Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years

Silver Apples tour Europe, rock ATP, and still wish a pox on you after 42 years

Legendary 1960s psychedelic electronic freaks Silver Apples are lovingly swaddling their oscillators in, um… oscillator cases, and preparing for another whiz bang performance at All Tomorrow’s Parties. This go-around takes place in Asbury Park, New Jersey where Mr. Silver Apples himself Simeon and his synthesizer, also named Simeon (I did not make that up) will be joined by the psychically teleported spirit of 1973 Bruce Springsteen, the smiling faces of Portishead (who curated the festival, and do, on occasion, smile) and hundreds of lucky, lucky ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror US Edition attendees. ATP takes on NJ during the September 30-October 2 weekend, but if you’re not one of the chosen few currently staking out good spots to pass out under the boardwalk, you need not fret any longer, because Silver Apples are coming to Europe!!!!! (Oh, you don’t live in Europe? Forget I said anything.)

Simeon and his Simeon will be rockin’ faces at Public Assembly in NYC a few days after ATP wraps up, giving attendees just enough time to recover from their ATP hangovers. (Trust me: it will take four days.) Then it’s off to Paris, where they’ll travel together, side by side, just a boy and his synthesizer, to take on festivals in France, Germany, and England. They’ll be swinging through the swingin’ hotspots all across the continent, and even venturing into Russia, where it’s rumored they’ll open for TATU. (JK, that won’t happen. TATU will open for THEM.) If you’re not going to ATP, you don’t live in NYC, and you can’t winter in Europe, well get out your credit card and jump on a plane, because the two Simeons are living legends. Consider this required listening and get back to school.


10.06.11 - New York, NY - Public Assembly
10.21.11 - Paris, France - Boulogne-Billancourt BBmix Festival
10.22.11 - Tours, France - Le Temps Machine
10.23.11 - Birmingham, UK - Supersonic Festival
10.24.11 - Bristol, UK - The Fleece
10.25.11 - Wrexham, UK - Central Station
10.26.11 - Manchester, UK - Night & Day Cafe
10.27.11 - London, UK - Corsica Studios*
10.28.11 - Brighton, UK - Coalition
10.30.11 - Nantes, France - Le Lieu Unique
11.01.11 - Rennes, France - Ubu
11.02.11 - Bordeaux, France - Iboat
11.03.11 - Toulouse, France - Lieu Commun, festival La Petite
11.05.11 - Lyon, France - Sonic
11.07.11 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Worm
11.08.11 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
11.09.11 - Stockholm, Sweden - Strand
11.10.11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Drone
11.11.11 - Helsinki, Finland - Kuudes Linj
11.13.11 - Moscow, Russia - TBA
11.14.11 - Berlin, Germany - Manifest Festival
11.15.11 - Madrid, Spain - La Boite

* The Oscillation

• Silver Apples:

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Return to the 36 Chambers gets deluxe reissue with actual food stamp card

There’s an MTV segment from 1995 in which Wu-Tang Clan co-founder Ol’ Dirty Bastard discusses the food stamp card on the cover of his solo debut album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. He says, “I’m just trying to be real with it, you know what I’m saying?” He then pulls up to a check-cashing store in a limo to pick up food stamps.

Still keeping it real? Definitely questionable. But whatever: Return to the 36 Chambers is slated to be reissued on vinyl and double-CD by Get on Down Records November 22. They’ve added a deluxe bill-fold wallet, laminated “food stamp” card, vintage “on tour” poster, promotional sticker, as well as extended artwork with liner notes, milestones and accolades. The second disc will feature 12-inch versions, remixes, instrumentals, and acapellas. Dolla dolla bill, y’all.

• Get on Down:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang expand fall tour, conquer more random-sounding venues

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang continue their march across the Southern and mid-Atlantic portions of the United States to bring you a fresh slice of the finest country-tinged folk warbling around, probably with a few tracks from the upcoming Bonnie album on each setlist.

Joining Bonnie & The Gang at most of the shows will be The Phantom Family Halo, whom BPB teamed up with to release a limited-edition 10-inch called The Mindeater earlier this year on Sophomore Lounge Records. While the SLR site lists the limited-to-1000 release as sold out, one hopes they have a few of the opaque blue and/or special ‘haze’ colored pressings for sale on the tour. Or, for all of you who aren’t obscure vinyl fetishists, just wait for the CD version to be released on Partisan Records sometime later this year.

To find out what Will Oldham’s facial hair is currently up to, make sure and check him and the gang out at one of their upcoming shows.

