Soul Jazz highlight British composers for TV, film, and library music with gargantuan release

Soul Jazz highlight British composers for TV, film, and library music with gargantuan release

Okay, so maybe middle-aged to elderly British folk don’t exactly comprise the majority of our readership, but considering the label and the amount of effort put into it, I expect Soul Jazz’s upcoming 2CD compilation TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film and Library Composers 1955-80 to garner widespread interest, regardless of age or nationality, and assuming one has an appreciation for 60s and 70s pop-culture. Or, maybe your friends are all hipsters, and you’re just trying to out-hipster them by latching onto a label that specializes in re-releasing rare music from around the world. To this I would say: good on you. Soul Jazz is a label worth embracing, a fact that I quickly realized upon listening to Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds In 3D from last year. Corners boy!

Oh, right, the new album. TV Sound and Image, which is due later this month, offers a 36-track overview of some of the most notable British composers for television, film, and music libraries during the period between 1955 and 1980. As you might expect given mediums for which the pieces were composed, the names behind them might not ring a bell (excepting, perhaps, John Barry), but the music itself tends to inspire a vague sense of familiarity, even if you’re a child of the latter decades. Sampling a few of the tracks myself, many of them are quite simply oozing the general musical tone of the period during which they were produced. You know what I’m talking about. What do you think of when someone mentions “70s music”? There, you’ve got it!

In addition to the explicitly musical aspect of things, TV Sound and Image will also include a 50-page booklet containing biographies, photography, and sleeve notes written by Jonny Trunk, who seems to have a penchant for this sort of thing (meaning film scores, unreleased TV music, and library music). Fortunately, thanks to him, as well as Soul Jazz’s Stuart Baker (who compiled the music), we all can reap the benefits.

TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film and Library Composers 1955-80 tracklisting:

CD 1

01. Barry Stoller - “Condition Red”
02. Pentangle - “Light Flight (Theme From Take Three Girls)”
03. Geoff Love And His Orchestra - “Three Days Of The Condor”
04. The Tony Hatch Sound - “Man Alive”
05. Richard Denton And Martin Cook - “Tomorrow’s World”
06. Brian Fahey And His Orchestra - “At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbal”
07. Bullet - “The Contract Man”
08. Syd Dale - “Man Friday”
09. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - “Echo Four-Two”
10. Keith Papworth - “Hard Hitter”
11. John Barry - “The Persuaders”
12. Roy Budd - “Getting Nowhere In A Hurry”
13. The Simon Park Orchestra - “Dawn To Dusk”
14. The Marylebone Orchestra - “Fiesta Numero Uno”
15. Sort Of Soul - “Bird ‘n Brass”
16. Johnny Gregory And His Orchestra - “The Avengers”
17. Johnny Harris - “Fragment Of Fear”
18. Roy Budd - “Get Carter”
19. Neil Richardson - “Guide Path”

CD 2

01. Brian Bennett - “Canvas”
02. Wil Malone - “Death Line”
03. Syd Dale - “Huckleberry Fine”
04. The Harry Roche Constellation - “Spiral”
05. The Ivor And Basil Kirchin Band - “Jungle Fire Dance”
06. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - “The New Avengers Theme”
07. James Clarke + Sounds - “Folk Song”
08. The Reg Tilsley Orchestra - “Strike Rich”
09. The Barry Gray Orchestra - “Joe 90”
10. Keith Mansfield - “Soul Thing”
11. C.C.S. - “Whole Lotta Love”
12. Syd Dale - “Artful Dodger”
13. John Gregory And His Orchestra - “Jaguar”
14. Nick Ingman - “Down Home”
15. Barbara Moore - “Steam Heat”
16. Alan Parker - “Angels”
17. Alan Moorhouse - “Face Up”

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Talk Normal announce new album Sunshine and new label Joyful Noise (in Chris Tucker voice)

You know how unnerving it can be to hear recordings of your own voice? I don’t have a personalized voicemail greeting on my cell phone, because even though I’ll probably never have to listen to it myself, I know my voice won’t sound right. I’d rather have a robotic greeting than 30 seconds or so of me talking too fast and pausing unnecessarily as I try to come up with something more clever than “Hey, this is Caroline, leave a message.”

Talk Normal don’t give a fuck about anything like that. Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro play unhinged, visceral noise rock, and I’d bet they’re a little frightening live, in the best possible way. They claim The Velvet Underground, Cocteau Twins, Laurie Anderson, and Creatures as influences, and they’ve played shows with the likes of Sonic Youth, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Lydia Lunch. The Brooklyn duo has just signed to Joyful Noise and will release Sunshine, the follow-up to 2009’s Sugarland (TMT Review), on October 23. Check out this video teaser here and a track from the new album, “Bad Date,” here.

(If this was a recording, this would be the point where I really lose steam and start mumbling nonsense and conclude with something like “so… yeah”). So… Yeah.

Sunshine tracklist:

01. Lone General
02. XO
03. Bad Date
04. Sunshine
05. Hot Water Burns
06. Shot This Time
07. Cover
08. Baby Your Hearts Too Big
09. Hurricane

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Tame Impala to release new LP Lonerism this October. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe in which L’s and B’s have all been swapped: Tame Impaba to rebease new BP Bonerism this Octoler.

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it with time-based guitar effects!

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it with some synthesizers!

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it when one guy more or less records everything himself in isolation and at his own pace!

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it as mixed by Dave Fridmann!

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it on more acid?

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it with even more time-based guitar effects???

