Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years

Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years

Legendary 1960s psychedelic electronic freaks Silver Apples are lovingly swaddling their oscillators in, um… oscillator cases, and preparing for another whiz bang performance at All Tomorrow’s Parties. This go-around takes place in Asbury Park, New Jersey where Mr. Silver Apples himself Simeon and his synthesizer, also named Simeon (I did not make that up) will be joined by the psychically teleported spirit of 1973 Bruce Springsteen, the smiling faces of Portishead (who curated the festival, and do, on occasion, smile) and hundreds of lucky, lucky ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror US Edition attendees. ATP takes on NJ during the September 30-October 2 weekend, but if you’re not one of the chosen few currently staking out good spots to pass out under the boardwalk, you need not fret any longer, because Silver Apples are coming to Europe!!!!! (Oh, you don’t live in Europe? Forget I said anything.)

Simeon and his Simeon will be rockin’ faces at Public Assembly in NYC a few days after ATP wraps up, giving attendees just enough time to recover from their ATP hangovers. (Trust me: it will take four days.) Then it’s off to Paris, where they’ll travel together, side by side, just a boy and his synthesizer, to take on festivals in France, Germany, and England. They’ll be swinging through the swingin’ hotspots all across the continent, and even venturing into Russia, where it’s rumored they’ll open for TATU. (JK, that won’t happen. TATU will open for THEM.) If you’re not going to ATP, you don’t live in NYC, and you can’t winter in Europe, well get out your credit card and jump on a plane, because the two Simeons are living legends. Consider this required listening and get back to school.


10.06.11 - New York, NY - Public Assembly
10.21.11 - Paris, France - Boulogne-Billancourt BBmix Festival
10.22.11 - Tours, France - Le Temps Machine
10.23.11 - Birmingham, UK - Supersonic Festival
10.24.11 - Bristol, UK - The Fleece
10.25.11 - Wrexham, UK - Central Station
10.26.11 - Manchester, UK - Night & Day Cafe
10.27.11 - London, UK - Corsica Studios*
10.28.11 - Brighton, UK - Coalition
10.30.11 - Nantes, France - Le Lieu Unique
11.01.11 - Rennes, France - Ubu
11.02.11 - Bordeaux, France - Iboat
11.03.11 - Toulouse, France - Lieu Commun, festival La Petite
11.05.11 - Lyon, France - Sonic
11.07.11 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Worm
11.08.11 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
11.09.11 - Stockholm, Sweden - Strand
11.10.11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Drone
11.11.11 - Helsinki, Finland - Kuudes Linj
11.13.11 - Moscow, Russia - TBA
11.14.11 - Berlin, Germany - Manifest Festival
11.15.11 - Madrid, Spain - La Boite

* The Oscillation

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Architecture in Helsinki announce US tour with DOM, using multiple exclamation points

These are difficult economic times for the United States and its citizens. Unemployment has hovered around 9% for months. Our infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. The homeless man who hangs out by that Mexican fast-food restaurant seems to have completely given up… on trying to keep his pants hoisted. Such a disheartening environment can naturally only be remedied by one thing: an escapist foray into the inimitably cheerful land of twee with Architecture in Helsinki!

Beginning November 2, the band from Down Under will be touring the US alongside the equally sprightly DOM, in a synergistic attempt to lift everyone’s spirits. And if your spirits are already lifted, they will be lifted even further, until the unmistakable spirit of musical euphoria has wafted over you and elevated your metaphysical presence to heights rivaled only by the most potent entactogen. Or you might just get really pissed off. It depends on your frame of mind.


11.02.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The El Rey Theatre * !
11.03.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore * !
11.04.11 - Santa Cruz, CA - Rio Theatre !
11.05.11 - Mexico City, MX - El Plaza Condesa *
11.06.11 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.07.11 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s * #
11.09.11 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder * #
11.10.11 - Miami, FL - Grand Central * #
11.11.11 - Tampa, FL - Crowbar * #
11.12.11 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade * #
11.14.11 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle * #
11.15.11 - Washington DC - 9:30 Club * #
11.16.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer * #
11.17.11 - Boston, MA - Royale * #
11.18.11 - New York City, NY - Irving Plaza * #
11.19.11 - Alfred, NY - Alfred College * #
11.20.11 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College - * #
11.21.11 - Chicago, IL - Metro * #
11.22.11 - St Paul, MN - Macalaster College * #

! The Sandwitches

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RIP: Wade Mainer, bluegrass banjo pioneer

From The New York Times:

Wade Mainer, a singer and banjo player whose clean, emphatic style and devotion to old-time mountain songs made him a pivotal figure in the transition to bluegrass music, died on Monday at his home in Flint, Mich. Mr. Mainer, who once performed at the White House for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was 104.