09.27.11 - Nelsonville, OH - Stuart’s Opera House ^
09.28.11 - York, PA - Capitol Theater ^
09.30.11 - Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Convention Hall *
10.02.11 - Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere ^
10.04.11 - Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatre ^
10.05.11 - Marshall, NC - Marshall High Studios ^
10.06.11 - Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox ^
10.09.11 - Louisville, KY - The Clifton Center

^ Phantom Family Halo
* Shellac, The Album Leaf, more

• Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy:
• Phantom Family Halo:
• Drag City:
• Sophomore Lounge:
• Partisan:

Silent Barn benefit comp on sale now, with exclusives from Aaron Dilloway, Excepter, Fossils, and 40 others

After a robbery back in July forced Silent Barn to close its doors, the future of the Queens D.I.Y. venue seemed bleak. However, support for the performance space/art gallery/independent video game arcade/zine library/artist residence stretches far beyond the Ridgewood neighborhood, and last Monday Silent Barn reached its Kickstarter goal of $40,000. If you haven’t already donated, you have until September 18 to do so, and now there’s a new way to help out: purchase a special Silent Barn benefit compilation from the Obsolete Units label!

The album features new and exclusive tracks from 43 different artists of the noise persuasion, including Aaron Dilloway, Telecult Powers, Andy Ortmann (Panicsville), Ben Miller, Phil Julian (cheapmachines), Millions, MV Carbon, Tom Smith (To Live and Shave in L.A.), Bunnybrains, C. Spencer Yeh, Excepter, The Tenses (members of Smegma), Pregnant Spore, Chapels, Cellular Chaos, Mike Shiflet, Derek Rogers, Long Distance Poison, Id M Theft Able, WZT Hearts, and Fossils, plus album artwork by the esteemed Graham Lambkin.

The Noise from Ridgewood is currently available for digital download, and a limited number of CDs (which include extra inserts, artwork, and handmade packaging) will be available October 1. All proceeds will go directly to Silent Barn. Information about future plans can be found on the Kickstarter page.

[Disclosure: the owner of Obsolete Units freelances for Tiny Mix Tapes]

• Silent Barn:
• Obsolete Units:

DOOM and Masta Ace finish joint album! (They call themselves MA DOOM, instead of my much cooler idea: DOOm fACE)

Even though the man puts down projects like I put down 24-packs, for some reason nobody bothered to see what hip-hop mastermind (MF) DOOM has been up to lately. But according to Brooklyn emcee Masta Ace’s Twitter account, he and DOOM have been finalizing a new collaboration album for “4ever.” According to HipHopDX, the joint project is called MA DOOM, and the resultant album is entitled Son of Yvonne. Man, don’t you just love how DOOM’s name makes every collaboration sound instantly badass?

Apparently, DOOM doesn’t provide any verses on the new album, though he does handle all of the beats. Yesterday, Masta Ace confirmed that he “handed in” the project, but there’s no sign yet of label or release dates. So… yeah, I got nothing else. Oh! But, in the mean time, Masta Ace also announced recently that he’ll be releasing a 10th anniversary reissue of Disposable Arts that will feature re-recorded album tracks with a full live band! Although, there’s actually no release date set for that either. Fuck. So… everybody sit by your computer hitting the refresh button for the next few weeks. And when you find out what the deal is with these projects, write up a good story and slap my name on it. Sound good? I’m going to get a 24-pack.

• Masta Ace:

A Winged Victory for the Sullen to provide tie-wearing music, tie-wearing live dates

When I listen to the music of beloved drone duo Stars of the Lid, I feel the need to put on a tie. My usual attire of cut-off shorts and “Big Dog” t-shirts just never seems appropriate for the beautiful, austere music of the Austin-originated group. At the very least, I need a tie and suit jacket. But Stars of the Lid haven’t put out a record since 2007’s And Their Refinement of the Decline (TMT Review) and, as such, my ties have gathered dust and my “Big Dog” shirts are getting ratty and faded. Please, someone deliver me the classy music I desire.

My wish has been granted, and with swiftness! While the estimated release date for a new Stars of the Lid record is still a string of question marks followed by a triangle (scientists are currently attempting to decode the triangle’s meaning), Stars member Adam Wiltzie has a new project with composer Dustin O’Halloran. This new drone-tastic duo possesses the rather lengthy moniker of A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and they have a self-titled record coming out through Kranky on September 12. I know, the question at hand: is it classy? Oh boy! It is classy. Listen to “Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears” at the duo’s website and prove me right.

While I love being able to put on my finest tie and jacket at home, something’s missing from the equation until I have a suitable occasion to head out in my fancy garb. Thank the heavens and the earth, such an occasion is soon to come, as A Winged Victory for the Sullen will be going on tour this fall. All those classy dates will be supported by similarly classy Kranky artists Benoît Pioulard and Ken Camden. Early word has it that Pioulard will be dressed to the nines, while Camden will be trying to pass off a tuxedo t-shirt as fancy. Come on, Camden.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen dates (all w/ Benoît Pioulard and Ken Camden):

10.29.11 - Phildelphia, PA - St. Mary’s Hamilton Village
10.30.11 - New York City, NY - West Park Presbyterian Church
10.31.11 - Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
11.01.11 - Toronto, ON - Drake Hotel
11.02.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Warhol Museum
11.03.11 - Cincinnati, OH - Southgate House
11.05.11 - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
11.06.11 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
11.07.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
11.10.11 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
11.12.11 - Portland, OR - Holocene
11.14.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
11.15.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite

• A Winged Victory for the Sullen:
• Kranky:
• Benoît Pioulard:
• Ken Camden:


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