RIP: Jack Rose

From Three Lobed Recordings:

Sorry for the random update, but Three Lobed Recordings is extremely sad to pass along news that our dear friend Jack Rose passed away this morning in Philadelphia at the age of 38. This news is still fresh to us and we're still trying to process it. Jack was a warm, caring person and was always a pleasure to be around. His larger than life spirit will truly, truly be missed even moreso than his inspired musical ability. Our deepest sorrow goes out to his wife.

- Jack Rose MySpace
- Jack Rose website
- Jack Rose Wikipedia entry

Oh, Caroling They Will Go: Julian Koster Solidifies Dates for December Caroling Excursion

As previously reported, Julian Koster and his Singing Saw are once again accepting invitations from welcoming citizens who would like to receive the former Neutral Milk Hotel-er and his cadre of carolers into their homes for a magical December night of festivities, songs, stories, and good cheer. Well, now those tentative cities and dates are as solid and confirmed as religious icicles.

Koster and his Christmas revelers visited over 100 homes last December and offer up their thanks to all of the towns and neighborhoods that opened their doors to them. Koster expressed his hopes for this year, saying, “I’m so glad that we’re all still here, and that the Universe has arranged for this all to happen again. I can hardly wait.”

To recap: if you want Julian Koster and his Singing Saw to visit your house (and you happen to live in Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Champaign, Cleveland, Providence, Baltimore, D.C., or Chapel Hill/Durham) then check the dates below and send an email over to expressing your interest. If you just want to watch Julian Koster and his Traveling Christmas Express, then email and you can receive the address of a home in your area that is hosting the carolers and the general time of performance!

Confirmed caroling path:
12.05.09 – Atlanta / Rome, GA
12.06.09 – Nashville, TN (early) / Louisville, KY
12.07.09 – Indianapolis, IN (early) / Champaign, IL
12.08.09 – Chicago, IL
12.09.09 – Kalamazoo, MI (early) / Detroit, MI (and area)
12.10.09 – Toledo, OH (early) / Cleveland, OH
12.11.09 – Buffalo, NY (early) / Geneseo, NY
12.12.09 – Ithaca, NY (early) / Monterrey, MA / Easthampton & Northampton, MA (late-night)
12.13.09 – Boston, MA (and area)
12.14.09 – Providence, RI (and area)
12.15.09 – Riverside, CT / Purchase, NY / Marlboro, NY
12.16.09 – New York City, NY
12.17.09 – New York City, NY (and area)
12.18.09 – Manalapan, NJ (early) / Philadelphia, PA
12.19.09 – Baltimore, MD (early) / Washington, DC
12.20.09 – Eagle Rock, VA (early) / Lynchburg, VA
12.21.09 – Chapel Hill, NC / Raleigh, NC
12.22.09 – Athens, GA

According to Merge Records, Swedish indie rock outfit Shout Out Louds are planning to release their third full-length on February 23. The new album, entitled Work, is the follow up to 2007's Our Ill Wills (TMT Review). And in keeping with the "hole up in a room, grow a beard, and write a new album" craze that's sweeping the nation (i.e. The Antlers, Bon Iver), lead singer/songwriter Adam Olenius apparently stuck himself in a boxy room in Australia with naught but a synthesizer, guitar, and GarageBand to write Work. So, can we assume it'll sound woodsy?

Producer Phil Ek teamed up with Shout Out Louds on this album, which isn't bad considering his work with The Shins, Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses. Again, woodsy. Or pastoral? Oh, guessing games. That said, the music on the record is said to sound a little more "stripped down" by forgoing percussion and a string section.