Hey Kids!! If you thought psych was cool before, just wait until you hear it in October 2012 when Tame Impala release their follow-up to 2010’s Innerspeaker, entitled Lonerism, on Modular!

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Fang Island streaming new album Major on Lars Gotrich’s NPR, tour US

Fang Island guitarist Chris Georges came up with a few reasons for the title of the band’s sophomore album, Major, reasons stemming from the major key, valley girls, independent labels, constellations, majors in the military, Steely Dan’s “Any Major Dude,” and rocks. I came up with a few different reasons — Belle and Sebastian’s “Me and the Major,” Broken Social Scene’s “Major Label Debut,” hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, chemistry, psychology, sociology, wolves, sharks, and lions.

Recently, Spin premiered “Seek It Out,” and P4K premiered both “Asunder” and “Sisterly,” and now NPR is streaming the entire album, which will be available July 24 via Sargent House. Why July 24? Perhaps because Zelda Fitzgerald was born July 24, 1900 or because O. Henry was released from prison July 24, 1901. Or because July 24 is Stirling Settlers Day in Stirling, Alberta.

Fang Island have already released a digital single for “Sisterly” with an Anamanaguchi remix, and they’ll tour the country throughout the rest of the summer to support Major — and because, you know, bicycles. And sailboats.

Major tracklist:

01. Kindergarten
02. Sisterly
03. Seek it Out
04. Make Me
05. Never Understand
06. Asunder
07. Dooney Rock
08. Regalia
09. Chompers
10. Chime Out
11. Victorinian


07.19.12 - Hartford, CT - Arch Street Tavern &
07.20.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
07.21.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Morgan’s Pier
07.22.12 - Washington DC - U Street Music Hall
07.23.12 - Columbus, OH - The Basement
07.25.12 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
07.26.12 - Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot - Pike Room
07.27.12 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
07.28.12 - Chicago, IL - Wicker Park Music Festival
07.29.12 - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
07.30.12 - Kansas City, MO - Czar Bar *
08.01.12 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge *
08.02.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vertigo *
08.03.12 - Boise, ID - Neurolux *
08.04.12 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre *
08.05.12 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile *
08.07.12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
08.10.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour *!
08.11.12 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar !
08.12.12 - Phoenix, AZ - The Rhythm Room *!
08.13.12 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress *!
08.14.12 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad *!
08.16 .12- Dallas, TX - Club Dada !
08.17.12 - Austin, TX - Mohawk !
08.18.12 - Volente, TX - Beachfront Boat Studios
08.19.12 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live - Studio !
08.20.12 - New Orleans, LA - Parish at House of Blues !
08.21.12 - Birmingham, AL - Bottle Tree !
08.22.12 - Gainesville, FL - Double Down Live !
08.23.12 - St. Petersburg, FL - The Local 662 !
08.24.12 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits !
08.25.12 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade !
08.26.12 - Asheville, NC - Asheville Music Hall !
08.28.12 - Raleigh, NC - Kings !
08.29.12 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter !
08.30.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg !

& The Hold Steady
* Zechs Marquise
! Adebisi Shank

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Run-D.M.C. to reunite at Fun Fun Fun Fest; Adidas stock rises exponentially

It was prior to my conception that Run-D.M.C. was formed, so unfortunately I never had the chance to appreciate the hip-hop trio during their prime. My current familiarity with them is centered around three simple facts:

1. They did that song “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, which was probably way more enjoyable at the time of its release.

2. Their song, “It’s Tricky,” was featured in the highly stylized (and highly kick-ass) snowboarding video game SSX Tricky, released way back in 2001.

3. They’re influential. And stuff.

Again, #3 isn’t really a matter of opinion, so when I point out that the surviving members of Run-D.M.C. (that is, Joseph “Run” Simmons, 47; and Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, 48) are reuniting for a performance at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX, you should consider it noteworthy in every respect. Festival organizers made the announcement via YouTube that the duo will be headlining the main stage, in what will be Simmons and McDaniels’ first joint performance since at least 2002. The two officially retired the Run-D.M.C. moniker following the tragic death of DJ and producer Jason “Jam-Master Jay” Mizell late that year.

As far as the festival itself goes, it’s set to take place November 2-4 and features a bunch of artists who, aside from Run-D.M.C., haven’t been announced yet. Ugh, I’m sorry, but I can’t get the image of Run texting from his bathtub out of my head. Time to end this…

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Foot Village sign with Northern Spy, release webmercial and sampler

Motherfuck. Right when I’m having the time of my life at Northern Spy’s second annual Spy Music Festival, they go and make an announcement that sends me over the top. The eclectic and unpredictable label has just announced the signing of L.A.’s destructo-tribe Foot Village, and so now I’m rioting throughout the city because I just don’t know what else to do about it. Though, as a favor to you readers, I have taken a minor break from my violent and passionate tirade to blog for a moment, because that’s how my generation riots these days.

Foot Village will be releasing their Northern Spy debut in February of 2013, but they’ll make the songs available digitally on December 21, 2012, “just in case that is the end of the everything,” according to the press release. And what a way to go, rockin’ those thunderous rhythms of Foot Village while god smites our depraved and fragile bodies.

But wait, there’s even more to enjoy before the final countdown, as Foot Village is celebrating the signing by releasing a slew of promotional material for all the boys and girls and the in-betweens. First, a FV sampler (available below); next, a webmercial to get you even more pumped about the new record (also available below); and then a whole shit ton of more videos with more on the way. Shit on me, I am just beside myself.

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