RIP: Harley Gaber, minimalist composer

RIP: Harley Gaber, minimalist composer

From The Wire:

Minimalist composer, film maker, visual artist, and tennis player Harley Gaber died last week in Gallup, New Mexico. Gaber committed suicide on 16 June, two weeks after the release of his final album, In Memoriam. He was born in Chicago in 1943. […]

In the final years of his life Gaber released four albums: I Saw My Mother Ascending Mt Fuji in 2009, and in 2010, Sovereign Of The Centre and The Realm Of Indra’s Net. In Memoriam 2010 was released two weeks before Gaber committed suicide.

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Common signs to Warner Bros. and hints at a planned collaboration with the Looney Tunes in Space Jam 2: Jammier

After a lifetime of not being signed to Warner Brothers Records, Common has changed labels from Interscope and finally signed with Warner Brothers Records.

Everyone’s favorite rapper-turned-actor (that isn’t Ice Cube), Common, has announced that he’s found a new label to finance his dreams. The musician, who was most recently in the news because of an invitation to the White House and a controversial poem that has opinions different from conservatives’, last released an album in 2008 (Universal Mind Control) and is looking forward to the chance to collaborate with other Warner Bros. artists like Curren$y, Dire Straits, Yosemite Sam, and Ben-Hur.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of this family, to be a part of this team,” said Common to his mirror as his practiced his speech, “We have very inspirational, exciting music to team up with you. We’re just open to what this change can bring.”

No further details, including the release date for Space Jam 2: Spacier, were announced.

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NOFX to release an EP of hardcore covers and an EP that’s “pretty fucking terrible”

Long past are the days when NOFX first enthralled preteens uninitiated to the wonders of punk and music their parents didn’t like, when, at age 13, Punk in Drublic replaced Let It Be and white kids shouted “Don’t call me white” while struggling to find guitar tabs on the nascent web. History hasn’t exactly treated NOFX too nicely though, so it makes the timing of a covers album of 80s hardcore… questionable.

Nonetheless, after two years of waiting, said album — a thus-far untitled 7-inch — is finally slated for release August 2 from Fat Wreck Chords. Little information has been released about the nine-track EP, aside from the album artwork and a quote from Mike Burkett circa 2009, printed in Ground Control. Of the bands covered, he said:

They’re all from the US and that’s all kind of what we grew up on. […M]ostly they’re bands that no one ever heard of and most of their records never made it to CD. It’s pretty obscure — a couple of the bigger bands would be The Necros and Social Unrest and Stretch Marks. We’re just going to put it out and we’re not going to put any information on it; no credits, no song titles, no nothing — just a blank disc — so if you don’t know who it is, you won’t know who it is.

To remind listeners that NOFX did in fact exist during the glory era of those oh-so-obscure bands they’re covering, a second EP is forthcoming (possibly this summer), featuring some purportedly godawful recordings from 1984. The quote du jour, re: NOFX, is Fat Mike’s promise that “it’s pretty fucking terrible” — and you know, if that’s what it takes for NOFX to get back in my good graces, I’m all for it.

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DJ Shadow set to release mysterious new album, and the less you know the better

It seems that legendary instrumental hip-hop dude DJ Shadow’s new album The Less You Know The Better is aptly-named. Shadow’s fourth studio album is scheduled for September 5 in the UK, with no word of a US date as yet. Fortunately, fans have a slightly less mysterious EP called I Gotta Rokk to tide them over until September, and besides, I hired a private investigator to follow DJ Shadow around to figure out what his favorite food is, where he likes to let it all loose, and whatever details can be discovered about the new album — just for you!

Okay, I didn’t do that, but I did check out DJ Shadow’s website. Alas, I didn’t unearth a tracklisting or info about possible collaborations, but my in-depth mouse-clicking did reveal that I Gotta Rokk features music from the upcoming full-length. In addition to the title track, the EP includes two other new tracks, “Def Surrounds Us” and “I’ve Been Trying,” both of which were released as singles last year. It also includes remixes, glorious remixes! I Gotta Rokk has been selling out all over the place, so it’s either mindblowingly awesome or someone has been stockpiling copies to use for trade on that fateful day when the gold standard returns to America and we all live in underground bunkers, bartering goats and wedding rings and instrumental hip-hop CDs.

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Coen Brothers writing Dave Van Ronk-inspired script, plan on casting Dwayne “The Ronk” Johnson

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan) have all but officially announced that they are working on a script for a music-based film inspired by the life of Dave Van Ronk. According to the L.A. Times, who spoke to an anonymous source, the Coens are using the autobiography The Mayor of MacDougal Street as the basis for a film on Van Ronk and his status as the undisputed heavyweight of the Greenwich Village folk scene in the 60s.

If you’re unfamiliar with Greenwich Village heavyweights, Van Ronk is most well-known for his involvement and leadership in the same folk-music scene that Bob Dylan was born out of, with Van Ronk giving Bobby D his first big gig. In addition to discovering Mr. Dylan, Van Ronk also had a hand in developing the talents of both Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs, both artists eventually gaining fame as two of my mom’s Most Played Artists.

Finally, while the Coen’s have never been the type of filmmakers who do sequels, I’m hoping that whatever movie is developed from Van Ronk’s life will take its place as the necessary prequel that The Big Lebowski deserves.

Neutral Milk Hotel records that aren’t In the Aeroplane Over the Sea to get reissued, proving existence of other NMH records to college freshmen

With the recent news about Jeff Mangum’s upcoming tour, the iron is hot for some Neutral Milk Hotel reissues. And when the iron is hot, so is Fire Records! Because fire is hot and so is the iron and shut up, me. The point is, Fire Records will be reissuing both the band’s first 7-inch, Everything Is and their debut full-length, On Avery Island. As a TMT exclusive, we managed to get the following quote from the college freshmen of the world:


Yes, young scholars of the world, Neutral Milk Hotel released music that wasn’t In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, and soon that music will be far easier to purchase. On August 8, Fire will reissue Everything Is, unchanged from its original vinyl release. Two weeks later (August 22, if you’re not into math), the label will reissue On Avery Island, which will be available on CD, as well as on separate red and yellow varieties of vinyl. Now, kids, let me tell you about of Montreal records released in the nineteen-hundred and nineties…

On Avery Island tracklist:

01. Song Against Sex
02 You’ve Passed
03. Someone Is Waiting
04. A Baby For Pree
05. Marching Theme
06. Where You’ll Find Me Now
07. Avery Island / April 1st
08. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
09. Three Peaches
10. Naomi
11. April 8th
12. Pree-Sisters Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye
13. Everything Is
14. Snow Song Pt. 1

Everything Is tracklist:

01. Everything Is
02. Snow Song Pt. 1
03. Aunt Eggma Blowtorch

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