.

Before then, however, Mountain Man are leaving their home of Vermont to tour Europe and then the U.S. with Bear in Heaven and Twin Sister (who are only 1/5 female, in case you were wondering).


06.22.10 - Manchester, UK - The Deaf Institute
06.23.10 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Melkweg
06.24.10 - London, UK - Union Chapel
06.26.10 - London, UK - Hard Rock Calling Festival
06.27.10 - Glastonbury, UK - Glastonbury Festival (The Queens Head Stage)
06.28.10 - Leeds, UK - Nation of Shopkeepers
06.29.10 - Stockholm, Sweden - Way out West Party (Debaser)
06.30.10 - Goteborg, Sweden - Way out West Party (Pustervisksbaren)
07.01.10 - London, UK - St. Augustine’s Tower
07.02.10 - Dublin, Ireland - Crawdaddy
07.13.10 - Cambridge, MA - TT the Bear’s Place *^
07.14.10 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall *^
07.15.10 - Toronto, ON - El Mocambo *^
07.16.10 - Ann Arbor, MI - The Blind Pig *^
07.17.10 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall (Pitchfork Festival afterparty) *^
07.18.10 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club ^
07.19.10 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon *^
07.20.10 - St. Paul, MN - Turf Club *^
07.09.10 - Toledo, OH - Mickey Finn’s Pub @
07.10.10 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern @
07.12.10 - York, PA - Capitol Theater @
07.13.10 - Brooklyn, NY - The Old American Can Factory
07.14.10 - North Adams, MA - Solid Sound Festival (Mass MOCA)
07.20.10 - Glanusk, UK - Green Man Festival
09.11.10 - Isle of Wight, UK - Bestival
09.12.10 - Dorset, UK - End of the Road Festival

* Bear in Heaven
^ Twin Sister
@ Deer Tick

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Buyer of CBGB brand accrues enigmatic debt, files for bankruptcy

It’s a sad day for people everywhere who buy rock t-shirts at Urban Outfitters and had perhaps some day dreamed of getting just 100% totally shitfaced on Pineapple Upside Down Cake shots at a CBGB-brand theme bar in Vegas for their bachelor/bachelorette party. That’s right: the investors who but a wee two years ago purchased the CBGB brand have filed for bankruptcy. The company has debts “of $1 million to $10 million,” according to Billboard. Yeah, I can’t keep track of how much money I owe to the factories that churn out my special Liz Louche-brand clothing (TM), either.


Clinic to release Bubblegum in October, supposedly a “curveball”

Clinic, the cute Liverpudlians from Liverpool, are releasing their sixth album, Bubblegum, on October 4 in the UK (the US release date has yet to be confirmed). The album, according to the all-powerful press release, sees Clinic “throwing us a curveball”: “In place of churning riffs and wired vocals is a dream state of harpsichords, dulcimers and strings. Melody and softness combine with the band’s unique internal logic to produce a record of pop beauty.” In other words, Domino, the group’s label, is trying to assure us that Bubblegum won’t sound like every other Clinic album (that is, a slightly mutated Internal Wrangler) — terrific!

A new single, “I’m Aware,” will be released in late September in anticipation for the new album, but mosey on over to the Chocolate Grinder to hear a “unique megamix” of Bubblegum. You’ll even get to see the same press photo again!

Bubblegum tracklist:

01. I’m Aware
02. Bubblegum
03. Baby
04. Lion Tamer
05. Linda
06. Milk & Honey
07. Radiostory
08. Forever (Demis’ Blues)
09. Another Way Of Giving
10. Evelyn
11. Un Astronauta En Cielo
12. Freemason Waltz
13. Orangutan

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Radiohead new album near completion, “best record” they’ve “ever made,” might be released this year

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien was a guest on Adam Buxton’s show on BBC 6 Music today (via AtEase), claiming that the group’s new album — their eighth full-length — is “the best record [they’ve] ever made.” (Guess we don’t have to review it!) According to O’Brien: “We’re in the heart of the record. It’s genuinely exciting. It’s very different from what we did last time. It’s really nice to be doing this. It’s so good to be making music with the band that you feel is still as good as it’s ever been.”

But when is it coming out? “No, ideally it would be great if it came out sometime this year. It has got to. I hope so. We’re at the finishing line. When you’re making a record, a film, write a book for ages and ages you think the finishing line is miles away. Now it feels it’s in touching distance. But of course, it being a creative process, at the last bit also, you have bursts of energy, you achieve a lot of things in a small period of time and then you’re nearly there…it might slow down. But yeah, hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.”

O’Brien goes on to dispel the myth of the In Rainbows recording process and to laud, as usual, producer Nigel Godrich’s production skills. Check out the full interview here, where O’Brien helps Buxton make a space-themed mix.

Speaking of mixes, Thom Yorke posted a new tiny mix tape on the band’s official website:

1. the big ship brian eno
2. slurs and slowly isan
3. triangle folds inside out james holden
4. magnetic warrior archie bronson outfit
5. goodmorning sunshine quasimoto
6. 3 Tot 1 Zonder Toaster Aardvark
7. fog bank boy 8-bit
8. Leuk HeLeuk He Aardvark
9. bite it & believe it archie bronson outfit
10. claptrap joe

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Kevin Drumm puts out two limited re-releases (one is a 5CD box set) of originally ultra-limited releases

Kevin Drumm, widely considered one of the crown princes of harsh noise, has always had the almost unmatched ability to diversify the medium in which his music is created while expressing many of the same emotions. Through textural washed-out ambient to the aforementioned harsh noise, most of his past albums share the common aesthetic of grinding, bed-wetting noise, yet they have seem him helm everything from the six-string prepared electric guitar to dual pulse generators to acoustic organ. Much of his recorded history and album concepts have been built around what instrument happened to tickle Drumm’s fancy at the time. Prior to now, Drumm’s instrumental explorations have mostly been separated and limited to one album or extended piece at a time. Like I said, until now.

Available now via Lasse Marhaug’s Pica Disk label is a 5CD box set aptly titled Necro Acoustic, showcasing what Brainwashed’s Creaig Dunton appropriately called “the full repertoire of Drumm.” The box set contains two entirely new albums — one recorded between 2006-2008 displaying the set’s namesake, the other being guitar material recorded last year. Necro Acoustic also features a limited-edition double cassette that was originally released by Hospital Productions back in 2009, along with an extremely diverse repertoire of unreleased material from way back in the day — I’m talking 1996 back in the day. I’m gonna say that this is probably an essential grab for any Drumm fan or really anyone wanting an introduction to the guy… or really, to drone/noise in general. I’m also gonna go ahead and say that these are probably fairly limited as far as pressings go, even though it’s basically a re-release of originally ultra-limited material (hmmm). Yeah, snag ‘em while you can.

Also, along this same vein, Thin Wrist Recordings have released an expanded version of the long-out-of-print self-titled debut album from Drumm. Comprised entirely of solo improvised guitar and originally recorded directly to cassette tape, this is Drumm at his most sparse and stripped down. Available on 2x 180-gram vinyl. Again, snag while you can.

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