Seefeel’s debut LP gets 20th anniversary reissue, still a useful soundtrack for giving birth

Seefeel's debut LP gets 20th anniversary reissue, still a useful soundtrack for giving birth

People (women) give birth all the time! In hospitals, in taxis, in those crazy pools where they do water births. But what do they listen to while enduring unthinkable agony to bring life, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, into this world? Is it the Black Eyed Peas? Björk? Jingle Cats singing a track from their classic album Meowy Christmas? No! Of course not! They listen to Seefeel, apparently — at least one or two of them. “I’ve had letters from people who’ve given birth to Quique,” said Seefeel guitarist Mark Clifford of the group’s 1993 debut. According to Clifford, the album has also helped in treating children with autism. Plus, it served as the missing ambient link (in case you were wondering) between the Cocteau Twins and Aphex Twin.

By now you’re saying, “What CAN’T this album do?” Am I right? You ask a lot of questions, pal. You better shut your trap before you ask the wrong one. (I’ve been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire today. Sorry.) So before you start in on me again, the answer is today! Now! You can order the first-time-ever-on-vinyl 20th anniversary reissue of Quique via Light in the Attic right now, which you probably should, if you’re into that sorta thing, because it’s limited to 1,000 copies. Originally released on the Too Pure label, the second coming of Quique is courtesy of Medical Records and Modern Classics Recordings.

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Ryan Hemsworth announces new LP Guilt Trips; won’t you buy it for the sake of his hungry kittens?

Absent the full-fledged revival of R&B that contemporary artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have tearfully foreshadowed, we, as music listeners, are left with precious few options in terms of satisfying our collective desire for LP-empathy towards relationship turmoil. Well, just assume that’s the case; what are those options, or what should we hope for as we silently stroke the printed photographs of monogamy-since-dissolved? Oh yes, that’s right. You were totally wondering how your local drugstore picture center sustained itself after all these years.

Anyway, shockingly, mild fulfillment may come in an EMO form. No, not emo in the bastardized My Chemical Romance sense of the word, nor the influential and completely worthwhile Fugazi sense of word, but in the Ryan Hemsworth utilization of the word (while laughing, might I add) to describe his latest LP Guilt Trips, set for release on October 22 via the Toronto and Montreal-based Last Gang Records. To quote verbatim, referring to the album, “It was just like kind of a combination of flying around and not seeing certain people as much as I wish I could have… it’s more emo, I guess LOLOLOL.”

Well, the Canadian DJ/producer’s total embrace of the “different moods caused by love” on Guilt Trips would be be considered emo(tional) on its own, or especially in contrast with his otherwise shared affinity for “aggressive” rappers like Danny Brown, who shows up a couple of times on Hemsworth’s FACT mix 352. Regardless, why not take the revival into his own hands?

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Laneway Festival slow dances with Detroit this weekend: Sigur Rós, Dismemberment Plan, Run the Jewels, Ghostly Intl. stage

Good god. Anyone living beyond a reasonable distance from the Detroit area would be forgiven for being confused here. In an unscorched part of town there’s apparently a music venue called Meadow Brook Music Festival. You can see where this is going. Book a couple of artists at this venue on a particular evening, and we shouldn’t have any problems, but start talking about individual stages within festivals within this venue that sound like festivals themselves, and you have a perfect example of why I should’ve gotten more sleep last night. Also, why venue owners should become sufficiently acquainted with proximal dictionaries:

fes·ti·val [fes-tuh-vuh l]

a period or program of festive activities, cultural events, or entertainment: a music festival.

Damn it.

Anyway, until now, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival was geographically limited to countries within Oceania and spanned multiple dates during their summer, so around January and February. September 14 marks the debut of Laneway Festival: Detroit, featuring arguable headliners Sigur Rós, The National, Deerhunter, and The Dismemberment Plan. Others acts include Matthew Dear, ADULT., Shigeto, Heathered Pearls, and Beacon, all performing on the recently announced Movement Stage — a collaboration between the world renown Movement Electronic Music Festival and the Ann Arbor-based Ghostly International.

Michiganders unite! Preferably away from potholes, as their abundance can create unusually dangerous standing situations, but yes, unite! Here’s what Jason Huvaere, president of Paxahau (the producers of Movement) had to say on this intrastate joining of hands: “We are thrilled to be a part of this event and look forward to collaborating with Ghostly’s talent on an energizing showcase.”

Likewise, Jeff Owens, manager of Ghostly International and the Spectral Sound imprint: “Ghostly is honored to be a part of one of the best festivals in existence today… we’re especially excited it now exists in a city that heavily influenced the sound and feel of Ghostly.”

Tickets still available here, and learn more about Laneway in general here.

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Ducktails announces new EP Wish Hotel, shares new track, makes me think of race cars, lasers, airplanes…

Ah, the possibilities of a great Disney-cartoon-milking project like Ducktails! It might solve a mystery; it might re-write history; or it might announce a new EP and release a new track from it! Any of the above, really!