In addition to a new slew of 2010 European tourdates, Shout Out Louds will present their new material at an album-release show in Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 1

03.01.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
03.23.10 - Rostock, Germany - MAU
03.24.10 - Hamburg, Germany - Uebel & Gefahrlich
03.25.10 - Berlin, Germany - Astra
03.26.10 - Dresden, Germany - Reithalle
03.27.10 - Munich, Germany - Backstage Werk
03.28.10 - Zurich, Switzerland - Mascotte
03.29.10 - Frankfurt, Germany - Mousonturm
03.30.10 - Cologne, Germany - Burgerhaus Stollwerck
03.31.10 - Stuttgart, Germany - Waagenhallen
04.01.10 - Salzburg, Austria - Rockhouse
04.02.10 - Vienna, Austria - FM4 @ RadioKulturhaus
04.03.10 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Lille Vega
04.14.10 - Oslo, Norway - Parkteatret
04.15.10 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Brew House
04.16.10 - Malmö, Sweden - KB
04.17.10 - Stockholm, Sweden - Kagelbanan

Family Vineyard Turns 10, Celebrates by Reissuing Darin Gray and Loren Connors’ The Lost Mariner, Debuting Chris Corsano and Heather Leigh’s New Project, Jailbreak

Ten years ago, a small little label, Family Vineyard, started up in Lafayette, Indiana by one Eric Weddle. Weddle started things out in a big way with the release of The Lost Mariner by Darin Gray and Loren Connors, which Connors proclaims to be one of his finest. Since then, Weddle has released records by Alan Licht, Dredd Foole, Paul Flaherty, and many other key players of the avant underground scene.

With Family Vineyard turning 10 years old, it's time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with releases by two of Weddle's obvious favs: Loren Connors and Chris Corsano. Weddle has already released more than ten Loren Connors records and three records that have included Chris Corsano, so why stop there? First up will be a reissue of Darin Gray and Loren Connor's The Lost Mariner with a bonus 7-inch, "At the Old Factory." Second, the label will debut a new group Jailbreak, featuring avant percussion master Chris Corsano and pedal steel fuzz queen Heather Leigh. The group's debut, The Rocker, shows this duo reformulating "rock/roll instants by bringing free jazz fire power to amp-humping sex beats."

Both releases will be in vinyl-only editions of 700 and will show their faces in early 2010. As always, Family Vineyard has more on the horizon, including an Alan Licht/Loren Connors Duo record and the long awaited Human Skab reissue.

Badly Drawn Boy Sketches Goodly Drawn Soundtrack Album

While some acts inadvertently garner comparisons to soundtrack sound, others blatantly churn out the most derivative claptrap possible in order to snag a mega-lucrative inclusion on a hot original soundtrack. Some model their noise after non-existent, imagined films while still others are sought after for their ability to mirror the intent, feel, heart, and guts of a real movie with their accompanying music. It could be said that Damon Gough has faired a bit better with film tunes than commercial releases since his classic Badly Drawn Boy debut album, Year of the Bewilderbeast, in 2000. The wildly popular experience with About a Boy must have struck some the right way and have felt pretty good to the Badly Drawn Boy himself because he has offered his writing abilities to another album of "music taken from and inspired by" a motion picture. Is There Nothing We Could Do? features songs from/inspired by The Fattest Man in Britain, a television movie written by Caroline Aherne ("The Royle Family") and Jeff Pope that is due to air over the Christmas holidays in the U.K. due date for the album is December 14.

The fattest tracklist on Tiny Mix Tapes:

1. Opening Theme
2. Is There Nothing We Could Do?
3. A Gentle Touch
4. All the Trimmings
5. Welcome Me to Your World
6. Guitar Medley
7. Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Reprise)
8. Big Brian Arrives
9. Amy in the Garden
10. Been There, Verified
11. Just Look at Us Now
12. Wider Than a Smile
13. Piano Theme
14. The Letter
15. I'll Carry On

Don’t Say Aloha to Aloha, They Have a New Album Coming Out in 2010

Wistful lyrics? Check! Ethereal harmonies? Check! Poppy hooks? Check! Aloha definitely has what it takes to be a Polyvinyl band, and they’ll continue that trend with the release of their new album, Home Acres, due out on March 9, 2010. According to the press release, “Home Acres pushes the tempos and dials up the guitars, with the band's slow-burn intensity sometimes overflowing into huge moments. But even as the energy surges, Aloha casts an otherworldy glow, serving up ambience and attack with equal measure.” Who can resist a little “slow-burn intensity”?

Home Acres tracklisting:

1. Building a Fire
2. Moonless March
3. Microviolence
4. Searchlight
5. Everything Goes My Way
6. White Wind
7. Cold Storage
8. Blackout
9. Waterwheel
10. I'm in Trouble
11. Ruins