His death was confirmed by his son Randall.

• Wade Mainer:

Gary Numan plans new LP, potentially to remind you of his long, influential career while “Cars” spirals infinitely through your skullspace

When I worked at a gas station, one of the major highlights was occasionally hearing Gary Numan’s “Cars” over the radio. Because “Cars” is a great song. It also happens to be a song that will never leave your brain, so don’t even attempt to get rid of it. Once my mind stops working, there is an above-average chance that my last words in life will be “Here in my car, I feel safest of all, here in my car, I feel safest of all, here in my car.”

“Cars” and my eventual mental deterioration aside, Gary Numan has had quite the long, important career. He’s been putting out records pretty consistently since the 70s, the most recent of which being 2006’s Jagged. That is, the most recent now, but not the most recent in a couple of months. You see, by then, we will have passed October 24, the date in which Numan puts out Dead Son Rising through his own Mortal Records. It is as if we are all traveling through time!

Composed of tracks that were initially demos meant for other projects, Dead Son Rising will continue Numan’s partnership with producer Ade Fenton. Like the aforementioned Jagged, Fenton produced and co-wrote Numan’s latest set, which is described as one of Numan’s “most atmospheric albums” while also featuring “very direct, streamlined electronic rock.” But if atmospheric records infuriate you and you love streamlined electronic rock and you also love Gary Numan and you occupy the world’s most specific Venn diagram overlap, then you should be sated by the concept of Numan’s next next album, Splinter. Though there is little information on the record aside from the fact that it’s set to come out next year, Numan has described Splinter as being a “bulldozer, riff-fest.”

Numan is currently out on a UK tour to promote this new album. If you would like to see the man live, you had better hurry, because this tour will be done in about a week’s time. Then again, you will have another chance to see him at the Battles-curated day of ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas festival on December 10. Remember when Gary Numan sang on Battles’ “My Machines”? You should, it was not long ago.

Gary Numan dates:

09.16.11 - Bournemouth, UK - Academy
09.17.11 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
09.18.11 - Wolverhampton, UK - Civic Hall
09.19.11 - Leeds, UK - Academy
09.20.11 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
09.21.11 - Liverpool, UK - Academy
12.10.11 - Minehead, UK - ATP Nightmare Before Christmas

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Return to the 36 Chambers gets deluxe reissue with actual food stamp card

There’s an MTV segment from 1995 in which Wu-Tang Clan co-founder Ol’ Dirty Bastard discusses the food stamp card on the cover of his solo debut album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. He says, “I’m just trying to be real with it, you know what I’m saying?” He then pulls up to a check-cashing store in a limo to pick up food stamps.

Still keeping it real? Definitely questionable. But whatever: Return to the 36 Chambers is slated to be reissued on vinyl and double-CD by Get on Down Records November 22. They’ve added a deluxe bill-fold wallet, laminated “food stamp” card, vintage “on tour” poster, promotional sticker, as well as extended artwork with liner notes, milestones and accolades. The second disc will feature 12-inch versions, remixes, instrumentals, and acapellas. Dolla dolla bill, y’all.

• Get on Down:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang expand fall tour, conquer more random-sounding venues

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang continue their march across the Southern and mid-Atlantic portions of the United States to bring you a fresh slice of the finest country-tinged folk warbling around, probably with a few tracks from the upcoming Bonnie album on each setlist.

Joining Bonnie & The Gang at most of the shows will be The Phantom Family Halo, whom BPB teamed up with to release a limited-edition 10-inch called The Mindeater earlier this year on Sophomore Lounge Records. While the SLR site lists the limited-to-1000 release as sold out, one hopes they have a few of the opaque blue and/or special ‘haze’ colored pressings for sale on the tour. Or, for all of you who aren’t obscure vinyl fetishists, just wait for the CD version to be released on Partisan Records sometime later this year.

To find out what Will Oldham’s facial hair is currently up to, make sure and check him and the gang out at one of their upcoming shows.

09.27.11 - Nelsonville, OH - Stuart’s Opera House ^
09.28.11 - York, PA - Capitol Theater ^
09.30.11 - Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Convention Hall *
10.02.11 - Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere ^
10.04.11 - Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatre ^
10.05.11 - Marshall, NC - Marshall High Studios ^
10.06.11 - Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox ^
10.09.11 - Louisville, KY - The Clifton Center

^ Phantom Family Halo
* Shellac, The Album Leaf, more

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