Rather disappointingly, though, Matt Mondanile is doing the third thing. In fact, his new Ducktails EP, Wish Hotel (which follows up this year’s The Flower Lane long-player) , does just about all the boring ol’ things you’d expect an EP to do! No, seriously; watch! It: consists of five songs; was recorded by him at home in Ridgewood, New Jersey; was all played by him and and mixed by Al Carson; has a press release that says it “finds Mondanile returning back to the blown out guitar and synthesizer work of his past releases”; blah blah blah! How much more EP-like does it get, folks?

It’s even available for preorder as a limited edition (of 100) translucent white vinyl 12-inch. Oh, and digitally on iTunes, where, surprise-surprise, all preorders come with the song “Honey Tiger Eyes” (streaming below). Jeez! Where’s the adventure? Where’s the intrigue? Where’s the panache? Where’s the talking ducks and dogs and pigs?!? Bah. These kids today and their dumb music!

Wish Hotel tracklisting:

01. Tie-Dye
02. Honey Tiger Eyes
03. Wish Hotel
04. Jazz
05. Naïve Music

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Jam City preps the rhythmic demolition of your neurons, announces EP for Night Slugs’ Club Constructions series

Disregarding their musical accomplishments, we owe the Village People a debt of gratitude for infusing bare-chested flamboyance on a grand scale into some of America’s most cherished manly professions. Not having been alive for most of the 80s, I can only presume the audible cringing that must’ve occurred across the Deep South, now that your friendly neighborhood police officer had been transformed into a baton-wielding… well, just what’s he planning to do with that baton anyway? Meanwhile, construction workers continue to fend off accusations of their sites doubling as shirt-prohibited dance clubs.

That’s one view of the construction site, anyway. Another, more abstract perspective comes from the London-based label Night Slugs, whose Club Constructions series has brought to the fore the grittier and more club-focused side of label mainstays like L-Vis 1990 (co-owner of NS, who commenced the series in April 2012), and Hysterics, more widely known under his Girl Unit moniker. Just recently, it’s been announced that Jam City will be resuming the rawness via Club Constructions Vol. 6, due out October 1.

If you had the chance to listen to one of 2012’s most intriguing releases, Jam City’s Classical Curves, then you know that a certain aggressiveness comes with the territory. But the following track, likely to be featured on Vol. 6, does seem to beckon the methodical installing of pipes. No, that’s not a figure of speech.

Club Constructions Vol. 6 tracklisting:

01. Worst Illusion
02. 500 Years
03. Melty
04. Garlands
05. The Raven

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The Books release Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, briefly making you think they’ve reunited

So, the binding of The Books may have been officially split, but that shouldn’t suggest a dearth of unexplored details hidden within their published chapters. On the contrary, six months after their sort of predictable disbandment, they released A Dot in Time., a massive compilation of everything audio/visual-wise that they had a hand in, PLUS pieces of a moldy ham and cheese sandwich that Paul de Jong had ultimately decided against consuming in full. Not really, but it’s hard to conjure a more comprehensive box set than the $150 one released in July of 2012.

Included within that box set was Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, a “45-track compendium of rare and previously unreleased tracks,” and perhaps sensing that fans might not want to shell out over a hundred bones for a bunch of albums already in their possession (A Dot in Time. included their four LPs), Temporary Residence Ltd. has sponsored the limited edition 2xLP release of that “rare and previously unreleased” collection for a mere 18 bucks — 20 if you want the records adorned with “translucent blue splatter.”

The “Available” count is decreasing slowly but steadily as I write this, so if you intend to purchase, best get on that ASAP. Otherwise, you may have to resort to less… moral means.

Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities tracklisting:

01. Fralite
02. Egaberte
03. Liternite
04. It’s Musiiiiic!
05. The Joy of Nature
06. Meditation Outtakes
07. A Long Villainous Sequence
08. Millions of Millions
09. Of the Word God
10. Ghost Train Digest
11. You’ll Never Be Alone
12. ‘Ah…, I See’
13. Three Day Night
14. Classy Penguin
15. 8 Frame
16. Smack My Bishop
17. Biospheric Quiet
18. Happy Lawyers
19. Hericlitus
20. John’s Arp
21. Foreign Country and Western
22. Dustbowl
23. Biospheric Doubletime
24. Drowned But Survived
25. Pickup Dark
26. Hermetic
27. Circle of Fifths Loop
28. Past Comes Welling Up
29. Electro Lawyers
30. Mars, OK
31. Biospheric Dark
32. Flythrough
33. Running Down
34. 8 Tons of Oxygen
35. 10,000 Crows
36. John’s Epiphany
37. Lawyer Lullaby
38. Hokie Ranch
39. 2over3 Lawyers
40. Glass Glass
41. Biospheric Zither
42. Found Frozen Corndog
43. Cello Song (feat. Jose Gonzales)
44. Epilogue
45. Pig

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