Sir Richard Bishop defends his knightly honor with European tour

Sir Richard Bishop defends his knightly honor with European tour

So, off the top of my head, here are the Knights I can think of: Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Elton John, Boogie, Sir Ravi Shankar, Sir Richard Bishop. Thing is, only one of them is going on a European tour this April and May. Can you guess which one? Come on, it’s super easy, I mean one’s an actor, one’s a musician TMT doesn’t usually cover, one’s a bad joke, one’s sadly no longer with us, and one… yep that’s the one: Sir Richard Bishop. Sir Richard Bishop is going on a European tour in May! See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Anyhow, can you guess what else I’m going to write about? If you guessed “the pile of anthologies that Bishop put out last year and that you can now purchase digitally via DeliRadio” you are correct again! Last year Bishop put out four whole collections of all manner of songs, tracks, and tunes that you can listen to at your leisure just by purchasing them over at DeliRadio. He’s also got a whole bunch of his older releases available over there, so, you know, go crazy.


04.16.14 - Ghent, Belgium - Vooruit
04.17.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Worm
04.18.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCI
04.19.14 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Centre
04.20.14 - London, UK - Cafe OTO
04.23.14 - Falmouth, UK - Beerwolf
04.25.14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubated Nights
04.26.14 - Krefeld, Germany - Unrock
04.28.14 - Krakow, Poland - Klub Re
04.29.14 - Warsaw, Poland - Pardon To Tu
04.30.14 - Bydgoszcz, Poland - Mozg
05.01.14 - Malmo, Sweden - Sing Sang
05.03.14 - Stockholm, Sweden - Mother
05.05.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Din Dye Ven
05.06.14 - Hannover, Germany - Oberdeck
05.07.14 - Stuttgart, Germany - Rakete
05.08.14 - Genova, Italy - Teatro Della Maddalena
05.10.14 - Tarcento, Italy - Hybrida
05.12.14 - Zurich, Switzerland - El Lokal
05.13.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Heliogabal
05.16.14 - Porto, Portugal - Passos Manuel
05.17.14 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB

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M.I.A. and A$AP Ferg hit the road together; no word on Julian Assange guest verses

M.I.A. has announced a slew of new tour dates in support of her most recent album, last year’s Matangi (TMT Review). She’s keeping it mostly East Coast this time, launching the tour in Pennsylvania and wrapping it up with two nights at the Knockdown Center in Queens. But that’s not all! Ms. Arulpragasam will be rockin’ stages at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Moogfest in Asheville, and Sasquatch! in (best-named city) George, WA.

And she’s bringing along new friend A$AP Ferg as an opener on tour! Ferg will be repping his Trap Lord (TMT Review) album that came out in August. No word if the always-controversial M.I.A. pal Julian Assange will be Skypeing into any of her planned tour stops.


03.28.14 - Bayfront Park Miami, FL - Ultra Music Festival
04.25.14 - Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theater
04.26.14 - Asheville, NC - Moogfest
04.27.14 - Washington, DC - Echostage *
04.28.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - AE Stage *
04.30.14 - Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple *
05.01.14 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theater *
05.05.14 - Boston, MA - House of Blues *
05.06.14 - Portland, ME - State Theater *
05.08.14 - Queens, NY - Knockdown Center *
05.09.14 - Queens, NY - Knockdown Center *
05.24.14 - Quincy, WA - Sasquatch Festival

* A$AP Ferg

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De La Soul generously give away Smell the D.A.I.S.Y. mixtape, find themselves visited by ghost of Dilla, all in one primo Ebenezer move

Our old friends De La Soul have been possessed by the eternal spirit of charity! Where once the Long Island trio would go years without even a rumbling, they now seemingly have endless gifts for the general public. Just last month, they offered up the (near) entirety of their discography for a charge of zero dollars to absolutely everyone… provided you have a personal internet connection or are willing to pull a slick move at the library. Now, they’re offering up more free material, this time in the form of new De La content. The group has a new mixtape called Smell the D.A.I.S.Y., which can be downloaded as part of a bundle through BitTorrent, or streamed below:

It really does seem like the once-miserly (this is untrue, to my knowledge) De La Soul have pulled a real Ebenezer move. They’ve even been visited by a spirit, namely that of J Dilla. While D.A.I.S.Y. may have once stood for “Da Inner Sound, Y’all” (this is a thing I had to look up), in context of this release, it stands for “Da Inner Soul of Yancy.” The release nods to Dilla (a.k.a. James Yancy), due to its 11 tracks all featuring his beats, along with new and reworked verses from De La Soul. If you would like to know more about J Dilla, don’t nervously go to that library where you downloaded the whole De La Soul discography, but instead watch the 2011 documentary Still Shining, which is bundled with Smell the D.A.I.S.Y. in the torrent file, along with an open letter from De La Soul.

If there was fear of De La Soul’s generous streak ending, fear no longer. In fact, don’t fear anything. There’s no time for that. Smell the D.A.I.S.Y. is just the first in a series of De La Soul releases this year. First, there will be the Premiem Soul on the Rocks EP, featuring production from DJ Premier and Pete Rock. In the slightly more distant future (but still within the year), the group plans to put out You’re Welcome, an honest-to-god new De La Soul album. You there! What day does that come out? Why, Christmas Day! THERE IS NOT A NEW DE LA SOUL ALBUM COMING OUT CHRISTMAS DAY. I was referencing Dickens or, more accurately, one of many adaptations of Dickens’ work.

Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. tracklist:

01. Let the King Ascend
02. Who (feat. Redman)
03. Dilla Plugged In
04. Goes the Word
05. Vocabulary Spills
06. The Pitch
07. Taking the Train
08. Leave Your Cares Behind
09. O’Shut Up
10. No More No Less
11. Marvin Jaye

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Valerio Tricoli pops in to announce Miseri Lares, out April 28 on PAN, and to check in on your new year’s resolutions

It’s hard to believe that way back in January I wrote the words, “There’s so much news I have to cover in this post, I’m sweating already.” In this first quarter (list shout out!) of 2014, I really have changed as a human being by sticking to my new year’s resolution to stop sweating so much. I hardly even sweat at all these days! I’ve learned a whole lot this year, too, about life, love, and the new Valerio Tricoli double LP on PAN. Sure, as evidenced by my above-linked sweaty January post, I already knew some stuff about it, but now I know a whole lot more, and I can tell you about it and not have to shower immediately after. Neat!

So, as you may or may not recall, the album is called Miseri Lares, and it’s Tricoli’s first solo release since 2006’s Metaprogramming from Within the Eye of the Storm. He hasn’t been napping since then, of course, he’s just been out there making friends, e.g. on 2011’s collaboration with Thomas Ankersmit. Miseri Lares, however is something of a culmination of all the work Tricoli has done over the last several years. Composed in Berlin and Munich throughout 2011 and 2013, Tricoli presented an original version of the work at Paris festival l’Audible back in 2011, but since then, the pieces that make up Miseri Lares have shifted and grown into a “multilayered and heavily nuanced work which epitomizes the uncanny in the realm of sound.” What a quote, am I right?

Miseri Lares, which has been described as a “contemporary take on musique concrète,” is a heavily narrative-based work. Throughout the album, spoken text in both English and Italian pop up, with sources as varied as Dante, H.P. Lovecraft, Emil Cioran, and Tricoli’s own writings. You want to hear a track from the album? Check below for “Le Qoheleth ✚.” Or, perhaps a nearly-45-minute mix by Tricoli that has nothing to do with the album at hand but is nevertheless pretty neat? Click here. You want an update on my sweat situation? Dry as the desert.

Miseri Lares tracklisting:

01. La Distanza
02. Hic Labor Ille Domus et Inextricabilis Error
03. Error
04. In The Eye of The Cyclone
05. Das Schräg Haus
06. Le Qoheleth ✚
07. Miseri Lares
08. In Your Ruins Is My Shelter

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Attention North Americans: like Santa and the Easter Bunny, New Order comes but once a year

Like the Easter Bunny himself, New Order only comes through once a year or so, leaving delicious, sweet electropop hidden behind the shrubbery and kitchen tables and church bake sale tables of North America, just as winter turns to spring, and spring eventually to summer. Seriously, WTF do kids do to “earn” candy from this candy-spewing rabbit deep in the pocket of BIG DENTISTRY? Just be kids? Well, all New Order fans gotta do is fork over some crazy Ticketmaster fees to earn their way into that greatest of summer holidays, The Day New Order Is Playing In [insert town name]. Psh. Totally worth it.

But the band is only here in North America for a limited time this July! They kick things off in Chicago, followed by a stop at Sasquatch! Festival in Washington, before journeying briefly up and down the West Coast of the US and Canada. Tickets for most dates go on sale March 21.


07.01.14 - Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom
07.06.14 - George, WA - Sasquatch! Festival
07.08.14 - Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
07.11.14 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
07.13.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre

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Kanye West plots new tour dates in Europe, where the word “zeitgeist” was invented!

If there’s place on planet Earth where nothing’s shocking and anything goes, it’s gotta be that grand old hub of artsy mimes, decent absinthe, and delicious “Le Big Macs” known as Western Europe. Nevertheless, our old buddy Cornelius “Kanye” West — whom last we left caterwauling around the US on his seemingly neverending crusade to prove to the world that Yeezus (TMT Review) is the Lord and Savior everyone needs, even if no one asked for Him — will be packing up his tour and shipping the whole garish thing over there piece by piece this summer in hopes of spreading the Good News and possibly shocking a few L7 monarchs.

Rev. West will dock his proverbial slowboat in Montpellier, France on June 21 before trekking on through Frankfurt, Cologne, Brussels, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, and Amsterdam before “kicking it old-school” in London and Birmingham for his Fourth of July weekend. Tickets are on sale as of March 26 if you happen to live over there or just really wanna taste the McDonald’s in Montpellier.

Yeezus’ Euro-Trip:

06.21.14 - Montpellier, France - Park & Suites Arena
06.23.14 - Frankfurt, Germany - Festhalle
06.24.14 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena
06.25.14 - Brussels, Belgium - Palace 12
06.27.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Forum
06.29.14 - Oslo, Norway - Oslo Spektrum
07.01.14 - Berlin, Germany - O2 World
07.02.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ziggo Dome
07.04-06.14 - London and Birmingham, UK - Wireless Festival

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